Satellite A135-S4427 - what can do with DVD Moviefactory?

Hello. I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427. It has a "Ulead DVD Moviefactory Toshiba." I know this may seem a stupid question, but what I can do with this program?

Can I burn the DVD of my camcorder?

Can I burn a DVD I rented if I can get a copy?

What all I can do?

I tried to find some info, but have had no luck! Thanks in advance for any help!


DVD MovieFactory for Toshiba is a coupe version ov ULead VideoStudio and video editing software base.
It can: -.
1: capture video camera, VCR, etc. (if you have the appropriate cable)
2: basic editing - add titles, add soundtrack, add the Transitions etc.
3: burning on DVD.

Additional help from the '? at the base of the screen.

It is a good program for beginners, but it lacks advanced features of ULead VideoStudio.

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    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427 days. It comes with Vista, but some applications are not ready yet for this OS. So, I decided to remove it, then I did a new install of Win XP SP2.

    Here come the problems...
    (1) I could not find the driver for the system management Bus controller. There is an explicitly named SMBus available on the support site, but it was not accepted by the system.

    (2) after 2-3 hours of operation, when I use the mouse or the touchpad to open a file, folder, click a button, the system to freeze for a minute, then it works very well for a few minutes, then freezes, etc. Restarting the computer does not solve the problem.

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    Please, any idea to make my laptop works properly?


    Satellite A135-S4427 seems to be a mobile US and therefore, you should check the site Web of Toshiba us for all the XP drivers.

    1.) system Management Bus Controller-> to my knowledge, you need to install the Intel chipset utility to fix this problem.

    (2.) for the most part these strange disruptions appears because of the CPU busy.
    You should check the processes running in the background of the operating system and try to defragment the HARD drive.

  • How to find drivers for XP for Satellite A135-S4427

    Madam, Sir,

    TOSHIBA Satellite A135-S4427

    I would like to know how you found the drivers for this laptop satellite. I'm looking for it on the internet, but I can't find the drivers for:
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    -SM Bus
    -Device modem on high definition audio bus

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    With sincere friendships.

    Leander Versleijen


    You is designed for the American market. Therefore, you should take a look at the Toshiba page us;

    If you will not find XP drivers on this page you have two options;
    Either you wait until Toshiba releases these XP drivers for this series, or you will try a similar series like Sat A130 pilots.

    Good luck

  • Satellite L850-13 q can not write DVD


    Recently, I tried to write several DVDs without success. It's a problem that took place several days ago, out of the blue, since a certain time has passed since I finally wrote a DVD. I've tried several brands of DVD, so the DVD are not the problem. I also used several DVD writing programs (Ashampoo, Nero, ImgBurn), none of them worked. I don't get any errors during the process of writing, in fact, everything works as it is supposed to. In addition, the surface of the disc is clearly written.

    But when I insert the DVD, Windows is considered as a blank DVD. I use Windows 8 (the script used to work perfectly before, also under Windows 8) and I am very sure that no harmful changes to the operating system has occurred, since I also did a clean installation of Windows, the result of Scripture being the same.

    DVD player satellite L850-13 q (TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-208AB)


    Have you checked DVD burned on some other PC? Are all recognized as blank discs?
    What is with the CD? Have you noticed the same problem with burning data on CD empty?

    It's really strange question, and it's not easy to say what can be the problem. If I understand you just the same problem persists with the installation of operating system clean (factory settings), right?

  • Question about product key Windows XP Pro on Satellite A135-S4427

    I have an A135-S4427 which came with Windows Vista.
    As I did not like the vista I formatted and installed Windows Xp Professional with SP2 and got all the drivers working.
    All I need now is a product key for activation of windows. I tried to use the key which is at the bottom of my laptop... but did not work.

    Any help please?
    I appreciate any help on this...

    Thank you

    HI penny,

    The product key on the bottom of your laptop is specific to the OEM of VISTA that came bundled with your noteook version. If you have installed a different operating system, then you must use the product key provided with the operating system that you have installed. It will be normally provided in the CD itself or on the packaging.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A135-S2266 - where can I find the drivers?

    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite A135-S2266
    I want to format the system but I don't have the drivers.

    So where can I find all the drivers necessary for Satellite A135-S32266?


    The drivers can be downloaded on the Toshiba site.
    I searched and I founded your laptop. Check it!

    Good bye

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    Hello Selim

    Usually it is not big thing to do because there is a kind of tolerance of dead pixels and if you have only two of them it is staged as usual.

    Please contact your local dealer and talk to them. Perhaps, it will be possible to exchange the unit.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200-1AE: Toshiba Disc Creator and DVD MovieFactory missing after update

    I've updated Toshiba Satellite A200-1AE from Vista Home to Vista Enterprise, but now I can't find TOSHIBA Disc Creator and DVD MovieFactory for TOSHIBA software.

    No idea how to get this software?

    Thanks, Bojan

    It seems that your Vista upgrade crashed the previous settings and therefore applications such as TOSHIBA Disc Creator and DVD Movie Factory has disappeared

    You search anywhere?

