Restore texts from Mac to iPhone 6

They told me in the Apple store, "of course" when we restore your iphone6 you just go home and plug into your computer and it will transfer the rest of this conversation text to your iPhone as you on the Message App on Mac.

Nothing happened. Is it possible to transfer the end of a conversation in the text that is visible on my mac to my iPhone?


What I thought they meant is to connect it to your computer in order to restore from itunes backup.

Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

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  • How to remove a book from Mac or iPhone?

    How to remove a book from Mac or iPhone?

    Are what version of iBooks you on Mac?

    I read a bunch of discussions on trying to delete apps and books from iTunes (where books used to be), and the responses dealing with the last iTunes and iBooks basically say the same thing: can't delete anything. At least, you can't delete the old sense of deleting the file completely. Now when you 'delete' something, you're really just hide the view.

    I just tried to remove a book from the last iBooks (in El Capitan on my iMac) and the fine print in the dialog box has said very clearly that I take away the book of view, but it would still be redownloadable of the cloud. (I hope that cloud of it's Apple, not mine.) I want to manage what is in my cloud, and I don't want that it is cluttered with things that I "deleted".)

    In theory, I don't see Apple. You can just save space on a device, but be able to find the book later. But this isn't the case with me. When I delete something, I want to TAKE forever. Case in point, the book that I just deleted was one in iOS 8.3. Why I ever would want to get that now that I am using iOS 9?

    Apple seriously needs to rethink its approach to this issue. Maybe needing a second choice to confirm if you're trying to hide something or remove the cloud, or really, really want you permanently gone. But Apple is not choice. Never ever going to be I guess.


  • Should I set up my iphone as new on itunes or restore information from my old iphone?


    I got the iphone 4 that have been saved in my itunes on my PC.

    I tunes has songs inside.

    Now I have a new iphone - iphone 6 for a few months now, and I have pictures, contacts, messages, etc. in it.

    I want to download music on my phone - so I plugged into my PC.

    ITunes asked me if I want to set it up as a new iphone or restore all information since the last backup that was made (the backup was made with my old iphone)

    If I chose the backup - I'm afraid it will delete everything on my iphone and will download only the information from my old iphone (I have new contacts. photos etc..).

    and if I put in place like new - I'm afraid it will delete everything on my phone or remove my itunes (including all the songs I want)

    What should I do?

    Thank you!

    If you "set up as new" this does not erase the content currently on the iPhone. It's more a set upward for iTunes can communicate with your iPhone. It is really "set up" a return for your iPhone and iTunes connect with your phone.

    In this way, you can add music and everything you want on your iPhone. You will not lose anything in iTunes.

    You can always open iPhoto/Photos and transfer your photos first if you are concerned, or enable iCloud create a backup.

  • Is there a way to send iMessages from Mac to iPhone or iPad to the iPhone?

    Had to do a hard reset on my iPhone and I lost all my iMessages. I have iMessage is on my Mac and on my iPad and I would like to sort messages from my iPad or Mac on my iPhone.

    No, sorry, unless you have created an iCloud or iTunes backup your iPhone before restoring it, there is no way to recover the existing messages.

  • restoring backup from itunes again iPhone 6s)


    Just got my new iPhone 6s via mail and you want to restore my old s phone backup.  Connect the phone to iTunes you are prompted and receive a message from iTunes I need a newer version updated.  My version is 12.2.2 and when I click on update, I get a message that it is the most recent version.

    Someone knows how to fix this?  I have an iMac OS X 10.7.5.

    Is it because my Mac is the old operating system?

    KMRIL wrote:


    Is it because my Mac is the old operating system?

    Yes, you are quite right.

    The latest version of iTunes is 12.3.2.  Running it requires at least OS X 10.8.5.  (Current is OS X 10.11.3.)

    Consider keeping your Mac today if possible.

    Update of OS X El Capitan - Apple Support

  • Transfer photos from Mac to iPhone via airDrop.

    Picture of the application.

    MacOS Sierra, IOS 10.0.2.

    During a transfer of photo through release, location data are not always transferred? On the Mac, they are there, but not always on the iPhone after the transfer.

    Thank you.

    Out of curiosity I tested with a few pictures in my house:

    1. Select a photo, then menu of the UTI share pour export to Airdrop on my iPhone-> location not available on the phone
    2. If I first made an export of the photo through "file > exporter > exporter the original...". "and the transfer if I picture after via the of Airdrop in Finder, the picture keeps the location on the iPhone.

    The same home?


    Here Re: dump photos to another Mac it says that you must export the photo first and then it drops to your other device. But he has post comes from 2013. But I also have the problem that Aidrop via the share menu in photo delete location data :-(

  • Parachuting from Mac to iPhone does not


    AIrDrop worked without problem for some time. But now I'm more able to transfer photos from my Mac to my iPhone or iPad. They appear not only in the sight of AirDrop in Finder. However, the reverse works perfectly. The Mac appears on both devices as a drop target and receives the files.

