Satellite L20 keyboard & touchpad work not but keyboard works in the BIOS

On my laptop Satellite L20 not work keyboard and the touchpad and keyboard works in the BIOS, USB ports also does not (USB mouse).

Can I get the BIOS update file (traditional update on the boot CD, no BONE!)

Sorry for my bad English.

If the update of the traditional BIOS is not available on the download page the only way to get it is to contact the nearest authorized service provider. They have all versions.

But this problem of keyboard and mouse is really strange. can you use if you start the operating system in safe mode?

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  • Satellite L505-13N - touchpad does not work in Win 8.1


    I have a Satellite L 505 - 13N and installed windows 8.1.
    While a lot of shortcut keys (screen, lock, sound, etc), I can't properly control the touch-pad.

    Initially in Windows 8.1 where the drivers for touch-pad (Synaptics PS/2) installed.
    Device Manager indicates that the device is installed and working properly but it doesn't.

    I found and installed the driver package "Scrybe-64_Signed_Marketing_SGS94_UI-Synaptics_v15_2_20_C_XP64_Vista64_Win7" but I still can't use the device...

    I already saw that my device is not supported for windows 8 (I wonder why?)
    but I you'd be grateful if someone could propose an idea for her to wake up...


    The driver package installed Synaptics doesn't seem to be compatible with Win 8.1.
    In the description, it says clearly: Vista 64 bit, Win7 64-bit

    Maybe you should just try to install the driver for the Synaptics touchpad which was published for others, new laptop models. New notebook series supports Win 8.1 and in my opinion, there is a good chance to get the touchpad working using the Win 8.1 driver version.

  • Satellite L500D - 16L - touchpad does not work.

    I have a new L500D but my touchpad does not work.
    My diagnosis of computer told me that there is no problem, I have a mini mouse USB connected, would that be causing a conflict?
    Can someone please give me some advice.

    Thank you

    Try to press Fn + F9 to toggle the Touchpad. Also take a look in the BIOS, the touchpad can be disabled it. Also try to uninstall the software for your mouse USB mouse (if you have installed everything), this software can cause a conflict.

  • USB key not in Explorer and devices, but this Manager in the BIOS

    I tried troubleshooting, then also same problem continuesm, my pen drive icon is not there in "explore and Device Manager» but I checked in the BIOS, its name from s showing pen drive with precision.

    method 1.

    I deleted the UPPERFILTERS KEY in 4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318, THEN I rebooted, but windows did not start several times, finally, I've recovered from systemrestore. When I have connected to the windows screen, I inserted the USB, but there are no ICONS, yet once I went and cross checked in the registry, EVEN UPPERFILTERS is restored.

    I tried above methods three times, but no use






    I shared your post from the old thread from your USB key is not lock up your PC as the SPÖ a. (previous thread: USB key works not on Windows 7, system hangs up and need to restart )

    You could try to save all the files on your USB key to another source and then try to reformat the drive on a PC that recognizes it (try formatting in FAT32 and NTFS to see if one or the other works) and check if your Windows 7 system can find it later.

  • My USB hard disk drive does not appear in my computer, but is seen in the BIOS and not in disk management or anywhere else! What should I do now?

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    Sunday, January 20, 2013 11:46:37 + 0000, Nikesh1123 wrote:

    I use windows 7 Professional 64-bit. The hard drive I had does not appear in my computer, but it does in the bios. What should I do to make the data available to me in the hard drive?

    On which computer data has been put on this drive? What is the file
    the drive system?

  • Satellite A500 boot UEFI/legacy option - request for update of the BIOS-

    I am the proud owner of a Satellite A500 PSAR9A - 02S 001
    I was very happy with it over the years.

    However, when you try to dual boot, I use in all sorts of problems.

    I really need uefi/legacy startup options to be unlocked in the bios menu
    I think that this feature is present
    However there is no options to configure in bios, please release an update for this.

    Please, I beg you.

    It would help me a lot.
    Not too much talk of what all the other hidden settings in the bios u could also unlock.
    I'd appreciate any help in this

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    As far as I know, Toshiba offers a few changes of BIOS options and is not also a part of the BIOS updates.

