q App? but probably a mug shot w not solution.

Hi fellow droid owners. This can b more of a mug shot, but... If there is an answer please let me know. I have already asked to disable or deletin apps so they run constantly in the background n suckn place of the processor. resounding answer is that an app killer app humor in theree are somewhere Sheesh!   so now im wondern why, oh why, cant, you just leave or close the application? seems simple. Pandora is so far the ONLY app I've found who has Quit option. Yes, pandora. Google maps? Navigation canend of u but your always in email App? Nope No. leave there either. Trapster? nutiin. the list is endless. Why do we want these apps [email protected] time to market anyway? Please install a Quit / close option! I almost feel better.  Laughing out loud

I know it's a bit technical, but this page explains the basic principles of the development of Android applications:


Try to conceptualize Android apps that programs that are not "closed" in the colloquial sense of Windows, but rather 'left hanging' or 'suspended '.  When you "leave" an Android app, there are two possible actions.  First of all, if the application is not designed to do something in the background, it is not.  The resources she will remain suspended until Android needs to get back them for other applications or services.  If the system is not being taxed, not much and the app that you "left" uses no power.  If the application is accessible again, it starts faster because it is already a bit in memory.  If the application has not been consulted for a period of time and BONES need the resources to launch the camera (for example), it will kill the app you "left" on his own and recover resources for the camera.  Secondly, if the application is designed to do something while in the background, it will be.  That's why some applications give you a complete option to close because if you "let", they are still working and energy consumption.  Also, many apps (like Google Tracks for example or other GPS applications) is designed to continue to do the work while you do other things in the foreground.  Unless you encounter a poorly coded app that continues to 'work' in the background when the design intent, is that it not, won't you probably see energy savings crawling under normal conditions of use.  Kill the apps that you frequently access can work against you in the struggle for power as they need to be fully charged every time that consumes more energy.  Here, there are advanced users who experience gains in the battery life to manually manage applications on their phones.  But at least I met a 'hog' app, I leave Android tend to him on its own.  Good luck. -Mark

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