Refresh now cannot load homepage

All of a sudden I am not able to go to the ighome homepage. It keeps time. When I do a search for that she tells me that it is dangerous. I used it for years! I made an update of Firefox and it didn't work!

I guess I wasn't clear. I used your link and everything was fine all that my info and I didn't even connect. I went to options and saved as my home page.

I also did a Google search; then use one of the links that came. There was no message this time. It just load the site. So no problem.

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  • FF3.6.15 update now cannot load gmail page

    I have been updated two days ago and now cannot load Gmail login page to conclusion. it sticks right to the end, then after a minute or two, he says to recharge or switch to html format. If I recharge it works instantly, I do not know what is the html code, so don't try not... someone can tell me why this has happened to Gmail and when updated FF. ? help much appreciated.

    They were referring to the Gmail Help Center. Their help topic about Gmail is slow can be found here - & answer = 80446

  • Virus has damaged Satellite L755 - 17Q - now cannot load

    Satellite L755 - 17Q

    I accidentally downloaded a virus, that virus I think and then turned off my computer and now once I try to load it, the Toshiba screen appears, but then the screen goes black with just a small bar flashes in the upper left corner. I gave this administrator rights program because I thought it was safe. Now I can't use my laptop, what should I do?

    Any help is appreciated.

    PS I'm rubbish with computers.

    It depends on you. You have some important data stored on the HARD drive?
    If this isn't the case, I recommend you to reinstall the OS using Toshiba recovery disc.
    By default the BIOS settings and reinstall the OS.

    After that what you do will have own OS preinstalled and no anyomore disorders.

  • Blue Screen of death - now cannot load Windows (even in safe mode)

    Laptop last night (Satellite L500-19Z;) Win 7 64 bit) crashed while playing CIV4. Had a blue screen of death. before I had the chance to read one of the error messages about the computer restarted.

    It loaded windows in SafeMode very well then and informed me that he had loaded OK the problem safe mode will be linked to some recently installed software and I should uninstall programs I had installed until it loads normally. As it was late last night I closed and thought I would sort the morning (with the benefit of hindsight it may have been a mistake...).

    Today, when the computer tries to start, it tries a startup repair; Unfortunately it does not work every time and it says "Startup Repair tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem"

    I looked at the paper it produces, but it passes all of the individual tests.

    I can't access also advanced recovery options system & support, that appears in the Startup Repair dialog box as it requires that I be connected, which apparently I am not (probably the machine never got to the windows screen connection before attempting repair system). The error message reads "you must be logged to access system recovery options. If you encounter problems to connect, please contact your computer administrator for help. Please click OK to restart the computer. »

    I had a go at the start in the advanced options (safe mode, safe mode with command etc., but the result is the same).

    I also tried the repair of your computer to the screen option options advanced boot, but after the screen where it asks you to choose the language and keyboard, I get the same error of connection mentioned above.

    Is it possible to repair or even run windows based hard drive recovery (do not have the DVD of recovery with me as I'm away from home for a few weeks) without connecting to windows? I expected here, but have not yet find a way to do it.

    (there is no disc in the disc drive, no other devices connected to the laptop - I tried with power outlet and the battery and have not noticed differences)

    Thank you


    Pitty, you cannot retrieve the HEXADECIMAL code
    On this side, I think that your HD or registry is damaged and you have to reinstall the entire system

    Good luck

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  • Do you have a hard reset, now cannot load pictures and TX won't map

    I did a hard reset to return to the factory settings and give it to my husband when I got a new clear pda. But it has lost much of its programs 'factory '. I can not all photos/videos on it, the music and the card reader is not no longer works. I don't know where to even start. I changed the name back to mine and did a synchronization so that all my information are returned on it, by copying all my backup of my backup file info (I'm now on Snow Leopard) on an old machine running Tiger and done here, a synchronization that has restored to the State it was before the hard reset... all the files were there... but still no photos or card. He is as he sees the card, but it indicates 0 space is available and it's a 1 GB card that is empty.

    I solved the problem. I have re-installed the card reader. It would then "see" the map, but still wouldn't let me write anything for her... Although the map showed by the amount of data that the data was actually on the map, the Palm still was not see it. I do not have to take the card to the Palm when I did the hard reset and in some sort the SD card has been corrupted or messed up partitions. I couldn't reformat the card while in the Palm because the Palm was not able to recognize in all. I have taken, use the disk utilities and deleted from the SD card, put it back in the Palm and was able to reformat the card. It worked fine after that.

