replace or add an external drive super

How can I replace or add an external drive great on an iMac 27 "late 2009 running OS X El Capitan?

It is easier to get just an external USB drive. I would recommend contacting OWC (, because they specialize in Mac they sell a lot which is compatible with all Mac computers. They can help direct you to one that best fits your needs. You can call or make a chat online with them if you wish.

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    Drive external DRIVE can be connected to any PC or laptop. Drive external DRIVE is connected to the USB ports. On this photo you can see what it looks like.

  • Cannot add an external optical drive at the beginning 2011 MBP. Any thoughts?

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    I removed an internal optical drive to add the SSD drive and bought an external optical drive to Apple for these occasions requiring a. Any help would be appreciated.

    I do not see a specific question - help with WHAT, exactly?

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    After reinstallation of my dear old Photoshop CS4 of backup external drive after replacing my hard drive, I received error (147,20 and another trial, error 6) messages my license was not working. I have used the program for years, but must have downloaded, because I can't find an original backup drive. I can't afford to upgrade, so for now am limping with Photoshop 6. What can I do?

    If you can spare $10 per month, you can have the latest Photoshop and Lighroom

    Lightroom and Photoshop | Plan of cloud of Adobe's creative photography

    Get it directly from Adobe, you can have CC 2015, or CS6, Mac or PC.

    Do not go without


  • Steps to add an external hard drive


    My HARD drive becomes full, and I want to be ready for when it happens.

    I want to add an external HARD drive. What I've already read, I am supposed to do to import pictures on my new drive, no problem with that. I don't want a new catalog.

    Issue. Suppose that the newly added external drive is not connected and I want looking for some images, say of a son, Gideon. But I know that I have pictures of him on both discs, LR will say connect the external hard drive also? He follow where my pictures are so that he can tell me which drive to connect, it should happen that I then have 2 external drives?

    Thank you very much.


    When a drive is not connected, you can still perform most of the functions in the library Module (such as research, discovered the thumbnail, add/edit metadata).

    You cannot develop or export or print the photos that are on the drive that are not connected.

    Yes, LR knows which drive photos are on, and if you try to develop one of these photos, or export or print, we'll tell you the reader is disconnected and you should plug it in again.

    ATTENTION: Under Windows, you will need some method of keeping the same drive letters. To do this, the easiest method is to choose a letter that is high in the alphabet (as S :) for a such propulsion, so that other USB drives do not interfere with the drive letter.

  • lost the external drive, catalogues on the correct main computer, I have the original files on cf card how to connect the news catalogue replaced images?

    Hey I lost an external hard drive with a lot of work on this subject, the catologs are on the main computer, in the image files... when I go on the external hard drive icon I get previews and selects so im assuming that this info is on the main computer... So I cf cards original for a lot of this stuff... is it possible to connect them so that I don't need to re - edit four years of stuff... I'm using a mac osx 10.9.5 his lightroom 5... any ideas?

    As I said earlier, you copy the files to the card from the camera to the new external drive with the HELP of YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM. This isn't an action of Lightroom. Files are in the same exact files than before on the old external hard drive.

  • Hi, I put all my files raw on an external drive and add directories to lr. Is this way of working with slower rawfiles?

    I know that, of course, that's a (usb2.0) connection slower than my c drive which is ssd, but what happens when I in develop mode? is the file copied into memory or lr works with the external drive permanently? I only have a small ssd disk so I can't have y rawfiles on my c drive: () I got the idea of having a working directory on drive c, but is it really necessary? -What is much slower to work from my external hard drive?

    johana82207953 wrote:

    Jitendra thanks, I know I can but is a big step down from performance wise work of external drive?

    As long as the catalogue LR, file Previews and the camera Raw Cache not located on your C: drive faster shouldn't you see a loss of performance module develop. The library module, you can build Standard previews when importing and updating when editing images. After modifying a group of images in the develop module, select all the and go to the menu library > previews > Build Standard - Sized Previews. If you need to return to a group of images to 1:1, select them and choose Build previews of 1:1. Keep in mind that the library module should be used to review and rating of groups of images because it uses the already rendered previews. The develop module makes the images in real time. What is significantly slower. Following these procedures of workflow you shouldn't have performance problems with the images on an external drive.

