Repartition a hard drive on Thinkpad SL500

Hello world

I recently bought an SL500. The partitions created by Lenovo seem not useful stuff. There are currently two partitions, S: (about 1.5 GB) and C: (about 231,5 GB). The computer seems to boot from the S: drive.

I want to reorganize C: a more useful (about 60 GB for programs) C: and D: (balance for data). I tried to do this in Windows Vista, but when I try to shrink C:, it only seems to be about 9 GB of available. If this does not serve the purpose. Am I missing something here?

I created the recovery disks and can format the system to create the partitions (which I have all the data at the moment). The rescue disks give you an option to create partitions?

Y at - it another way to do it.

Thanks for all the help.


before you clean your drive, please backup your data in C:\SWTools.

There are all your necessary drivers and applications stored.

With R & R you could recover only to the State factory, with two partitions, a R & R and a C:\ partition.

It takes partion your hard drive and install Vista from scratch.

Here is a guide to installation of Vista in NBR.



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    I'm looking to repartition my hard drive to separate my data in program files.

    I was wondering if I ever run HP Recovery, will this repartition the hard drive back to the factory settings by default, which eliminates the data newly created partition?

    Your reactions/experiences would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much


    Hi Chris,

    Whether you use the Partition recovery or your recovery discs, both will delete all custom partitions that you may have created.  A better option to allow you to recover the operating system and any custom partition you created would be to use a disk imaging software.

    Additionally, make sure that you have created your recovery disks, as Re-partitioning the HARD disk can sometimes affect the function of the recovery Partition.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • By using the Recovery Manager to repartition the HARD drive

    I started a post a few days back on my pavilion DM1-3014AU netbook that runs on AMD APU-E350, 2 GB of ram and comes pre loaded with windows 7 Home Basic. I had a number of requests because I want to repartition the hard drive, do a fresh install of windows 7 my disc and I also want to keep some of the hp software.

    After going through a few messages in this forum, I learned that we can use the Recovery Manager to do a minimal install, IE windows 7 and only the hp software. That's what I have to do unless I also want to repartition the hard drive.

    I currently have 4 partitions, C drive, hp tools (hidden) and backup (hidden). I have already created recovery disks. Now, my questions are:-

    1. can I use recovery disks or Recovery Manager to delete all existing partitions and recreate my own partitions. This means that I would remove the recovery, tools and backup partitions.

    2. After doing the above I'll be able to do a minimal install (os + hp software) via the Recovery Manager or the recovery disks.

    3. my intutions are that I can accomplish the above two using the recovery disks and not the recovery partition. If the above two steps are possible using recovery discs, it would ultimately have no partition on my hard drive recovery. I will then be able to use the recovery disks in the future to make the same minimum install (os + hp software)

    4. I wouldn't really keep the recovery, tools and backup partitions if they can be of any complacency in the future but the reson why I want to delete them, is that windows 7 Home Basic allows no more than 4 partitions and I want to be able to create at least 4 partitions for my use.

    Any help would be really appreciated...

    Yes Vikrant... it is unnecessary to install UEFI to update BIOS.

    Yes, if you install the update to the BIOS using the link I provided in my previous thead element, you can as a revert to a version of BIOS as soon as possible if you feel that the system is unstable.

    Even if you reparition the whole HARD disk and do a manimized install, you can install the BIOS update in the future.

    Updating the BIOS is independent if you did full recovery or minimizes recovery.

    BIOS update will not affect the use of recovery disks and procedures. You can safely use them in the future without any problem.

    You will use the ability to run F9 diagnostics incase of any software system crash, and you are unable to start Windows.

  • Upgrade the hard drive for ThinkPad R61 (7743-AB3) questions, please.

    Dear all,

    I got ThinkPad R61 (7743-AB3) and want to update my hard drive.

    Few questions need your help, please.

    1. able to use SATA3, so yes, it's worth? Performance would be limited due to the SATA1 compatibility?

    2. size of 1 t can be taken in charge, right?

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards


    Yes, backward compatibility is supported.

    Google for "MIddleton BIOS" and make sure to install the version corresponding to your model, if you are interested in a modded BIOS.

    Good luck.

  • Re-formatting my hard drive (IBM Thinkpad)

    I just bought Windows XP Pro and am going to reformat my hard drive, then install XP. What format is best FAT32 or NTFS? This laptop will be connected to the internet via a local area network.

    Also, do I need a recovery partition or can I just have one partition for all (preferred)?

    Finally, the disks in Windows XP does not start the computer once I have format the drive?

    Another Advisor?

    Thank you

    Use the NTFS system when you install XP.

    XP installation:

    How to partition and format a hard disk by using Windows XP Setup to perform a new installation of Windows XP, follow these steps:

    1. Back up all important information before you perform a new installation of Windows XP. Save the backup to an external location, such as a CD or external hard drive.
    2. Start your computer from the Windows XP CD. To do this, insert the Windows XP CD into your CD or DVD and then reboot your computer.

      Note To boot from the Windows XP CD, your computer BIOS settings must be configured to do this.