  • Equium - Windows cannot load the device driver for USB dongle

    I've been using a dongle for about a month without problems, but now it is said (in Device Manager) "Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) »

    -what it means and how can I solve this problem?

    Hi Ozcat,

    What USB dongle is that exactly?
    What cell phone do you have?
    What operating system is installed?
    Have you already tried to reinstall the driver for USB dongle?

  • Satellite A30: Error number (11122) cannot load the bitmap with recovery CD

    I have a Toshiba A30 I want to reformat with the recovery disk. I get that day then I get an error that reads:

    The error number (11122) cannot load the bitmap file. Height max = 100

    The hard drive has now been deleted and I can't sent this message to reformat.

    Can someone help me on this please.


    Satellite A30 is quite old and I wonder what report you something like this after so long. I put t know exactly what is happening, but it will be interesting to know a few things:

    Have you noticed a similar problem before?
    Are you using the original disk or some copy?
    Is there a problem with the HARD drive?

    Please do a little bit more about these things.

  • Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG cannot load the driver

    Wireless worked fine since I bought this laptop

    Now it has stopped working and has a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager - it says "this device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31) »

    So I uninstalled the device and check the box that says "Remove the driver for this device", then reinstalled the latest version of the driver on the Toshiba site

    Windows Vista detects new hardware and install the driver, but fails with 'Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error trying to install it. The system cannot find the file specified. "

    All ideas

    Remove the wireless network adapter in the device, download manager driver the latest from Intel page and repeat the procedure of installation of the driver.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A205-S4797 - cannot load the hard disk drivers

    OK, got my Satellite about 1 year ago (warranty has expired in September, it took a DUMP in October) :_| thought it would be just as good as my other hand, I think that it is Vista I hate, still had some kind of problem. I tried recovery disks that they even run that it says can not find * PREINST2.swm* after several attempts I gave up and bought Vista to reinstall because it wasn't loading drivers to repair the installation.

    Now cannot yet complete a clean install. Can someone please tell me how to load my disk drivers or where I can find them?
    And now, when it starts up it says hard drive failure may be imminent at this stage, I want to just get to the top and runnig and I managed to install XP but only SP1 and all my device drivers aren't compatible.

    Been without Toshi3 for 2 months and my children took on others and now my little desk! :|

    Help, please

    Can meet us on ;)

    I do not understand why post you twice, but hey it's your decision.

  • Pavilion laptop dvd4: 10 update Windows and cannot load AccelerometerST.exe

    I had Windows 7 Home premium on my laptop Hp Pavilion dvd4.  I upgraded the operating system to Windows 10.  Now when the computer starts, a message indicates that AccelerometerSt.exe cannot load.  That AccelerometerDLL.dll is missing.  How can I fix it?

    2nd question.    I use Firefox and want to make it my default browser in Windows 10.  Firefox has a web page that walks you through to go to the web page to choose Firefox the default browser, but only Microsoft Edge is listed.  How to set Firefox as my browser.


    See if installing the W8.1 driver fixes the first issue.


  • I can't read a disk in my computor what can happen in the properties of windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device, the driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39) can anyone help

    I went to put in a cd to look and he wanted to get on-screen computor Ive seen it before, but for some reason any it stoped working. I went on a local drive Q and click with the right button to open it, but then it reads that q:\ is not accessible. access denied


    1. on what application you are trying to read the disc?
    2. don't you make changes to your computer because of which the question began?
    3. is the relevant question to a specific application or a disk?
    4. what operating system is installed on your computer?

    There are many causes of Code 39 errors:
    * A required device driver is missing.
    * A required binary file is corrupted.
    * There is a problem with the file I/O process.
    * A pilot that refers to an entry point in another binary file cannot load.

    If you use Windows 7, we will first open the convenience store hardware and devices to perform automatic troubleshooting services.

    You can also click "Run now" to this article and check if this is useful.

  • Registry cannot load the HIVE file; Need to fix WITHOUT the Recovery Console, computer will not play my Windows recovery disk.

    I need to fix my computer, I got the blue screen of death with the following error message. Registry cannot load the file \systemRoot\system32\config\SOFTWARE "HIVE".