  • I want to add another hard drive to my computer pls HELP

    OK, so I want to add another hard drive for my windows xp, 512 MB of ram and 32 GB of hard drive and it's a Dell Dimension 3000/desktop PC.

    How can I get a new one, how do I know if it is the right type, where I'd get a? Thank you for your help :D

    You look at the manual of your system, see what kind of connection there / what lead types/sizes it can manage and buy appropriately.

    However - given the age of this system - I'm just down, buy an external USB drive and use it.  You will eventually be able to take to any machine use - including the one that replaces the one you have.

  • external drive not recognized in my computer explorer\

    My Western Digital external drive is recognized on USB, but not recognized in 'my computer\ explorer' or autorun.
    This means that I can make a right click on the bar at the bottom right and 'safely remove hardware, still not displayed in the Explorer.
    I did everything I can to make this work, without result.
    Now what?

    Thank you.

    Try these:

    1 see if his watch in computer management, you might just have to assign a drive letter.
    Change, add, or remove a drive letter

    2 try it on another computer, if its does not work, try to replace the cable with a good known working cable.

    3. open the Device Manager, see if there is an unknown device under Bus USB controllers, do a right-click and then uninstall it. If this does not work uninstall everything under USB controllers then reboot, they should put it back.

    4 run Fix it.
    Tips for solving problems of USB devices

    5 see this thread:
    Windows Vista device not recognized USB

  • Add a hard drive (SSD) and move windows with partition

    Hi all

    I'm running Windows 7 on a new PC, I built.  Current record
    Intel i7 3.5 GHz
    16 GB OF RAM
    HDD WD 1 TB
    I added a 256 GB SSD and another 1 TB HARD drive to the system (they will be here Wednesday), and I'm looking for more articles on how to move the operating system for the SSD.  It seems that most people replace their HDD rather than add to their systems, so I'm not the answers I want exactly.
    I want to move the operating system for the SSD (and partition such that I can also install Ubuntu 12.10 on it, which was also a giant headache for me today... but this isn't the venue...)  while keeping many programs (games, mainly) and storage on the HARD drive.  I saw some instructables on how use a 3rd party backup/restore to move everything...  My question is, what is lost by simply reinstalling windows for the new SSD and then uninstall the old HD?  Is this all simply impossible to install two instances of windows on a single computer bootable?  Or that would result in all my programs does not not on the new installation?
    Otherwise, the windows7 install disc will allow me to reinstall it on the new drive as a replacement/installation action?  I was under the impression that everything would be kept and still accessible in old "windows" folder after such facilities.
    Thank you.

    Hi spectrum,

    Thanks for the reply.

    As suggested above, to create a Windows 7 image and save the image on the external drive (do not save in the new hard drive). Once you install windows 7 on new hard drive, you can restore the windows image 7.

  • New installs on Windows 8.1 and file transfer from an external drive, saved from death PC Vista machine

    Hi, my old under Vista Home Premium (32 bit) desktop PC is dead and has been replaced by a new machine Windows 8.1 (64-bit).

    I took the hard drive from my old PC and put it in an envelope and the files seem to be fine. I need advice on how to do the following things 4:

    (1) how to find and transfer of e-mail, including records and contacts (I used the e-mail program provided Vista on the old machine) on the new machine and I can't actually set up mail on the new machine to my ISP (BT Yahoo) first (I didn't click on the mail app yet).

    (2) how to find and transfer bookmarks/favorites of Chrome and the old disk to ie11 and/or Chrome structure on the new machine.

    (3) how do I transfer files (photos, music, documents, etc.) so that they are available for all users

    (4) I installed iTunes on the new PC, I want to transfer music files and album cover (I don't know how the album covers are found, and some are "home made" to cover the chronological collections of singles) from the old machine in the easiest way possible

    Thank you for all the tips and advice.

    Hi Tovoyer, I'll try to answer your questions in order.

