Problems with the re-install a program.

I tried to re - install a program, but the system said that a version of the program has already been installed, and I have to uninstall it first. I have already tried to uninstall, but failed and eventually be simply deleted all the files and folders instead. How to install the AGM of the program

Hi WaiLui,

Follow the steps in the article.

Problems installing and uninstalling programs on Windows computers

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  • Hey there, I have a problem with the installation of all programs!

    Hey there,

    If I try to install any program I get an erorr: Installerorr to 42%

    now, I don't hat to.

    Please read and reply here with the information

    -try some steps such as changing browsers and disable your firewall

    -also clear the cache of your browser if you start with a fresh browser ip.


    A chat session where an agent can remotely look inside your computer can help

    Cloud creative support chat (all creative cloud customer service problems)

  • problems with the windows xp Setup program

    When you try to re - install my dongle broadband o2, a bubble appears on my screen saying "Windows service install could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode {I don't believe is the case here}, or if Windows install is not installed correctly. I've had this problem for over a week now, and it becomes quite frustrating because I can't access the internet while the problem remains.

    Hi alexrussell,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2 are you able to install other programs on the computer?

    See the below Microsoft article and try the steps mentioned, check if it helps.

    Error message when you try to add or remove a program on a computer that is running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003: "the Windows Installer service is not to be accessible.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

  • Synchronization problems with the clean install


    Is it possible to push the content of my iPhone to my computer? (and not the other way around)

    Recently, I did a clean install on my Mac Pro and trying to get everything in working order. I got a load of music and voice notes on my iPhone that I don't want to lose, but the only way iTunes will allow me to manage the content of my phone is erasing all the content on my phone to sync to the 'new' library

    Help, please!

    Thank you

    A new installation of the operating system shouldn't have deleted personal data files unless you want to say that you have done more than a "clean install". You do not install the data files.  Looks like that erase you the iTunes library file and it was a big mistake because it is towards this specific copy of the file iTunes Library.itl that tries to sync your phone.

    Your i-device was not designed for unique storage of your media. It is not that a transfer backup device and media has been planned with you keep a master copy of your media on a computer that is in itself independently supported against loss.  To use a device with a different configuration, you pass the old library from a computer or a backup directly in the new configuration, not the device to the library. Synchronization of media isn't a way, computer device, update the contents of the device to the content on the computer, update or restore the content on a computer from a device. The exception is media to iTunes Store purchases that can be transferred to a computer.

    Re-download or transfer your purchases iTunes Store for the iPhone, iPad or iPod to computer - - 'this feature only works for content purchased from the iTunes Store. From iOS9 is more apps that now need to be re-downloaded directly from the store.

    To transfer other items from an i-device to a computer, you will need to use third-party commercial software.  See this document in turingtest2: recover your iTunes library from your iPod or device iOS - even this method can fully recover what you originally had in the library. For example, in order to save space during synchronization if you had converted music files at a lower rate, or photos at a lower resolution, it is these lower quality files that will pick you up.

    If you subscribe to the Apple music, titles that are not part of the content that you have purchased or downloaded may not be transferred and must be downloaded directly from iCloud.

    To see other items: import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - - are those you have taken yourself.

  • Problems with the opening of a program that has worked

    When I try to open East Tec Eraser I get a dialog box saying "..." 32\RICHED32 are. DLL is not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.  "Try reinstalling the program... etc.  However, it is a new program and is compatible with Windows 7.  Reinstall does not change the error message.    Can you explain what goes wrong and what to do about it?

    Maybe you should ask Tec is supported.

  • Problems with the re - install previously activated Photoshop?

    Running Win Vista Home, w / Adobe Photoshop CS... It is an older system.

    If I turn UAC in the Control Panel of winand open Photoshop - it gives me an error message that I am not allowed to use the SW (I am the only user of this computer and only the installer of this SW license).

