Satellite A30 554: start and stop the question automatically

After about a year of use my computer laptop (Satellite A30 554) started having problems with the starter. Quite often when I turn it on cooler starts working and the LEDs are showing that the computer is on, but the screen remains black. Sometimes, I need to turn off the PC and on a couple of times so that he can start to begin. What is the reason for this and can it be resolved?

Once I had a problem with this computer off by itself while working, which was not caused by a virus. Some people advised me to vacuum clean :) under cooler. I did and it helped.

The problem was supposed to be linked to the dust on the heatsink, which does not allow that it works correctly. The current problem also connectable to the cooler, or is - it a motherboard problem?



Generally speaking, if it starts and does even not initializing the monitor, or starts and turns off immediately, it could be the motherboard. It helps to remove each device at a time and try to start the computer. Sometimes when the parts become defective they still affect the ability to start. If, after removing all devices, that the problem persists, then your motherboard is faulty and must be replaced. Hope that fix you the problem.

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    the location of your batch file should not matter

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    Hi Florian.

    Thank you for your message. That solved this problem, but in fact my VI did not work as I wanted.

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  • Satellite A110 - 195 starts and stops

    When I try to start the laptop the power button is blue, I hear the CD drive making its tests, the fan starts for 5-10 seconds then stops and the screen remains black all this time. I encounter this problem when I connect only a/c, one battery (AC or battery).

    I tried to connect an external monitor and still nothing is displayed on this subject - the BIOS settings are on the LCD and external monitor.

    I unplugged the HARD drive in order to reduce energy consumption and to eliminate it from the list of possible sources of failure.

    From time to time, I managed to see the POST and then the operating system starts loading message on the LCD and monitor but after restart or market power, I get the same black screen.
    I searched on the internet and many people had this kind of problem with the different versions of Satellite but can't find any solution for it.

    Thanks a lot for any suspicion.

    > I have searched the Internet and many people had this kind of problem with the different versions of Satellite but can't find any solution for it.
    Do you really think that there is a magic solution for this? It is certainly a serious hardware problem that must be studied in service with diagnostic tools.

    All you're doing now is just and you can find out later that the problem may be but the question is: How do I solve this problem? Can you fix manboard? You can exchange motherboard? What you can do about it?

    In my opinion, all you can do is to find some mainboard already used at low cost, Exchange and hope that everything will be OK again. This can be something of a challenge for you and hope you can fix it. Otherwise, sell on eBay and get the most recent piece of hardware.

    Sorry, but I just try to be a little realistic.

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    I guess the answer is Yes, so I built a loop of 'consumer' for the camera. A queue of the pre-trial 'trigger camera' in the loop of producer, I was then able to start the video capture, but now the problem is to stop it at the right time. I have an another queue in the State of 'stop' in the loop of the producer, but is not able to start the State 'stop' in the loop of consumer, I think that maybe it's because the loop of consumer gets "stuck" in the whole loop.

    I hope you can help me, the VI is attached. Thank you!


    First of all, in your loop producer: STATE 'Stop', you use the flushing line, then there is no need to use 'item queue at the opposite end. You can use the enqueue function.

    Secondly, you said "I moved the command stop inside the while loop as you said, but it did not work. But if you look closely, you moved "Enqueue function" inside the while loop. Instead you should use Dequeue function. Please, look at the picture I posted an orderly manner.

    And remove the circled (i.e. function. Enqueue function loop of consumption, where I wrote 'Why stop here').

    Try now.

  • Satellite A30 cannot start after cleaning the heatsink

    I have a problem with my sat a30. It lights for 5 seconds then goes automatically off and on again for 5 times, before finally shutting down completely. all this began after I cleaned the heatsink. can you give me some advice for what to do with this problem?


    This path is not easy to say what is the problem, because, who know what did you exactly and how. As you know do something like that on your own is always risky.

    Are there signs of life of the cooling fan? AFAIK the CPU becomes very hot in just seconds after the start, and I presume that CPU is not cooled properly and because of this unit turns off.

