Satellite L670 - 1 L 4 - gambling with the combination keyboard/mouse problem

I have a problem in game with my keyboard/mouse combination.

When I run it, I can't draw.
I changed the keys, mouse, connected to an external keyboard, checked drivers mouse and keyboard. Any extract, which makes me think that it is a driver/hardware problem. First time I noticed it, I thought it was a bug in the game. Now I have a new problem.

The games that I have encountered the problem: Borderlands 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Satellite L670 - 1 L 4
Windows 7 operating system
Mouse: Trust model #16336



As far as I know the mouse and keyboard drivers are the drivers Microsoft and Toshiba doesn't offer drivers for these devices except the driver for the touchpad to improve the touchpad options. I don t think that Toshiba is testing the feature with different games.

Confused, it's that you have noticed the same problem using the external keyboard and mouse.
Is there a possibility to test it with some older games?

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    at first, I want to say sorry for may English. It's so good, but I'll try to explain my probblem.
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    Someone know how to fix/repair it?


    Satellite L40-139 belongs to the * PSL40E * series.
    Where did you find the Toshiba XP drivers for this laptop series?

    To my knowledge at THIS time the XP drivers are not released on the Toshiba driver page and so I guess that a driver missing XP or is not compatible BIOS might be the reason for you question.

    I think you have to wait until all drivers XP and BIOS XP will be available for you series!


  • Satellite Pro A10 - some keys not working only not with the new keyboard

    Hi all

    I hope some1 can help with this

    I have a Satellite Pro A10. The prob I have is a.b.n.and enter keys do not work and this is a new keyboard
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    Why do you think the motherboard is ok?
    Maybe it s a controller keyboard problem
    Did you check if the cable is correctly connected?

    In my opinion if you are sure that the keyboard is ok 100% the problem to be attached to the motherboard because there is no other party that is placed between the keyboard and the mobo.

    Good bye

  • Problems with the Smart keyboard (iPad 9.7 Pro)

    I recently bought the iPad Pro 9.7 inches, gray space, Wifi, 128 GB. IOS 9.3.1 of the operating system.

    A few questions that I met in my four days of using the iPad with the Smart keyboard:

    NOTE: the following problems persist despite a technical support call which lasted, I did 2 hours and 30 minutes. I had to restore my iPad settings by connecting to iTunes via my PC to reinstall the last iOS.

    (i) switching applications: if I want to pass, say, from safari to adobe, it is quite easy to do with the keyboard. However, there is an intermittent problem when the apps. When I try to open Adobe when I use safari, the screen of the iPad shows apps that are open as soon as I press the command and tab key.

    What is supposed to happen - I choose to open Adobe, Adobe opens.

    What happens to the contrary - Adobe does not open. Another "X" application that is currently running, opens. It is quite frustrating, because there is no pattern to this. If I use once more the keyboard shortcut to open Adobe, another application 'Y' which is running, open it now.

    In this case, I pointed out, often when the App Store is running.

    (II) command key: sometimes, shortly after I use the shortcut keys to turn on screen shortcut area (pop-up shortcut) - apps, this is supposed to happen if and only if you press and hold down the command key.

    This often happens when I switch to Safari.

    (III) keyboard not responding: a problem that I met today for the first time. My keyboard will not just respond. I had to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard for this function.

    (IV) on which the space key: to wake up the iPad, pressing the SPACEBAR is enough. You don't have to press the home button. Yet, sometimes the space key does not respond and you must use the home button.

    v) Quick app - keyboard shortcut crash switch function causes: if I want to switch from app to app 'X' 'Y', but mistakenly switch to 'Z' app, I immediately want to spend to 'Y '. However, I can't do this in quick succession. I have to wait a second or two before I can switch from 'Y' 'Z' app, otherwise the automatic switching app crashes and you have to wait once more for a second or two before moving on.

    My diagnosis:

    (I) it could be a problem with the smart connector on my iPad. A hardware problem. But it does not explain why the automatic switching app appears and passes correctly but eventually open the wrong applications. Also, it does not explain why the problem is intermittent.

    (II) a software problem. However, that would make me a face 5 questions at once. Sort of. I was surprised that, apart from the question of #3 and #4, there was almost no mention of other issues.

    To restart the iPad or to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard. But I don't think that anyone would be willing to do this 4 - 5 times on a daily basis.


    So I used my keyboard all day yesterday without opening the App Store. And guess what? It has been working perfectly. All the above problems I mentioned were not available yesterday. I'll use the App Store today and let it run in the background to see how does my iPad.

