Satellite A300 and WIn7 - cannot use the media buttons

I have laptop Satellite A300.

Recently, I have reinstalled my Windows 7 Pro x 64 using the update (not clean install) option. So I kept my program and settings. But in the player Panel multimedia (or whatever it's called) that allows me to play, stop the music, changing songs etc does not work completely. I can't use 2 "buttons": one that allows me to toggle the highlighting and the other who turns on the media player.
I need their work. I got tired of Toshiba button support, but I don't know what to do here.


You need to install is Toshiba Value added Package. I use Win7 on my A300 and all buttons work perfectly. But I use the 32-bit version.
I put t know if your A300 is supported for Win7 64 bit, but you can try to use THIS version.

Before you begin installation remove old version, if exist, restart the laptop and install this version.

I hope this will help you.

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    Hi all

    I installed Windows 7 Professional on my system and everything is great, but now I'm not able to install Toshiba PC Health monitoring more that I liked a lot. I did everything I could but all the time the installation I get the message "installation failed." So when I restart I got the software running and the symbol in the taskbar, but it shows no results.
    I tried running mode XP and Vista, but the same thing.

    All ideas


    Have you tried to installed version Vista?
    I installed the version of Vista on my new Satellite A500 and it works correctly.

  • Re: Satellite L300D and Win7 - cannot find the WLAN driver

    I have the Satellite L300D (PSLC8C-06T01R) I just got this in the month; I decide to put Windows 7 on thinking there would be all the necessary drivers. Well I was wrong; Once I installed 7 we find all drives but the wireless card. I don't then told me the Vista disks would work on Windows 7 so I tried and no luck, I then put Vista on and everything was fine, then when I went to look for the driver for the wireless card in Vista, it doesn t do anything the card is always 'does not work correctly.

    Vista Atheros wireless drivers or something else on the site Web of Toshiba don t do anything.

    If anyone has the same problem made me know, or if anyone knows how to fix this or even if it is possible to find the drivers for windows 7 that would be great cuz that s my goal (Windows 7)

    Please as soon as possible I need this laptop at the University.

    For me, it makes sense to collect all relevant information before you do something again. Obviously you didn't check before installing Win7 Toshiba support page. Until that Win7 is not released Toshiba will offer no tricks of Win7.

    As I see you have Canadian cell phone model and I don't know what WLAN card is inside, but in your a story thing confused me. You have installed Vista again. I assume you have done this with original Toshiba recovery image. This recovery image is designed for certain model of laptop and contains all the necessary drivers for all hardware components. I don't understand what the problem with the wireless network card.
    I have to ask you if you have installed Vista with the Toshiba recovery image?

  • Cannot use the Start button

    For some reason, when I try to click on the Start button, it disappears.  I tried all day to dissable addons that sort, but it ended up doing another way.  I have restarted computor, but the Start button, always goes away until I can click on it.  Everyone comes through this before please?

    Hello BeverleyMacKenzie,

    Thank you for the question!

    I'm sorry to know that have problems you with start button. As I understand it, you cannot use the button start effectively.

    Method 1: perform the scan SFC (System File Checker) and see if the problem occurs.

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Method 2: use the Microsoft Safety Scanner in full scan mode and to remove all the threats that is not detected by it and see if the problem persists.

    Microsoft safety scanner

    Note: the Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

    The Microsoft Safety Scanner is not a replacement for the use of antivirus software that offers continuous protection.

    Answer to us if you have problems with start button or any other issue of Windows, and I'd be happy to help you again and try to correct the problem as soon as possible.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

  • Cannot use the back button on the Web PDF pages

    I Windows 7, Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and Adobe Reader DC, all day. Whenever I go to a PDF Web page by clicking on a link in the Google search results and then want to return to the search results page by clicking the back button on the browser, it will not go back. Page PDF just charging once again. This does not occur when I use my browser Google Chrome, when I use IE. It happens with every page PDF that I access from the Google search on Internet Explorer. What can I do to be able to use the back button on the Web PDF page?

