Satellite L300-1DN: brocken USB ports - PCMCIA USB card does not fit

My granddaughter broke the USB ports leaving the dongle and it banging as she wore the portable peasantry.
We advised me to buy a Belkin USB 2.0 notebook card and slide it into the slot on the side of the laptop but it does not seem appropriate.
I am a novice in computers and would welcome that any help however basic.




Satellite L300-1DN was equipped with the EXPRESS CARD slot.
You can use the ExpressCard/54 card.

Have a look here on the Wikipedia page:

Welcome them

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    I've upgraded to Vista Ultimate Home and now my Webcam does not work. When I tried to update the driver, I get a message that says that Windows has encountered a problem installing the software driver for your device...

    The installation file forthis training device is missing a necessary entry. Maybe it's because the file INF was written for Windows 95 or later. Contact your hardware vendor.

    I succumbed to find the drivers on the Chicony website. My laptop is a Satellite P205-S6257 and the Toshiba is not yet display on their support site. I don't have a disk for webcam.

    Any suggestions?

    I wish more users would use the advanced search for the Toshiba forum because many topics have already been discussed here and the solution was already planned.

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  • Re: Satellite Pro A60 - PCMCIA WLAN card does not question CardBus

    I received an A60 to upgrade for a friend and one of the necessary things is a wireless card.

    I got a 32-bit cardbus card but when I insert into the laptop, nothing happens. XP does not recognize, the oo lights do not come on the map.
    First I thought it was a faulty card but I tried other cards and get the same results and I reinstalled XP and all the drivers but nothing.

    I've seen other messages on the change of the mode in the BIOS, but there is no mention of the CardBus in the BIOS.
    The laptop uses the BIOS version 1.9. I just want to check is there something escapes me or the CardBus location just does not work?


    Satellite Pro A60 was equipped with the 32-bit and 16-bit PCMCIA slot that supports PCMCIA card * Type-II * only!

    Have you used the * PCMCIA Type-II card?

    Perhaps you have used is not compatible PCMCIA card, you should check this first!

  • Satellite L300 has no sound and the modem also does not work

    I have this Toshiba Satellite L300 (PSLB8A - 1F004) an Australian model who was working perfectly until I changed the hard drive after he developed bad sectors.
    I installed Win Vista Business.

    I have all drivers (TOSAPINS file) provided with the original hard drive, but when I installed the drivers in the correct order. IE chipset, modules, audio, modem, and all the other pilots.

    There is still a little red x on the taskbar saying: "no audio output device is installed" and I also noticed that the modem is not listed in Device Manager. I also tried to replace a work from a cell phone same model modem card, but it still shows no signs of picking up the modem as well as his driver.

    I made the attempt to download the drivers from under the exact model and the OS and installed but nothing helps, the problem is still there.

    No sign of modem picked up and the little red x on the taskbar always shows "no audio output device is installed" and on Device Manager, is not to show the audio or modem. There is also nothing in the typical yellow marks and also I tried to show hidden devices but there is still no sign.

    Is there something else I missed that I can try again?


    I agree, with Akuma. First remove the audio controller from Device Manager (can be found under audio and game controllers).

    Then update the Vista of the State. All patches and Service Packs must be installed.
    Then, restart the device and install the driver Audio from Realtek ALC268 from here:

    Should work

  • Slot PCMCIA (Express card) does not not on the Qosmio F50

    I have a new notebook from Toshiba Qosmio F50.
    I am in the express card slot allows you to display images on a CF card, but it does not work, it does not detect anything.

    Any idea? Should it be turned on at all?

    Do you use an adapter to view the photos on a CF card?
    Maybe this card will not take in charge the laptop.

    And do you see anything in the Device Manager?

    What happened when you use the CF card with a USB card reader? Similarly?

  • Satellite A300 - 20 p - MS Pro Duo memory card does not work

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 - 20 p and MS DUO memory card stopped working.
    He always asks me to format the card.

    I tried three cards of the same type, but still the same problem.
    The cards work in my PSP and my Sonyericsson mobile as well as all computers laptops hp.
    I gave the phone to service center Toshiba here Bahrain and they tell me that this card is not compatible with Toshiba, but this card has worked before in this same laptop...

    My laptop isn't even four months, and this is the response I get.
    What is the use of the international warranty of two years if they cannot solve the problems...

    Please help me so sad, I bought a toshiba laptop...

