Satellite A300-1J1 fails to connect WIFI

I have a Satellite A300 1J1, purchased in September which I use in college.
At home I have Virgin Broadband and my laptop is easily connected to it.
When I get home I can not connect to broadband home.
I put in all the correct passwords (it uses 3com) but my phone just crash log.
It is not the home network, because my brothers laptop computer running smoothly at home. The problem is my laptop.

I could buy a separate connect package and a dongle, but it seems stupid when I should be able to connect automatically.

Can someone tell me what I could do to please which is not too difficult technically?


You should first check if your wireless network card has been recognized and properly installed.
I noticed that in very rare cases the WLan driver was not installed correctly and there was a yellow exclamation point next to the WLan card.

The WLan driver correctly installed is essential to connect the laptop wireless.

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  • Satellite A300-1J1 - WLAN is not working after installing XP


    I installed XP on my PC, but now I can not install the driver for my Wireless.
    I have install all of them, but always my wireless card does not.

    Are there any ideas including a driver I need - Realtec, Atheros and Intel?


    Satellite A300-1J1 has an Intel WIFI card, so you need an Intel driver.

    If you are looking for on the Toshiba driver download page you will find: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • How to connect my Satellite A300-1J1 to HD TV


    I have a laptop model Toshiba Satellite A300-1J1 (who doesn't have a HDMI) & just Toshiba XV551D 40 '' HD tv. You want to be able to connect the laptop to the tv with the best possible picture quality, a DVI to HDMI cable would be better than the monitor standard 15pin cable external monitor/TV?

    My laptop has an IEEE1394 Jack, I presume it's the same as a DVI plug? (I could be wrong tho!) Also read the manual of the TV, he said unless I connect HDMI to HDMI, I would need a separate audio cable?

    Looking to buy all the necessary cables rather than go shopping online so please advise as soon as possible, I want to make sure I get correct leads of the judgment.

    And my apologies if I seem thick lol.

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy

    First, please note that the VGA port provides the analog signal.

    It s is NOT possible to convert the analog signal into digital signal! You can convert a digital signal to analog but the analog to digital is not possible and will not work with HD TV.

  • Satellite A300-1J1: cannot use F8 to start the HARD drive recovery process

    I just brought a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1j1, and at the same time got the upgrade to Vista Ultimate disk at the same time.

    Straight out I went to a sweet upgrade to Ultimate, which failed, and restored in Premuim laptop.

    Stupidly I immediately then a hard install to ultimate who "worked", but of course the drivers to run the laptop has not been installed, I decided to go back to factory settings and try to get Ultimate again once.

    However to use F8 at startup is does not give me the option to restore, and since, I've learned that I should do a set of recovery discs, which I did not.

    Installation, the data is still on the disk 'E', so is anyway I can always use it to make these discs or what should I do?

    Thank you for your help,


    > .and since then, I learned that I should do a set of recovery discs, which I did not.
    It's your biggest mistake.
    > Installation, data are still on the 'E' drive, is it so in any way I can still use it to make these discs or what should I do?
    There is nothing you can do to create recovery DVDs. If you want to have the original recovery DVD you must buy it.
    For this audit, please

    Sorry mate :(

  • Satellite A300-1J1 - Vista does not start, a lot of corrupted files

    My PC (toshiba satellite A300 1J1) suffered some random freezes for the past month. A few days ago it froze so I restarted and it could not start. He got as far as the scrolling green bar under the name of microsoft and then progress any more. I tried to start it in all different modes but without prevail. I tried to do a system restore, but it can't find any restore point, or all the files to reset to factory specifications.

    The hard drive works as I could locate all my files via the command prompt. When I run the check disk tool it says many files are unreadable, so I want to reset the PC but can't due to lack of points on each side of the partioned reset disk.

    My PC came with no recovery disk and I fear that in the past, I accidentally deleted file recovery on the HARD drive. What can I do? will be Toshiba sent me disks so I ask them or I have to wipe the drive and buy windows 7 as a last resort?

    > will be Toshiba sent me disks so I ask them or I have to wipe the drive and buy windows 7 as a last resort?

    No, dude, it won't send you free and you must order for money you can also install Win copy yourself if you get the windows disk.

  • Options recovery system and satellite A300-1J1


    I was wondering if anyone knows how to recover the Satellite A300-1J1. My laptop has Windows Vista family premium, I'm not too sure about the number of 'bits' because the sticker at the bottom of my laptop is faded. My serial number is 8811896Q.