    3. When you see the message "Press any key to boot from CD", press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD.
    4. In the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to start Windows XP Setup.
    5. Read the Microsoft software license agreement, and then press F8.
    6. Follow the instructions on the screen to select and format a partition where you want to install Windows XP.
    7. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of Windows XP.

    Recovery partitions are a feature of computer manufacturers. But you can make an image of the system.

    You can use a disk imaging hard program - both below allow you to make a boot disk to start the recovery, and the two programs allow you to split the backup on several DVD.

    Represent the Disk Imaging (free):

    Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition:

  • Win XP Recovery CD and HARD drive repartitioning

    I need advice how to configure the Windows soft recovery so that it do not repartition the HARD drive during the recovery process. I have used before once and cannot find an option for this. Fortunately, it was a new install then and I did not lose anything. Later I got another version of Windows installed, but now I would like to return to the original configuration. I have two partitions on my HARD drive and this time I don't want to lose the data on the other partition.

    model Tecra A2
    soft Win XP pro

    Thanks in advance



    Usually the first partition files will be deleted.
    If you want to recover the unit with the recovery CD, then you must use the expert mode.
    This mode allows you to choose a partition where you will install the operating system.

    Please also check the other ads

    Good bye

  • How to divide two partitions on my HARD drive?

    I have the original recovery DVD in my book and I don't know how to repartition my HARD drive.
    I want to divide it into two scores (primary and extended?


    If you want to create a second partition on the HARD drive I would really recommended using a 3rd party utility magically 8 partitions
    This tool is amazing. You can create and manage partitions on the HARD disk while Windows is running.

    But you can also create a partition by using the recovery CD.
    In this case, you will need to boot from the CD recovery and under the installer or expert mode.
    Simply type the first partition size and the restore CD will create a 1 partition on the HARD disk.
    After installing the OS, go to disk management, and then you bring up the second partition.

    PS: Using the recovery CD will erase the whole HARD drive! That's why I prefer the use of the PM8

  • White wiping whole hard drive

    I have a 5720 to Acer Aspire with Vista Home Premium loaded.  I want TO erase safely the entire hard drive completely and totally blank so destroy all data and partitions (including of course hidden too).  I then want to repartition the hard drive and install Vista Business.  I have already deleted from the HARD drive and installed Windows clean several times.

    I have a copy of Microsoft's Vista business and I discovered on my laptop HP yesterday (for which I have no HP drives...), this copy does NOT load the SATA AHCI driver - I discovered this by accident when I activated "State native SATA" in the BIOS and then concluded that Vista business would not be responsible and instead the computer goes through the post OFFICE to a black screen before the Microsoft logo then returned early POST again, and so on, in the round.  Deactivation of the native state SATA in BIOS stopped it and Vista loaded normally.  Oddly enough, a second computer HP (same model) loaded from the same copy of Vista without a hitch and in Device Manager, I saw what appeared to be the evidence of a single AHCI driver loading.  A period of frustration (think what the hell of Tasmania in the Roadrunner cartoons) led me to discover that the first drive is SATA I while the second one was SATA II (using Speccy, the last two 2nd hand buys).  Why Vista interacted with the two differently, I don't know.

    Back to the Acer 5720 - Speccy reveals what has a SATA II HARD drive.  I have never had a factory for her records but you made my own now using eRecovery.

    If I wipe the HDD well Acer empty, I imagine that the factory reset disc I made does not contain a full installation of any Windows operating system and become so useless for me (I did it as a blanket of security... I felt fine).  If I use the Microsoft disc again I load Vista Business, I fear that the SATA AHCI driver may not load.  He could--because this HDD is SATA II and the loaded HP SATA II as - but it might not.  -I note on a download page also on the Acer website ( that there is a download for Aspire 5720 SATA.  Is it the AHCI driver I need to load to load Vista professional stage where I am confronted by the screen "unallocated space" (the HARD drive has yet to be formatted) and the bottom, there is a button that says "load driver?

    Sorry to be too verbose but I don't want to not end up with a blank HARD disk that does not do anything because the AHCI driver is missing and I can not reinstall Vista Home Premium from disks of factory reset because I destroyed the hidden partition or factory reset disk contains not a full copy of the Home Premium edition.

    I would appreciate all the advice of those who did this please - thanks.

    I think that is the driver ahci you need

    You should try to install vista without driver ahci first, make sure you have in ahci mode in the bios

  • Problem with partition hard drive!

    Here's my problem:
    I want to partition my 250 GB HD. It has 120 GB of free and I have a 30 GB partition, normally, it does not appear to be a problem and if...

    In disk management, right click on "reduce" and Windows tells me: 'space available out of = 0 MB! ....

    In short, so I tried with Gparted, this nothing to do...

    Make the question, you have a solution?

    Thanks in advance
    @ +

    Here's my problem:
    I want to partition my 250 GB HD. It has 120 GB of free and I have a 30 GB partition, normally, it does not appear to be a problem and if...

    In disk management, right click on "reduce" and Windows tells me: 'space available out of = 0 MB! ....

    In short, so I tried with Gparted, this nothing to do...

    Make the question, you have a solution?