    I read all the forums on how to solve this problem. I tried all the means which have been enumerated. None have worked so far because I can't get my CD player to load to run my Windows XP Pro disc to start the repair.

    Is there a way to fix this without the disc. I can't the computer after Windows XP display until he went blue. It's a computer original systemax, but I have since rebuilt it me with the new motherboard, hard disk, cdrom, dvdrom, ram, fans, cpu, etc... I just got a new monitor and hung up and blue screen of death appeared after that I turned the computer back on. I tried to fix this for 4 days now. Someone please HELP me.

    I got it fixed. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help!

  • Re: Card C-media - Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. (Code 39)

    Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

    Reference Dell 3000 win xp family, sp 2 card its replacement will not install right.

    I just reinstalled windows on my Dell computer and have struggled to reinstall the different divers, applications and programs that I used to have.  The long, everything went well, except for the audio part.

    Windows Device Manager shows the icon replacement C-media with a yellow top warning label. Under "Properties", it shows this message: Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)  Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

    I uninstalled and completely removed all traces of the drivers C-media, etc. of my computer, rebooted, reinstalled the driver C-media since the original CD (several times!), but the yellow warning label is always there!   When I ask to reinstall drivers C-media a notice tells me I have the best drivers now.

    BTW, the audio worked perfectly in this machine until the windows reinstall so I am sure that the problem is not with the sound card, drivers or the installation CD.  Thanks for any help on this, jim


    Please follow the steps from the link below.

    I also suggest you to install the drivers from the Dell site.

  • Windows XP cannot load the device driver for the CD burner. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (code39)

    I have a HP Pavilion running on XP.

    Device Manager displays the following material: A: HP CD Writer CD16b

    B: pioneer DVD - RomDVD - 116.

    Both have the dreaded yellow symbol showing that they are not working (they do not show in Windows Explorer)

    By clicking on the two points of product

    "Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (code39).

    I created the 'properties' of each machine that pilots should be:

    For a. imapi.sys, redbook.sys c:\windows\system32\storprop.dll, pfc.sys and similarly for B machine.

    I copied imapi.sys, redbook.sys, and storprop.sys from another XP computer (which works well), deleted these drivers and pasted in the replacements.

    Does not cure the problem.

    Now the pilot 'pfc.sys' cannot find anywhere else. Click on the driver generates (v Inc. - Padus ASPI Shell)

    I'm out of my depth now. No idea what is ASPi Shell.

    Help, please

    The problem is most likely the pfc.sys.

    What I would say, is to follow the steps under "Windows XP" in the MS KB article:

    These measures, to remove the UpperFilters and LowerFilters, values if they exist, in the registry key named can help.

    Create a System Restore Point beforehand and restart the computer later.

    Following steps should remove pfc.sys which may have been left to the wire after that uninstall of software associated with the readers.

    Here is some info on the pfc.sys:

  • my windows cannot load

    I installed windows xp on my pc, but it does not work after 3.4 days
    first of all, it cannot load IE and another APP
    and after 3.4 reset my windows windows not loading not. This means that I can't see my desktop icons.
    I removed my windows and intalled it new, but in each 2, 3 time this problem occurred.
    now, how I can solve this problem.
    Thank you

    Hi mohsen pour kalhor,
    -You receive an error message or error code while this problem occurs? If Yes, indicate the same.
    Check the event viewer if there is no error message related to this issue and after returns with the State to help us help you better.

    Check out the links given below to do the same thing:

    Using the event viewer        

    Procedure to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP

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    I use this CSS code below for @font-face Web fonts. They work in all other browsers except Firefox 6.0.2 Can you please help me with this problem? {@font-face} font-family: 'Anime Ace'; src: url("./fonts/AnimeAceBold.eot"); /* EOT file for IE */ } {@

  • CD/DVD burning software

    I'm trying to find the software on my laptop for burning CDs. I tried just right click and send files to the drive containing the disc, he will write, but it fails. I can't find any software for burning CDs. My other pc had roxio and NTI CD Maker but

  • El Capitan keyboard volume control does not

    I upgraded to El Capitan, and now, while volume on the keyboard controls display the volume on the screen change, they have absolutely no effect on the actual volume. I have to manually control the volume within the application (for example, QT).

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