    What kind of problems you have with dual boot?
    What is preinstalled on your computer? Post please some info on exact OS install.

  • Can the keyboard and the touchpad works at the same time?

    I play games on my computer, so I have to use the keyboard and the touchpad. Whenever I have every time I press the keys on the keyboard, the touchpad freezes. But when I plug in a mouse, it works fine. Anyway around this?

    If this switch Windows provides within the parameters of laptop does not help, try the setting as the manufacturer of your control in the old Desktop Panel.

    1. Press Windows + R to display the run box, type main.cpl , and press ENTER.
    2. Locate the touchpad settings, or if none are found, try the Hardware tab, and then click the settings button.  I can't be specific here because every computer manufacturer lets you customize where (or if) they put the settings here.
    3. If you find the touchpad settings, look for options such as 'Palm Check' or 'Rejection Touch' that could be causing your problem.
  • Satellite Pro L300 - touchpad does not work

    Hi all that I need help urgent because it drives me crazy. First of all, I use XP PRO. My laptop is fairly new, only around the age of 4 months, I had no problem with it at all. I formatted my laptop yesterday and reinstalled all the drivers that I downloaded here:

    and everything works fine except the touchpad. I have already installed shared, utilitarian toggle the touchpad Module and I have the latest BIOS installed and reset all default settings and I made sure that the touchpad is enabled in the BIOS, but also pressing FN + F9 to enable during Windows.

    I installed the latest touchpad driver Synpatics I downloaded from the homepage of Synaptics. But for some reason any, that it does not work, I don't know what is the problem here. My touchpad worked before I formatted my laptop, it worked fine and has never had any problems. Will you please tell me what is wrong because I need to use my touchpad sometimes as well, so I can't use a mouse all the time.


    > I installed the latest Synaptics touchpad driver that I downloaded from the home page of Synaptics
    I think that you question refers simply to the driver for the touchpad that is missing or incorrect.
    I put t know how it works on Toshiba notebook Australian, but the Toshiba European Satellite Pro L300 units needs touchpad different drivers. some use the Toshiba touchpad driver and some units need a driver for the Synaptics touchpad.

    In your case, I recommend this controlled again.

    By the way; My touchpad is always disabled so that en external mouse is connected.
    It is parameters that control it. Please check in your touchpad properties too!

  • Satellite L50-A013 - touchpad does not work

    Hi all

    I've had my L50-A013 Satellite for about 7 months now.

    In the last month or so I started to have problems with the touchpad, freezing and does not not my contact.
    This lasted a few minutes at a time, then came the back of its own accord, almost like a very long latency period.
    This morning, however, I turned on my laptop and the touchpad does not work.

    Device Manager does not display a mouse or pointing device at all until I attach a mouse USB.
    By pressing the key that normally activates / deactivates the touchpad does not work - nothing changes and the light does not turn on in both positions.

    I tried reinstalling the drivers without result, and windows is no update that might help (or any recently that might have caused the problem).

    If anyone has any other ideas for what I can try, it would be amazing.
    The laptop is under warranty so I can hopefully get it fixed, but if possible I would really do not have to go without a computer until it's settled.

    Thank you all for your time,

    Hi Sase

    It is not easy to say what the problem is, but I can imagine that there is hardware problem. Perhaps touchpad loses the connection to the motherboard. I mean if this piece of hardware is not detected I can imagine this scenario.

    Of course best test you can do now is to reinstall OS and test functionality with the factory settings, but will delete your actual configuration of OS and software pre-installed.

    If this kind of test is possible do. If not, I think you must contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They have special diagnostic tools and they can check it for you.

  • Re: Satellite P205-S7469 TouchPad does not work

    Hi guys.

    I bought this computer a year ago in the States. Then I moved to the Sweden.
    My hard drive crashed. Buy a new
    But I left apperently all CD for the computer back to the States-. -.

    So now, I have downloaded Microsoft windows Vista Home Premium because it's what I had before.
    Used the CD Key which was written under the computer.
    If everything works Gr8 except my Touch Pad...

