Satellite A200: TOSHIBA Value Package - notification "Fn" do not work


After buying the new Satellite A200 lappy I am disappointed to see this SLOW top-bar with options to adjust the brightness, zoom utilitly and so on. So, I decided to upgrade the entire Toshiba software and installed package "Value package" form Toshiba America site (transfers better download).

Since then, top bar reacted very quickly but the notification made by key by pressing [Fn] + F6 for example disappeared! I can't adjust the brightness using my fav. FN combinations.

Can you give me some idea of what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance,.


The same notebook here! You are absolutely right. With the factory settings these flash cards are moving very slowly. This has been resolved with the latest version of VAP. Before installing the new version uninstall the system.

One more thing: Please use European site downloads only if you have a European model for laptop. I agree with you that the download is pretty slow, but we have no other choice.

When you download the VAP make sure you install the correct version (No button model 3-button or 6 button model).

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  • Satellite A200 - 1 H 2 with Vista does not work after restoring


    I have a laptop Satellite A200 - 1 H 2 with a Windows Vista Home System.
    Computer was never connected with the Internet and I use it only for the doc write, play music and watch movies. It worked fine up until yesterday.

    After turning on, there was a massage "c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" corrupt (spleen? Sorry, I don't remember).

    So, I used the product Toshiba Recovery DVD and after reinstalling system reboot. And now I have a "Startup Repair" massage, which is:
    "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically" and below:
    "If you have recently attached a device to this computer, such as a camera or portable music player, remove it and then restart the computer. If you continue to see this massage, contact... blah, blah, blah. .... Click Finish to exit and turn off your computer.

    It's weird cos I have no device connected to my computer and it was during my recovery system.

    After pressing on "discovers the diagnostic and repair details" another pop-up window shows and he says, that all test "completed successfully" (the last is "Control of State Setup") and who
    "Root cause found.
    Failure so that the Setup program is underway"

    What should I do now? I don't have any bootable Windows Vista DVD.

    Please heeeeelp!

    PS. Sorry for my poor English :)

    That s odd and I assume that the laptop would be correctly after reinstalling the Toshiba Recovery disk
    However, maybe that something was wrong during the first attempt

    Try using the recovery again disk and try reinstalling this cell second time

    Good luck

  • Satellite A200 - 1 M 7: the sound does not work after the downgrade to XP


    As in the topic I have a problem with my sound card - it simply does not work under Win Xp (under Vista everything worked).

    In Device Manager I have two 'points of inquiry:
    -Controller\ PCI memory
    -Unknown device
    I assumed that the unknown device is my sound card, but still can't make it work :/

    I've already upgraded the bios and install page of toshiba Realtek drivers.

    Really need help.



    No sound after installing XP operating system. What to say man I searched here in the forum similar threads and it seems that it is a common problem.

    But you worry about don t; I think that I found the key ;)
    After installing win XP, you must update the latter State. Install all the patches and hotfixes provided by Microsoft. You must use the website to update Ms. The tool on this page checks the system and selects all necessary updates!

    Very important are the patches; KB888111 and KB835221
    These hotfixes must be installed before installing the sound card driver.

    The Realtek sound card driver can be downloaded from Toshiba or on the official website of Relatek page.

    By the way; It is very important to install drivers in the correct order. On the Toshiba page, you will find the installation instructions. So please follow the guidelines mentioned in this doc.


  • Satellite A200-14F (PSAEC): XP driver links do not work

    I want to install Windows XP on my laptop.
    I went to the download page and he gave me a number of xp for my A200 drivers, but the links do not work.
    where can I get the drivers?

    Sorry my friend, but I can't understand what you mean with not labour relations. I checked 2 minutes ago and I noticed something strange.

    Can you please explain problem with links a little more precisely?

  • Satellite A300 - Toshiba 1 3 - button controls do not work

    Hello. I have a problem of analog.

    Satellite A300 - 1 3 purchased, installation Winxp and sensitive buttons off value left for work. Today, I'll try the Bios version to check, but doubt that it influences it. Nothing is really present official Toshiba?

    I'm sorry for my English


    This is a user to user forum and I doubt that you will receive something official of Toshiba. What you get are a few suggestions a user cell phone like me and you.
    A300 - 1 3 belongs to the series of PSAG0E (I hope).

    See European driver of Toshiba. Choose this model of laptop and reinstall the common Module

    In addition to install the Toshiba * controls * that you might find in * PSAG8E * series!

  • Satellite P200 - Product Recovery Disk 2/2 does not work


    because my laptop (Satellite P200 - I bought in December 2007) does not work more properly - and when, after a lot of cleaning it still wasn't working properly - I decided to start from the beginning and restore the operating system with 2 product recovery cd / dvd.

    Recovery disk 1/2 worked well - Windows Vista Home Premium product is loaded again on my computer.

