Problems with the response and the transfer of e-mails

Since the installation of El Capitan 10.11.2, I had problems, replying to emails.

When I click on answer, opens the window again, but the name of the beneficiaries is not filled, is not possible to type.

If I try to close the window of mail, nothing happens, the only thing I can do is minimize the message window. I then have to stop to get rid of the unwanted windows.

I am running version 9.2 on an iMac Mail end 09.

Mail servers are through gmail if it has a report-accounts all work very well on iPad and iPhone.

This problem occurs on several accounts for my family on the Mac.

Thank you

Restart the computer in safe mode. Some caches maintained by the system will be rebuilt.

Safe mode is much slower to start up as normal. The next normal boot can also be a bit slow.

If you use no FileVault 2 in OS X 10.7 ("Lion") or later version, you can restart as usual (not in safe mode) when the login screen appears. There is no need to log on in safe mode.

If you use FileVault 2 in OS X 10.11 ("El Capitan") or later version, or if you don't know if use you it, you as usual then connect in safe mode, and then restart (not in safe mode.)

If you use FileVault 2 in OS X 10.9 ("Yosemite") or an earlier version, or if a firmware password is defined, or if the boot volume is a software RAID, you cannot start in safe mode. In this case, request further instructions.

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    New but good and strange. Even in MTP mode, if I connect it to my laptop I am able to drag and drop anyway. So I'll do a simple copy and passed on my hard drive, format the drive and put it into MSC mode and put everything on.

  • Problem with the transfer of the applications on a a new Xperia Z3 Compact SD card


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    Unfortunately, the transfer of applications to the SD card is no longer officially supported by Android. You will need to look around for third-party methods, although they require your phone to be rooted.

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    In addition, I can't take my email look old to replace his e-mail.  Have been going round in circles for hours and have lost it now.


    When the ipad is intended to be used by someone else, you must disable find my iPad in the settings.

    Then restore iPad to factory settings then its ready for the new user.

    You and your husband please have your own apple ID, but do not both use the same.

    See you soon


  • Problem with the transfer of applications to a new iphone

    My old 5s, new iPhone is 6 s. I got old and the other from backup restore. More than half of the applications do not appear on the new phone, nor do they appear in "not on this iPhone" appearing in the App Store. When I search a certain app I bought with my old phone, I suggested to BUY this new, even though I am connected with the same Apple ID. Is it possible to fix it?

    You can re - download previously purchased items in you log in to the App Store with the Apple ID used to make the purchase, then accessing the purchases tab.

    Due to the technology called App thinning, apps that have been uploaded to iPhone 5s are different from those needed for the iPhone 6 s, so they need to be downloaded again. This should be given automatically, unless you interrupted the process in some way, or does not give it enough time.

  • Problems with the transfer software for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

    The store transferred applications and content of a machine for new applications of the NEB and most works OK. However, the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard CS 4 for Mac (purchased in October 2009) is unusable. I need two packages in particular: In Design (this is the version 6.06 and continues crashing, which gives a 0x0008014B error code) while Photoshop said some components are missing and must be reinstalled. How? Adobe says these versions are incompatible with the MacBook Air and that they can offer no support. I'm not technically proficient and feel totally perplexed. Any suggestions?


    I do not know. I don't own a MacBook Air.

    You can download the demo version of the software through the page linked below and then use your current serial number of disks to activate it.

    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important Instructions in the section on the pages of this site download and have cookies turned on in your browser, otherwise the download will not work correctly.

    CS3 and CS4:

  • The problem with the file sharing by mail from the contextual menu in the Finder.

    When I want to send a file by email from the Finder, I do a right-click on the file and choose 'Sharing'-> 'Mail '. I expect to see the new e-mail message with the attached to the message of failure.

    But nothing happens and the Finder stop responding and I have to "Force quit" them.

    My configuration:

    MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inches, end of 2012), 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, HD 4000 1536 MB, version OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 graphics card

    Please launch the Console application in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

    ☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

    The title of the Console window should be all Messages. If it isn't, select

    SYSTEM LOG QUERIES ▹ all Messages

    in the list of logs on the left. If you don't see this list, select

    List of newspapers seen ▹ display

    in the menu at the top of the screen bar.

    Click on the clear view icon in the toolbar. Then take an action that does not work the way you expect. Select all of the lines that appear in the Console window. Copy to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. Paste into a reply to this message by pressing command + V.

    The journal contains a large amount of information, almost everything that is not relevant to solve a particular problem. When you post a journal excerpt, be selective. A few dozen lines are almost always more than enough.

    Please don't dump blindly thousands of lines in the journal in this discussion.

