Re: Tecra S1 - weird lines appear on the screen

I have a Tecra S1. It has the graphics card ATI Radeon 9000.

When I turn on the strange machine lines appear on the screen... and blocks to move on the screen when you use the operating system.
Basically, it seems very strange. I think there may be a problem with the graphics card and I was wondering if Intel has left the jury on the graphics chip on the system and if it was possible to switch to him?

I've had the laptop hooked up to an external monitor and the same problem on screen exists, so there is no problem with the screen that I can tell.

If anyone has any other suggestions, what could be the problem I would be interested as well.

Thank you



Hello Paul

If the same vein occur on the external monitor, I'm sure it's because of the faulty graphics card. The graphics card is part of the motherboard and it cannot be exchanged separately. Sorry, but in this case, the entire motherboard must be exchanged.

I'm pretty sure new costs a lot of money, but only a chance of getting is cheaper is looking for used one. Maybe you should check eBay. There you can find a lot of laptop parts for models of different laptops. Maybe you will be lucky and find mainborad for your Tecra S1.

Good luck!

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    These problems usually occur due to a malfunction of the equipment.
    But have you tried to update the graphics driver. If this isn't the case, so I recommend to do.
    The update may solve some problems.

    However, if vertical lines persists then you should ask Toshiba service for assistance.
    He must check the laptop.

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    If this blue line is present from the first second after turning on the laptop that I presume it's because of the faulty graphics card. To be sure try to connect an external display to see the same thing will happen. If Yes, it is the evidence that this line occurs due to faulty hardware.

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    Hello world.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P100, 3 years ago.
    Recently appeared on my screen an intermittent thin vertical yellow line.

    Nothing serious, but very annoying, especially when I play or watch movies.
    I just found that it is not a software problem, but a material one (I've connected the laptop with my TV and there is no yellow line shown on the screens).

    So I guess there is something wrong with the LCD of my Satellite.

    You think it's interesting to try to fix this? What can I do?

    Thank you


    > So I guess there is something wrong with the LCD of my Satellite.

    Always is that those issues could be related to a defective LCD screen or graphics chip
    But given that this line is not visible on the TV or external monitor this could be an internal screen problem and not a problem of graphics chip

    > You think it is worth trying to fix this? What can I do?
    Well, a laptop screen is not a party so inexpensively.
    It costs about 300-350 Euros and I wouldn't try to replace it if the warranty is no longer valid

    Welcome them

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  • Satellite X 200-line appear on the screen and the computer to stop responding W7


    I installed windows 7 a few days ago. I have download all the drivers, but:

    After starting the computer and connecting to windows, if I run an application too quickly (perhaps outlook, google chrome, internet explore explore...), it seems that the pilot does not display (and windows try to restore), and lines appear horizontally on the screen (only have 3/4 left of the screen, the right 1/4 is normal: S). after 30 seconds the screen goes black, and 15 seconds later, a beep comes from the laptop. After that, the only solution is to stop via pressing 5 sec the power :(button

    My graphics card is a nvidia geforce 8700 M GT. I have trid the drivers on the toshiba site (but this is for vista, W7 those not released... for this laptop). It changed nothing, so I download them from the nvidia site (one graduate and Beta 1), same result, it has not changed anyting... (I precise that I uninstall all drivers before reinstalling the new)
    So, I have updated the bios, nothing better.

    I read a solution on the microsoft Web site (for example to remove 5 keys register HKEY_USER /.) DEFAUT/control panel/Desktop and HKEY_CURENT_USER/control panel/Desktop), but these keys did not exist on my system, it couldn't be that.

    So, I'm in the wall.
    Someone has an idea?

    Thank you

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    After many internet research, I found an interesting answer, and it was my solution!

    On the nvidia site, you can go the archived drivers.
    For mine (geforce 8700M GT), there are 179, 185, 186 and 195 immediate release. I have download the 179 (oldest), and... everything works great!

    My problem is solved.

    Hope this will help other people!

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    When I move my mouse some horizontal lines apear... they ar not colored apear just like someone cut my screen... Another example is when I move my window meessenger or any other window if I slowly move across the screen it apears as it is made of parts? ...

    This is annoyng me... If my description is not enough good small an enswer to please tell me and I'll try to eplain it better or make a demo...
    the laptop has a geforce gt 525 m gpu and the sistem has 8 GB ddr3 1333 mhz, if this can help

    I didn.t overthrow what whether at this point think I didn.t drop it I didn.t hit it... This can be... I just noticet this a couple of days... .this and the fact that it starts a little slower than befor... windows but the start thing is form office 2010


    Connect the external monitor and check if the same lines would be visible on 2nd screen.
    If these lines are not visible, then it means that the internal display may be defective.
    Otherwise, it might be a graphics card problem if line would appear on two screens.

