Satellite A300-1NA - Wake we possible keyboard?

First I want to say hello to everyone because I'm new here, because I bought my Toshiba a few days.

I wonder how exactly "Wake on the keyboard" present works.
Is it possible to turn on my PC with USB keyboard connected instead to raise the lid and pressing the power button on my laptop?

Anyone know where I can find any guide the user to the BIOS of my laptop?


Have you read the user manual?

It should be a soft copy (Format PDF) in C:\DOCS or in the Start Menu.

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  • Re: Unable to create recovery Satellite A300-1NA discs


    I have a problem with Recovery Disc Creator. When it burns 1 DVD disc, an error occurs. It says "an unexpected error has occurred. "Error code: 0E01B5-26 - 2A 031000.
    I have Toshiba Satellite A300-1NA.

    All updates are installed, and generally, the system is "clean". I suspect that this problem is due to my DVD - RW drive (MAST * A UJ880AS) but I can't find the new firmware for it. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Best regards


    Firmware updates, you can get on the Toshiba site but for your Satellite A300 with Mat * one reader I didn t find a.

    Have you tried DVD s from different manufacturers? I use discs Verbatim always and never had any problems with it.
    Check it!

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300 PSAGCE: is it possible for a start of the external CD/DVD drive?


    Could someone tell me if it is possible to start the toshiba satellite a300 psagce of cd player external usb?

    Best regards
    Miguel Alves


    The BIOS supports bootable devices on:
    -USB FDD,
    -Primary HDD,
    -Optical devices,
    -Network (LAN)

    So * USB ODD * is not supported by the BIOS

  • Satellite A300 - 25K - graphics upgrade possible?

    Hey there,

    Sorry I'm a n00b, so forgive me if it has been requested before.

    I have a
    + Satellite A300, Dual Core T6400 @ 2 GHz +.
    my graphics is a
    + ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 + and it is NOT ENOUGH... especially for the full HD video editing

    Q: + it would be possible to upgrade my graphic + (not sure if it's a chip or card)?

    Please read and respond to, your help is greatly appreciated



    Please read here

    As you can see, Cpu and Gpu upgrade is not a good idea. Even if your motherboard can handle it but the Bios is not pre-tested for her. In any case, you must contact the Asp (SAV), they can tell exactly whether it is supported or not.

  • Satellite A300-1NO - wakes up to the top of the standby mode

    Hi all!
    I have a Satellite A300 1NO with Win XP pro.
    The problem is that the laptop wakes up from sleep mode automatically after about 5 minutes.

    I tried unplugging all the cables (LAN, usb, etc.) but the power plug, but it's the same result.
    So what can cause this? What should I try?

    Thank you.

    You must disable Wake up on LAN function in the BIOS and Windows.
    Check the BIOS for this option!

    You can disable this feature in Windows if you right click on the network adapter > properties > advanced > wake on LAN

    I hope it works for you.

  • Satellite A300 - problem of touchpad and keyboard

    Hello I have a problem.

    The first time I start the computer, the touch pad and the keyboard Don t run, and I need to connect a usb mouse to restart the computer. And in the second time, the keyboard and the touchpad to work correctly.

    I have a Toshiba A300 and I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
    This who could I do to fix this?
    My English is very bad, but I hope you understand me and that you can help me.


    According to your message, you have to restart the laptop in order to get the keyboard and the touchpad works properly.
    There may be something wrong with the drivers for the keyboard and the touchpad
    As a first idea I would recommend to update the operating system.
    This means that you should check if a new installation of the OS could solve this problem.

    Keyboard driver is part of the Windows OS, so I think this should be verified.

  • Satellite A660: Upgrade of the possible keyboard backlight?

    Hi guys,.

    I was thinking to replace my computer laptop keboard (satellite A660-18) with a keyboard backlight. Do you think it will be posible?
    I found on the internet for about £30-40, and it declares compatible with the Satellite A660.

    Thank you.


    You should check this thread:

    You will find great shots of keyboard backlight and some information
    You should check if the motherboard supports an additional connector called JBLG and is located on the right side of the connector of the main keyboard.
    If it is available, then you can update the device with a supported keyboard backlight.

    Hope I could help a little

  • Satellite A300-15J - keys on the keyboard


    I got my laptop about a week now. I liked it carefully, the brilliant keyboard did irritate me at first, but... But to my surprise... this morning the left low corner command button was loose... it seems that one of the "connectors" broke up.

    Of course, I know what to say, I broke it, and it's probably true, because I type on my computer and so to put pressure on it... BUT, I have a respect for computers, I don't hit my computer and I have typing skills...

    I called a local computer company and they said that I need to replace the entire keyboard... because Toshiba will probably not fix it under warranty because they will say I did damage... I had a toshiba A100 for 2 years, the keyboard still works fine...

