Satellite L650-16W: how to change the GPU shared memory

Hi all

I have a question about my L650-16W:

How can I set the size of the memory shared of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650?

I look at my system bios, but it seems that it is not possible to define the shared memory...


> I watch my system bios but it seems that it is not possible to define the shared memory...
You are right. It is not possible.
You cannot change the value manually... it s controlled by driver graphics card and everything works automatically.

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    Hi all,
    I recently bought this laptop with 2 GB of memory.
    I just bought 4 GB of Crucial, after doing the scan and it recommends the right Ram purchase.

    I installed it and when check in information system's watch than 3.3 GB.
    Now that I'm confused because according to this specification on blocks:

    «Graphic adapter: memory: 256 MB of VRAM dedicated (up to 1,023 MB memory graphics available using technology HyperMemory with 2 GB of system memory total) "»

    It seems that the graphics adapter card has took a little of my memory of the system.
    How can I change the settings so that it used only 256 MB or just a little more? I can't find a way to Vista.


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    Please check this Toshiba document on this subject of 3.3 GB memory.

    The windows and the BIOS cannot recognize all of the 4 GB due to the limitation of the 32-bit system.
    System resources need of addressing which overlaps physical memory below 4 GB.
    These requirements can reduce available addressable memory space to and reported by the operating system

    The GPU sharing only 256 MB.

    PS: I read somewhere on the net that the new Vista SP1 which is officially available in 2008 has solved the problem with limitation of 32-bit system

    Best regards

  • Satellite P20 S203: how to change the graphics card memory

    My laptop has 32 MB graphics card I was wondering how I would improve my Vram to 64. What I do how would be, where would it be and what I have to install?

    Thank you

    To my knowledge, the Satellite P20 S203 was delivered with a nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 32 MB of video ram. But this isn't a shared memory graphics card!
    In this case, you cannot change the settings of video ram.

    In addition he s is not possible to upgrade or replace the graphics card. Unfortunately, there is nothing to see ;(

  • Satellite A100-727: how to change the config of media buttons?

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    They are great, but I have no idea how to change the keys.
    I had put them to launch internet and exploited with mediaplayer, but after that I had to do reinstal windows, my harddisck crashed, functions on the buttons has changed, they start up the InterVideo WinDvd.

    Does one know how I can change the functions of the buttons?
    I read something about the tools of Toshiba, but I can't find them anywere.

    TYVM in advance


    Using TOSHIBA button controls, you can set the key features. If you have it installed you can find the TOSHIBA controls icon in the Panel.
    You can also find if you open TOSHIBA help > Optimize.

  • Satellite A210-109: how to change the color temperature of the display?

    I want to know how to change the color temperature of the screen of my laptop? Theres no option in the ATI catalyst and no toshiba utility, where I can change this? I have the latest installed toshiba display drivers.


    you mean the gamma settings? I don't know if the ati drivers are able to do, but you can try the program "powerstrip" (, which can change the color and the parameter gamma for graphics cards.

    Just give it a try and you will get your favorite color settings. :)

    Welcome them

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    I don't see how to change the amount of RAM assigned to the integrated graphics cards.

    How can I change this setting?


  • Satellite Pro 6100 - how to change the date and time in the BIOS


    I received a satellite pro 6100 that had not been used for some time. Windows does not work then he reinstalled with the good drive.

    When I try and windows 'enable', I get the error 32777 and the laptop is unable to connect with the activation servers that a google leads to believe me that the date and time are incorrect in the bios.

    I know that Press esc to access the bios but there is no option to change the date and time in there. I put the date / the correct time in windows, but this does not seem to synchronize with the bios. I've updated to the latest version of the bios, but this is not enough.

    How can I change or update the time in the bios?

    Thank you


    I doubt this time and date setting BIOS does affect Windows activation time Windows doesn t affect it in my opinion. There must be another reason for this problem.
    You can activate Windows by phone?

    Normally the date and time in the BIOS can change you if you mark the date or time, and then press on + or - to change this. Sometimes you have to press PageDown/to the top according to the model of BIOS or laptop.
    Usually in the configuration of the BIOS you will find a brief info how changing the values.

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  • Re: Satellite C660 - 17K - how to change the text in the language?

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    You want to change the entire language of Windows or what?

    Well, this is not possible if you n t have Windows 7 Enterprise or ultimate edition. You can change the language of the lower Windows versions of t. In this case, you will need to buy Windows 7 Home Premium in another language for example and reinstall.

  • Satellite A200-1CR: how to change the language of the OS of the Russia into English

    I am a student sri-Lanka, Russia.
    I bought a toshiba satellite A200-1CR Russia laptop computer, but it came with windows vista basic Russian.
    So I can't understand anything and the dealer said that they cannot change the language to English.