    Google made a diversion when you click on a search result. You can see if you right click on a such result and select Copy link location, and then paste. Is not the real address - the web site, but a link to a page of So when you click on back after going to her, you can end up on the same redirect page, which automatically will then take you to its destination... Some browsers can handle this better than others, but it is not related to the PDF file you open.

  • Satellite A300 and Windows 7, missing the option 'create disc '.


    I installed windows 7 Professional in my laptop A300 - 15 c (PSAJ4E) two weeks ago and I have a problem.
    I installed all the drivers for win 7 on the official website of toshiba and I do not see the option 'Create disc' where I can install the firmware update.

    So, my laptop did not install the updates of the firmware, and it is very slow at startup.
    Any idea about this problem?

    I can see your ad is mix of three different but described issues in two sentences.
    Can we please discuss each issue separately?

    At first, I have to say that I installed Win7 on my Satellite A300-1LI successfully and I am satisfied with the performance and I have to say that all hardware components will run perfectly.
    So, back to your laptop:

    # What do you mean with the option 'create disc '? You may think that on some Toshiba tools pre-installed, I don't know exactly. The fact is that Toshiba offers many useful and utility tools to only factory settings and these tools cannot be downloaded and installed as well.
    # Update? Must you really it? I don't think so. Have you noticed a few problems with the optical disc drive?
    # Slow start? Have you installed the drivers all listed for Win7 especially chipser dtiver and storage manager? Please note that the SATA in the BIOS settings must be defined in AHCI mode.

  • Satellite A300-M01 - fingerprint - cannot open the sensor with Win XP


    I got a Satellite A300-M01 with Windows Vista but my my software is very slow, so I'm a Windows XP Installer to put in. After that, the fingerprint reader no longer works the registration of fingerprints he'll only say 'Cannot open the sensor' and if you access the service of this device it says "specified device instance handle does not match this device."

    I already downloaded the driver for this sensor of, but after the installation, the problem is the same. Any info is much appreciated.

    Thank you.



    Have you installed the tools and all the other drivers of Toshiba?

    Search on the Toshiba site for a BIOS update.
    Maybe this can solve the problem.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P300 and Win7 - cannot see wireless networks


    I have Toshiba Satellite with Win7x64 and I bought on eBay an AR5008.

    If I boot Linux I can connect to wireless networks.
    However if I boot in win7 that I can't even see wireless networks. If I run diagnostics I get the radio is turned off.
    Even with ConfigFree I get the same message, even if the switch on the front of the laptop is on.

    What can I do? I tried all the drivers!


    Normally, you can enable or disable the WLAN connectivity by using the equipment and the FN + F8 key combination switch.
    Did you check that?

    I guess for the FN + F8 key combination you need value-added package. You can download it on the Toshiba site.

    Last but not least, works WLAN with preinstalled OS from Toshiba?

  • Satellite C650 and WXP - cannot install the driver for WLAN adapter


    I have recently 'come down' Win 7 to Win XP on my laptop because the software I use works best from XP. It's a pain because of the SATA drive, I needed to streamline a facility etc... but now, I'm happy to announce that I am in place and running under XP with one small exception...

    I can't get my wireless adapter to install.

    The LAN adapter ' Atheros AR8152 PCI-e... ' is installed and running

    Plug-and-play find a "network controller", but it cannot install it and leave her with the formidable yellow '?'

    I have visited the support site, entered my details laptop and downloaded the appropriate drivers, but they don't seem to want to settle. File self extract and then never run the Setup, as Toshiba only I downloaded self-extracting exe files, I have no file inf etc. try manually.

    Any suggestions welcome because I ran officially ideas

    What Satellite C650 do you have exactly? I can see on the Toshiba download page there are 4 different models. One you have?
    Check it please sticker post name of exact model so that we can check the specification s notebook and see what WLAN adapter is inside and the bottom.

