Satellite 3000-400 CD drivers

Please, where can I get drivers XP Pro for the carpet * 710 UJDA CD ROM/DVD for mt Satellite 3000-400? The original operating system was Windows ME and I upgraded to XPPro, but now, the reader does not see what makes impossible loading programs etc.


I m not 100% sure, but AFAIK doesn't support firmware Toshiba drivers CD ROM/DVD
However, I found a page with some information and links.
Take a look at this.

Good luck

Good bye

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  • Satellite 3000-400-Accupoint does not work after installing Windows XP


    I installed Windows XP (SP3) on my Satellite 3000-400, but the Accupoint II trackball does not work. It is not mentioned in the hardware Manager and I can't find a driver.

    Sorry for my bad English.


    Do you mean that you can not use the touchpad buttons too?
    Hmm, sounds a little like hardware delivers what do you think?

    Have you tried to install a driver for touchpad?
    I didn't find the driver for the touchpad for Satellite 3000-400, but I found a satellite 3000-504 (the drivers are placed in the Archive)

    Try to install this driver and check if it helps.

  • Sam 3000-400: Accupoint drifts

    Hi y ' All
    The mouse on my Toshiba Satellite 3000 400 Accupoint has a life of its own for a few days. Intervals, it starts to drift sideways, accellerating until it reaches the edge. Whenever I have to wait for the recalibration of the device, but in 5 minutes it wil start to drift again.

    I searched the web for 4 days, but nothing helped. The only things I can find is "contact support and have the keyboard replaced. Since it comes from an old computer (over 4 years) it will certainly cost me money. Of course, it is not the preferred solution.

    I've always used an external trackball, so what I really want is to just disable the Acupoint. Can someone show me a utility to do this? Or can someone tell me how physically disconnect the accupoint? (I don't care if this voids the warranty, because it is already Sub)

    Hi Zenn,

    You can uninstall the accupoint driver and reinstall from the CD of tools or

    If other solutions and it does not work, you can disable the accupoint with FN + F9!

    Good bye

  • Satellite 3000 drivers graphics?

    I received a Satellite 3000 laptop for my birthday recently. I reinstalled windows, but I can't use the resolution of 1024 x 760 with 32-bit color, which is imperative for what I'm going to use the laptop for. So if someone could point me in the direction of pilots Satellite 3000, that would be great.

    Thank you :D


    already checked the Toshiba driver download site? Simply go to this link:

    I think you should find drivers for your machine under "Archives" because your machine is old enough beauty ;)


  • Need drivers for sound card for Vista x 64 on Satellite P100-400


    I have a Satellite p100-400 and that you have installed Windows Vista Ultimate x 64.

    Problem is I don't think the audio drivers for my laptop. I just installed the latest Realtek drivers for Vista x 64 (v1.79) and they still does not work.

    Can someone help me with this?

    P.S. I found odd when installing Realtek program, because what other 2 folders with 'vista' is ' vista x 64 "and the program installed its files in c:\program files (x 86)".


    everything is clear to the point with:

    > P.S. I found odd when installing Realtek program, because what other 2 folders with 'vista' is ' vista x 64 "and the program installed its files in c:\program files (x 86)".

    What do you mean with this (x 86)? Have you installed the drivers from the Vista x 64 folder or both, or quite the installer?

    Maybe you should check this file Vista x 64...

    Welcome them

  • Satellite 1700-400 series

    I have a laptop model Satellite 1700-400 series. I recently upgraded from windows 2000 to windows XP. My problem is that the modem does not work, Lucent win modem. I check with Toshiba and my model is compatible for the upgrade. Also I have updated the bios and drivers for the modem, the modem but still does not work.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Michalis salvation,

    where did you get the xp-modemdriver, which is currently installed on the hp toshiba I found no driver for XP.

    You can search in the internet one xp-driver an "AT & T MicroElectronics (Lucent) Mini PCI Modem" that is built into your sat 1700-400.

