Satellite A500 / 01 K-battery draining all off

Hi all

I have an A500 / 01 K. Battery average of 8% per whist day, that the computer is turned off. When removed he loses not any charge.
Clues please?

See you soon

Hi gtpeyote,

In my opinion, 8% are ok and it s not unusual. Someone told me that the battery could be empty all night up to 10%.

It is important that you disable in the BIOS Wake up LAN/keyboard and USB Sleep & Charge. That s all that you can do to improve this value.

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  • Satellite C50 - rate or battery drain while it is turned off

    My C50 Satellite new loses the battery charge at the rate of 3% per day while THAT SWITCHED OFF, which seems rather excessive.

    I have some batteries "dud"?

    This is nothing unusual, and on this forum, you will find number of threads with this and similar questions.
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  • Satellite A500-19 t - battery no longer charges


    I have a Satellite A500-19 t and since last week my battery is fresher.
    When I start the laptop, the battery light is turned on for a few seconds, and then turns off.

    In windows, he knows the battery is in place, but it does not load it. Is the battery that is dead?
    Should I buy a new one?

    Or could it be something else?
    Has anyone experienced this problem?


    Try to update the BIOS.
    Sometimes the BIOS update allows to solve some battery problems, but to be honest, it sounds a little like a malfunction of the battery in such a case, the battery must be replaced.

    Incidentally... try this work around:

    Disconnect the AC
    Remove the battery
    Connect AC
    Under the category of batteries, all ads by Microsoft ACPI compatible control method battery do a right-click and select Uninstall (it ok if you only have 1).
    Disconnect the AC
    Insert the battery
    Connect AC

  • Re: Satellite A100-811 main battery indicator is OFF


    I have a toshiba satellite a100-811 and the problem is the following:
    When it is plugged in, the main indicator should be blue (full load) or orange (charge).
    Now it is off (no light at all).

    I unplugged DC and back is plugged and the fire was orange for a few seconds and then went off again. Battery is charged at 99%.

    What is a battery or a motherboard problem?
    The laptop is old. Should I be backing up my files?

    > Should I be backing up my files?

    You should always have a backup of your files in case something bad happens to your laptop or HARD drive.
    But the battery issue would not affect your files directly.

    However, try this:
    Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter.
    Now hold down the power button / stop along 30 sec.
    Then, plug the battery and plug in the AC adapter and check if the battery indicator would be IT.

    But I think that if the laptop is still running even if the AC adapter is not connected, then the battery should be ok

  • Satellite A500 - Remove the battery when connected to the network?


    I bought a new Satellite 500 and I would use it as much as possible. I'm not sure the stage of development of this battery. Should I remove the battery when I use the laptop at all times with the net supply?
    Or this does not damage the battery longer years yet there is, or is the problem of the destruction of the battery because of the heat and being reloaded frequently persists?

    I'm sorry if I could post to redundantly, but it is difficult to search for information, since I'm not a native speaker.
    I encourage you just for a small tip for a related thread if available.

    Thank you very much!


    To be honest, I often work with connected AC/DC adapter, but I never removed my battery. Sometimes I decide to work in another room and then I just unplug the AC adapter and that s all the! :)

    Furthermore, I founded this interesting link for you:

  • BlackBerry Z10 Z10 battery drains all of a sudden

    Hey, all the

    I want to submit a problem that I am facing my Z10 bb.

    His works of full battery up to 40%, but then after it suddenly goes empty.

    And when I start charging it then continues by 40%. So, what should I do?

    I contacted directly to the local service center and they replaced my phone but the problem is still there again.

    Thus, a completely new device does the same? This, the chances are very slim. Make sure that you are back the same device?

    That said, remove the battery for 90 minutes and see if the battery meter resets.

  • Satellite A500: display driver & CD burning problem

    I have problems with the Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver Version 187.98. I went back to Harvey Norman where I bought it and they said to update the driver. I got the update and it still happens. Sometimes more than 6 times within a few hours.

    Now I have problems burning photos on a disc.