    I closed my laptop and when I tried to leave, he places the next morning it said 'unable to start Windows. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. Then it goes to the screen that says ' System Recovery Options: could not start the installed program. " Click OK to turn off the computer.

    Does anyone know how to recover my laptop without having to waste (wipe) all data currently on it, such as the documents windows etc. ?
    Thank you

    > Does anyone know how to recover my laptop without having to waste (wipe) all data currently on it, such as the documents windows etc. ?
    In the past, we discussed very often on this theme. In any case, it works this way:
    -When you use recovery DVD for the installation of the OS all disk is deleted including data on all partitions
    -If you use HARD drive recovery option only C partition is deleted and all data saved on the second partition will always be there
    So please try installation of recovery of HARD drive following the instructions of the Toshiba document.

  • Satellite A300 - 12K unable to connect to the ADSL wireless modem

    My Satellite A300 - 12K suddenly cannot connect to a dsl wireless modem... There are no changes made to the parameters of
    However it connects to a modem that is not encrypted.

    Any idea what the parameters might have changed?


    Why you n t reset the modem and check the settings?
    Configure encryption of the modem settings and encryption settings of the WLan card.
    Check if you are using the right key and change it if necessary.

    Sorry but there is no magic answer for you question, we must check everything and if necessary you must reconfigure everything!

  • Re: Satellite A300 sometimes fails to start

    My Satellite A300 sometimes fails on start when displaying a logo of Toshiba.
    I don't know why. Y at - it a touch to show a p.o.s.t. tests?

    Sorry for my English.


    You can change in the BIOS the option to boot from normal to fast.
    I think that this will disable the Red Toshiba log and show you the post screen.
    But to be honest, I don't know if this could be help full.
    In any case, if the laptop is unable to pass on the MESSAGE, something might be wrong on the motherboard; the modules, memory example or similar

  • Satellite A300-1J1 - sound doesn't work only with Windows XP

    I have a problem, yesterday I installed on my Toshiba Satellite A300 1J1 WindowXP, but no sound!

    I tried all sound driver Toshiba on the Toshiba web site but no result!
    Some can help us?


    Your laptop is a Realtek audio chip. If you install a Microsoft hotfix before installing the drivers.

    Check out these links:

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  • Satellite A300-1J1 - does not recognize the CD key

    Hi all, after 3 days of searching for any type of information I've found this site and I hope that someone can help me.

    I have a Satellite A300-1J1, and had to do a complete reinstall of Windows using my recovery disk that was provided with the laptop (Vista Home Premium).
    In any case, the installation went well and he had restarted and said I had to activate Windows is not a problem, I thought looked under laptop for key typed in there and it will not recognize the CD as being for Vista Premium key. Now how is that possible that the disc that came with the laptop and the CD key is there?

    Any help is greatly appreciated


    Hello Shaun

    I know it may seem stupid now, but your story is somewhat strange. Why?
    To the first Satellite A300 laptop computers are never shipped with recovery DVDs. Recovery DVDs must be created by the owner of the laptop. All A300 laptop come with what is called HARD disk image. AFAIK some A300 laptop computers come with an additional CD/DVD but it is recovery of Windows XP Home or Vista 64-bit edition, but laptop always comes with Vista Home Premium 32 - bit (recovery of HARD drive image).

    So the question is what installation media you are using exactly? Is - this support recovery, that you created yourself or a version of Microsoft?
    Original Toshiba recovery image is created for each laptop model separately and should not be enabled.

    Recovery image can not be downloaded. If you want to have another copy, you must order it under

  • Satellite A300-1J1 - keeps cutting out


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1J1 - bought 2 years ago, and recently it keeps cutting.

    For example, it is used to cut everything by playing games like the Sims 3, which is understandable, because it may be overheating. A few months ago I started to put my laptop on 3 staggered of CD cases so there was more than one inch of space under the laptop to allow air circulation.

    These days the laptop was put on, get to the office and go directly to the output. When I reboot it, she suggests to do recovery etc, what I've done. I am currently running Windows Vista Home Edition; There was an update for windows on the laptop recently, that when I tried to install, the Office has frozen, then cut.

    The laptop feel more heated, and I've even switch it on with nothing else anyone below. I use now the laptop of my partner so I can find some solutions!