    Bob77 Bye

    PS: Don't forget the reward point! I want to be a topuser!

  • Problem upgrading Windows 2000 with my Sat 3000-400

    Hello guys,.

    at home, I have a Sat 3000-400 with Win ME for my own. Now I want to Win 2000 and a friend told me I should be careful in what order I should install the new drivers.

    I'm a normal user so I don't know where I could find this information. Could someone help me?

    Hi campino,.

    If you want upgrade ME to 2000, you must be careful about the order of installation of driver.

    I found a very good faq on the site of toshiba UK. It is a command the entire facility for many machines.

    for sat 3000-400, it is:

    1 chipset Driver
    2. video driver
    3 Intel SpeedStep Applet
    4 driver Modem internal
    5 LAN Driver
    6 infrared driver
    7 QFE
    8. smart Media utility
    9 easy Button Software

    Here is the link and go to Support & downloads, then go to the knowledge base.

    Faq No. 00000007d2DGA.

    I'll hope this helps!

    BOB77 Bye

  • Satellite 1800-400 ME upgrade to XP Pro?

    All successful one satisfactory to a Satellite 1800 400 upgrade or similar (384 MB of RAM, 20 GB HD, 800 MHz Celeron) of Win ME?

    Would prefer to upgrade to XP Pro, but pure install 2nd choice.

    If I have the HD format for a clean install, an updated XP version would recognize the recovery CD Toshiba a legitimate copy of the ME - I've heard that there may be problems?

    I have the intention to upgrade the BIOS and collect all the drivers available for this model proposed by Toshiba for XP, but will there still be problems with all the material?

    Toshiba drivers must be loaded in a special order, and that is during or after installing XP?

    XP is likely to be faster or more slow/about the same thing as ME, with above hardware specifications?

    All advice welcome, because I have not upgraded the OS on a laptop before, and the potential problems seem more important than with desktop computers.



    I put t not see why Windows XP Home edition should not be working on your device correctly. On this forum I have read many topics where users present on Windows XP Home edition on the old models as yours.

    Please see the download page for Toshiba under and you will find drivers for Windows XP Home edition.

    After installing WXP install display and sound driver first. Then install other drivers of material. The next step is installation of Toshiba stuff:
    Common modules
    Public services.

    It is important to install common modules like the first.

  • Satellite C670 - Win XP drivers for necessary video card

    Please help Win XP drivers for video Satellite C670 necessary, no drivers on the site, whats model videocard in Satellite C670-15E?


    According to specification for laptop, your Satellite laptop has Intel HM65 graphics (Intel HD Graphics 3000).

    Your laptop is not supported for WXP but Tecra R840 has the same graphics card, inside n is supported for WXP then please try to install THE display driver.

    I hope it will work for you.

    Send comments.

  • Line problem vertical screen satellite 3000

    my laptop is Satellite 3000, it had vertical line problem now, I want to use an outdoor screen tube to replace the current damaged LED screen.

    I tried to use the swap FN + F5 key, but it's still doesn't work, I tried to log into the system to check, ((windows xp) system is normal), but I don't see anything because the screen is black, it will not be in the system even if I have in connected to the local network, because the configuration of mobile network function is forbidden to communicate with the internet , (I ghost before it has completely damaged), the question is:

    1, I have to configure something so she may use it outside the screen in windows XP? or just use the FN + F5 swap button?

    2, how am I going to do next step if I want to use the external screen?

    thx a lot


    the first question you should ask is, if the machine works really well. This means that all THE drivers are installed and so on.
    The other thing is:
    When you connect the external monitor to your computer, you see something while turning on the machine? (Logo of Toshiba, Windows XP start screen, etc.).
    Usually, you should be able to work on an external display, and if all drivers and tools (such as FN + F5-> change device display tool) are installed, then the "display" button should be possible.

