Qosmio G50-12 q: how to disassemble the keyboard key?

Where can I find pictures for the dismantling of the keys of Qosmio g50 related?


Do you want to replace the keyboard or the simple buttons on the keyboard.
As much as I know, you cannot replace or correct simple buttons, but you can only remove the keys

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  • Qosmio X 870 - 13p - how to restore the original key elements?

    Use the volume buttons + /-on the keyboard, I just had to push for example to increase the volume of your PC or put a song on a break. Now it does not work, I have to press the "Fn key" to use these keys.

    If anyone has an idea how to restore the original key elements?

    There are two options for the mode of function keys:
    -special function mode (you don't need to press the FN key n)
    -standard mode of F1 - F12

    Please check which option is set to your laptop.
    You can find it when you open the office assist > system settings > keyboard.

    Check and if necessary change the special function mode.

  • Tecra A8: How to disassemble the keyboard?

    I would like to disassemble the keyboard in my Tecra A8. Is there a guide to disassembly on the web?


    I don t think you will find all the manuals that describe the keypad by removing the procedure. These manuals are not official documents and only for the use of the partner service.

    But to my knowledge the removal of keyboards is not very difficult.
    There should be a thin cover above the keyboard. This coverage masks 2 screws holding the keyboard. You must remove the cover and screws cautious.
    Then it should be possible to remove the keyboard.
    But beware, the keyboard is connected with short, flat cable to the main Board.

  • How to disable the keyboard key window in vista

    no idea how to disable the logo key window? There always lock my program out when I accidentally click on it... I found a link on window XP, but it does not work for vista ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/216893).

    Pls advise thk

    THK mate. Problem solved.

    http://www.LIUtilities.com/Products/RegistryBooster/tweaklibrary/Tweaks/11212/ step by step solution.

  • Qosmio G50-12 q - how to configure the devices connected to the USB mode standby


    I wanted to use the PC sleep function.
    I also wanted to as devices that have been extinguished when in stand by.

    Once implemented this function the PC will regularly stand-by, but the device connected by usb are set on fire, any other master type, a device a usb wi.fi, etc.

    Someone told me that maybe some functions in the Bios only are not put in place to do that once entered the booth by the PC off all devices those connected.

    What checks and I have to perform in the configuration PC bios?

    How we in the bios? By pressing the keys on which?

    Thank you

    * valkyrie @ *.

    Please post comments if workaround posted by Akuma helped!

    It would be really appreciated.

  • How to start the keyboard keys

    I forgot, but how to find the settings to boot from the keyboard in Windows 7?

    See if that helps,


  • Portege R700 - how to clean the keyboard keys?

    I have a Toshiba Portege R700 - and I spilled coke on a small part of the keyboard.
    Not surprisingly, the two or three keys are now "sticky."

    Is it as simple as access to the keyboard and the relevant keys of cleaning?
    Or is it not that simple?
    If I can do this, is there a pictorial guide on access to the keyboard?

    I'm reluctant to open first without consulting the tech manual.

    Thank you


    In my opinion, you will not be able to clean it properly. Coke is full of sugar. It can be complicated, but you can try it.

    In the worst cases, you must exchange he keyboard.
    So what you need to do is to remove Cap key for each critical button. It is set with small farmers in plastic. Just take something like the credit card but more stabile, put under the key cap and try to remove it. Under the key CAP is little key mechanism. Try to clean it with a damp cloth. Be careful and clean without a lot of pressure.

    When you think it's OK place the key cap and press it very gently of course.

    You'll hear the clicking noise and the cp key should be up again.

    I hope that you will be able to make it work again.
    Please post comments.

  • Qosmio G50 - 10 H - how long expected the last screen LCD?


    I'm on my 3rd Qosmio now, this time a G50 - 10 h. My 2 other Qosmio broke out after that the screen is empty and then I have nothing but static "TV as".

    My current Qosmio started broadcasting a very quiet, but noticeable whistling from the lower right of the screen. There is also a black (sometimes white depending on where you're standing) mark on the lower right part of the screen. My research I indicates that the LCD is on its way, so I ordered a replacement one.

    I wonder how long these screens should last?

    I use the laptop an average of 56 hours a week (if not more - I know it's a lot) and I've had since August 2008.