    Thanks in advance
    @ +

    Hi Scoobydoos,


    Thanks for posting

    Of the information you have provided.  Here is the configuration that I believe that you have on your PC.

    1. A 250 G hard drive
    2. A score of 30 g

    If there is already more partitions on this hard drive, it is difficult to the above message.

    If your current configuration is as I have suggested, then here is the procedure that you must follow to create a new partition.

    Disk 0 should show as a BASIC DISK - beside the C:\ which has 30 GB should be shown - next to her is about 200 GB of unallocated space.  -However, if you have another partition besides the C:\---il comes to the partition which should be right click and SHRINKAGE of VOLUME must be selected on.  - but from the information provided, I can't confirm it's you have your system configured as.

    Right-click NEW VOLUME SIMPLE-, select unallocated space, and follow the wizard to create the new Volume.

    Here is a help and how article involving CAN I REPARTITION MY HARD DRIVE

    If you have the other partition I speculate, this article can provide you with other options on how to partition properly.

    Please post we aimed this if you want to clarify this issue, or if you have questions about the explanation.

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Partitioning my hard drive under Vista

    I'm trying to partition my drive 560 GB. I want to make another partition, I have enough free space on the disk, but the management of the vista computer does not allow me to reduce it to all. What should I do?

    For any question about the Partition Wizard, with their support at the link above.


    I saw it here tonight.

    But, I don't know anything about it and it's 3rd Party Software...

    Use any 3rd party software at your own risk.

    You can also try Google.


    If you read the link howtogeek completely, they say that sometimes one must start from the beginning. format and repartition the hard drive.

    Good luck with it.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Adding a second hard drive internal in a T510?

    I bought the new 510 with the internal hard disk of 500 GB 7200 RPM, and I think about adding another one with the same characteristics.

    (1) is there a place to add a second hard drive

    (2) if so, would you have a second hard drive, or run a raid?

    (3) If you want a raid you would reflect the main disk failure?

    (4) what are the disadvantages of having a second disk except weight?

    Lenovo said it would work in the notes to the mobile 500 GB internal drive here.

    "Option of 500 GB at 7200 RPM hard drive RPM ThinkPad offers large capacity, additional storage at high speed which incorporates the latest technology for the improvement of mobile productivity. For additional storage and backup, use optional new ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay adapter III (43N3412) to install the ThinkPad 500 GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA hard drives in the following media bays: computers ThinkPad taken in charge, including selected R400/R500, ThinkPad T400/T400s/T410/T410s/T500/T510 and W510/W500/W700 portable series plus the ban ThinkPad X 200. »

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    I have a Dell E1705, which I used for several years.  During the system was under warranty, a Dell technician I crossed of reformatting the hard drive and had me format in a single partition.  I discovered once this is completed there is a hidden partition to enable the functionality of Media Center work.  I tried to make a 1.5 GB hidden partition, but could not make it work.  I'm tired of formatting and reinstalling and just went ahead and started using it.  Supervisor of the technician, I was working with at the time said to call him just at the time when I wanted to start.

    My warranty has now lapsed.  I want to reformat the hard disk and to return the media center functionality.  I don't know how to format the drive hard so that the installation works properly.

    I have the reinstallation of the operating system CD (DVD) "Version of Windows Media Center 2005 with Update Rollup."  I have a Cd labeled "to reinstall Dell Tools System Software", "Drivers and Utilities for.

    reinstall Dell Inspiron and XPS system software","to reinstall Dell Media Experience 3.1 "and" to reinstall Dell MediaDirect on Dell Inspiron 9400 and E1705 systems".

    I think I can get through the basics of starting from the DVD and reinstall Windows as well as to get pilots back in the drivers disk.   I would get the media central part back to feature so needs to know how to reformat/repartition my hard drive so that it works.  All the words of wisdom / tutorial on adding information necessary to solve my problem would be appreciated also.  I looked around, on the site and forum of users without finding something that helps me to solve this problem.

  • Reformat a hard drive and resintall Adobe


    I'm about to reformat and repartition my hard drive which has CS4 web standard and design CS5.5 standard installed on.

    I have to disable the software before reformatting and re - partitioning the drive?

    The software will be installed on the same computer, they are at the moment.

    Thank you very MUHC

    Yes, just follow the instructions to learn how to move between upgrades of Adobe or relocations

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    I recently got an IBM Thinkpad 600 x off a friend for cheap... It needs some work to be useful again... The hard drive shows a large number of bad sectors (using spinrite at the moment)... IM wondering if this is an easy replacement or it is a drive hard owner I need? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    • CMOS (classified as a replacement battery - eBay)
    • Main battery dead
    • Needs, red Trackpoint Cap...
    • Bad HARD drive?

    Thank you...

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    I bought a Thinkpad Edge S430 and wonder if it is possible to replace the hard drive with an ssd?

    Kind regards


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    HP 1510 all in one deskjet, Windows 7 32-bit, the recent upgrade Vista to Win 7. I noticed Solution Center HP indicated that my printer has been disconnected. I've been checking the ink levels, printer was working fine. As indicated, I've uninstalled