Put option on the page does not work in the Easy Print VI Panel, controls tabs are not displayed

Found two problems with the screw of report generation:

(1) in the Panel of VI feel easy (report generation) or the Documentation.vi, the layout options don't work (dug in the sub - VI and found that they are not connected to anything).

(2) If you have the controls or the lights in a tab control and try to use the Easy Print VI Panel or Documentation.vi with the option to include controls in the report, they do not appear. The only indications/commands that appear are those that are displayed on all tabs (that is to say, to create a control and move it over the tab control so that it appears on every page).  There's a Subvi (Expand_control_ref_with_nested_controls.vi) which is called to handle the nested controls (IE, grapes, berries, etc...), but it should have a case to handle the controls tab.


Hey Sajosie,

Dig into the Sub - VI you are right in saying that the Options available to the user input is not connected to anything for most cases. However, in the case of failure to "Quick Print" Layout Options are used to change the layout of the report. In help for this VI, he mentions that this entry is ignored for the report "Standard reports" and "HTML" options However, it does mention that this ignorance of Layout Options is expected for the 'word' or 'Excel' reports.

Especially regarding the controls and indicators in the report which appear on the tab controls, I can make a product suggestion to do this kind of design more compatible with the mere impression VI Panel façade or Documentation.

Tags: NI Software

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    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > appearance/themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.


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    see you soon,


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    WordPress sites consist of some 800 + files of code fragments.  The index page contains instructions to these various include files.  The server that analyzes the data and creates the page on the fly.  There is no real pages to change in DW because WP pages are generated dynamically.

    My advice is to continue to use the WP Dashboard to edit your content.  Once a WP site is deployed to the server, you don't need DW.

    Nancy O.

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    <! doctype html >

    < html >

    < head >

    < link rel = "shortcut icon" href = "favicon.ico" > "

    "< link rel ="icon"type =" image/gif"href ="... /... "/ animated_favicon1.gif" >

    < title > Wedding Photography < /title >

    < meta charset = "UTF-8" >

    < link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" href = "layout.css" >

    < /script >

    "< script src="js/jquery-1.7.2.min.js "> < / script >

    "< link rel ="stylesheet"type =" text/css"href="js/lightbox/themes/carbono/jquery.lightbox.css "/ >

    <!-[if IE 6] >

    "< link rel ="stylesheet"type =" text/css"href="js/lightbox/themes/carbono/jquery.lightbox.ie6.css "/ >

    <! [endif]-->

    "< script type =" text/javascript"src="js/lightbox/jquery.lightbox.min.js "> < / script >

    < style type = "text/css" >

    a {}

    font size: 15px;

    Color: #777777;


    body, td, th {}

    font size: 15px;

    color: #444444;

    do-family: 'slab of Josefin;


    a: link {}

    text-decoration: none;

    color: #444444;


    a: visited {}

    text-decoration: none;

    color: #444444;


    a: hover {}

    text-decoration: none;

    color: #60baec;


    a: active {}

    text-decoration: none;

    color: #444444;


    < / style >

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    function MM_preloadImages() {//v3.0

    var d = document; If (d.images) {if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p = new Array();

    var i, j is d.MM_p.length, a = MM_preloadImages.arguments; for (i = 0; i <.) Length; i ++)

    If (a [i].indexOf("#")! = 0) {d.MM_p [j] = new Image; d.MM_p [j ++] .src = a [i] ;}}


    function MM_swapImgRestore() //v3.0 {}

    var i, x = offline. MM_sr; for (i = 0; a & & I <.) Length & & (x = a [i]) & & x.oSrc; i ++) x.src = x.oSrc;


    function MM_findObj (n, d) {//v4.01

    var p, i, x;  if(!d) d = document; If ((p = n.IndexOf ("?")) > 0 & & parent.frames.length) {}

    d = parent.frames [n.Substring(p+1)] .document; n = n.Substring (0, p) ;}

    If (!) () x = d [n]) & & copyrights) x = d.all [n]; for (i = 0;! x & & i < d.forms.length; i ++) x = d.forms [i] [n];

    for (i = 0;! x & & d.layers & & I < d.layers.length; i ++) x = MM_findObj (n, d.layers [i] .document);

    If (! x & & d.getElementById) x = d.getElementById (n); Return x;


    function MM_swapImage() {//v3.0

    var i, j = 0, x, a = MM_swapImage.arguments; document. MM_sr = new Array; for (i = 0; i <(a.length-2); I += 3).