    Thank you


    The computer s laptop Satellite A300 card reader - 20 p are supported on these cards:

    8MB - 2 GB SD card
    4 GB to 16 GB SDHC card
    16MB - 2 GB xD Picture card
    Memory Stick 8 to 256 MB
    Memory Stick Pro 256 MB to 4 GB
    8MB - 2 GB MultiMediaCard
    miniSD (with adapter) 32 MB - 2 GB
    512 MB - 4 GB microSD (with adapter)
    Memory Stick Pro Duo(with adapter) 256 MB - 4 GB

    As you can see the Memory stick Pro Duo is compatible and can be used with the adapter. But only card up to 4 GB are supported.

    In your case I recommend you remove the card from the card reader location.
    -And then uninstall the driver from card reader in Device Manager.
    -Then download the driver for the card reader from the European driver Toshiba page.
    -Then install the card reader driver
    -restart the laptop and check the card reader again.

  • My Port HDMI graphics card does not!

    I have the alienware x 51 with

    15 - 3.00 ghz

    graphics card-geforce gtx 645

    8 GB RAM

    What happens is when I turned on the computer, the system starts, but there is no display.

    I changed the onboard HDMI port hdmi cable and screen then comes. In the BIOS settings, the main display is discreet. Can someone help me?

    Try to update the BIOS.

    So again, it does not solve the issue. I open the computer, remove the video card. Give him some dust removal and replace in.

    Then check in the BIOS if it always shows the main screen as discrete.

  • Replacement for USB card does not not on Satellite L500-1XC

    My paintings of USB stopped working so I got another tip for a L500 and suspect it is not compatible. The Council adapts well, but after you enter a USB he struggles to read. An iPhone or MP3 for example will reload, but you will not be able to open the file content and edit/view devices.

    I tried to turn off the drivers and remove them completely and turn off the computer, wait 15 minutes and then turning back but I keep getting messages 'defective device. I'm going nuts trying to solve this as it made my phone almost useless for me. Anyone that could help I would be eternally grateful!

    I suspect that the only hope on the left might be reinstalling windows, but my CD is scratched so cannot even do that.


    I put t see many options here:
    The Council of USB is compatible and would work properly or its not compatible or defective and it will not work as it should.

    USB drivers are part of the system and cannot be installed separately.
    You must install the windows to check how the USB Board would work...,

  • Qosmio F20: PCMCIA sound card does not work

    Hello world...

    I had a problem with my Qosmio f20. My creative PCMCIA card has been propely work up until a week ago. Now no reason my laptop could not detect it. Even after a format.

    All other works of PCMCIA cards.

    plssssssss help

    The case is clear for me.
    If any other job cards PCMCIA correctly on the F20 and only PCMCIA doesn t creative work then I guess that the card has a malfunction.
    You should test this laptop on another card. If it doesn t work so card is dead.

  • Satellite L300 - Vista - Touchpad and USB mouse does not.


    Well well after hours of trying allsorts, I post here...

    Been given the laptop for repair as the touchpad no longer. No problem "I thought", simply plug a mouse usb to help me get around and re - install the touchpad... what a joke.

    On the right, the USB mouse is recognized as a hid device and work, according to the Manager of devices, but not when you move it... nothing...
    The Touchpad is listed as a Synaptics ps/2 touchpad and signals a Code 10 in section mouse device as well as listed as a hid and fully functional usb mouse Manager.

    Right... I have...
    Listed all devices, even the hidden nonpresent (devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices) and removed everything only account of any mouse, keyboards, etc...
    uninstalled the software synaptics via the program Panel.
    Restarted the laptop, and it starts with the touchpad is ranked again code 10 with the version of windows drivers.
    Drivers up to date using two different files of Toshiba for the touchpad, still Code 10
    Still, the USB mouse does not either.

    Someone enlighten me please on a fix for this...


    Really strange what s my friend because normally a touchpad driver update should solve the problem.

    In any case, have you ever tried to use the Toshiba Recovery disk? Maybe it s just a software problem and a few important Windows files are destroyed or don t work properly. Reinstall Windows using the recovery disk Toshiba takes only a few minutes and there are already all the drivers and tools integrated. With these parameters (factory settings), the touchpad should work properly, and if not the touchpad or the motherboard needs to be replaced maybe.

    Good bye

  • How to enable virtualization on Satellite L300-1DN?

    I would like to know how to enable virtualization on Satellite L300 1DN please?
    Thanks in advance


    General virtualization is not available on all computers laptops because it s based on the material and it must be supported on the CPU.
    On many models with processor supports virtualization, this option is added in the BIOS. Sorry, but if this option is not available in the BIOS settings nothing you can do about it.

  • Satellite L300-1DN is scalable?

    I recently bought a Satellite L300-1DN which has Vista Home Premium.

    After the purchase, I was told that it would be not possible to change the o/s (down or upgrade). However, I would like to upgrade to Windows 7 once it is launched. I'm not sure moving to XP on it, it is a good idea.