    If I try to reinstall Photoshop, I get these messages:

    «You are the computer configuration appears to have changed since this product has been activated.»  To continue using this product, click OK

    to activate it again to your system configuration, or click Cancel to exit. »-

    If I click on OK:

    I get the phone to Adobe Activation screen, which is no longer supported. The serial number, Activation and Type of Activation number is displayed. (Activation type REPAIR 24:24). What can I do the authorization Code?

    Is there a manual workaround for this problem?  I don't want to upgrade my PC at the moment, but still need my Photoshop to work.

    Uninstall your version of CS.

    Adobe has closed the CS2 one activation server a couple of years.

    Error message: activation not available server | CS2, Acrobat 7, pass a hearing 3

    You should now download version CS2 (it's OK for the owners of CS too) without activation of the link above. Install, then enter the new serial number without activation provided at this link.

  • Problems with the (re) install Creative Suite 6

    Hi all

    I bought the Adobe Design Std 6 version in March 2014, and it worked fine. Once I needed to reinstall because of automatic my computer repair and I did it by and it worked fine.

    After my PC crashed, I needed to reinstall again Design Std 6. The link does not work at this time.

    Only difference I can see is - I used to have Windows 8, but now I have Windows 10. What I need to "get back" in Windows 8, or are there other solutions?

    Best wishes



    Please use the same link and download the installer for Windows and you can use it on your Win 10.

    If you experience problems, please let us know.

    Kind regards


  • Problem with the new installation of Windows XP on the Satellite A100-259

    Hi all!

    I have a problem with the fresh install WIN XP on Satellite A100-259 (PSAA2E).
    I already deleted the partition, formatted (NTFS) and tried to reinstall from recovery disk that initially provided with the laptop. But whenever I try to install a problem is detected (for the most part it's 'page in the nonpaged area failure').

    I also tried to install the OS directly from MS Windows XP Home Edition SP2 CD - the same problem.
    I checked the partition using PQ Magic and discovered that there are ' partition table error #110 ".» So, what I did:

    (1) delete partition-> create new partition-> format (NTFS)-> reinstall from recovery disk-> has not yet;
    (2) partition delete-> install WinXP CD original by create and format partition option-> has not yet;
    (3) delete the partition (using the magic of pq)-> create partition (using the magic of pq)-> format NTFS partition for win xp option-> check partition-OK no problems don't-> installation of original win XP CD-installation without changes-> option failed even once
    (4) delete the partition (pq magic)-> create partition (pq magic)-> format NTFS partition for win xp option-> check partition-OK, no problem-> installation of the recovery disc-> has not yet

    Whenever a different error is detected, so I can't identify the problem. I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?


    Seems that there are some problems with the standards of the partitions.
    A friend of mine has tried to install the OS on the recovery CD on the laptop that has been formatted with Partitions Magic 8 and the installation failed.
    It was very strange

    Finally, we have formatted the whole HARD drive using the CD original Windows XP Pro.
    We did not remove the partition but simply kicked this CD and after the configuration process spent, we formatted the whole HARD disk and install XP without creating all the partitions.

  • I tried to install the latest version of itunes with windows 10 but he said "there is a problem with the installation package. A program to complete the installation could not be executed. Please contact the support staff. No matter what guys?

    I tried to install the latest version of itunes with windows 10 but he said "there is a problem with the installation package. A program to complete the installation could not be executed. Please contact the support staff. No matter what guys?

    (1) temporarily disable your security/antivirus software

    (2) download iTunes from the official source:

    (3) try to reinstall

    (4) turn on your anti-virus

  • Error - there is a problem with the external Setup program and it must be closed when you try to install windows updates

    Original title: How can I fix external MSI?

    When I try to download the updates, the error message says there is a problem with the external Setup program and it must be closed.  Updates will not be installed.  Anyone know how to solve this problem...?

    Hi John,.

    ·         You are able to install other applications on the computer?

    It seems to be a problem with the corruption of the .net framework. I suggest trying to repair the .net framework on the computer and see if you can install the updates.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • I have exactly the same problem with the radial program point not to let me install mcafee what should I do?