    If ((x = MM_findObj (a [i]))! = null) {document. MM_sr [j ++] = x; if(!x.oSrc) x.oSrc = x.src; x.SRC = a [i + 2] ;}


    < /script >

    < style >

    UL {}

    list-style-type: none;

    margin: 0;

    padding: 0;

    overflow: hidden;


    Li {}

    float: right;


    a {}

    display: block;

    font size: 15px;

    color: #444444;

    Police-weight: 400;


    Li {}

    margin-right: 30px;


    body, td, th {}

    Police-family: josefin-slab;

    make-style: normal;

    Police-weight: 400;

    font size: 15px;

    color: #444444;


    a: link {}

    text-decoration: none;


    a: visited {}

    text-decoration: none;

    color: #444444;


    a: hover {}

    text-decoration: none;

    color: #60baec;


    a: active {}

    text-decoration: none;

    color: #444444;


    < / style >

    <!-the following script tag downloads a font of Adobe Edge Web server fonts to use in the web page. We recommend that you do not modify it.-->

    < script > var __adobewebfontsappname__ = "dreamweaver" < /script >

    " < script src =" http://use.edgefonts.NET/Josefin-slab:N1, N4:default.js "type =" text/javascript"> < / script > "

    < / head >

    < div class = "wrapOverall" >

    < body text = "#444444" link = "#444444" vlink = "#60baec" alink = "#444444" >

    < div class = 'container' id = "header container" >

    "" "< div class ="header"> < a href ="... / index.html "> < img src =" images/Home - Page_03.png"name ="Logo"width ="448"height ="69"class ="logo"id ="Logo"onMouseOver =" MM_swapImage ("Logo","' images/home_03-roll - over.png', 1) ' Mm_swapimgrestore ' border = '0' / > < /a > < / div >

    < div class = "navMain" >

    < div class = "navMain" >

    < /li >

    < ul class = "navBar".

    style = "width: 530px;" float: right; Police-weight: 400; Police-family: josefin-slab; make-style: normal; ">

    "< li > < a href ="... /... / Contact/Contact.html "> CONTACT < /a > < /li >"

    < li > < a href = "" > BLOG < /a > < /li >

    "< li > < a href ="... /... / About/About.html "> ON < /a > < /li >"

    < li > < a href = "" > PRICING < /a > < /li >

    "< li > < a href ="... / Portfolio.html "> PORTFOLIO < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... /... / Home/Home.html "> HOME < /a > < /li >"

    < /ul >

    < / div > <! - END navMain - >

    < / div > <! - logo END - >

    < / div > <!--END header-->

    <! - MAIN CONTENT - >

    < div class = "slideshow" >

    "< a href =" images/image - 1.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src =" images/image - 1 T .jpg "style =" float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border = '10' > < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 2.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src =" images/image - 2T .jpg"style =" float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border = '10' > < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 3.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 3T .jpg' style = float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border ="10"> < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 4.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 4t .jpg' style =" float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border = '10' > < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 5.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 5T .jpg' style ="float ". : left; "width ="100"height ="100"border ="10"> < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 6.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 6 T .jpg' style =" float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border = '10' > < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 7.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 7 T .jpg' style ="float ". : left; "width ="100"height ="100"border ="10"> < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 8.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 8T .jpg' style =" float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border = '10' > < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 9.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 9 T .jpg' style ="float ". : left; "width ="100"height ="100"border = '10' > < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 11.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 11 T .jpg' style =" float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border ="10"> < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 12.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 12 T .jpg' style ="float ". : left; "width ="100"height ="100"border = '10' > < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 13.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 13 T .jpg' style =" float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border ="10"> < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 14.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 14t .jpg' style ="float ". : left; "width ="100"height ="100"border ="10"> < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 15.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 15t .jpg' style =" float: left; "width ="100"height ="100"border = '10' > < /a > <! - END_IMG - > < a href =" images/image - 16.jpg"class ="lightbox"rel ="group1"> < img src = ' images/image - 16 T .jpg' style ="float ". : left; "width ="100"height ="100"border ="10"> < /a > <! - END_IMG - >

