Property Loader doesn't Import ConditionExpr (loop Conditions)


I am finishing a project that generates and distributes my test sequences automatically.  It uses the property loader when running to get the parameters of the current stage.  Everything works fine and my process is fully automated, but it can't import the ConditionExpr, property (conditions of loops).  I have about 20 other properties than any thin import, but I cannot do anything with a timing and if I try, I'm stuck in an infinite loop.

I have attached a fake movie file and the corresponding CSV.  The stage names are weird, but that's just because of how works our database for results files.  Each event is just put at the present time, a loop until specified elapsed time and then compare.  Unnecessary test, but it illustrates the problem.

My tests build dynamically, so there are some types of common step - each step is set by default to a common version - they updated since the shipper of the property.  Any ideas would be extremely useful.

Thank you


Hello Bryan,

I think I've discovered what's happening. I watched your properties file in Notepad and noticed that the FileGlobals.Duration< 5="" did="" not="" have="" quotes="" around="" it.="" this="" causes="" teststand="" to="" evaluate="" the="" expression="" when="" it="" is="" being="" imported="" which="" causes="" it="" to="" be="" set="" to="" true.="" if="" it="" has="" quotes="" around="" it,="" teststand="" will="" still="" evaluate="" it,="" but="" it="" does="" so="" by="" removing="" the="" quotes="" and="" then="" putting="" the="" expression="" in="" the="" while="" loop.="" i="" am="" not="" sure="" what="" caused="" the="" file="" to="" be="" exported="" this="" way.="" i="" was="" hoping="" you="" could="" walk="" me="" through="" the="" steps="" you="" did="" to="" export="" the="" file="" so="" we="" can="" try="" and="" see="" what="" might="" have="" gone="" wrong.="" also="" what="" version="" of="" teststand="" are="" you="">

When I exported the properties I went through the following steps:

1. Select Tools' properties of import/export

2 choose the destination for my file and format

3 went to the tab properties and all of the exported properties

4. press for export

A workaround solution that you can use right now is to go into your properties files and manually put in quotes the expressions for the While loop. Look forward to your response and have a great day!

Best regards

Adam G

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    The best way seems to be to export it first.

    In the variables pane, I created a local array of channels and populated values everything in it.

    Then Tools > import and export properties - Source/Dest tab, set the location of the data to file and traveled in a file name. I used delimited by tabs to Format so I could just type one string per line w / no qoutes. Properties, tab selected table Local, I created. Then click on export and the file was created. Open the file, copied and pasted to other cases and modified accordingly markers.

    Thanks to Chris OR Austin.

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    We hope to hear from someone soon.




    The Committee for dialogue on what I was talking about is the feeder of property change (see table). Typically, you use this after you insert a step PropertyLoader Type in the installation of the PropertyLoader step sequence statically. General, you set many of the properties statically and then change one or two of the properties programmatically. Unless of course you're generating the entire sequencefile programmatically.

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    Value of the variable
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    Value of the variable

    Thank you


    Thanks Ric, Ray. Both of your comments, I was able to do that the tool works exactly as I want. The final version of my custom tool is attached.

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    Thank you


    Hi GP.

    Essbase substitution variables can be imported and can indeed be referenced in OBIEE. So I think that you have a solution here :-).

    Thank you


  • Open popup on loading of the page, but with conditions


    I use JDeveloper

    I need to open a popup on the page load. This problem is recurring, and there are a few messages and discussions in the forum about this. But I need to go further on this subject.

    My case is:

    • Loading of the page, I have to check some conditions.
    • If it's true, popup is open.
      • Popup is YesNo type, and I have a dialogListener to treat the user's response. Finally, the page is loaded.
    • If false, the popup is not open.

    To do this, I use beforePhase like that

    <f:view beforePhase="#{myBeforePhaseMethod}" />

    Inside the method, I use PopupUtil.invokePopup (...)

    Well, my problem is that when the user answers Yes or No, Treaty dialoglistener the answer, page reload, beforePhase is re-run and popup is displayed again.

    How can I solve this? How to display the pop-up window only once?

    Thank you. Best regards

    This ingenious solution has worked.

    First of all, check phaseId in the beforePhase method. Check the phase is MADE

    if (!phaseEvent.getPhaseId().equals(PhaseId.RENDER_RESPONSE))

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                PopupUtil.invokePopup( ... );

    Any other suggestions or problems it may have are appreciated.

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    In fact, I tested it myself, Dan.  I downloaded the trial version 7 Captivate and the video still looping on the iPad even if it's just a slide.

    Looks like I'll recommend 'no upgrade to Captivate 7' to my officers and the team until this bug is fixed.

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    Regarding the speed of the loaded swf file, it adapts to the FPS of your FLA file.  Change the frames per second setting in the FLA and then try to publish your new SWF file.  As applying a stop action you might be able to do, but I would check with Ned question first of all in terms of if you use ActionScript 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0.

  • help to load xml data into a loop

    Hola amigos, acudo a ustedes porque estoy doing a small application that muestre archivos para mi nueva zona of descargas, esta take utilizando diagramacion paint (gracias por los slideshows as against aqui) y los archivos los carga desde los datos a xml file.
    I have a movieclip cargado con addChild, y knew vez dentro carga tambien con addChild varios insert utilizando UN loop, the cosa are what who use ese mismo loop para as cada vez shouts the panel of the United Nations, are the cargue los datos xml, pero no puedo hacerlo, sale me el error 1009 respond el object are nulo. ACA the dejo parte del codigo, por if any of ustedes me can help con eso.
    Por adelantado the agradesco.

    Hello people, I come to you because I do a small application that shows the files for my new download area, it is made using liquid layout and files information loading from a xml file.
    I have a movieclip loaded with addChild and Interior load also with addChild several panels by using a loop, the thing is that I wanted to use the same loop for each time to add a new Panel, also load information to an xml file, but I can't do it every time show my 1009 error saying that the object is null (void). Here I leave you a part of the code for them if anyone of you can help me with this.
    Thank you in advance for the help, and here is a sample of the API:

    set the XML

    var imgLoader:Loader;
    var xml;
    var xmlList:XMLList;
    var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
    xmlLoader.load (new URLRequest ("listado.xml"));
    xmlLoader.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, xmlLoaded);
    function xmlLoaded(event:Event):void
    XML = XML (;
    xmlList = xml.children ();
    trace (xmlList.length ());

    Add counter to the panns
    var miContenedor:contenedor;
    miContenedor = new contenedor();
    addChild (miContenedor);
    miContenedor.y = body_mc.y + 10;
    Add container´s children-
    var miPartA:panelTipoA;
    var miPartB:panelTipoB;
    for (var a: int = 0; has < = 3; a ++)
    miPartA = new panelTipoA();
    miPartB = new panelTipoB();
    miContenedor.addChild (miPartA);
    miContenedor.addChild (miPartB);
    miPartA.y = a * miPartA.height + (a * 10);
    miPartB.y = a * miPartB.height + (a * 10);
    miPartB.x = miPartB.width + 15;
    imgLoader = new Loader();
    imgLoader.load (new URLRequest (xmlList [a] .attribute ("thumb")));
    miContenedor.miParteA.addChild (imgLoader);

    Atention: las 3 of code lines should add the respective to the pannel xml file data.

    miContenedor.miParteA.addChild (imgLoader);

    is the problem.  There is no miContenedor.miParteA.  use:

    miParteA.addChild (imgLoader);

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