    My preference is for own facilities, so drivers will receive for Win7? If this is not possible it would be possible to upgrade to Win7. My problem is that Vista is extremely heavy on system resources and the boot time is terrible (to compare to the Puppy Linux< 30="">

    Thanks for this info!

  • Re: Satellite L300-1DN - unable to connect to the internet

    Hello guys! I recently bought a Toshiba laptop - Satellite L300-1DN and I can't connect to the internet wirelessly or by cable.

    I tried to turn on the wireless button and my laptop recognized my network without wire from my house, but he just not able to connect. Then I tried to connect the cable, but my laptop itself connected to an 'unidentified network' and the internet still does not not :(

    The internet works perfectly fine for my old laptop and my other roommates. So I guess that is not a problem with my router itself.

    I don't know computers very well, so I'd really appreciate your professional opinion!

    Thank you very much!

    > One last thing, I tried to connect to an unsecured wireless network and it worked!

    It looks like a problem with your router. Check this box and look on the site of the factory for an updated firmware.

    Make sure the laptop and the router using the same standard WiFi (for example 802.11 g).
    Disable all the functions of economy of the WLAN card in Device Manager.

    Last but not least follow Luke posted.

  • Re: Satellite L300-1DN - how to use recognition of face for login


    I recently bought a new Toshiba Satellite L300-1DN and I want to use face recognition to connect.
    I registered my face with the usual set up, until the movement of the head and side by side in a fixed sofa downstaires.
    Now here or in any position other than this couch I can't connect without a fault which is very annoying!

    Because I thought that I would probably be more connect from my office in any case, I have re-made the installer, which worked.
    Over and over in the exact position even newspaper failure!

    Now, whenever I try to re setup my face etc, I am going through the whole process and it fails.
    I've done about 5 times now and make me very frustrated!

    I just want to know if theres any way to connect with different places and run the perfect set up?

    Thank you, Joe


    Maybe I can help my friend.
    I searched here in the forum for useful discussions and forum it here:

    The user shaaaaan has reported this statement:
    To use smart Toshiba face recognition software:

    First of all,

    step 1. Although it cannot be configured or whatever it is, check the weather its already installed in your system, to do,

    1.a. open 'computer' from the 'Start' button
    1.b. Double click "C:" drive or every time your windows is installed, by default the C: drive.
    1.c. double-click "Program Files."
    1.d. double-click "TOSHIBA."
    1.e. weather check the folder named 'SmartFaceV' exists in this folder.
    1.f. If the file exists, this means that you have installed, s/w face recognition even if it is not configured to use, skip step 2 and GO to step 3.
    1.g. Else if the file did not exist, this means that the software is not installed, if it does GO to step 2.
    step 2. To install the software of face recognition

    2.a. open 'computer' from the 'Start' button
    2.b. Double click "C:" drive or every time your windows is installed, by default the C: drive.
    2.c. double-click "Toshiba."
    2.d. double-click "drivers."
    2.e. double-click "FaceRecognition.
    2.f. Double click on "setup" - one with an arrow going into an icon of sortoff loop.
    2.g. follow the procedure step by step for installation.

    step 3. To configure the software of face recognition

    3.a. open 'computer' from the 'Start' button
    3.b. Double click "C:" drive or every time your windows is installed, by default the C: drive.
    3.c. double-click "Program Files."
    3.d. double-click "TOSHIBA."
    3.e. double-click "SmartFaceV".
    3.f. double-click "SmartFaceVSettings".
    3.g. follow the prompts. A word of counsel is to ensure that your face is well lit when you use the software otherwise, you end up spending a day in front of the software trying to get it configures your face with the selected account.
    3.h. To sheck it simply lof out press the "Windows key" AND "key of L."
    3.i. Then you will see the normal login page, click on the "Other" credentials and on the next page, click on "Start Face Recognition" & "Smile" :))

    Check it!

  • Satellite L300-1DN: battery not


    I bought a Toshiba Satellite L300-1DN less than a week ago and its worked amazingly.
    This morning I was using, low battery so I plugged it in to charge, which naturally when fine and charge upward.

    Went out in the afternoon, came home and began to use it again.
    When the low battery, I plugged it and about 10 minutes later made it always became very very low and did not display to be connected!
    I thought that the wire had released the card as it does, but he didn't.

    Ive now tried in 3 different taken with the laptop on and outside, but it does not load!

    Is it a problem laptop or Charger problem?

    Thank you :D


    Can you start the laptop with AC adapter only?
    If so, it seems to be a problem of your laptop (maybe the motherboard) because the AC adapter is working correctly (you can start the laptop with AC adapter only).

    If you need to contact the nearest authorized service provider. They can check the phone and swap the motherboard if it of necessary.

    Good bye

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