    1. Transfer old contacts and emails in Windows Vista Mail

      • First of all, you know that Windows Vista was the latest OS to come with a desktop e-mail program.  Windows 7 and 8 do not come with any successor to the Windows Vista Mail program.  Instead, you can get it as a download in the Windows Essentials page option.  Windows 8 has a rudimentary base e-mail app, but it is designed for the Tablet/phones and the lamp.  If you want something that compares to Vista mail program, you'll want to get the free download of the essential elements in this link before you move forward.
      • After you have installed most of Windows, you can open the program (so renamed "Windows Live Mail" and add your ISP e-mail account.)  This will download depending on how your ISP provides email, all or part of your story by e-mail in the new programme, possibly negating the need to transfer anything from your old installation.
      • If you do not need to transfer your old files, navigate to the file / import Messages option in the Windows Live Mail program.  Choose "Windows Mail" in the list, and then navigate to this folder on your external hard drive attached:

        D:\Users\(your user name) \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local records
        (replace D with the drive letter for your hard disk enclosure, of course).

      • To transfer your Contacts is even easier. The Vista mail program did not contact directly, it stores everything in this folder

        D:\Users\(your username) \Contacts

        The file present in Windows 8, you can simply copy (or drag-and - drop) your contacts from the external drive on your drive of Windows 8 (C:\Users\(your name) \Contacts) and it will be flawless.

    2. Transfer of Chrome Favorites
      1. If you signed in using your Google account chrome, all of your favorites are stored in Google account, ready to be restored without effort.  Just to download Chrome again, go to the Tools menu and connect you and your bookmarks should appear.

        If you do not use the Google account or had the sync disabled, you can still find your bookmarks.  After installing Chrome on your new PC, find the old bookmarks on the external hard drive file here:

        D:\Users\(your Name) \appdata\local\google\chrome\User Data\Default\Bookmarks
        (Note the bookmarks is a file, not a folder, but has no file extension).

        And put it in the same folder on your installation of Windows 8.

    3. Transfer of Documents and Photos/etc and put at the disposal of all users

    Simply drag - move the files in the folder "Public" user on Windows 8.  These files are shared by all users.

    C:\Users\Public (\documents \pictures, \videos \music, etc...)

  • You can simply drag the folder iTunes from the old drive to the same place in the drive of new (music folder of your user account).
  • External drive and the database is unable to re-connect after player swaps (?)

    • I have a problem for my existing database reconnected after adding a large SSD and replace a different hard drive in another Bay. Details below.
    • I run LRCC on a desktop machine Win7 64 bit with a lot of RAM.
    • My catalog is on record in the area and is the right size (2.93Gig for 120 000 images)
    • The catalog and previews are on an SSD - not with images
    • My picture files are on an external RAID USB3 battery; I have everything in a folder called "Lightroom".
    • This external hard drive is reported as 'online' in the folders pane
    • My picture files can be seen under the name of the external drive (RAID) on which the images are stored.
    • for example, no folder with question marks
    • The correct image files do not appear elsewhere in the LR Folders pane.
    • I had to rename and rebuild the drive letter for the external drive. I don't think it would be a problem. He had been driving \K: front and eventually re-assigned a different letter. When I looked at the share path, he was wrong, as he used the name of another drive (internal). That's when I forced reassignment to the letter assignment and the previous path that had worked all along.
    • I started to go back to older catalogues, and they do not open Lightroom with the data pane and folder showing the images where they are stored in fact.
    • These older catalogs don't present me with 'Found Photos' question marks, or the other. I went back a month. No luck.
    • If I pass the folders pane and try to 'Add' a folder root Lightroom on the external drive (the correct House of images), it becomes an IMPORT, and I find a lot of images that are not understood by LR in the database. They should ALL be already there.
    • Most of these images - that need to be imported - verified are JPG files versions for which the. CR2 is considered to be the database. I can't find key words assigned to the images we think by LR for being in the database, although I don't know if keywords for images already databased are normally at this stage.
    • Yes, I restarted a bunch of time in the hope of a miracle! Any ideas on that?
    • Thanks in advance for any help.

    I think I'd be tempted to go to a previous backup for example before you removed something. Double-click the .lrcat file to start or start a catalog file vacuum > new Catlaog and open the backup into that.