    < / div >

    <! - END MAIN CONTENT - >

    < div id = "containerFooter" >

    < div id = "Box1" style = "font family: 'Josefin slab'" >

    < p > all content < span style = "do-size: 20px" > to </span > 2013 DKphotos < /p >

    < / div > <!--end Box1 - >

    < div id = "Box2" >

    < p > < script type = "text/javascript" >

    BeginOAWidget_Instance_2149022: #OAWidget

    var urlToLike = ' http://www.facebook.com/DKphotos.net';

    If (urlToLike == ") {}

    urlToLike = window.location.href;


    urlToLike = encodeURIComponent (urlToLike);

    var font = encodeURIComponent ('arial');

    document.write (' ' < iframe src = "http://www.facebook.com/widgets/like.php?locale=en_US & href = ' + urlToLike + ' & layout = button_cou nt & show_faces = false & width = 450 & height = 150 & action = like & font =" + police + & colorscheme = light"scrolling =" "frameborder ="0"allowTransparency ="true"style =" border: none; ") border-color: #ffffff; overflow: hidden; width: 450; height: 150 "(>< / iframe >') "


    < /script >

    < / div > <!-END fbLike-> < /p >

    < / div > <!--end Box2 - >

    <! - float clearing - >

    < hr class = "compensation" / >

    < / div > <! - end container - >

    < / div > <! - END wrapOverall - >

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    {jQuery (document) .ready (function ($)}

    $('.lightbox').lightbox ();


    < /script >

    < / body >

    < / html >


    @charset "utf-8";

    / * CSS document * /.


    background - image: URL(images/bg_body.jpg);

    background-color: #ffffff;

    background-attachment: fixed;

    background-position: top;



    Width: 1920px;

    display: inline;


    {} ul.navBar

    margin: 0px 0px 18px 0px;

    padding: 0;

    white-space: nowrap;

    Width: 950px;

    Overflow-x: auto;

    Display: inline-block;


    ul.navBar li {}

    Display: inline;


    {img.logo .header

    float: left;

    margin: 0px 15px 0px 15px;


    . Container {}

    min-width: 1050px.

    padding-bottom: 100px;


    .slideshow {}

    left margin: 20px;

    margin-right: auto;



    Width: 100%;

    min-width: 650px;

    Max-width: 100%;



    do-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, without serif.

    border: 0;

    Auto margin: 0; / * centered * /.

    overflow: hidden; / * float containment * /.


    #Box1 {#Box2}

    Width: auto;

    min-height: 10px;

    border: 0;

    / * to reduce the float drop issues in IE * /.

    dressing: break-Word;


    #Box1 {margin left: 8px; float: left ;}}

    #Box2 {margin left: 20px; float: left ;}}

    / * Clear floats after boxes * /.


    Clear: both;

    visibility: hidden;

    line-height: 0;

    font-size: 1px;

    Display: block;


    {.cycle-slide show

    Width: 100%;

    min-width: 1000px;

    Max-width: 100%;

    padding-top: 100px;




    Width: 100%;

    float: left;



    position: fixed;


    z index: 500;

    background-color: #FFF;


    There are two problems:

    Add this to thesection of the page:

    Add to the .slideshow style rule:

    Clear: both;

    The tag will get mobile devices to treat the styles correctly. The clear property is necessary to move the pictures under the floating navigation menu.

  • Yahoo home page does not display correctly. All my other sites are OK. Page style is set to "Basic Page Style. What else can be wrong? »

    Yahoo home page is displayed properly, while all of my other web pages display correctly. I checked the view, Page Style, and it is defined on the basic Style of Page. What else can go wrong?

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    "Clear the Cache":

    • Tools > Options > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.

