Qosmio G40 - not more healthy with the last driver audio Realtek

Hi all!

Whenever I have install the latest audio driver Realtek on my Qosmio G40 (Vista), the sound not work more (not at all) so I don't have to return to the previous version.

Has anyone noticed this problem or has an explanation?

Thank you.




It's not easy to say why you n t get the noise after the update of the audio driver, but in my view, this problem may appear if a problem occurs during the installation/update procedure.
But I have two questions;
Why do you want to update the audio driver? You have sound problems?
I think that if your sound is ok so an update is not necessary, I noticed that the Realtek audio drivers are updated from time to time. My audio driver is about 3 years old and I didn't update because it works very well.

Best regards

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    Thanks for any help!



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    But... In order to implement a local account, you must first connect to the Microsoft account that brings back us to the same error.  I had this problem as well and he needs to be addressed.  Whenever you walk away a network before installation on your PC/laptop, you will have this problem.  Try this... turn off PC/laptop, then go to another computer and sign in to Microsoft Web site account.  Connect with an Ethernet cable and turn on your PC/laptop with the connection problem and try to connect again.  It should work.

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    The latest version of Lr does not work with the last WIN10, I need help

    Finally I understand it by putting at level c ++ Redistributable Package, surprisingly it works. Anyway, thanks for your answer...

    Good day!

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    There are ways to back up a computer that is not fully functional. Ask if you need advice.

    3 here is instructions to run a UNIX shell script, a type of program. As I wrote above, it doesn't change anything. It does not send or receive data over the network. There is no to generate a report on the State of the computer human readable. This report goes nowhere unless you choose to share it. If you prefer, you can act on it yourself without disclosing the contents for me or someone else.

    You should ask yourself if you can believe me, and if it is safe to run a program at the request of a foreign national. In general, no, he's not sure, and I encourage it.

    In this case, however, there are ways for you to decide if the program is safe without having to trust me. First of all, you can read it. Unlike an application that download you and click to start, it is transparent, anyone familiar with the code can check what it does.

    You may not be able to understand the script yourself. But variations of it have been posted on this site several times over a period of years. One of the million registered users to have read the script and set off the alarm if it was dangerous. Then I wouldn't be here now, and you would not be reading this message. See, e.g., this discussion.

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    8. start the Terminal application integrated in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name ("Terminal") in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

    ☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

    Click anywhere in the Terminal window to activate it. Paste from the Clipboard into the window by pressing Command + V, then press return. The text that you pasted should disappear immediately.

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            Part 1 of 4 done at: … sec        …        Part 4 of 4 done at: … sec
        The test results are on the Clipboard.
        Please close this window.

    The intervals between the parties will not be exactly the same, but they give an approximate indication of progress.

    Wait for the final message "Please close this window" appear - again, usually within a few minutes. If you don't see this message in about 30 minutes, the test probably won't be completed within a reasonable time. In this case, press the Ctrl + C key combination or the point command to stop it. Then go to the next step. You will have incomplete results, but still something.

    In order to get results, the test should be allowed to perform or be stopped manually as shown above. If you close the window of the Terminal, while the test is still running, the partial results will not be saved.

    11. when the test is completed, or if you manually stopped, leaving the Terminal. The results have been saved to the Clipboard automatically. They do not appear in the Terminal window. Please do not copy from there. All you have to do is start a response to this comment and then paste it again by pressing Command-V.

    At the top of the results, there will be a line that begins with the words «Start time.» If you do not see that, but rather to see a mass of gibberish, you wait for the message "close this window". Please wait and try again.

    If personal information, such as your name or e-mail address, appear in the results, make anonymous before posting. Usually it will be not necessary.

    12. in the validation of the results, you see an error message on the web page: "you have included content in your post that is not allowed", or "the message contains invalid characters." It's a bug in the software which manages this website. Thanks for posting the results of the tests on Pastebin, then post here a link to the page you created.

    If you have an account on Pastebin, please do not select private in exposure menu to paste on the page, because no one else that you will be able to see it.

    13. When you are finished with the test, it is gone. There is nothing to uninstall or clean.

    14. This is a public forum and others can give you advice based on the results of the test. They speak for themselves, not for me. The test itself is harmless, but all that you can not be. For others who choose to run it, I do not recommend that you view the results of test on this Web site unless I ask.

    15. the related UNIX shell script is a notice of copyright. ASC readers can copy for their personal use. The whole nor any part can be redistributed.

  • When I burn CD for my use on the computer, sometimes the order of the songs are returned, starting with the last song first.

    * Original title: Windows Media player

    When I burn CD for my use on the computer, sometimes the order of the songs are returned, starting with the last song first.  This is the CD, or I do something wrong?  This isn't an ongoing problem... most of the time it's ok.  Can I change the order manually. If Yes, where and how.

    Thank you


    Lee - there are a number of possibilities. First of all, it depends whether you burn audio disks or data - if they are audio discs, you can check and rearrange the order of songs in the burn list - if necessary - before you start burning. If you drag multiple files to the burn list quite often the last track you clicked on will go upward, so I wonder if it is what can happen. Back with a little more detail if I not quite correctly interpreted the problem. Best regards, Ric.

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    Ok. So I'm having a few problems to connect to my computer windows laptop 8. I have reset my password like 5 times, restarted my computer over the same period of time, and I can not even sign. When I try to sign, it says: "your computer is offline. Please sign in with the last password used on this computer. "Well, I don't know what was the last password. I'm sure that the last time I registered on my laptop, I used the PIN that I used to have for her. The only reason why I changed it was because I wanted it to be more difficult to get into my PC. But I wanted more difficult for other people, not more difficult for me. Can someone help me with this please?

    Hi Arianna,.

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    I understand the inconvenience caused to you. I'll be happy to help you with your problem.

    I suggest you refer to the suggestion given in the thread and check out them below if it can help solve your problem:


    Let us know the status of the issue. We will be happy to help you further.

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  • When I try to access my account, I get the error message "your PC is offline.". Please sign in with the last password used on this computer".

    Original title: pavilion hp touch smart 15

    whenever I have try & open a session on my HP pavilion TouchSmart 15 PC laptop it says "your PC is offline.". Please sign in with the last password used on this PC "so I did. and it did not work. It's very frustrating because I have school work, which must be complete! Help, please!


    Usually this problem is caused if there any changes in the configuration of the keyboard, or due to Internet connection issues. I would like to know some information about this problem, so that we can help you further.

    1. do you have the question started recently?

    2. have you recently changed the password?

    3. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    I suggest you to make sure that the caps lock is not activated, if it is enabled, then turn it off and check if that helps.

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