Satellite A300 - restarts when I plug it into a power outlet

Hi guys this seems to be the place to ask this question,
My laptop is Satellite A300

When I connect the adapter it restarts all of a sudden, if I stay on the battery, it is fine if I am running Windows and plug power will be locked up and restart. It starts so that plugged either, unless it is in safe mode. With the power of the battery (with power adapter) machine works without any problem.

The problem (reboot) occurs when I connect to the AC adapter. I have change the power supply and tested. Remove the battery and tested. In addition, reformat and reinstall Vista and BIOS update.

But the problem is still there, please can someone help me?

Thank you!

Hi icebunny,.

Do you use an original Toshiba AC/DC adapter or a 3rd party one? This would explain why the computer restarts. Probably he doesn't use the correct specifications for voltage or intensity thus restarting the laptop.
Did you check the characteristics of the AC/DC adapter? The lower side of your laptop, you can check which adapter AC/DC (e.g. 19V 4, 3 a) is necessary.

Can you charge the battery when the laptop is turned off?

At the moment I think that it s mainboard malfunction and that would mean that he must replace :(

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  • Satellite A300 restart when it is plugged power

    Hi all
    I see some of these problems arise in the forums and I was wondering if anyone has a solid answer as to if this is fixable or is the laptop useless now.

    Satellite A300
    No error log display software errors.
    Error recovery reports an unexpected shutdown.
    Recovered the system using that a disc of recovery on the 3rd test and the problem persists.

    Although battery-operated system is functioning properly, but the battery life is simply not long enough that the laptop is my main computer.

    The laptop is now outside its warranty period and if I can not understand that I might as well use it as a doorstop and buy something else.

    Thanks in advance for your time

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  • Satellite A300 restarts when I connect AC adapter / CC

    I have Toshiba Satellite A300, and there is problem, as soon as I connect my adapter to my labtob it restarts directry, and there is no problem when I connect my adapter for my labtob in offline or even in safe mode.
    I tried to update the BIOS but I can't caudln because it is difficult to udate BIOS without plugging your power adapter...

    something else, I changed my power adapter with another, but nothing has changed and I corrected my original vista OS labtob, but also nothing has changed

    can any body help my out to solve this problem

    awaiting your response

    With or without the battery, the laptop must run stable on the sector
    If it s not the case, it is possible that your motherboard is affected but I hope that's not because it would be the worst case :(

  • Satellite A300 - restarts if I plug charger

    Hi all

    I'm on Toshiba Satellite A300 (psag0n/00w00u). Today, I installed Vista home edition. Now, I am facing strange problem that is my lappy restarts automatically as I plug in charger. This problem started suddenly previously installed OS (Vista ultimate), but at this time there I didn't notice if this only happens when I plug in charger. It seems to be a hardware error.

    Can you please help?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi remy,.

    In my opinion this has nothing to do with the Vista installation restart your laptop if you plug in a charger.

    To me, it looks like a hardware problem and your laptop should be checked by a technician of the laptop. Maybe the motherboard needs to be replaced or something else.
    By the way: you use the original from Toshiba AC adapter or another?

    If you use the original Toshiba adapter, contact the service provider authorized in your country. If not try again with an original Toshiba adapter.

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  • Satellite A300 restarts randomly when it is plugged in power chords

    I know it has been on many topics and forums before but-

    Satellite A300 Toshiba registered repairman after only another technician claimed the question was the motherboard.

    So a new hard drive had to be replaced (it was old age) by registered repairer.

    Graphics card died - map is part of the motherboard = motherboard replaced.

    Supposed to win - phone to make sure everything is well = "there still the issue."


    Don't forget not that the shop has been informed of the initial question
    1. phone call.
    2. by myself (wife) when I dropped the camera repair
    3. in the drop by my husband via phone
    4. by myself at diagnosis
    5 once again by my man when diagnostics
    6. by my man when he discussed the hard drive with 2 people at the store options
    7. after replacing hard drive
    8. by myself when new montherboard was "mandatory".
    9. my man at the same point

    So you can imagine today is both 10th, 11th and 12th, the store has been said that they do not listen


    NOW for my NEXT question.

    On all THE forums I have read about it, I always come back to the same answer - replace NEC/CATHERINE Proadlizer

    However, in looking at the published images and instructions I now get the image that this is part of the motherboard also. This is why I wonder how actually to our brand new motherboard installed days ago!

    If the capacitor is part of the motherboard I think which was replaced why this question is STILL being implemented?

    If not where is it located?

    At our graphics card on the old Board REALLY dead?
    Or was this like the last technician and as demonstrated - surprisingly not listening?

    All related information (and directions to give the tech) would be greatly appreciated.


    I'm really sorry to hear that you have such problems after Exchange of motherboard and I really don't understand why service is not properly check and test the features of the laptop.
    To discuss these issues is quite complicated because we can only speculate what may be the problem and no one can say with certainty why this happens.

    In my opinion all you can do is to do some tests and try to do a rational conclusion, but in the end service should solve the problem.

    Just a few questions about described:
    Everything is OK is when you use the power supply battery?
    How it works with power supply current when the battery is removed?
    Start the machine and enter the BIOS settings. Leave it for a while and check if computer laptop turns off again?
    What operating system do you use? Are you using the original OS that you got with the A300 or clean install of the OS?