    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions of the origin of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • Option of Swatch palette does not display CMYK value 100, 100, 100, 0

    When you name with color value name is cut inside the palette in the palette option of swatch.

    This isn't a problem. I was just noticing the side Mac since at least ON CS5.

    You are right, in Options of nuance. There seems to be a bug. I would report it as such.

  • Firefox does not display jpg files from a web page so that other browsers

    I created a page and downloaded www.nutechequipments.com/equipment.html page does not display jpg files in firefox only everywhere, including in Dubai. But all other browsers display images jpg uploaded in a perfect way. In Firefox that the table is loaded with spaces reserved. It is not a problem with my computer. It is the problem all over the world.

    the html code example is given below:

    <td><img src="equip\equip.jpg" size width="110" height="90"></td><td><img src="equip\equip1.jpg" size width="110" height="90"></td><td><img src="equip\equip (2).jpg" size width="110" height="90"></td><td><img src="equip\equip (3).jpg" size width="110" height="90"></td>

    You have the backslashes (------: fumble that 5% C, as seen in tools > Page Info > media) in the scr attribute of images and which does not work in Firefox.
    You must change the backslashes into slashes in order to

  • After installation or upgrade to Firefox 31, starting Firefox does not display the home page, personalize displays a blank page and the radio button does not work

    I am the admin of Windows for a University Department and install PC with Firefox all the time. This problem does not occur with every PC I would maintain, only a selection bit (model different laptops with Windows and update 1 8.1.) Until today, it has happened with the new user (with admin rights) accounts that I place on laptops for our staff. Today, this happened with the account administrator while setting up a new laptop. In all cases so far, I have install Windows from a registered image that was created by using sysprep.

    I tried many suggestions to reset Firefox, removing the profile of Firefox users, removing the Windows profile users, uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox, uninstall/reinstall of Firefox and the latest Java, but nothing helped. After uninstalling, I run an application to delete the caches and temporary files and even remove manually the keys to register HKLM\SOFTWARE\Mozilla and HKCU\SOFTWARE\Mozilla. I restart and make sure that the installation folder is deleted after uninstalling.

    Results are the same: after installing Firefox 31, the initial settings for migration, IE or Chrome pop up and after having clicked on the button finish, Firefox starts but does not display the home page of the new user, only a blank page. By clicking on the Options (3 bars) button does nothing. Right click in the appropriate box, the shortcut menu appears, so I can choose to customize, but which opens another tab with subject: Customize the URL and the page is blank. In the right click context menu, I can activate the menu bar and get options from that.

    My last attempt helped a little. I uninstalled Firefox 31, cleaned, removed the profile user Firefox, rebooted and then installed Firefox 30. Initial start-up runs and tells me that I'm not up-to-date and the works of button Options. But I can't always customize.

    Then I upgraded to Firefox 31, but then it's back to no start page, no options button and no customization. I can go down to 30 and get customize practically works again.

    Addon only is for McAfee Scriptscan to Firefox 15.1.0, just after installation is disabled.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    You can try a different theme of Windows?

    Have you tried to start the computer using Windows safe?

    Start the computer in Mode safe mode with network support Windows (on the startup screen, press F8) as a test.

  • "Include the header row in the following Pages" does not work for the table


    I use the version.

    Pagnation function "include header line in the following Pages" does not work for any table in my design. (the check box cannot be verified little matter how many times I click it)

    I put such table already in a bodypage flow.

    Any reported similar problem?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.


    The only thing I can think is that your table is not in a subform flowed. Who will stop the check boxes.

  • Yahoo page does not work. It seems that java does not work, but I have the latest version installed. Yahoo email page has all scrambled together all left links

    Yahoo page does not work. It seems that java does not work, but I have the latest version installed. Yahoo email page has all the links scrambled together on the left side of the page. Same thing with face book page. All use them to work properly. 64 Waterfox win 7

    Do not use waterfox, it is not supported and is a non-official version of Firefox that often has known bugs. Downlaod Firefox from www.getfirefox.com, uninstall waterfox, then try again.

  • Why the Polish support page does not work?

    Why the Polish support page does not work?