    I turned off wifi and Bluetooth and rebooted my Mac and iDevcies. I even tried to sign and again to iCloud. Nothing helps.

    ABY suggestion would be appreciated to get this working again!

    Is your AirDrop on your Mac starts to work with the old Mac? Maybe that's the problem as the old Macs have no support with iOS release.

  • cannot sync photos from mac to iPhone

    I can't download my pictures, I regularly did in the past, since my Mac - OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 to my 6 - iOS 9.2.1 iPhone more.

    I used to sync my photos manually from Photos where I stored all my files well organized with video and photos taken with my iPhone, but also with other devices and uploaded pictures.

    I'm very frustrated because today ' today I cancelled by mistake all my previous pictures already on my iPhone (I used the iCloud library) and now I can't go back more...

    How can I solve the problem? I'm certainly not an expert...

    I also improves the iCloud to 200 GB storage available to not lose all my photos.

    Please, help me!

    Thank you

    If you're using iCloud Photo library everything is the same on all devices once everything is completely uploaded and downloaded - what is the status of PHoto library on each device to iCloud?


  • How to sync iBooks (not iBook store) from mac to iPhone?

    I'm on El Capitan on my macbook pro and synced just non iBook store books from my iPad to my Macbook Pro, but I also want on my iPhone. Does anyone know how to do this. I know that you can not synchronize ePub purchases using iCloud to other devices then I tried via a USB port.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    You copied them from your iPad to iTunes on your Mac using file > devices > transfer purchases, and then also did you file > move books of iTunes, the iBooks app on your Mac to move him? If you have, then connect the phone to your Mac iTunes and they should show on the tab "books" in iTunes to select and sync for her

  • ePub from mac to iPhone

    I bought an ePub to abook of the Publisher version. It downloads on my Mac. I have the book in iBooks on Mac. How can I get the book iBooks on the iPhone? Site Publisher Web has information for obsolete versions of OS X and iTunes. I use the current versions.

    Thank you very much.

    Connect the phone to the computer and select it in iTunes.  Select books from the left column.  Enable syncing books at the top of the screen, choose all or selected books, then click on synchronize in the lower-right.

  • Suddenly cannot sync albums of additional Photos from Mac to iPhone!

    Hi and thanks for reading!

    I use OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan on Macbook Pro with iTunes version 12.5.1 and just upgraded to iOS on iPhone 10.0.2 SE. There are 40 GB of storage available on the iPhone.

    All my photos are stored on my Mac and I always synchronize the albums selected using iTunes. Until today, I had nine albums (about 2000 pictures) synced to my phone. Just upgraded yesterday to iOS 10 and... cannot sync any additional album for my iPhone!   Do not help disable iTunes, Photos or even the iPhone and sync again. New pics added today to the former synchronized albums synchronizes all right.

    Is there a trick?  Or a problem of incompatibility between iOS 10 and iTunes 12.5.1?

    See you soon!

    LAO Bo

    Why you can not synchronize? What exactly happens? This error message you get?


  • Photos from Mac to iPhone

    On my Mac in Photos, they show current I take last, very WELL. On my iPhone under albums they are all mixed up. How can I synchronize it match?

    All the pictures and the pictures are different things. See the photos on the phone.

    The pictures are in the order they were taken, all the photos in the order that they are added

  • How to synchronize messages from mac to iPhone

    So I just made the mistake of 'restoration' my phone after I already had used for months (I had virtually no contact names, and I thought that's how I could get back them)... now my phone is completely messed up, and miss me all my texts.  Its super annoying, but I still have my texts on my computer.  I can sync them somehow?

    No - if you did not have a backup of your phone with text in iTunes or iCloud messages - it's the only way to get back them - sorry

  • How to move a photo from mac to iPhone

    How can I move a photo in a folder on my desktop of my iMac to Photos on my iPhone. When I use iTunes, I check synchronize Photos, then select choose a folder in the drop-down menu, find the file, the jpeg format is shaded on and not available for move. Why? What I am doing wrong. I don't want to move the jpeg pictures on my iMac, but if I have to how it prevents all my photos in Photos being transferred to my iPhone?

    Open the JPEG in preview and then click on the button share and send it to yourself. Open the email on your device, tap and hold your finger on the photo until you see the window options. Click Save Photo, and he'll put it in your Photos on the device.

    See you soon,.


  • Synchronization of Contacts from Mac to iPhone via Cloud - does not

    I have a MacBook Pro and iPhone 4 s. and I both upward to sync contacts via iCloud. However, I have added new contacts to my MacBook and I can find them on my iCloud - but they aren't syncing my iPhone 4S - what did I miss do? Thank you

    The following is a number of things to check/test: get help using Contacts iCloud - Apple Support

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