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    What about the back/rear of Apple/cover for iPad Pro? FNODE = 9 a.

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    I bought a trial 30 Adobe BC and then enabled so I could have the product.  An email is sent with the serial number.  Problem is that I don't have the previous version and computer scientist was here, where he suggested I ask you to please provide me with the version complete.

    Did you buy the full version or an upgrade?

  • I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drive several times with the same result, my problem is when I download the drive icons for my browsers and above all my desktop icons change adobe logo, so when I click on them Adobe tries to open them.

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    This may help: Application, file icons change in Acrobat/Reader icon

  • Communicate with the soft keyboard on iPad

    Hi guys, I use Air 2.7 CPU mode... I have a code that calls a contact form in a movieclip on the stage on my iPad app... works really well and I also have a button on the screen which then removes the contact form of the scene.

    Unforunately if you are in the middle of typing in a field and press the button to close the form, the soft keyboard ipad stays on the screen and the fact the text that is typed.

    I wonder if I can communicate with the ipad keyboard to move down. I hope that I can somehow communicate via actionscript with the small button in the right corner of the ipad keyboard which makes the keyboard out the screen.

    Thanks, Mike

    Please try stage.focus = null


  • Satellite X 205-SLi3 - black screen with the mobile mouse at startup

    I have a computer laptop X 205 - Sli 3 satellite, which is a little more than a month and running windows Vista. (let me know if the exact specifications make a difference)

    Yesterday morning my laptop was working fine, I arrested him at home because I need to take to work with me to get some files there. However, when I tried to turn it back on all I got was a black screen with cursor mouse mobile white dead center. I saw other posts with similar problems, but no solutions.

    Loads everything up as normal at the beginning: I get the Toshiba load screen (this allows me to make changes to the boot from there with F2, F8, F12 or, but none seems to have no effect) and I get the little green loading bar of Microsoft just before the screen blinks a few times and then turns black except for the white mouse. The touchpad, Capslock and scroll lock keys * are * admissible, but the function keys and Ctrl + Alt + Delete to do * not * work. There is no way to stop the laptop at this point without maintaining the power button.

    I tried to start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, only to get exactly the same result after Windows loading bar. (only a lower resolution on this beautiful Virgin high-def screen mouse cursor). I activated the boot record, nothing, I tried to start with the "last known good configuration", nothing.

    I tried windows repair options: repair system, System Restore (it * was * a windows update just before restore point in my laptop screwed up and I m wondering if that has something to do with it because it was the first time the computer was turned off since the auto update installed... but get an older restore point does not help) , as well as the windows memory diagnostic tool. Everything is displayed normally but still black screen after the loading bar Microsoft...

    I also tried the debug mode, and directory services restore mode just for the heck of it - each time the black screen of death.

    I even put in the Toshiba recovery disc and put my laptop to boot from the CD rather than the HD (it gives me the same options by pressing F8 and go to repair are starting only I didn't have to put my admin password)

    The only thing I can think that I n t done is format my whole hard drive, I know that this is not always a solution, and I prefer to keep all my school and work files if possible. Fortunately I am able to get into the command prompt BACK and some of the most important things am copy on a USB key, but I'll still probably lose all my programs and larger files.

    Someone had a similar problem?
    If so, what was the solution?
    I would call all technical support, but I won't have time until after the new year to spend on the phone and I have a feeling that their solution will be to format and use the recovery disc.

    Man, such an expensive machine and then all this work of wouldn because of some software sh... So, if you have backed up your most important files, then, I would _recommend_ you to recover your machine. Won´t solve you anything just trying to find the error, believe me, you'll go nuts.

    Just put the recovery in the drive and start the process of "delete-all-my-programs-but-protect-my-nerves-and-make-everything-OK".

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L450-136 no longer charge with the AC adapter

    I was wondering if someone can help me.

    My laptop Toshiba Satellite L450-136 charge is no longer with the AC adapter.

    It is now run out of dead and the battery power.
    I don't know if the problem is with the computer or the power cable.

    It was working fine yesterday and then not work this morning.
    Nothing happened as the computer having fallen or anything.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can understand the problem and then fix it?

    Thank you!

    To be honest, I have two different laptops Toshiba (U400 and Tecra A11).
    The two race perfectly and never had problems charging the battery or similar
    I have other laptop which is 8 years from another manufacturer but the battery is dead, but it's nothing unusual for laptop that is so old ;)
    One of my friends has the same laptop as your Satellite L450 and this also works

    > I don't know if the problem is with the computer or the power cable.