    I tried to run the laptop in safe mode, but again, it reached just the office. My aunt borrowed my laptop last week and said she found when she moved to the screen and held it in a certain position, he remained more.

    Any ideas or help would be really appreciated.

    Thank you


    The laptop stops automatically even after the new installation of the OS. Is this good?
    Well, indeed, it seems that the laptop would be closed due to the higher temperature
    First of all the notebook s modules cooling must be cleaned.
    I mean there might be some dust and debris that prevent fans turn faster.

    I clean my laptop at any time with a jet of compressed air
    Also if you would not notice any improvement, then verification of memory must be the best way to verify that the memory is the use of software called memtest86 +.

    Of course, laptop must also be checked by a qualified technician if nothing would be useful

  • Is Satellite A300-1J1 supports the SDHC memory card


    I have a laptop satellite A300-1J1, and I was wondering if it will work with SDHC cards.

    Some kind person could tell me if I can use them in this laptop model.

    Thank you.

    That means the user manual says?
    I know what it says.

    It says you can use the SDHC 4 GB to 16 GB card

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  • Re: Disks update for Satellite A300-1J1


    I would replace the internal hard drive in my laptop Satellite A300-1J1. Despite searching the Web from Toshiba sites, I can't know enough information about the specification to ensure that I have to buy a fully compatible disc. I would be grateful if someone can advise the required specifications for the appropriate drives (250 GB and above). Installation instructions are available please?

    Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

    The computer contains a high performance extremely discreet and light, HARD drive.
    HARD drive incorporates the magnetic drive 9.5 mm and 12.5 mm in height and mini-Winchester heads of magnetic type. HARD drive interface complies with Serial ATA.
    The storage capacity supported for your model of laptop are 120, 160, 200, 250, 300, 320, 400 500 GB.

    Just make sure you order SATA HDD.

  • Tecra A10 with Intel WiFi 5100 running Vista 32 bit fails to connect WiFi


    a whole new Tecra A10 with buildin Intel 5100 WiFi fails to connect to the Wlan router, using the pre-installled Vista Business 32-bit. Vista has always said: wrong password.

    Yes, Wifi hardware is enabled, of course. And Tecra WiFi OK MAC is stored in the config of the router. Also the WiFi settings were correct (wpa2-psk aes), corresponding to the Wlan router. Password WPA2 is 13 characters. Connect all the other machines with a Wlan successfully turns a working Wlan configuration and use of the correct password.

    I installed the latest driver on the Toshiba site - without success. I also installed the version of the driver from the Intel site will, too--without success. Doesn't matter what tool I used to connect, Vista itself, or the specific tool of Toshiba (Radar), choice to get an encrypted Wlan connection.

    WPA2 and WPA or WEP can be used. I can't get a Wlan connection when encryption is totally * disabled *! Currently, I use a * clear * Wlan to use this Tecra A10 in the network. Real gross and no solution for more than a few days.

    All other devices in the same network can connect the router Wlan with WPA2-PSK and WEP, no problem. Only the A10 / WiFi 5100 fails.

    Searching the Web I found really many reports all issue of WiFi with a WiFi 5100 devices, so it seems to be a generic material or / and driver issue.

    How can I correct this Wifi 5100 connect problem and use encryption WPA2-psk on Tecra A10 and WiFi 5100 with Vista? If this is not possible, I have to return this laptop and get another model with a working Wifi / Wlan Hardware.

    Thank you.

    Hello Thomas

    Have you tried to connect your laptop to another router by friends or elsewhere?
    It is really strange that you can use any of the WIFI ciphers available.
    Have you tried to reboot your router?

    I have Satellite A300-1LI with the same card, WLAN, preinstalled with Toshiba recovery WXP image and I use it sometimes linked to the WLAN with WEP encryption.
    Have you tried to contact Toshiba or your local dealer for advice?

  • Satellite A300 PSAG8E - unable to connect to the internet


    I have Toshiba Satellite A300 PSAG8E (product for Tuerkiye) laptop.
    My vista ultimate operating system.
    I can't connect to the internet.

    I have the new format recently.
    What should I?


    If you use the WiFi network you should check if the wireless network adapter is enabled!
    You can activate using the FN + F8 key combination and, in addition, you should switch WLan antenna on IT (the WLan led should be flashing).

    Finally, configure the settings (SSID right, encryption, etc.) and connect to the router.

    All that s.

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