    Please do not post screenshots of log messages - text poster.

    Some private information, such as your name or e-mail address, can appear in the log. Anonymize before posting.

    When you post the journal excerpt, an error message may appear on the web page: "you include content in your post that is not allowed", or "the message contains invalid characters." It's a bug in the forum software. Thanks for posting the text on Pastebin, then post here a link to the page you created.

    If you have an account on Pastebin, please do not select private in exposure menu to paste on the page, because no one else that you will be able to see it.

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    This isn't about me. Outlook (as opposed to Microsoft Outlook, a component of Microsoft Office) is covered here:

    Palcouk perhaps more to say.

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    I re-opened thunderbird to locate records profile and noticed the deleted items folder and the files were returned.
    I closed thunderbird according to the instructions and deleted files from the Recycle Bin in profile files. After thunderbird restarts, the deleted items folder was still there with deleted messages, and I was still unable to delete any other msg or empty the tray without the record also becoming extinct.

    Turns out that my anti-virus was a scheduled scan and that he had found a virus in piece attached in my deleted items folder, so do nothing during the scan.

  • Problem with the transfer of programs

    I just got a new macbook pro. I need to transfer the Creative Suite programs over the old computer. I had the student edition of last March. The problem is that the new computer is not a hard drive and I don't know how to transfer the program without it, and even less how to deal with licensing and registration. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help!

    You can download the demo version of the software using the link below and then use your current serial number to activate it.

    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important article Instructions on the pages to download to this site or the download may not work properly.

  • I have a problem with the transfer of files from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

    Original title: transfer files from Vista to Windows 7. Type of processor

    I just bought a new computer which has Windows 7.  I am trying to transfer the processing of speech and spreadsheets from your old computer to new th but all I can manage is a file of jarbled letters on a program called Word Pad. Can someone tell me if there is a secret code for this?

    Windows is NOT equipped with Office installed. You must install your copy of Microsoft Office on the new computer.
    And how on EARTH this has nothing to do with Windows 7 security, privacy, and user accounts altogether, I can't see...

  • Problem with the transfer of music to i pod.

    All of a sudden I have problems transferring music to my i pod. Do not see any reason for it. Assistance would be appreciated


    Your best point of contact would be Apple right now.

    I would have you post here as well.

    We know as to how you rate. We will be happy to help you if you need help.

    Thank you.

  • problems on the transfer of e-mails

    transfer express live 2012

    Transfer of data from Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail:

    For Messages:

    In Outlook Express, compact you files first.

    Click Outlook Express at the top of the the folder tree so no folders are open. Then: File | Work offline (or double-click on work online in the status bar). File | Folder | Compact all folders. Don't touch anything until the compacting is completed.
    Copy the * ENTIRE * OE message store folder to a flash drive. (Folders.dbx must be included). Place it on the desktop or another location on the computer using WLMail.

    V-2009: open WLMail and: file | Import | Messages | Microsoft Outlook Express 6, and the point where it was saved.

    V-2011/2012: Menu button. Import Messages. Microsoft Outlook Express 6, and the point where it was saved.

    Location of OE message store:

    In OE: Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Note the location and navigate on it in Explorer Windows or, copy and paste in start | Run.

    In Windows XP the OE User (DBX and WAB) are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must enable Show hidden files and folders under start | Control Panel | Folder Options icon | Opinion, or in Windows Explorer. Tools | Folder options | View.

    Note: If any DBX file is over 300 MB, return to OE and move some messages from the folder related to a new user created folder and compact down the size of the file.

    For addresses:

    Open the address book in OE and file | Export | Address book (wab) and save it to the desktop. Copy it to a flash drive. Place it on the desktop or another location on the computer using WLMail.

    For WLMail 2009: Open list of Contacts in WLMail, (go |) Contacts in the Menu bar) and the file | Import | Address book (wab) Windows and the point where you saved it.

    WLMail 2011/2012: switch to the contacts window (click on the book icon to the address at the foot of the folder pane (or press Ctrl-3).) Click on the import button, select address book (wab) Windows and point on where it was saved.

    Note: If you use a CD or a DVD instead of a flash drive, after placing on the new machine you must remove the read-only attribute in the properties before you import.

    For the account settings:

    In OE: Tools | Accounts, select the account and export it to the desktop. This will be an .iaf file. Copy it to the new desktop computer.

    For WLMail 2009: Tools | Accounts and import the settings from the location you saved the.

    For WLMail 2011: The Menu button. Options | E-mail accounts and import the settings from the location you saved the.

    Account settings cannot import in WLMail 2012. If this isn't the case, you will have to do it manually.

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