    So, how can I get the English vista and drivers.
    Please answer me to my private email address.
    (Toshiba satellite A200-1CR

    [email protected]

    If you want to install the English operating system, you must get OS DVD facilities on English. All the drivers, tools and utilities for your laptop, you can find on Toshiba page under for assistance

    All that s!

  • Satellite Pro S330 - how to change the supervisor password?


    On a Satellite Pro S330L Windows is broken, so I can't access TOSPU. EXE. If I know the supervisor password, I can't enter the BIOS program. Bootsequence is HDD-..., so I can't boot from DVD! What can I do to install a new OS?

    Thanks for your help! JO

    Hi jonol,.

    If you know the supervisor password, everything is ok. Just so access the BIOS after you turn on the laptop and enter the password. Now you are in which you can change the BIOS boot order, remove the supervisor password, etc..

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  • Satellite M70 354: how to change the display?

    My TFT-Display of my Satellite M70 354 is physically broken. So I need a new. The Servicepartner costs of a new view without working time are EUR 450,-(!). It's too.

    Is a change to myself as possible, or is it very difficult? On Ebay, I found a screen, compatible with an M70... What is important in changing the display?

    Maybe you can help me.
    Thank you!

    You should know that the display is one of the parties outside the laptop computer motherboard expensive.
    The costs are huge, as you can see. Of course the 450 bugs is too but it is a new LCD and additional, you will pay for the technician.

    That is why it s a good idea to look for second hand unit. The replacement of the screen is a little tricky. You must remove the plastic frame that attaches around the screen.
    The display is usually fixed with 6 screws and connected to the Board of Directors and FL inverter.

    I think that you should not replace yourself. I see that you have no much experience on these replacements. So the best idea is to buy a second hand laptop but then to ask a technician for replacement.

  • Satellite L770 Pro: How to change the browser shortcut internet touchpad?


    I'm fighting to change the shortcut of touchpad "with three fingers tap" Google Chrome Firefox - I have changed before leaving Explorer for Chrome, but now don't remember how and don't can't find all the information on how to change this setting - someone has any ideas please?

    Thank you.

    I don t know if I understood you right but open please properties for Synaptics click on cushion and there you can find options for three fingers to press, three fingers touch.

    When you turn on three fingers press you can select the program to be launched.

  • Satellite Pro L300: How to change the display settings

    Hi I have a toshiba satellite pro l300 run a pentium dual core and intel 965 display chip any games I play on my laptop, they open in a small box and not full screen I've had a quick glance at the settings to try to resolve this with no luck.

    Can someone tell me if there is a way to change the settings to get the games to play in full screen, my current display settings are 1280 x 800 pixels and running at 32-bit color.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    You should set this option to full screen in the games you play. Checked for these options, because you are given something like graphics, solution details and in most cases should be windowed.

    One thing you might try is to uninstall your current display drivers, and then reinstall new ones. Make sure that you use tools like ccleaner cleaning record or similar.
    Check if you have installed all the latest updates of windows and directx version, if you are using Windows XP.

  • Satellite L300 - RTL8187B - how to change the FCC to ETSI (13 channels)?

    I bought the Toshiba Satellite L300-1BB in Poland (Europe).
    But after the installation of the driver (WinXP SP3) - World version of download Toshiba - WiFi I can use only 11 channels as in the standard of the FCC (American). How to force the wifi adapter to work with the standard ETSI (European) to have 13 channels available? Some points have set higher to 11 channel, and I can't use them.
    Thanks in advance for all comments and suggestions :-)

    Check this box:
    + Why is it not possible to use all 13 channels WiFi on a Toshiba WiFi card? +

    I think that this article will explain everything.

    + In the USA and the Canada, there are only 11 permitted use WiFi channels. +
    + In Japan, there are 13 channels like in Europe. +

    + In order to use a WiFi card anywhere in the world, has created a so-called "WORLD Card" standard with 11 channels. +

  • Satellite A70-S249: how to change the video memory from 64 to 128 MB

    all RNS
    I have an A70-S249
    in the user guide, it says that I can't adujst tha vedio memory
    64MB ATI MOBILITY Radeon IGB 9000\9100 to 128 MB
    but tone did not say how I can do it.

    If anyone can tell me how to do?

    (my bios is phonex 1.5)



    If your card supports 128MB value then it should be possible to increase it.
    Check the properties of the graphics card. Use the advanced option.
    You should see the tab called "Frame Buffer"
    There, it should be possible to change the size of the AMU.

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