  • Satellite A300 - restart of the equipment when installing Win7


    I have laptop Satellite A300-24Z, and I try to install windows 7 on it, the installation of the computer restart or get the bottom blue screen (not BSOD) and stuck.
    It s is usually spent on extraction of the files step.
    Help, please

    It s not a hard drive, I have already replace without a bit of luck


    You can install another system of Windows Vista or XP for example or you have the same problems the other systems?

    However, to check if the default BIOS allows you to install Windows 7
    In addition, try to set the SATA mode in compatible mode or AHCI.

  • Satellite A300 stops when the power adapter cable

    Hi people

    When I connect the power cable for my toshiba satellite a300, it stops immediately. I can use it on battery normally without any problems.
    When I boot in safe mode, it works fine without any problems with the AC adapter plugged into the laptop.
    Operating system is Windows Vista
    What is the reason? What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you

    Can you use it for laptop with AC power only when the battery is removed?
    If so, boot up your laptop and when the operating system is loaded to put battery inside, wait a few minutes and disconnect the power supply.
    Plug it in again and let us know if the same thing will happen again.

  • Satellite A300 stops when the power adapter is connected


    Yesterday, I bought a new Satellite A300. I plugged it in, worked some time with her and then I decided to stop it while it was plugged.
    The computer has stopped working, but in a few seconds, he started alone.

    I tried to do it while it was disconnected and there is no problem, but when it is plugged the problem persists.
    I would be happy if someone can help me!

    Thank you very much!

    I would try a BIOS update. You can download it here:

  • Satellite A100 restarts when HDD WD connected?

    Hi, I searched this issue in this forum, but I don't find it so here you go.

    I recently bought a WD portable hard drive and when I plugged, he enrolled in the icon section, then it would go to a blue screen and do a reboot even time I had connected hard drive. He wouldn't even give me the option/Assistant to install the program.

    My laptop is S100 998. I took it to where I bought and received a refund. They have had problems with it on his computer to test as well. I tried another unit in the store and he did exactly the same thing. Finally, I tried another brand that worked well, but the whole point of getting this portable hard drive was because of his rep.

    Do you think it's my phone who is at fault with the type of hard drive, or they are not as good as they say.

    See you soon

    Boyfriend sorry but if people in the store say that hard drives are not so good, why do you now your laptop is not OK?
    Either incidentally, S100 998 is unknown to me. Maybe you have Satellite A100 and not S100.

  • Satellite A300 BSOD when installing Windows XP

    Bought a new Satellite A300 that ships with Vista and a load of other rubbish.
    Set the BIOS to boot from the installation CD of Windows XP, but just after loading the drivers and files and just before
    from Windows XP installs, crash with blue screen advising me:

    A problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer,
    blah, blah. In other words blue screen of death that ends with this message - STOP: 0xF78D2524, 0 x 00000000, 0 x 00000000

    Now, I've had quite a few machines over the years, but never something like that before you encounter when you try to
    install an operating system.

    Any advice appreciated, otherwise unit will have to go back to the seller.

    Thank you


    Access the BIOS-> SATA mode choose and is compatible-> save the changes and exit the BIOS.
    Then try to reinstall Win XP with SP2.

  • Computer hangs when you insert the adapter into the power outlet

    my computer working properly, when I plug the adapter to the power outlet the screen freezes no key work. What can I do? Please help me. I buy the new adapter "nt also works. my computer is toshiba is my Windows vista Home premium


    The question you posted would be better suited in the Toshiba forums. View the query in the Toshiba forums for assistance.

    Also get in touch with the manufacturer and get the material under test.

    Hope that helps.

  • System of Satellite A100 restart when I eject a CD CD-driver


    I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite A100, when I eject a CD CD-driver, computer restart.
    Could someone help me, please?

    Best regards, Robert

    Which is really strange, I know that the laptop could happen again if an error has been detected.
    So in my opinion that the internal CD/DVD drive could cause this strange restarts automatically.

    It would be very interesting to know if the same thing will happen with a new CD/DVD drive. I think you do not have the opportunity to test this and therefore, it would be advisable to contact the service provider authorized in your country for these audits.

    But wait; have you tried to update the operating system and boot from the restore CD?
    Try to reinstall the OS from the original Toshiba Recovery CD and check if the same will happen in fresh, new OS.

  • System restarts when I plug my webcam

    original title: problem with webcam pluge

    When pluge my webcam usb pc restarts how can I solve this problem?


    You said 'no' when asked if you have downloaded the latest drivers for the webcam. I suggest that you do this.
    However, it looks more than just driver problems. What is the brand and model of the webcam?
  • Problem with Satellite Z830 restart when you wake up

    Hi all, I have an occasional problem where when I wake up my Z830, the screen will become black, restart the computer, and I get the screen "Windows did not shut down correctly.

    It happens from time to time, but I think with the following sequence of events:
    1 put the computer to sleep by closing the lid
    2. pull out the computer by opening the cover

    Once I restart using the 'start Windows normally' option, all right.

    Does anyone else know this? I love this phone, so not thinking that there are already problems!

    > Happens from time to time, but I believe that with the following sequence of events:
    > 1. Put the computer to sleep by closing the lid
    > 2. Wake the computer by opening the cover

    Does this happen if access mode sleep otherwise? for example clicking on the Start button and choosing to sleep?
    This happens with the hibernation mode too?

Maybe you are looking for

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