Sansa Clip won't play the slotradio card

I have a new Sansa Clip + and buy a slotradio card at Radio Shack yesterday. When I insert the card (Yes, I'm Threading RAS) media refreshes; then I'll SlotRadio, right click, and then he says: "buy 1000 songs to... etc" and then nothing. What can I try?  I think I tried everything.


I have not tried the other cards because it is brand new. Maybe I'll see if RadioShack will allow me to have another card.  Thank you.

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    Hi all

    Sansa clip does not play flac frimware is 1.1.30f1 how to solve this problem

    I need software to convert mp3 to flac, please guide me because I want to test flac on sansa clip

    Thank you

    He plays very well FLAC.  There is probably a problem with your files.  They are not coded correctly, or you use the ID3 tags.  The Clip only supports normal Vobis comment tags to FLAC / Ogg.  Mp3Tag should be able to fix your labels if that's the problem.

    In addition, there is no reason to convert MP3 to FLAC.  It will sound the same as the MP3, but you will have much larger files.  If you want to get the advantage of FLAC (or any lossless format) you will need to rerip your CDs.

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    ZIP files are compressed, so you need to unzip and then play the content if the
    content is of type WMP files.

    Compress and uncompress files (zip files)

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    Click on the link below. Enter your product number as that indicated on the Service tag on the bottom of the laptop (can be under the battery). You can also get the product number by pressing Fn + ESC key. After you enter the PN, click Next, then choose the software & Drivers.On the next page use the menu drop down to select your (probably Windows 7 64-bit) operating system. A list will fill with the drivers. Download & save the last Audio driver.

    Go into the Control Panel, programs & features - software uninstall IDT. Reboot the laptop and install using the downloaded file.


    If still no sound, try a hard reset, works sometimes. Disconnect all external devices first.

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  • Clip won't play music / radio


    I use my Sansa Clip for 9 months now, one has never had any problems.

    I have a lot of music, but always had...

    Yesterday, he stopped playing music. He had ben work, as I was walking to the College. I turned it off, put it in my pocket.

    Then after, will not play the music.

    At first, I thought it was my headset broke, but the screen showed that seconds count on songs did not go beyond 00.00

    I tried the radio, I've not used before, out of curiosity. Nothing.

    Oh and it may be worth noting that, when turned on, it remains onscreen oppening, with sansa brand, much longer than ever before.

    Someone knows how to help with this?

    He had not fallen or crushed by what either, and it worked very well.

    Sorry if this has been asked before!

    EDIT - after you have connected the player to my PC, to see if a song deleting / adding a song can help, there is def something wrong...

    Open my computer > Sansa Clip > internal memory shows more records for the music, but rather an iconshows...


    I'll have to format the drive? :-(

    Looks like that music files are gone anyway.

    You can format the parameters of the element?

  • Sansa Clip does not pass the stage of audio books

    Dear all,

    We have the problem that our Sansa Clip will not skip chapters of audiobooks. If you hold the buttons, fast towards the front/rewinds, but if you just click on it once, nothing happens. It is only in the audio books and Podcasts, but not in music.

    However, we have already owned a Sansa Clip 8 GB, which worked very well. Then we bought a second one (also 8GB) with the problem described. The strange thing: the same audio books work very well on the other Sansa Clip (same firmware version). Also strange: jump works with music files, so it may not be a hardware failure. However, we discovered this last don't bit recently, we already have it back and got another Sansa Clip 8 GB (third). Yet once again, jump does not work. I am suspecting that something with the files is wrong, but I'm intrigued by the fact that they work very well on our first Clip. They all have the same age, our first clip is just a couple of weeks and they all came from the same supplier (Amazon), so I guess it's the same batch.

    The clues someone?

    Thank you very much

    I think that you have access to the setting if you press the button in the 6 oclock position while playing an audio book. I think that there is a choice of menu for the settings of the audio book or chapter. I don't have the video right in front of me now, so I'm not sure about this.

  • iPhone 6 won't play the custom ring tone, lack of parts only

    My husband 6 (v9.2) IPhone has stopped playing its purchased, custom ringtone in the last week.  He is certainly on the personalized ring, we have turned on/turned off the phone twice, and yet he won't play, despite being put on the custom ring tone.  I've seen other similar messages, but no definitive answers.  Very annoying that he cannot hear his favorite ringtone that we paid a lot of money for.

    Thoughts anyone?  Thank you!