    I'm having the same exact problem with the point radial program does not let me install mcAfee which can do?

    There is some information about this here:

    If this does not help, contact McAfee technical support. They should help you.

  • Problem with the Package Windows Installer... when trying to install ITUNES 9.2 and Quicktime.

    I bought an IPHONE 4 yesterday.  For more than 7 hours, I tried everything to download ITUNES 9.2.  I get the same error.  I spoke with apple as Microsoft.  I didn't PAY to get assistance from Microsoft yet and I hope I don't have to.

    Error: problem with the Windows Installer Package.  A program required for this install to complete could not be run.  Contact your provider to support personal or package.

    I have Windows XP.  I uninstalled and re-installed Safari and which did not help (at one point, I had problems with Safari).  I also have at one point received an alert on 'applesync.notifier' could not be executed.

    I have no idea where from here, but I'm frustrated.  I want to use my phone for something more than "just a phone" and I can't.  I have to carry my OLD Iphone (1st generation original).  Help<><>

    There is a simple way to do it!

    I had this problem too, but I did

    first open Installer u then let it install

    When you get the messege, click ok and it will say restoration of action but don't get put off by this cause after 5 min, it will say: it is installed and restart your computer

    hope this has helped

  • I installed AVG 9.0 and now I get the following MSN Explorer pop up of message.__You are unable to connect to your e-mail server. There may be a problem with your Internet connection, or a problem with the mail server. Pleas try again.

    I installed AVG 9.0 and now I get the MSN Explorer pop next message.
    You can not connect to your mail server. There may be a problem with your Internet connection, or a problem with the mail server. Pleas try again.

    Sure.  Analysis of your e-mail anti-virus program:

    • Can slow to receive and send messages, or even fail.
    • Can damage files of storage for messages that you've already sent and received, making it inaccessible messages.
    • Is not necessary.  If you receive an infected attachment and try to open it, the protective device in real time of your antivirus program will block the infection.

    Here are a few web pages accurately:

    Why you don't need your anti-virus program to scan your e-mail
    The other threat email: the Corruption of files in Outlook Express
    Why some antivirus software can change the settings in e-mail programs
    Email scanning - advantages and disadvantages

  • When I try to install iTunes, I get this error: "there is a problem with this installation package. a program required for this installation could not be executed.

    He said: "there is a problem with this installation package. a program required for this installation could not be completed, contact your provider of batch

    original title: itunes is not installed.


    Did you change your computer?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you to see the links and check.

    Problem installing iTunes or QuickTime for Windows

    See also:

    Solve problems with programs that cannot be installed or uninstalled

    How to solve problems when you install or uninstall programs on a Windows computer

    I also suggest you to contact the Apple support and check.

  • Problems with the help of web camera, it shows it programs and on the desktop. But when I double click on it. It will go to the program do not know what to do. Help, please. Thank you.

    Having problems with the help of web camera program does not work when I click it. don't know what to do. Please help thanks.


    Right click on the shortcut tab icon - properties - look on the target line to see where and what type of program
    is supposed to work.

    You will probably need to reload the drivers of the device and any camera control software.

    Login as an administrator.

    Double-click Control Panel / Device Manager - Imaging - writing down of the brand and model of camera.
    on this subject and on the tab of the driver is version. Now, click on update drivers (who are unable to do anything as MS
    is far behind the pilots of certification). RIGHT click on the camera - UNINSTALL - REBOOT - it
    will update the driver stack.

    Now, go to the system manufacturer's website and download the latest driver for the camera and the other related camera
    software (if not more recent get the same).

    Download - SAVE - go to them and RIGHT CLICK - RUN AS ADMIN - reboot after each driver.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    Then let windows updates on however prevent loading of drivers who are often older than the
    those that you have installed. If updates suggests a pilot and then HIDE it and watch manually to see if their
    really is a more recent version (at the time system manufacturer and the sites of the manufacturer of the device).

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers (WS.10) .aspx

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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