  • Re: Two questions on Satellite A300 and Win7 32 bit


    I have a satellite A300 PSAJ4E windows 7 32 bit.
    I installed all the drivers to Toshiba support, but I have 2 problems.
    the first is that sometimes my screan does not open while the laptop is open and functioning. I know that his work because when I plug another screen his everything is ok.
    the other problem is that I have an unknown device (ACPI\TOS6205)

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    > the first is that sometimes my screan does not open while the laptop is open and functioning properly
    It is still problematic to discuss problems that sometimes occur. When this happens you can see Toshiba welcome screen or hear sounds of windows?
    > another DIF, is that I have an unknown device (ACPI\TOS6205)
    I think that you need to install the bluetooth drivers.
    Find it here:

  • Satellite L500 - 19 X - cannot use the recovery disk

    Well I had this phone two days ago and he used once after installing fire fox and my mobile to wide band of the driver and going to start and find it of going to happen.

    I tried SafeMode (three) and repair and all I got was a screen black with the cursor upward where it should have been a language screen (I used the recovery disc supplied with the notebook) so anyway, after finding out that I wasn't going to be able to fix it, I tried to install , but of course, this does not work, or so I put my XP 64 bit OS on and has perfectly worked, then I updated (using my own upgrade windows 7) and that works fine no problem, so I tried again with the original windows 7 comes pre-installed on the hard drive on the laptop and everything went find until she starts the installation of the driver or updates (I not 100% sure on this but it or after the installation of face recognition.

    Then it stops it of self down and boots back up to automatically restart and asking me if I want to repair due to a bad start, so I did the repair boots back to the top and still says I need to fix and can't find anything wrong and carries on in this circle.

    Now, I was told it could be the registry or there is a problem of graphics, I get pretty tired of having to install/reinstall/format this laptop.

    So if there is anyone who knows of what is wrong or what to do or whether it should be returned to fix, which will be very useful.

    I thank everyone in advance.

    Happy new year :)


    Well, I think that it of really difficult to say what is the reason. Maybe the recovery disk is noisy or the files corrupted it.

    At the moment, I can t imagine what it s a hardware problem because other windows drive work properly.

    In your case, I would try to install Windows 7 from a Microsoft disc and then see what happens. If it works properly and that you can install all drivers & tools you need to order a new drive Toshiba Recovery directly.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L50-A-103: cannot use the Nvidia GPU as default after Win 8.1 upgrade

    My Toshiba L50-A-103 has two graphics cards, an Intel(r) HD Graphics 4000 and Nvidia GeForce GT M 740.

    In my workplace, I use an external SyncMaster 2032BW monitor with a resolution of 1680 x 1080.
    I've upgraded to 8.1 Windows and I can't use the card nvidia as a default value.

    Now detects only Intel processors with up to 1366 x 768.
    Is there a solution to this problem?


    Update you all Win 8.1 drivers and utilities that have been released for this model on the page of the Toshiba UE driver?

    After the update of the system Win 8.1 you must update the drivers in the correct order.
    The installation instruction is also available on the Toshiba driver page!

  • Cannot use the FN button for volume up/down/mute - Satellite Pro L100


    When I was cleaning up my PC, I removed the programs with the Add/Remove Programs utillity.

    I accidentally deleted somekind of its driver. Now, I'm not able to use the fn for its control.

    I am not able to use FN - UP to volume high, FN-DOWN to lower the volume or FN - ESC to mute more.
    I tried the system restore, but this does not solve the problem.

    I tried to install the audio driver from the toshiba Web site, it has not helped either.

    Is anyone now how I can solve this problem and make the FN-UP/DOWN/ESC for volume control still works?

    Thank you.


    Thanks for the comments.

  • I have a residential group put in place but apple of my wife air does not recognize and it cannot use the network printer

    How can I solve this problem?

    Only Windows 7 computers can join a homegroup.

    You need to set up a working group for non Windows machines using the network functions.

    And if you have a network printer suitable, then it should not matter what OS you have as long as it has drivers for this printer. I guess that you have a SHARED printer and not a network printer in your question?

  • Satellite A100-233 - how to use the multimedia buttons in Linux


    I used to use media keys and ALTLinux on Toshiba Satellite A100-233 (who, under the power button)... Its possible? If so, how?

    PS: Sorry for my bad English... If you can answer on Russian... =)


    Hmm these buttons belongs to a characteristic of Toshiba and this function needs special drivers of Toshiba.
    Unfortunately, there is no drivers for Linux distributions and that's why I put t think you will get these buttons work after installing Linux.

    See you soon

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