    I have this problem as well. You appear to affect ringtones purchased after the 9.2 update. In my case, all my new ringtones Star Wars BB-8 go silent. A temporary solution is to connect your iPhone to iTunes and remove all ringtones and then re - sync. It should start working again. I noticed that when you restart your iPhone, the problem reappears and the steps above should be repeated.

  • Sansa clip + does not see the audio books I have loaded

    I got my Sansa Clip MP3 player + for two years and it works very well, so far.  I only use it for audio books.  Recently, I reformatted the player and loaded new books in.  When I went to read, the audio books folder was empty.  I have connected the player to the computer again, and the books were in the audio books folder, where I had loaded.

    I've updated the firmware to the V01.02.16A Version, and there was no change.  I tried to reset by pressing the start button. No change.

    Memory has 3750 MB with 3135 free, indicating that there are books in memory, but the player does not see the.  What is going on?

    That's all!  I checked the format of audio files.  It is the AAFC, with suffix .m4a.

    The Sansa manual says:

    "The Sansa® MP3 Player will support MP3, WAV, WMA, secure WMA, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis and audiobook formats.  I guess that AAC is not one of the formats that they support.  So I have to convert .m4a to .mp3.  I guess there are a lot of tools to do it.  Any suggestions about which one is the best?

    Thanks a lot for this revelation.

  • Sansa Clip + not recognized by the Audi music interface


    I'm trying to connect my Sansa Clip to my music interface of cars (Audi A4, model 2010). My Sansa Clip says that he has plugged in and the battery starts to load, but my music interface of cars does not recognize the mp3 device. Anyone have any idea what can be the problem?

    The Audi music interface manual says that there is a limitation in mp3 with "USB Device subclass 1, 2 and 6'.» What may be the problem, that "subclass" Sansa Clip + have they?

    / Olle

    Olle wrote:

    Thanks for your reply and your quick response!  Your answer solved my initial problem. Now the music interface of the car recognize my Sansa Clip, but now the problem is that it cannot find the files that can be read. I noticed the same 'phenomena' trying to find music via my computer files, when having put MSC is not possible to see all the files. I have .wma and .mp3 files both on the Sansa Clip.

    Is there a way to solve this problem as well?

    Your computer cannot see or access the files that have been transferred to MTP mode when you are connected to the MSC and vice versa. It may be a similar situation with the stereo system in your care. You may need to remove all the files (build formattiing be the fastest way to do) and re - transfer to your player in MSC mode.

  • I copied songs from laptop to the office using a jumpdrive/mp3 now windows media player won't play the

    I copied a bunch of songs in a jumpdrive/mp3 from my laptop, then copied them all to my office from the jumpdrive. Now windows media player won't play all the songs. I get the window that says that the file cannot be found, renamed, or deleted. I looked for the file type and think they are all mp3. How to play?

    I copied a bunch of songs in a jumpdrive/mp3 from my laptop, then copied them all to my office from the jumpdrive. Now windows media player won't play all the songs. I get the window that says that the file cannot be found, renamed, or deleted. I looked for the file type and think they are all mp3. How to play?

    It seems that you did not actually transfer files... did you
    check files on the jumpdrive to see if they would play?

    Might be interesting to try another.

    John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

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    * I tried solvent of the card, but do not know how do that either on account/payment.

    You use the sharing of family?

    If not, his look as if you have a problem in your iTunes account,

    gift card, you have the options to choose a redeem code to place the card, credit

    in your case, I recommend contact that support the iTunes to Apple Care.

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    Windows vista 64-bit with amd processeor will not play the .wtv files in media center. play file very well.
    But if I try to read a .wtv file I get nothing.

    Have you installed PlayReady DRM? This is required to watch WTV. Never underestimate your own stupidity.

  • I added a video on my site, but it won't play the whole thing? Does anyone have one imput on this?

    I added a video on my site, but when I save me it and aynchronize it plays the movie. Does anyone have one imput on this?

    Thank you.

    D Sterling

    I had this happen to me once for no apparent reason. I just downloaded the video file on the server again and that fixed it.


  • Sansa Clip won't work! Help!

    OK well I was downloading an update, then my lil brother unplugged.

    Now, it won't turn even if I charge it for 12 hours!

    I tried the second 15 reset thing did not work, and when I plugged it into the wall instead of the computer (when connected to the computer it won't let me see something other than taxation) it allows me to see everything / listen to my music, etc. But the minute I unplug the screen turns white.

    Although when I plugged it in the wall it says 'Updating of the database'

    Help, please!

    Posted an answer to your question in the forum - Clip

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