  • Tecra M5 PTM51E: line white on the screen all at stake


    My problem starts when I changed my settings to a chart in a match.
    I change 1280 x 1024 to 800 x 600 and a few other things.
    Change in the weather was quite long so I get nervus and reset my laptop. After that, my laptop screen make a strange things such as:
    -When windows starts there is a white line across the windows logo that windows is unable to start correctly

    I put my system in fan mode a reinstal all my drivers (display, update the bios, all drivers on the website of toshiba.
    For a while, it was ok, but when I start any game even flash games online the screen turns white and jump online to go on screen.
    I decide in any format and reinstal windows but even after formatting particion all back the white lines where in the menu of windows installation. I reallize that this problem is more serious and reinstall drivers does ' t do better

    Pleses help my not only tips to help.
    Is perhaps the way to the graphics card puts the basic settings again?

    P.S. I'm sorry for my English Polish. I hope that you understand everything.
    I put here a few printscreen of the white lines if it helps.

    My system configuration:
    Windows XP service pack 2

    Hi Szymon

    First, your English is great and I can understand everything ;)
    Back to the question;

    I don t want to publish any terrible suggestion, but for me, the question looks really bad
    From my experience, these lines are linked to a faulty graphics card chip :(
    and this could be the worst case because the graphics chip is fixed on the mobo, and in most cases, the motherboard should be replaced.

    But listen, man, very easily, you can check if the problem was caused by a faulty graphics card. If the white lines will be displayed again, and then connect the external monitor to the laptop and check if the same lines will appear on the second screen.
    If Yes, then it s a bad GPU work.

    Welcome them

  • Many lines appear on the screen of Qosmio F10


    I have a problem with my Qosmio F10 screen
    I see a lot of lines on the screen. And I have to disable the VGA driver or run the screen by using the options below.

    I plugged the laptop with external LCD display, and the same problem appears!

    That's why am sure it is a problem of VGA card

    What is the solution?
    Should I change the whole motherboard? And I can't part used rather than buy a new one? Because it will cost me a lot! And where I can good.

    Another question, yesterday the screen was simply awesome! I don't know what happened, I just with leaves the laptop that works for about 10 min and when I came back, I found that it works very well. After the reboot, the problem appears again!

    Is it possible that the chip is (half broken) and could be fixed?
    Or should I get the new motherboard?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately, it seems that the solution is not good cheap!
    Graphics card chip malfunctions and it seems that the whole motherboard must be replaced! The motherboard is one of the most expensive laptop outside the internal display parts.

    Sometimes the graphics card work poorly due to overheating and high temperature inside the laptop.
    In this case, it s always advisable to clean the cooling modules.
    This can be done easily by using the hose of the vacuum cleaner.
    But please be careful.

    But if this procedure will not improve the graphical situation then the graphics hardware is certainly defective and only replacement could help!

  • Satellite P30 - straight line appeared on the screen

    Hello all 2

    yesterday a vertical straight line cyan (1 pixel thin) appeared at my laptop screen, the line is not constantly on the screen, but randomly disappears and appears once again, (the problem is not about the operating system or resolution settings)

    I wonder if there is a way to diagnose is the failure caused by bad monitor (screen) or possibly inverter (it's in the bottom of the screen monitor)

    There is no chance that the prob.
    Is caused on the external monitor because the graphics card everything works fine.

    Thank you


    It's not easy to say what could be wrong.
    As you say it s not a graphics card but the TFT or the FL inverter may be defective.

    You can only find what s wrong by checking and replacement part.

    I put t see another possibility to contact a technician from laptop to laptop control.

    Good luck

  • colored lines appear on the screen and the computer freezes with W7

    This happened several times since I got this computer in December.  Lines of color will appear in horizonally across the screen and the computer freezes.  After I have turn it off and start it again, there is no problem.  But is it a problem waiting for one big from appearing in the future?

    If this is a new computer, take it back where you got it because it will still be under warranty.
    Could be something from the graphic card, monitor etc. TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • White vertical line appeared on the screen.

    A vertical white line appeared about 3 inches from the left hand side on my Dell Studio 1749.  It started about 1 mm wide, but increases in width and is now about 4 mm wide.  There is no problem on an external monitor when connected.

    Is this likely to be a problem with the Panel or a chip problem?

    Thank you.

    Yes, probably would have worked, but I just replaced the screen in the end.

    Thank you


  • Re: Red line appears on the screen of my laptop


    I had a big problem yesterday,
    Vertical slightly red suddenly appears on my screen! Is this bad?
    What can I do? Maybe drivers?

    Thank you


    First, you must give us more information on your laptop model and the operating system.

    In addition it s not easy to say what the reason for this.
    In your case I would try it with an external monitor and I would update the display drivers that you can find on the Toshiba site.

    Good luck!

    Good bye

  • Lines appear on the screen on my Satellite

    For the last 3 months, I got a blue line more or less down to the center of my screen.
    Its permanent whether on or offline.

    He has now been joined by a yellow line about one inch to the left of the blue and I'm getting a bit brassed off!

    One of the ideads please?


    First of all, it would be interesting to know what model of laptop you have.
    On the other hand; connect you the external monitor to the laptop to check if these lines would be too visible on the external monitor?

    Do this!
    This would allow to discover what could be bad exactly
    Either it's a books display question or problem GPU

Maybe you are looking for