Satellite L50 - B - 11 c - white screen problem


I bought my Toshiba Satellite L50 - B - 11 c, PSKTCE yesterday and I installed Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit and all the drivers, but when I was installing AMD Graphics driver downloaded from the official site in the middle of the instalation a white screen appeared and it's like that since... Maybe you could help me to come back to life before I have to go back to the dealer ship it and so on.

Best regards

Stjepan? ideal

It's really strange question. I checked the Toshiba download page and your machine is fully supported for Win7 64 bit.

I hope that you can start your machine and enter the BIOS settings. Try to put once again to the default settings, then edit the Win7 installation settings and try again.

I do not understand if you see this white screen all the time or what? I mean the moment when you press the power button / stop. If so, I fear, it could be hardware related issue m. just contact your dealer and ask for replacement.

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  • Satellite A210 PSAFGC - Bios Update to get rid of the white screen problem

    I also have the white screen problem and I would like to update my bios to version 1.30, it came with.
    The problem I have is that I have a number of room A210 model PSAFGC.
    Support bulletin 98082422 for the update of the Bios does not have my room exactly number and I can not find something for my model.
    The 2 updates are at 1.70 and 1.90. I read the text of these two, and they seem quite different.
    Don't know what to do. Here is the info of the bulletin.


    Update the BIOS of the computer to resolve this problem, by clicking on the link in the following list for your computer model.

    -Satellite A210 / A215, Ref. PSAFGU: BIOS version 1.70
    -Satellite A210 / A215, Ref. PSAEGU and PSAELU: BIOS version 1.90
    -Satellite Pro A210 / A215, Ref. PSAFHU: BIOS version 1.70
    -Satellite P200D / P205D, Ref. PSPBLU and PSPBQU: BIOS version 1.40

    REF. of the computer it is printed on a label on the underside of the case.

    Any help?


    The Satellite * A210 PSAFGC * series seems to be a Toshiba * Canadian * series and I would recommend checking the Canadian driver Toshiba page if you want to download the compatible BIOS for your laptop.

    Here is the link to the page:

    Best regards

  • White screen problem Flash - URGENT!

    Since the last update (.267 - made December 28, 2015) flash, download our application can not load correctly.

    After loading, the app (under IE) displays a white screen (image below).

    To downgrade to a previous version (, it works fine.

    Many of my colleagues who run similar applications using Flash are the white screen problem and our customers are furious

    Why is this?

    How can it be solved without asking all customers to downgrade their versions of Flash?

    Please help as soon as POSSIBLE.


    Hello is now Live. It contains the fix for the problem.

    Thank you

  • Satellite L50-B-1GL - connection WI - FI problems

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1GL

    I'm having problems with the WiFi signal reception, I found that it is that in this book because I have an another older toshiba and receives the signal also correctly correctly receive the signal in the cell, the problem is with this laptop, low signal of a Bay and up to two or three at the most, sometimes gives even me the message that there is no sign , do not work with the battery, I am plugged into the mains.

    Please can you help me, or I have to send for repair.

    Thank you.

    Message has been translated


    I think you have some connection problems Wi - Fi because that card LAN of the laptop that is Intel 802.11ac + agn supports WLan standards (AC, A, G, N) probably there is a problem of compatibility between the router and the especially WLan card if the WLan router has been configured for 802.11 B or G only.

    If you want to establish the WiFi connection, you must ensure that the road and the wireless network adapter supports the same WLan standard.
    For example: the router + wireless network card must be set to 802.11 A or G or N because these standards are supported by the WLan module.

    For the wireless network adapter, you will need to check / change the settings in:
    -> WLan card device manager-> properties-> Advanced tab

    On the Advanced tab, you'll find settings and options that must be controlled and configured.

  • Satellite L750 sometimes lit with white screen after hibernation

    When I got the system, sometimes awake hibenate with white screen!

    I noticed, when this happened, 'toshiba eco utility' is frozen.
    So, I think that: Toshiba Eco Utility is crushed, put into hibernation system and the awakening of the race, but screen blink.

    This time I push the power button, the system go to sleep and next push is normally awake!
    I don't know why. I use this app Eco Utility, but I'll delete it.


    You deleted the Toshiba eco utility of the system now?
    Did you notice the same problem when you Hibernate your laptop using other profiles of power?

  • Satellite L50 - B - 2 8 flashing screen + driver crash.

    Hi all

    When you work with my L50, sometimes the screen stops (black screen) 1 or 2 seconds and restard right after. Very like, remove power. Sometimes, I get notification that crashed the driver of the screen. The occurs when the power and the battery is almost full.

    I try to install the latest driver for support Tohiba without effects...

    Could you help me.

    Thank you very much

    Sometimes, I get notification that crashed the driver of the screen

    As I'm not mistaken the Satellite L50 - B - 2 8 takes care of two GPU:
    -Intel HD Graphics 5500, which is part of the Intel CPU and
    -AMD ATI Radeon R7 M260 is the external GPU.

    Now, knowing that it would be interesting to know which graphics card driver crashed.
    I mean the laptop can use either the Intel GPU or according to the settings... usually the Intel GPU ATI GPU is used if no application does not work who would need the power of the ATI graphics card... This saves the battery...

    However, its possible to switch between Intel and ATI GPU.

    Some nice youtube videos show step by step detailed instructions how to:

  • Satellite L50 - A-1 DG - brightness display problem


    I'm a french sorry for my English.
    My problem with my pc is my brightness,

    I can't change it,
    If I try with fn key change and change with the config panel nothing too :/
    My gpu driver is up-to-date (intel graphics hd 4600)

    Thanks for your reply.