    All thoughts

    Hey Buddy,

    In my opinion, these things can happen and if your laptop is still under warranty any is ok in my opinion. Here, you can get a new free exhibition and from my own experience, I can tell the repair goes very quickly and you get your laptop in a few days only.

    In addition, I have a Qosmio F50. I use it every day for my work, games, etc., also at least eight hours a day, but I t n have no problem still with the LCD. :)

  • How to disassemble the Qosmio E10 to replace the cooling fan - need manual

    Does anyone have instructions on how to disassemble the E10 to replace the cooling fan. a G25 irisvista.com all the other models, but the design is not the same.

    Now stuck at removal of keyboard connector.
    No idea what fan model numbers so I can order before the band down.


    Unfortunately, it seems that there is no information on fan replacing on the laptop of the G10. These documentations are not for public use, but only for the Toshiba authorized service providers :(

    Apart from this fact it s not advisable to disassemble this laptop if you have no experience! During the disassembly process, you could damage the motherboard or something else

    So I think that he of better go to a technician because he has more experience.
    In addition, the taken cooling module supported and compatible can be ordered from the Asp in your country

    have a nice we

  • How to disassemble the Satellite Pro A60

    I need to open my Pro A60.

    I tried to delete all the marked screws B14 B8, B20 and F3, but there is still something preventing a complete separation around the area of the CD tray.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The Satellite Pro A60 is very similar to the Satellite A60.
    I found a very useful website that explains how to disassemble the A60.

    [How to disassemble the laptop Toshiba Satellite A60/A65 and replace the system board | http://www.irisvista.com/tech/laptops/ToshibaA65/satA65_1.htm]

    But note; everything you do are ALWAYS at your own RISK!

    Good bye

  • How to disassemble the Camileo S10?

    I would like to hack the S10 to solve 2 problems:

    (1) put an adapter wide angle
    In fact, it is almost impossible, but to remove the plastic part in front of the goal allows access to the cylindrical part of it and to set an adapter wide angle

    (2) I need hold the S10 on a RC model to keep the device horizontal rather than vertical.

    With success, I start to disassemble the unit, remove the black plastic middle where the battery.
    I stop because I have no ideas how to disassemble the video screen

    Any person a link to Toshiba Service manual of the Camileo S10 or have an idea how to prove it?


    I think is not so easy to disassemble a TV and must be carried out by an expert.

    If something is wrong with your camera, you should go to the authorized service provider nearest. Technicians can disassemble for you and they have these service manuals I think.

  • Qosmio G20: How to replace the keyboard



    I m not an owner of the Qosmio G20, but the replacement of keyboard on the G20 is very similar to another series of laptop.
    If you want to remove the keyboard please follow these steps:

    1.) open view.
    2.) Insert your finger into the slot between the reinforcement of the keyboard and the computer. Then,
    Lift the keyboard bracket to unlock and remove.
    3. remove 1 screw from the keyboard hold the plate.
    4. remove the screws fixing the keyboard
    Lift the upper part of the keyboard and turn down the palmrest.
    6. remove the 2 screws of the plate support keyboard and remove the
    keyboard support plate.
    7 disconnect the cable from the keyboard connector on the system board CN3200.
    8. remove the keyboard.

    All that s

    But note; If you have no experience, please don t remove the keyboard.

  • Qosmio G20 - how to enable the function keys

    Can someone tell me how to activate the function keys? I seem to be entirely invalid.
    Thank you


    In my opinion one of the important gift of drivers or utilities work and, therefore, you cannot use the FN keys.

    If your have installed XP on your test of the G20 to refresh the Toshiba common Modules.
    It is an essential tool that controls the FN keys.

    The common Modules can be downloaded from the page of European driver of Toshiba.

    Check it out.

  • How to replace the keyboard of g570


    I fall my lenovo g570, broken keyboard. does anyone know how to replace the keyboard?

    I couldn't go on the case.

    Thank you

    Hi resilience.

    Here is your manual of maintenance of equipment with the numbers of room and directions and videos in the second link.

    Go to laptops, essential, and you'll see the G570. Click on it and it will give you videos on the disassembly.




  • How to replace the keyboard for G60-535DX

    Can someone direct me to a manual instructions or other product that will tell me how ro replace the keyboard of my laptop G60-535 X computer?

    Thank you!


    The guy in this video does in the first two minutes, then he continues to disassemble his laptop G60. It would be wise to remove the battery first. It can be done with shoes on.

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