    I installed all the Windows Update drivers were able to give me.
    Went to support toshiba and downloaded page the drivers from there.
    But still, nothing. It won't work.

    Anyone know what I can do? Or what is the problem.

    Thank you all for all the help you can provide me.
    Lol XoXo


    I have no idea why the touchpad does not work yet, you have installed the good drivers do you have?

    Are you sure that the touchpad is not disabled? Usually, you can disable the touch pad using the FN + F9 key combination. Check it out.

    The P205 Sat is very similar to the European model Toshiba Satellite P200.

    Maybe you can download two Touchpad (Alps Electric and Synaptics) drivers from the Toshiba European page choose either of the P200 series and check the drivers!

  • Satellite L20-182: fan is not working properly - intervals of one minute

    When I turn on the computer about 20 minutes is quiet. The fan starts like a hurricane, slows down and stops. It lasts a few seconds. The fan works this way on a regular basis with intervals of one minute.
    Is it possible to turn the fan on a continuous work in slow motion?

    Hi Dominika

    I put t believe that your laptop can be so dusty in a few months and believe me there everything is ok. I know that cooling fan noise is sometimes annoying, but unfortunately there is not much to do.

    I'll be honest to you. Satellite L20 is low budget and the unit is configured very simply. For most Toshiba units, it has preinstalled Toshiba intelligence tool and it is possible to change the method of cooling. On your device, it is not possible.

  • Bad on Satellite L20 keyboard settings

    just bought me a series of satellites for laptop Toshiba L20/L25. I installed my wxp and now the keyboard does not match the letters and numbers. for example if I press shift and 8, there is * and not (.)
    How should I do?
    Thank you and my email is [email protected]


    I agree with James. This looks like a bad keyboard language setting.
    You should check what keyboard language installed on your device and change the settings of operating system as in the previous announcement described.

  • Satellite P200-144: Touchpad works does not after Microsoft Windows Update


    I have a Satellite P200-144 and since I installed a new Synaptics driver provided for me through Windows Update the touchpad did not work.

    I tried to roll back the driver, re - install a new installation of a driver Alps (as suggested by a messsage on board), but this has no effect. I tried to revert to a previous state of the system, but this fails to happen.

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium that came with the noteboos when I bought a few months ago. I also went in the settings in the control panel and none of the settings work - help!

    Someone has it has happen to them, or does anyone know of a fix for this?

    Kind regards



    a quick and efficient solution would be to backup your data on an external (DVD, USB - HDD, etc.) to recover your machine and then to AVOID such Windows updates, as this driver IS not native drivers from the manufacturer. Just install the drivers supplied by toshiba, since they act on your machine.

    Unfortunately I have Don t have another solution for you, then it would be best to try this method and give a quick answer if it worked.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L305D-S5873 - touchpad does not work under Win XP

    HUGE problem
    Key Satellite L305D - S5873 DOESN'T work under XP.

    I am with XP now and doesn't work, while I had Vista it worked and he stopped.
    Then I installed the xp and still, it does not.


    So you say that the touchpad works properly using the Vista operating system, but you are not able by using the touchpad running Win XP.
    Is this good?

    If Yes, then I think that you have not installed the XP drivers good touchpad.

    Satellite L305 belongs to the Toshiba U.S. series and you should visit the Toshiba driver page us to get XP drivers

    Sorry, but for me it s a clear case. It's a softer question, and possibly the right driver installation is required.

  • Satellite L40 - 18W - Touchpad does not work

    Hey guys...

    I have Toshiba Satellite L40 - 18W, bought in the Middle East, and unfortunately its touchpad does not work... I checked and double checked all the possible places, so anything that is disabled or misconfigured but found nothing.

    As there are quite a few errors in the operating system I formatted my hard drive and install WXP Prof, installed all the drivers, but the touchpad is not always works. I'm very confused as before and after formatting the pointer moves a little when I use the touch pad at the beginning of the UPA start? ¦

    Help, please...

    The best audit is to install the operating system with the original Toshiba recovery image and test it with the factory settings. In this case touchpad should work fine. Otherwise, contact the service and leave check your laptop.

    Sorry, but I don't see another solution for you.

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