    I wonder if anyone has any suggestions or comments on this topic?

    Thank you very much.

    Well... sad story, but the fact is that the key on the keyboard is broken and the keyboard needs to be replaced.
    I don't know why it broke... maybe you used really too much pressure while typing... who knows. ?:|

    I have two Toshiba laptops different... one is 5 years old and the other is about 2 years old and I never noticed any problem keyboard or buttons...

    So in my opinion, you had a bad luck... that's all.

    Good luck with your keyboard replacement...

  • Satellite A300 - touch pad and the keyboard emits


    My touchpad stopped working half a year ago. In addition, it blocks my keyboard as well. If I go to sleep mode and then restart the laptop, then the keyboard starts working but not the touchpad. Then a few days, touchpad comes back to life and works perfectly for awhile.

    In addition, the laptop began to heat up recently, especially around place of the touchpad.

    I have my drivers installed so I guess it shouldn't be a problem. What is there?

    Thank you.

    Hey Buddy,

    Maybe you need to update the driver for the touchpad. You can download the updates of driver of Toshiba's official website:

    There you should find a newer version of the driver for the touchpad.

    On the keyboard, it would be interesting to know if the same thing happens with an external. You can test this please?

  • Satellite A300 - PSAGLE - noisy keyboard 1JH


    I bought a Satellite A300-1jh
    Is it possible, that the entire keyboard sounds very loud when I use it?
    And keyboards on the left and right side are more than just Middle click keyboards.


    I have Satellite A300D-11 s in front of me and keyboard is OK. Sorry, but it is not easy to offer a few? objectivea? Comment this. What you can do is to talk to your local dealer and compare with other Satellite A300 models.

  • Satellite A300 - how to use wake up on keyboard functionality?

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A300-1ME and also a desktop PC intel 4 and I use a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) to control two computers with one keyboard & mouse. The kvm has PS/2 cables and is connected to the TOSHIBA by a PS/2 to the USB cable from the switch. The connection of the keyboard & mouse to the notebook computer is connected to a USB port. I use vista 32 bit on my laptop and XP on the desktop personal computer.

    Now for my question, how can I use the keyboard to turn on the laptop closed (not the standby mode). I tried to do by choosing the keyboard HWSetup awakening and also, I checked the bios, to the keyboard 'waking up' option and he chose but still it won't start the laptop with the keyboard.

    P.S if there is no way to turn on the laptop keyoard, then perhaps by pressing the dvd - rom. If someone knows how to do made me know

    Thank you
    * Is * a * R *.

    Hey Buddy,

    Operating instructions, I found the following information:
    + Wake up on keyboard: when this feature is enabled and that the computer is in mode 'sleep', you can activate the computer by pressing any key. It is effective only for the internal keyboard and only when the computer is in "sleep". +

    Does that answer your question? ;)

  • Is it possible to buy a keyboard for Satellite A300 sunglasses?

    That is the question, I need keyboard bizel satellite A300 as is broken and the rest of the laptop is perfect.
    Buy the bizel in a local distributor of toshiba?
    Thank you very much

    I think, you should contact them and ask. Usually, you can get these things at the service center.

  • Satellite A300 and emulation of the FN keyboard keys


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1tim: (PSAGCE).
    I can't understand how I can emulate the FN key on the external keyboard!
    Is there a way? Is this possible?

    Thank you

    As far as I know that something like this is not possible. Utility Toshiba are designed for internal keyboard only.

    I hope someone here can say perhaps more about this.

  • Mousepad & keyboard do not work under Win7 on Satellite A300-1BZ


    I just installed Windows 7 on my laptop that is about a year now, but the mouse pad and keyboard do not work. No lights on the caps lock keys or anything either, the only way to get to work is to press the power button so that the laptop goes to sleep and then press it again to turn it back on, then wakes up the keyboard but the mouse pad still does not work.

    I can plug in a USB mouse and it works, but I would prefer if the keyboard and the touchpad just would first work place! However if I restart the computer using the touchpad keyboard then suddenly works.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    I upgraded my Satellite A300 to Win7 and two works of features perfectly.
    Did you upgrade or clean install of Win7?

    To be honest, it's a little strange. I installed Windows XP Home edition, Vista and now Win7 on my A300 but the touchpad and the keyboard worked fine all the time.

    Have you noticed this immediately after the departure of punch or later?

  • Satellite A300 - partial keyboard failure

    I have a very unusual problem. some keys on my keyb have stopped working.
    from top to bottom, these:
    [0] [']
    [p] [e]

    my laptop is a Satellite A300
    the bios is updated.

    Is it possible that this is not a hardware problem?

    Thanks for the help.

    I think that its hardware problem.
    To confirm this, connect an external USB keyboard and test functionality.
    If it's working properly, your internal keyboard is the troublemaker.

Maybe you are looking for