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    Grid1 6184 1 0 10:53?        19:00:00 /home/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/ohasd.bin restart

    Grid1 6338 1 0 10:54?        00:00:31 /home/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/oraagent.bin

    Grid1 6351 1 0 10:54?        00:00:00 /home/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/evmd.bin

    Grid1 6387 6351 0 10:54?        00:00:00 /home/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/evmlogger.bin o /home/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/evm/log/ /home/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/evm/log/evmlogger.log

    Grid1 6883 1 0 10:57?        00:00:05 /home/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/cssdagent

    Grid1 6897 1 0 10:57?        00:00:01 /home/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/ocssd.bin

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    Grid1 [+ ASM] > ASM srvctl status

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    Q3. What is the procedure for starting a ASM?

    any help appreciated,


    Look for the command

    crsctl stop

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    Hi all! I am new to this forum and APEX too...

    We are runing (Version: Application Express

    I need to reboot the server.

    How can I stop APEX graciously and start back after? Thank you!

    Kind regards

    Ghyslain salvation,

    to reinforce what Mike says. Apex is a database and, with the exception of the HTTP server application, runs entirely on the database. (Note with EPG, its all in the database) It contained in the users/schemas database and built items of data such as tables and PL/SQL packages. If the server that is running the Oracle database in which the Apex is installed needs to be restarted, the database must be stopped, which stops indeed Apex. If the HTTP server is also running on this server (ESS or earpiece of the Apex) then this should be stop as well.

    Of course, if your desire is not to stop the database, but to deny the user access to the Apex, perhaps for purposes of maintenance of database, then this can be done by stopping the HTTP server or by stopping the EPG.

    I hope it is clear now.


  • Starting and stopping the process GG

    GG admin guide I understand we can start/stop the GG (excerpt, pump, Replicat) procedures through shell scripts, and it is mentioned that it can be invoked from a script to start/stop/go. Are there restrictions on these operations?

    We intend to implement the process of stop/start GG in our application scenario where you need to update the source DB (and thus the target DB also) through a batch process at regular intervals (once a week, can also be less frequent). The plan is the first above mentioned stop GG process, update source DB with the latest data, transfer data to target the DB using exp/imp, restart GG treats using the SNA option after. All these steps are automated.

    From the tests above of initial works but don't know if GG power operation is strong enough to manage the scenarios on a regular basis and will work. Are there known issues with these operations such as disorders while implementation power which makes it unfit for use through scripts like the one mentioned above.

    Enjoy all the entries in the present.

    Thank you

    The process can be run from the command line and are just as reliable as any other executable UNIX regarding commissioning correctly if all the prerequisites are met.

    To launch the Manager from the command line
    To run the management of the control of the operating system interface, use the following syntax.
    Bishop paramfile [ reportfile]

    On the source and target systems, publishes one of the following sets of commands
    in the process, you are a beginner. Run the Oracle programs
    Directory of GoldenGate.
    extract paramfile .prm reportfile .rpt [Pei ]
    replicat paramfile .prm reportfile .rpt

    You can automate the monitoring, and it's an exercise as any monitoring process (for example, the tail of the alerts log and grep for errors ORA, logs of web server of grep, etc..). You can see extract and replicat upstairs / ongoing run, so you can also use Director (Management Pack).

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    Thank you

    Attach a listener of events on the stage of your film.

    stage... addEventListener (KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, keyDownHandler);

    According to the KEY_DOWN

    1 if you want any key, so you don't need a key code.

    var myKeyBoolean = false;

    function keyDownHandler(event:KeyboardEvent) {}

    if(myKeyBoolean == false) {}

    start my Countdown

    } else {}

    Cancel and reset my timer



    2. If you want the same key to both use a Boolean value like this:

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    function keyDownHandler(event:KeyboardEvent) {}

    if(Event.keycode == MyKey) {}

    if(myKeyBoolean == false) {}

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