    But what abot * Disck2/2 product recovery? *
    At one point, the recovery program calls for a 'supplement' but when I put in the product recovery disc 2/2 at this time, that the program does not recognize the disc. During the rest of the recovery program the program didn't ask for Product Recovery Disk 2/2, so the content of this CD-ROM/dvd now is not loaded on my laptop.

    Someone had this problem too?
    What do you have on this?
    Is this a problem for not loading the content of the product recovery disc 2/2 (I can go without it?)?

    Thanks in advance for any response!


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    > Products 1/2 worked well - Windows Vista Home Premium recovery disc is loaded again on my computer.

    I put t know which modules the tool called for, but AFAIK the Toshiba image contains the operating system Vista, Toshiba drivers and additional software.
    So if you've recovered the laptop using the recovery disk Toshiba 1 then the laptop must be set to the SAME State as at the first day of the purchase.

    PS: what files you can find on the second disk?

  • Configuration Wireless - stored program isnot notification dll will not work correctly

    Every time I boot system, I get an error titled "Wireless Setup" window  the window says "stored program isnot notification dll does not work correctly.  Any ideas?


    In my view, it is an error related to your wireless network card. You may need to reinstall the drivers for the card. If you know the brand and model of your PC / laptop, go to the manufacturer website and download the latest drivers for your card.

    I suggest that you try to perform the SFC (System File Checker) scan on your computer and check if the problem still persists. To see how to the SFC Scan click on the link below and follow the steps in the Kb article.

    Hope this helps,

  • Satellite P870 - Toshiba value added package cannot be shown in my language

    Hello, everyone.

    I have problem a Toshiba value added package.

    I bought a Satellite P870.
    When I use WIN7 by Toshiba NB recovery system, the display language after pressing the Fn key is correct (Chinese).

    But I want to reinstall Win7 clean by myself, so I copy the drivers and utilities all my USB storage and install Win7 clean.
    After I installed Win7 (Chinese), I installed all the drivers and utilities.
    After installation, value added package and restarting, the main Fn works normally.
    But the language of the display key Fn is English, it is not Chinese.
    I reinstall value-added package severial times, but it also to display the text in English.
    How can I change the language of the package adding value?

    Thank you very much!!!

    Stand by.
    Where have you bought your laptop (COUNTRY)?

    AFAIK, you must use the drivers offered on the Toshiba support page offered to the country of purchase. On this page, you should be able to get the version on some languages.

  • Satellite A200-1N8: value added package does not


    I have Toshiba A200 1N8 and which tent to install value added package to my computer laptop everything seems ok, but nothing chnaged in the configuartion of windows, the keyboard shortcut and function keys do not work.
    I think that changes have not taken effect.
    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, safe mode... nothing has worked

    How can I solve this problem?
    My laptop is a model 6 buttons

    You must first remove the old version of VAP.
    Then you must download the new VAP for the A200 series right.
    As you know different A200 series exists and you must choose one that fits.

    In addition, you can choose the version of Toshiba controls for 6 control button.

    Best regards

  • Satellite A200 - Toshiba Controll buttons stopped working


    I used controls Button from Toshiba (play/pause, stop, previous/next buttons) with Winamp and was perfect (but the FN + f2, f5, f6, f7, f8 and f9 were not working, but I didn't mind) on my satellite A200.

    But two days ago I updated the BIOS to the latest version and the FN command started working, but the play, stop and b/f buttons don't work no more (tried with Media Player too).

    I reinstalled the drivers of control and is the same thing.

    You have an idea how I could fix this?


    Nice! Thanks for the comments!

  • Multimedia keys not always works, even kidnapping Toshiba Value Package added

    If you uninstall toshiba value added (PVAT) package from your laptop, the quickplay buttons would always work.

    Because I tried an uninstall and the buttons still work, so I was wondering if there is a problem.


    Maybe the registry entries have not changed even you removed the VAP and that is why the keys again to functions.
    But who cares, I mean the multimedia keys work correctly, and you can use it well
    Only this is important.


  • Satellite A200-28R - new 500 GB HARD drive not recognized

    Hi all!

    The BIOS cannot recognize my new 500 GB SATA HARD drive. When I connect it to the laptop, BIOS says "No device" in the drive options. Tried jumper allows you to change the interface of disc HARD SATA-1, but without effect.
    How can I force the BIOS to recognize?

    Toshiba Satellite A200-28R
    BIOS version: Phoenix v.2.60 for Vista
    HARD drive: Seagate 500 GB 7200 RPM SATA

    BTW: my old 250 GB HDD works fine


    Have you tried the drive in another computer?

    Maybe your new drive HARD isn t working properly or defective so use another rnotebook to test it or request a replacement HARD drive.