    Then it should be possible to remap the drive letters or update folder locations to match with the raid.  You might even consider static drive letters such as X, Y, Z.

  • clips from library for the FCPX external drive disappear

    First time user FCPX.

    I run an end iMac from 2012 and has been using iMovie 10.1.2 until yesterday.  Just before you buy FCPX, I ran out of hard drive space and got a disk external 4 TB and transferred my iMovie library here.  I've renamed the library external iMovie "iMovie" and deleted the one on my Mac, releasing 500 GB of space.  Tested with iMovie using the external drive, no problem, everything works ok.

    Then, I bought yesterday FCPX.  To have access to all my old clips in imovie, I used iMovie and open "library external iMovie" and used the 'send to Final Cut Pro library' command in the file menu of iMovie.  Everything seemed fine, as I was able to open the library in FCPX and all my clips and events were there.

    I thought everything was great, then I went to add some clips to FCPX of my video camera.  I created a second library FCPX and put the clips.  They have downloaded completely, but after downloading said it was over, my machine froze and I had to do a hard reboot by turning off.  This isn't all that unusual, sometimes my Mac crashes when I leave it alone for several hours.

    After that I turned on and opened FCPX, I see in the left pane, two libraries, and events, but some clips appear on my screen.  I opened and closed the library hoping to get the clips to the rear, without success.

    Any idea what went wrong or how to fix it?  I don't know whether to attribute the problem to computer freezing, or rather the use for the first time an external drive to host my files.

    If I can't understand what went wrong, and then I simply repeat the process I went through the first time and see if I get the same results, but I'd rather figure out what I did wrong and try to fix it, so I have a higher level of comfort, go ahead.   I hope that this will not be an experience repeat everything simply because I'm hosting my video files on an external drive.

    Thank you!

    The problem is caused by the shutdown. You could see if there is a backup in the case of movies, but there are maybe not if you have imported only from the media.

    You cannot use this computer with FCP if hard it crashes. You have to get it repaired. No computer should crash like that unless you pull the plug. If you have problems to get a UPS to give you time to stop.

  • New effect SATF filesystem on existing external drives

    Hi all. Maybe a stupid question, but here goes. When Apple moves system files HFS + to SATF, my existing external drives will need to be reformatted? Should I do something to make them work with the new system? Thanks in advance.

    Initially it should not affect anything.  OS X already knows how to access several different file system formats at the same time, so HFS + existing volume is expected to continue its work.

    EA also this article <iled-at-wwdc-to-replace-hfs-in-2017>

  • Can I copy only the changed files to one external drive to another?

    I have my music files on an external drive with a second copy saved on another external drive. When I add or update the files in iTunes, is there a way I can copy only files that have changed on my second drive without copying them individually?

    Command line terminal use:


    Ref: ble-basically-want-to-merge-two-folders

Maybe you are looking for

  • mail crashing el capitan 10.11.4

    Apple Mail crashes 10 times per day without help or updates.  I resorted to using google mail that works very well.  I read the support and made some "fixes" such as the removal of the file of mail and reconstruction. Did this and it crashed an hour

  • Satellite A300-23d - can I he move to Windows 7?

    Hello I got by Satellite A300-23d and I was wondering if it can work with Windows 7 (I think it can, but must make sure). More importantly if I will put on my Vista Home Premium level throw the Toshiba upgrade plan I could get Windows 7 Professional?

  • HP Photosmart C309g does not print first page

    Hi all having a problem with this printer, if I go into the printer property and do a print test prints fine, full all good color. However, if I open word and print a word doc, missing the first page of a multi page or on a single page doc doc either

  • Using the space map window for my project

    Dear Sir. I am Sundeep Neupane of the Nepal. I am currently the Bsc Hons in computer science from the Islington College affiliated with the London Metropolitan University. I am currently the research space map window, which has the ability to improve

  • I have a problem with removing programs from the childs account.

    Original title: how to remove programs from my childs account?  He said that you are not allowed (as it should), but does not other options. I was cleaning my sons account and could not uninstall or remove most of the things. Its been a problem since