    I really want to have this computer at the door and I have had for 3 months and have had nothing else into trouble with him.
    All Satellite A500 work like that

    > All Satellite A500 work like that
    I don t think so

    You must use the Toshiba graphics card driver in most cases that these drivers are pre-tested and should work correctly. BIOS should be also updated!

    > Now, I have a burning problem of the photos on a disc.
    You should check if the new CD/DVD firmware is available for your CD/DVD drive.
    You should look on the European driver Toshiba page. In addition to information, you will get a few details on the firmware available.

    If there is no firmware available, then you should test different CD and DVD from different manufacturers

  • During Hibernation battery drain

    Battery of my PC laptop Lenovo X61s (Vista Business) drains approximately 5-8% during hibernation (about 8 hours).

    Lenovo has confirmed the battery drain and sent me a patch. However, he has not recently, after some Vista/Lenovo updates.

    When I bought the PC, the battery drain did not. The problem appeared after some Vista/Lenovo updates. The only workarounds are:

    1. remove the battery for a brief second and reattach.
    2. remove the AC adapter before hibernation.
    3. use Shutdown instead of Hibernation.
    4. do not install updates/patches after complete reinstallation of Vista.

    The battery drain issue seems to affect other Lenovo, Dell and other brands as models. I think the problem has to do with Vista and all the patches. Does anyone have a solution?

    Hi all

    battery drain can be caused by a number of reasons. Most of them is meant to be like this (ability to Wake-on-lan, wake-up regular tasks, hybrid sleep, etc.). Others are "bugs", they are not supposed to use the power during hibernation. Trying to eliminate battery drain, ALL possible factors must be addressed, otherwise drain may still be the case.

    If there is no flow during hibernation on battery power or hibernation and briefly put (and re-insertion) the battery later, the High Definition Audio Controller is most likely the culprit. Applying the fix mentioned above should solve the problem.

    If there are brains, then you must look in all other possible causes first. The High Definition Audio Controller can still be selected feeding when hibernation while that looted and do not remove the battery by the suite, but you will be only once all other causes have been eliminated (and at least one will be the case). In rare cases, a bad battery will be the reason.

    Please see the following thread and those related to it in order to check most of the other causes of energy during hibernation:


  • Satellite A500-138 - battery gets smaller when it is off


    I recently bought the A500-138 and I noticed that if the computer turns off for more than half a day the battery power is lower.
    For example, after 2 days when the computer does not work at all the battery starts to 88%.

    It it normal or there is a problem with the battery?

    Thank you.


    I n t have any new Satellite A500, but on my Satellite A300, I got the same problem battery gets low when it was off.

    After searching a bit here in the forum, I founded that I disable the Wake-On-LAN feature in the BIOS. In addition, I recommend disabling the function USB Sleep & Charge you can find also in the BIOS.

    It works for you too?

    Good bye

  • Satellite A500 loses the same battery power is OFF

    Satellite A500/01mhnx model.
    When I load completely to max and let that stop you it completely, after about 4 days, it says only about 2% of the available power.
    Is this normal because it is a new unit?

    All opinions and comments welcome.

    To be honest, it is not normal for me.
    Maybe you should contact the nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer.
    Explain the situation and allow to check the battery.

  • Adapter wireless turned off suddenly on my Satellite A500

    I have a laptop Satellite A500, on an old win7, a year and a half. Since the expiration of the warranty all started to go wrong and break spontaneously.

    Last night, the battery ended his own life, and it will now work on the sector. As soon as this happened, the wireless adapter also stopped work, behave as if I had flicked the switch at the front. A small red cross is in the lower corner, saying: no connection is available. Troubleshooting the connection says that the wireless card is disabled. If I go into the properties of the adapter, it seems turned on, it says the device is working properly and "allow windows turn off automatically" tab in power options is not checked.

    Is there anything else I can try? Buy a new battery would solve this problem?

    See you soon.

    * @ Wifi Kaputt *.
    Seems you have corrected this and according to the last assignment, the WiFi network was not enabled correctly because the Fn + F8 didn t work properly so I agree with you: these two tools should reactivate the FN feature.