    This can be verified if you would connect a power adapter new and tested.
    However, I think that it s not worth it to buy a new adapter only to run some tests, this should be done by technicians for laptop
    If your warranty is still valid, get in touch with the ASP guys and check this box

  • Satellite A100-451: conflict of IE with the BT software

    I bought my Satellite 100-451 in May 2007.
    Windows Internet Explorer often didn't work since the beginning, so I downloaded Firefox and have used it since then.

    I recently installed the software for my newly installed BT Home Hub, BT Yahoo email, talking about BT, BT Softphone and BT Vision, which does not open with Firefox for some reason any.

    It opens with Internet Explorer and my computer now freezes everytime I try to use the BT software.
    As soon as I uninstalled all the software of BT Internet Explorer started working intermittently again.

    I tried to reinstall Internet Explorer in the past and I've always updated over the months.

    The problem must be something that is in conflict with.
    I always send reports to Microsoft when asked, but they have not sent any patches.


    HM and may I ask you what you expect now?

    First of all, I don t think that IE is not compatible with your BT Home Hub software.
    If something is not compatible with the BT Home Hub with the IE software ;)

    In my opinion, your first point of contact should be the BT Home Hub software manufacturing support team.
    Guys design software and must ensure that own software would run on Windows operating system.

    That's why to visit website of the BT Home Hub software manufacturing and check if it y some fixes or any further details on similar problems.

  • Satellite A500 - is there a model with the 2nd internal HARD drive?

    Is there a model A500 with 2 internal drives?


    You can check it on the Toshiba site in the specifications of the laptop if it s equipped ;) 2nd HARD drive

    But I checked the Toshiba Web site for you, and it seems that Satellite A500 isn't equipped with the 2nd HARD drive.
    If you want a 2nd HARD drive therefore use an external that you can connect via for example fast eSATA port.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A210 - 10 c only works with the 800 Mhz instead of 1.6 Ghz


    I have a very big problem. One day, I look in Vista on my resource monitor and see that the max freuquence is only 50%.

    So first of all I think that is no problem because the assets 'energy savings' energy recorded.
    I have a Satellite A210 - 10 c portable.

    So I switch to maximum power and perform a test of prime95. But hell, the max freuquence has not changed. I also installed everest and cpu z, but all programs show the same to me:

    My laptop only works with the 800 Mhz instead of 1.6 Ghz!

    I'm looking for drivers for the AMD processor, but you need not for Vista. Update all the drivers of Toshiba and Programms and BIOS (in fact, it is the 1.9).

    Nothing helps.

    As a last test, I reinstalled Vista, but also did not help.

    And now I'm at a loss what to do.

    I hope someone can help me.

    Good bye...

    Have you installed the Vista using the recovery CD or the original CD of Microsoft Vista?

    I ask because the restore CD contains all drivers for Toshiba and yellow exclamation marks should not be apparently in Device Manager.

    If you used the original CD of Vista I think that you have not installed the Package of Intel Robson.

    I found the package of Robson on the Toshiba driver-> Satellite P200 area page.

    Maybe you should check this.

    Your comments would be appreciated

  • Satellite C55: microphone does not work with the connected headphones

    Hey everybody,

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C55. I've seen other forums posted on this topic, but none of the solutions seem to work for me. I tried to uninstall the drivers and restart the computer, and configure the microphone when the headphones are connected.

    My microphone (installed on the laptop) works completely fine... until I have plug in my headphones. He stops working, but I can still hear the music or friends through my headphones. They have a regular pair of Sony headphones, not headphones, so they do not have a microphone on them or anything. My microphone has never worked with the headphones plugged in, and the computer is only a few months old. I would really appreciate a clear solution, thank you for taking the time to look!

    What Satellite C55 do you have exactly?

    This laptop does support that one socket for headset and microphone, or you have two different plugs: one for mic and one for headphones?

    Usually, you can check the playback (speakers, headphones) devices and recording devices (microphone and external microphone) in the control panel → sound → playback (or recording) tab

    If you need to check if the internal MIC is set as device by default when the headphones are connected.

    In the event that the laptop uses the Realtek audio driver
    Control Panel → Manager Realtek HD Audio → select Mic tab → click Device avancΘs
    Then select option button separate all entries in the independent input devices.
    Click OK
    Speakers of tray right click (Volume) then the recorders (confirm the microphone is active) → select microphone → click on set default (default device)
    Then close

Maybe you are looking for