    What system is preinstalled on your Satellite L50 - A series?
    Have you changed anything in the configuration of the system?

    The display brightness is controlled by the function keys Fn + F2 / Fn + F3
    Toshiba Software in addition special (depending on the system you use) must be installed!

  • Satellite Pro 4030 boots with white screen - works OK on an external monitor

    My sat 4030 pro, Vibrio W98SE, boots to a white screen. When I press the lid closer, or use Fn/F5 it turns black. It works fine on an external monitor.

    Hi Robert,.

    If your screen is displayed correctly on an external monitor, then it indicates that your chip graohics still work correctly, then you the problem must be with the LCD itself, the FL inverter or the connecting cable to the main Board. I would recommend that you contact an authorized Service partner who can perform other tests to diagnose the fault.

    Kind regards

  • EAS - white screen problem


    We use Hyperion Essbase User is trying to connect EAS and get the white screen. When the user uses a different Test Id with the same configuration, it is able to see the Essbase server.

    Please could you help me solve the problem.


    Thank you

    Michel K


    No doubt his number of java. Need to apply the patches as shown below

    Essbase Administration Services (EAS) v11.1.2.x Console doesn't work with Java 6 update or update of Java 7 45 + 65 + (Doc ID 1594567.1)



  • Satellite C50D - A - 13 G - white screen at startup

    New computer laptop, purchased as a Christmas gift.

    It is true that it is not used daily, but recently when start to the top of the screen is empty.
    Have you tried a fix online - that is, remove the battery and connect the power cable and it works well at the moment (I use it now).

    Is this a battery problem?
    A screen problem?

    I'm not all grumpy. Is this a problem with this model?
    I guess I should take it back to the shop to see if they could help?

    Sorry for these 20 questions!
    Any help gratefully received.

    Thank you.

    Just, without panic. Test it with the battery, without the battery and you will see exactly what is happening. If the problem occurs again and again, contact your dealer and ask for help. Laptop is new with valid warranty so don't worry. If there are some laptop serious problem will be verified by the service provider.

  • white screen problem

    After the last flash update, our quiz application software cannot load properly.

    After loading, the application (under IE) and previews window displays a white screen ---(film non chargé)!

    Many of my colleagues who run similar applications using Flash know the white screen issue.

    My clients are frustrated and we cannot operate our website products,

    How can it be solved without asking all customers to downgrade their versions of Flash?

    Please consider as MORE URGENT.

    Thank you.


    Thank you for reporting the issue. We are looking in the bug. We will keep you son.

  • Satellite Pro A300 crashes with white screen

    I have a Satellite Pro A300, AMD processor, Vista, ATI graphics card.

    The system worked fine for a year, but there are a few months, he started crashing, the screen went white, not blue, whatever it be running, like music, stopped. This can occur after several hours or minutes, or even if he is re-start. All my software is up-to-date, Microsoft and Toshiba. I rebuilt my system from scratch and the symptoms came back.

    At first I thought that this could be a heat problem, but I followed this but I don't think that's it. It crashed seconds after leaving standby mode when it has not had a chance to warm up.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    Hey Buddy,

    Theoretically, it might be an overheating problem so the screen became due white built in overheating protection...

    You should try to clean your laptop using a jet of compressed air. This could blow the dust of fans cooling and, therefore, it of not necessary to disassemble the laptop.

    In your case, I recommend reading this article:

  • Satellite L50 - A - display on the screen turned sideways

    I have a laptop computer L50 - A Satellite. Almost, I disabled the touch-pad - the cursor is now worked by a mouse, but if I happen to touch the touchpad while typing, all kinds of things happen, and I'd rather it off altogether. My major problem is that tonight I rested my hand on the touchpad and screen unexpectedly made a turn at 90 degrees and Ow works vertically rather than horizontally. How can I activate my screen. Very difficult to get answers so that my head is screwing around trying to read the screen! Any help much appreciated.

    CTRL-ALT - and one of the arrow keys

  • HP Pavilion G6-1241EA white screen problem

    I have a HP PAVILION 1241EA G6 and I just got a new motherboard and I installed it in my laptop. My laptop turns on but the screen is white. I looked at the wire and that's fine and I tried to connect it to other vga and hdmi monitors but nothing happens. I need help its long since I'm on the laptop. Thanks for reading!

    I realized that the problem was my lcd screen. If you have the same problem as me just get another lcd screen and see if it works.

  • Satellite A100-912 has a few screen problems


    I have the Satellite A100-912 with WXP and up to today, there is no problem.

    I don't know what happened, but a few hours ago, screen started flashing and colors have been mixed.
    I tried to install the new drivers, but it did not help so I hope that someone here could tell me if I can fix it somehow or its some hw question...

    Thank you


    It is very important to know if this problem is caused by faulty material or because of software. To be 100% sure I recommend you to use a few methods.

    First try to connect the external monitor to your laptop and please check if the same thing happen on the external monitor. If so the reason may be the faulty graphics card. Otherwise, you can also install OS using recovery delivered DVDs. After doing this you will have factory again and the good drivers will be installed. If the problem persists, it may really be due to faulty hardware (graphics card or screen).

    Sorry, but it's really not easy to say with certainty what the problem is here. Please do not wait too long and if the guarantee is valid that the technicians check your laptop. The warranty will cover all repair costs.

    Good luck!

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