  • Satellite A500 - battery light flashes when connected to the power supply

    Win 7 Satellite A500 PSAM3A-03P00E.

    Battery light flashes when connected to the power supply (intermittent fault), when I disconnect the sector and reconnect the flashing stops and battery (high capacity) continues to receive.

    Also, when battery light blinks the keyboard backlight stays on when it should white and if the backlight is turned off and the battery light starts to blink the keyboard backlight turns on, all other functions seem to work well.

    Charges of battery and the wedges load properly (when the battery flashes).


    Have you noticed this problem since the first day of purchase?
    Theoretically, it could be possible that your battery begins to malfunction
    On the other hand, an electrical problem could also be possible

    However, try this:
    Remove the battery and the AC adapter. Then press and hold button power 30 sec long.
    Then insert the battery and plug AC adapter still does that help?

    By the way: this is the BIOS updated? If this isn't the case, perform an update.

  • Satellite A500-1GG (PSAR9E) loses 5-7% of battery in standby mode

    My fully charged Satellite A500-1GG loses about 5-7% in stop for like 24 hours.

    A similar question was already posted, but it is now locked. The solution he had to disable the "wake-ups", but I disabled them (BIOS v1.50) and I still have this problem (I think we can call it a problem). Imagine the accusation that he would lose if it has been disabled for a week...

    Is this considered normal? If not, is there one solution other than the one posted before?

    It's normal. The same thing on my Satellite A300. When I turn off and there all night off and not connected to the power running on next day it always shows between 88 and 94% battery charge.

    There is nothing unusual and happens on all laptops. Of course, the values are not fixed and a battery loses capacity during the night so that others.

  • Satellite A500 - update BIOS with dead battery

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A500 (PSAR3E) laptop and I need to update the BIOS to the latest version.
    Unfortunately, my battery died completely, and I have no chance to get a working one.

    I was trying to update the bios all day, but no matter how I try (even created a boot back drive and took command line phlash16, /forceit and so on) it keeps telling me that he needs at least 10% charged battery present.

    How can this problem be solved?

    > If I remove the battery, engine update fails, say there is no battery present, if I fix the battery, then update will fail saying the battery must be at least 10% - but he died, this percentage is 0.
    And you write about original Win version that you have downloaded from the Toshiba BIOS download page and started in Windows?

    To be honest is unclear to me that there is a trick to avoid this situation.
    Maybe something stupid, but now, do you really need to install the update to the BIOS?
    Is there a problem with your machine?

  • Satellite A500-17 X restarts all by playing games

    Hi all
    I've had my toshiba satellite a500-17 x for about two years, I bought to play Starcraft and world of warcraft. Since I got it I had a problem with it. While playing games it would suddenly reboot the laptop. I contacted customer support and has it been reduced to see if they can find out what was wrong with her. They said that it was fine and it must be the games software that was causing the problem. (I don't think that this is the problem because I reinstalled all the software and the problem persisted)

    I felt they were trying to bluff me with this answer. They did not have an inspection into debt to try to resolve the problem or I thought that the model itself was wrong.

    In any case, I wanted to say that the laptop can sometimes play fine for hours, but other days it will crash repeatedly.

    I just want to point something; my graphics driver is updated. My vents are quite clear. The temperature is stable. I put the maximum power management. I play with a battery and the laptop is plugged. This happened also to a cold start.

    During the restart I don't give me any warning. The laptop turns just stop (no beeps, no blue screen) and restarts.

    I've never posted here before, and I would really appreciate your help.

    I know that this has been a problem in the past with this model that I searched the forums for solutions, but I can't find one.

    If you know a solution, I would be very grateful.
    Thank you


    I fear that you will not be able to find a quick fix here Mr. all that you have done is just and you use your laptop on the right way.
    Have you noticed this problem while using laptop for daily activities or that comes into play only? Is original recovery image Toshiba preinstalled on your laptop or use clean install of the OS?
    >... I just want to point something; my graphics driver is up to date
    What it means? Using the Toshiba download page display driver or you have installed the driver on the graphics card manufacturer page?

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