    I think the error message is pretty clear:

    + Service temporarily unavailable +.
    + The server is temporarily unable to process your request due to downtime or maintenance capacity problems. Please try again later. +

  • Button to navigate to another page does not not work properly all the time.


    I'm just starting to explore the ADF, I use Jdeveloper and integrated weblogic server that comes with the IDE.

    I just created a simple application with a welcome page called Main.jsf and then 2 task bounded, streams called SearchStudentsFlow and Studenloansflow, each workflow has a jsf page. The home page has a single button that sends me to the first task flow, SearchStudentsFlow and I can see is the page in that workflow, AwardsSearch.jsf. Also in the AwardsSearch.jsf page I have a button that takes back me to the home page.

    The first problem I have is that when I run the application starting at the home page button in the works of the great homepage the first time, the button send me to the AwardsSearch.jsf , but once I decide to go back to the homepage and then click on the button to go to the first task flow the button does nothing. This happens whenever I decide to return to the home page of any page in my project.

    Also, I copied the entire previous project into a new project and I decided to use the ADF security infrastructure in this new project to create a log in page create users and give them different roles and levels of access.

    I created some users who have access to all pages and all the streams, but when I run the application starts the login page and I login successfully and go to the home page, the button on the home page does not work.

    I don't know why the button sometimes works, but not of others and also I do not know why when I use the login page, the button doesn't work. I don't know if these 2 problems are related or not.

    This is my code in the homepage:

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <f:view xmlns:f="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core" xmlns:af="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/faces/rich">
        <af:document title="Main.jsf" id="d1" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.d1}">
            <af:form id="f1" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.f1}">
                <af:panelGridLayout id="pgl1" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.pgl1}">
                    <af:gridRow marginTop="5px" height="20%" id="gr1" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.gr1}">
                        <af:gridCell marginStart="5px" width="34%" marginEnd="5px" id="gc1"
                            <af:image source="/images/NU_Logo_purple.jpg" shortDesc="Northwester University" id="i1"
                                      inlineStyle="width:293px; height:197px;"/>
                        <af:gridCell id="gc3" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.gc3}" width="33%"/>
                        <af:gridCell id="gc4" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.gc4}" width="33%"/>
                    <af:gridRow id="gr3" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.gr3}" height="10%">
                        <af:gridCell id="gc5" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.gc5}"/>
                        <af:gridCell id="gc6" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.gc6}">
                            <af:button text="Search Awards" id="b1" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.b1}"
                        <af:gridCell id="gc7" binding="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Main.gc7}"/>
                    <af:gridRow marginTop="5px" height="70%" marginBottom="5px" id="gr2"
                        <af:gridCell marginStart="5px" width="100%" marginEnd="5px" id="gc2"

    And this is my code in the adfc-config. XML

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
    <adfc-config xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/controller" version="1.2">
      <view id="Main">
      <task-flow-call id="SearchStudentsFlow">
      <control-flow-rule id="__3">
        <control-flow-case id="__5">
      <managed-bean id="__4">
      <managed-bean id="__2">

    No idea why the button does not work correctly all the time?

    Thanks in advance

    Play well!

    Now, we understand the problem and can help you solve it.

    The problem is that you dropped the home page in the flow of student loan and place you thinking that you must return to the point of departure, the unlimited workflow. Actually, you don't the sheet flow loan student but simply see the homepage as part of the loan flow. The navigation rules remain those defined in the flow of student loan. Now, when you click on a button to jump to the stream of research, the target is undefined zed you simply stay on the same page, the home page.

    To make your work use case, you set a return action in the flow of student loan that return to the caller, the flow of research which, in turn, will return to his name the workflow without terminals that hold the homepage. Remove the homepage of flow of charge to students. The case of navigation allows to navigate between the button and the new return action.

    In the adf of flow research a wild-card rule that accesses the return operation sends the return flow to the home page. You must remove the sailing time pointing to research prices for the return operation because it can use the same rule of navigation of wild-card then. Then, you add a Bach student load flow navigation rule to the scholarship search page. This navigation is used for the return actionto_searchStudents.


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