Re: Satellite A300 - fan does not work after installing Win7


I did a new install of Win 7 pro 64-bit, and after it does not my fan, not at the start or in Windows. To check if it the fan itself was broken I re-installed Vista instead and the fan worked again!
Installed new Win 7 but now it's silent :( I checked in the BIOS (latest version 1.80) but I couldn't find any option here. Am I missing a driver or something?

My Satellite canned extinguishing because of this, so I would really appreciate help :)

Best regards / Ocke

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Hmmmm... really strange. I use Win7 32 bit on my Satellite A300-1LI and it works perfectly.
Maybe a stupid question now, but have you tried to use the 32 bit version?

You have also installed all the Toshiba drivers Toshiba value added package (includes the Toshiba power saver tool)?

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