  • Satellite L670 - Media Player can't read DVDs

    I got this Satellite L670 for a few weeks and this is the first time I tried to play the DVD on it. I get messages saying "media player cannot play the dvd because not possible to activate the analog copy on the output display protection." Try to install a driver available for your video card.
    What should I do about it?

    I bought this for playing DVDs on the run which is very annoying. It burns very well on dvd.

    Hi nigel63,

    Have you tried another player rather Windows Media Player? I have good experience with VLC media player as it can play most audio and video files. He the freeware tool and really great, I can't recommend it:

    In addition the message looks like you want to play a copy of the DVD. Have you tested with different original DVD?

  • Upgrading Toshiba Satellite PRO C for Windows 8 with DVD

    Hi all!

    I tried to upgrade to Windows 8 PRO with the DVD provided with the laptop but cannot achieve this goal.

    I made the changes in the BIOS as the said document (CSM boot for a UEFI boot and enable Secure Boot), started the laptop with the DVDs, but after running for a while, it stops and show a message saying something like there is not enough space in partition to write the image o something like that. Sorry because I don't have the exact message. Any ideas on this subject?

    Fortunately, I did the DVD to recover for the restoration of Windows 7, but I would like to run Windows 8 in the laptop.

    Kind regards.


    If I m not wrong not the message means that the partition does not provide sufficient space to install the system Win 8.

    I think you need to format the partition before you begin the installation of the system.
    This option should be given during the installation of the OS, I can not say with certainty what stage should provide this option, but this should be asked at the beginning of the installation

  • Re: Satellite L875D-S7332: what can be improved?

    Hi people, I recently bought and am awaiting delivery of the Satellite L875D-S7332 laptop.

    The RAM can be upgraded to 16 GB? If Yes, please someone can tell me the name of the product should I buy? And do I need one or two of them?

    I saw the forum on using autonomous replacement of the memory but which of these categories my model comes in?

    Also, is there any available Dual MD - A6 - 4400M Core upgrade?

    Thanks in advance for the advice

    Specification for portable computer, you can find here. Just click on details.

    It is written you can use max 16 GB, and you can use the modules of 2 X 8 GB with PA5037U-1M8G part number.
    What you can upgrade is the HARD drive. Update CPU is not supported.

  • Satellite P200-1EE: what to do with update Toshiba tools on site pilot

    I had to format my laptop last night due to a nasty virus.
    I reinstalled vista using the recovery cd and have installed all windows updates were available.

    What about updates that come from Toshiba? Are they downloaded as part of windows update or I have to download them separately on the Toshiba support pages?

    Also how do I know which is the more important?


    The laptop works without problem after installing the recovery disk?
    If so, you n t need to update all the tools!

    Follow my suggestion; never change a running system!

  • What kind of RAM I need for my Satellite A135-S4527?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527. It came with 1 GB of RAM (DDR2 SDRAM). I would like to upgrade to 2... I was wondering if anyone knows what type/brand of RAM is installed at the factory, and if it is installed as 2 x 512 or 1 x 1024.

    Thank you.

    The specification of your laptop model is unknown to me, but if you want to upgrade RAM check it please this page of Kingston.

    Good bye

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite A135-S4666

    I have Toshiba * Satellite A135-S4666 *-how can I get Windows XP drivers?

    All the drivers for this model you can find about US support page -

    I checked the drivers available and it seems that this model is not supported for Windows XP Home edition.

    I'm sorry.

  • Satellite A135 - problem with the CD/DVD burner

    Hey guys,.
    A few days ago as nearly a week ago I had burned an audio CD for myself and it worked perfectly. Today when I tried to burn an image on my DVD, disaster. I use two software. IMGBURN & NERO. Unfortunately both failed me. What is happening is that the burning process starts normally, it shows that the buffering and burning taking place as well as caching of files. "Finally, it shows the burning process has been a success, but when it comes to verification, the drive appears saying: data verification failed - too many errors (Nero) and for IMGBURN it says ' they layouts do not match. When I reinsert the DVD, it shows that it is completely empty. Although both claim that the fire was successful. Later, I tried to burn a data dvd, still no luck, engraving, he shows successfully but verification fails and reinsert is empty.

    My laptop is: Satellite A135
    OS: Windows

    the default windows was vista when I bought it.


    If you can't burn DVDs, then you should check first if it is a software problem based question or related equipment.

    I've been reading about the reader of CD/DVD burning questions and as many times the registry has been corrupted.
    Means that you was able to burn the DVD after you remove the upper and lower filters in the registry. Google for it and you'll find many pages.

    Is there a problem of CD/DVD drive, then you should find a good update on the page of European Toshiba driver in your laptop. If there is no update firmware, then it means that this firmware is ok and it s not necessary to date.

    Last but not Lea not all CD/DVD drive are compatible with all drives (CD and DVD).
    Why? Because the different CD and DVD manufacturers produce own using different standards. In this case, it may be possible that not all discs will be properly treated

    I had the same problem but might solve this problem by using TDK R CD or DVD

Maybe you are looking for