  • Satellite A200 - 28H - update of the BIOS has not


    I have a Satellite A200 28 h.
    {color: #ff0000} * I try to upgrad my bios of my laptop froze I turned it off using the highlight of power
    * now its dead please help me to save my pc *.


    {color: #ff0000} System properties:
    {color} {color: #ff0000} Manufacturer: {color} TOSHIBA
    {color: #ff0000} Product: {color} Satellite A200
    {color: #ff0000} Version: {color} PSAE6E-0GL045FR
    {color: #ff0000} Serial number: {color} 38258574K
    {color: #ff0000} Identifying unique universal: {color} 5FDE397F-EFCD11DC-91D0001E-EC32FB26
    {color: #ff0000} Startup type: {color} power button
    {color: #3366ff} Properties of the motherboard {color}:
    {color: #ff0000} Manufacturer: {color} TOSHIBA
    Product: ILHAM
    {color: #ff0000} Version: {color} 1.00
    {color: #ff0000} Serial number: 0123456789AB {color}.
    I downlod this bios: [update of the BIOS | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 738 & langua ge = 16 & selOS = 26 & selType = 4 & yearupload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = userMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 45 & 1 6 = selectedLanguage & type = 4 & page = 1 & FROM = vista & ID = 66222 & DISO = 26 & pilot language = 42 | bios] -.

    Driver details
    To download your chosen file just click on the file below. When prompted, select "Save this file to disk" and select "OK".
    The file will then be downloaded and saved to a location specified on your computer.
    Downloaded files can be opened and extracted using WinZip (select the WinZip link to download a copy of WinZip software).
    See below or check the contents of the zip for installation details. [Update to the BIOS: _ details & action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFamily = 2 & lSeries is = 153 & selProduct = 738 & language = 16 & selOS = 26 & TLigne is = 4 & yearupload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDat e = null & mode = userMachines & search = & action = search & mac Id = & country = 45 & action = search & page = 1] [Return to the download page of Driver: _ details & action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFamily = 2 & lSeries is = 153 & selProduct = 738 & language = 16 & selOS = 26 & TLigne is = 4 & yearupload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDat e = null & mode = userMachines & search = & action = search & mac Id = & country = 45 & action = search & page = 1]

    FTP - URL [|] [calleula.asp? ID = 66222 |] Date last modified01/21/09CompanyToshibaTypeBIOS WideDescription 1906Version2.60 - WIN32LanguageUniversalCountryWorld UpdateSubtypewindows-basedSize (KB)

    This Bios update adds functionality to your system. {color: #ff0000}
    This Bios is only compatible for portable computers with Windows Vista! (32-bit only!) {color}

    (BIOS stands for Basic Input and Output System. This program is stored in a chip memory dead on the motherboard.
    When the computer comes on, the BIOS is launched to perform various functions to start.)
    For the detailed update information please see [Information update BIOS Toshiba |]

    ModelEquium A200 (PSAE5), {color: #ff0000} Satellite A200 (PSAE6), {color} Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7), Equium A200 (PSAE8), Satellite A200 (PSAE3), Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE4) operating systemWindows Vista 32 bit

    How do you do if your laptop does not start and if there is no action of the machine?
    I just think only technician ASP could help you maybe the motherboard (ROM chip) is not dead, but it can check only the technician for laptop

  • Satellite A200-196: can't get all speakers to work with the home theater sound Creative T7900

    I run windows Vista Home premium, on my Toshiba Satellite A200-196, and I have a creative T7900 7.1 System.
    I'm not all stakeholders to work. Only the woofer and two front speakers are currently playing a sound.

    The sound in Control Panel option gives me the options in addition to stereo speakers.

    I have no possibility to choose 5.1 or 7.1 speakers and I need to know do I need a software driver (all drivers are appearing to date), or do I have to change to another option, or buy an external sound card?

    I have only two input jacks, input microphone and headphone output. How can I get all stakeholders to work and achieve the home theater experience?


    I Don t think that the sound card is capable of doing 5.1/7.1 since there are many takes longer then a "sound-output.

    If I were you, I would buy an external USB soundcard that is capable of doing 5.1 or 7.1 to offer you experience complete home theater.

    Another solution is not existing. Sorry mate.

    welcome them

  • Re: Satellite A200 - 23 X: functions of keys doesn't work does not correctly

    Dear friends,

    I have the Toshiba A200 23 X I installed Win XP + SP2 and everything seems to work fine, except when I press FN + F6 F7 0r which increase or decrease the brightness of the screen, nothing happens. The first function keys (power speaker, stanby,) works. If anyone can help me.

    I know this question, I guess that your laptop has been pre-installed with the Vista operating system.
    Am I wrong?

    Portable Satellite A200 series needs a BIOS update to the XP version if a Windows XP operating system has been installed. Please check the European driver Toshiba page and you will find the good BIOS XP.

    After update BIOS your FN buttons should functions still

    Check it out!

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