    Please answer and describe if you see something that we can do some better troubleshooting.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite 3000 - X 11: memory upgrade question

    I have a Satelite S3000 - X 11 that I upgraded to 512 MB of RAM (2x256mb modules) more a 80 GB HD to 5 400 rpm Hitachi.
    It works fine, but it sometimes run out of memory physics. According to the Toshiba spec for this machine, it should take 1 024 MB of memory, but everywhere I look (including Crucial) said that 512 MB is the max.
    I found a few modules of 512 MB of the right type, but they won't work?


    I agree with danydemaeseneire.
    This site of add-on memory confirms the info;

    Satellite 3000 - X 11 handles max 512 MB and you can use the modules SODIMM PC133 144 pins

    Good bye

  • Satellite 3000-214 driver needed

    Hi all

    I'm looking for drivers for my * S3000 *. It is a German model of 2001 GR.
    The Toshiba driver support isn't the Sattelite S-supported model.
    Where can I find them. Unfortunately I can not find my driver CD more. But I need the drivers after
    my new installation of Win XP.

    Thank you



    It is very interesting theory that you wrote in your post but I must disappoint you.
    You are completely wrong!

    As a first step, you do not have any laptop's model. Simply satellite * 3000-214 *.
    And secondly This oldie is also supported, but if you have old laptop model, in that it makes sense that it may be entered in the ARCHIVES.

    Then, visit support page Toshiba new and by-products type choose ARCHIVE. So search satellite 30xx and you will find.


    Good day!

  • Satellite 3000 - x 11: where can I find a BIOS

    There seems to be a problem with the BIOS file available of this laptop through from Toshiba Web sites. He says that he is is not the correct BIOS for my Satellite 3000 - X 11 PS301E-001VY-EN. other people seem to also I have this problem, for example

    where the correct bios for this laptop? I'm on version 1.0 and having huge problems. I decided to try a rebuild to fix things. After finishing the installation of Win XP (tried both Home sp1 and SP2 Pro - identical problems) I start to install device drivers and just start getting screens blue and exclamation mark against devices.

    Sounds like a BIOS update is certainly needed to fix this, but I can't find any useful info on the ' net. Even immediately after the installation of Windows there is an exclamation mark against the audio device.

    There seems to be something fundamentally wrong here!

    Help, please!


    I found the 1.6 BIOS on the Toshiba driver page. It of fine here.
    I put t know how you tried to update the BIOS, but you should first read the guide to update Toshiba lines before you start the update of the BIOS.

    I downloaded the BIOS 1.6 and there is a Readme.txt file.
    According to this information, you should be sure to update the BIOS and driver to display the same date.

    You must also install the Chip Set Utility on the Toshiba site before installing drivers XP on this laptop.

    Check boyfriend!

  • How to turn on a wireless network card on a Satellite 3000 514 without hardware switch?

    I have a 3000-514 Satellite. This laptop has an internal mini PCI slot. Recently, I bought an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG wireless mini PCI card.

    The drivers have been installed correctly. The computer has detected the card and the condition of the equipment indicates that the device is functioning properly. However, a message appears indicating that the radio is turned off and must be turned on by the switch hardware. It seems not to be possible to activate the card without the switch...

    See the corresponding page in the Intel support:

    Now, the problem is that the laptop Satellite 3000 514 has quite such a material change.

    Does anyone have an idea what to do?


    If the switch is not available then it of not possible to pass the card ;(
    It seems that the camera is not minPCI scalable WLan!

    In this case, he must use an external solution such as a USB WiFi key or card PCMCIA WLan

  • Satellite 1800-400: need DVD - Rom

    I'm looking for a dvd - rom for a Satellite 1800-400. Where can I get one?


    If you check the manuals for Satellite 1800, you will see that this camera comes with different drives. One of them is SD-R2002. Google all over the place. You will find a lot of online shops where you can order one. Another solution is the Toshiba service partner.

    By the way: check the ebay also.

    Good bye

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