Satellite C55: microphone does not work with the connected headphones

Hey everybody,

I have a Toshiba Satellite C55. I've seen other forums posted on this topic, but none of the solutions seem to work for me. I tried to uninstall the drivers and restart the computer, and configure the microphone when the headphones are connected.

My microphone (installed on the laptop) works completely fine... until I have plug in my headphones. He stops working, but I can still hear the music or friends through my headphones. They have a regular pair of Sony headphones, not headphones, so they do not have a microphone on them or anything. My microphone has never worked with the headphones plugged in, and the computer is only a few months old. I would really appreciate a clear solution, thank you for taking the time to look!

What Satellite C55 do you have exactly?

This laptop does support that one socket for headset and microphone, or you have two different plugs: one for mic and one for headphones?

Usually, you can check the playback (speakers, headphones) devices and recording devices (microphone and external microphone) in the control panel → sound → playback (or recording) tab

If you need to check if the internal MIC is set as device by default when the headphones are connected.

In the event that the laptop uses the Realtek audio driver
Control Panel → Manager Realtek HD Audio → select Mic tab → click Device avancΘs
Then select option button separate all entries in the independent input devices.
Click OK
Speakers of tray right click (Volume) then the recorders (confirm the microphone is active) → select microphone → click on set default (default device)
Then close

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    Since then, I can't register with the power cable disconnected. He recorded only with the cable - which is not a good cause snoring.

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    I used to work in IT support, so I'm not a technophobe - but I can't for the life of me works why it would suddenly start to occur, power is not related to the entrance it is micro... !

    One of you lovely people have ideas? I checked power options and the Device Manager to see if theres no hardware issues, but there isn't.

    I also reinstalled my sound card drivers.

    It's strange. I guess you tried a boot cold fresh. Hibernation can sometimes cause problems with the devices.

    Try to update the BIOS.

    If all else fails, you may need to reinstall Windows. (Backup your data and run recovery by holding down the button reset during power on)

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    It seems that the HARD drive has been recognized because you can receive the error message about the Master Boot Record.

    I think that there is something wrong with the partitions on the HARD disk.
    I put t know how you formatted the HARD drive, but I think that you must first reinstall the operating system on a partition in order to check the functionality of the HARD drive.

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    I have rma is not the portable and the technical suport fixed the battery because it only 6 months guarantee.

    I'm sure that battery modules were not upset because I used the battery not very often.
    I disassemble and I wached the control circuit. I'm sure that something of them, it was broken, but I can't fix it without the schema.

    Another question is if I can change the graphics card to laptop. Is actually a x600se but I need power more graphic

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    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. Have you noticed something strange with LED power control? It is also possible that the electronic power supply do troubled. Try to talk with authorized Toshiba and explain the situation. If you open only one Notepad, uneducated, it may be simply worse.

    Graphics card cannot be updated as on desktop computers. I put t know how it is on this model laptop but the graphics card is fixed on the motherboard and cannot be traded.

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    Original title:

    MIC problems

    My microphone does not work with voice-dictation in Win Vista. However, it does not work with Sound Recorder?  I went to the Hardwear and Sound but MIC is not yet in speaker properties so I can't make adjustments. Any ideas?


    Thank you for joining Microsoft Community!

    The microphone does not work with voice-dictation.

    Quick questions:

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?
    2 - is a built-in microphone?

    We will follow these steps and check:

    Method 1:

    Select Microphone, a default device.

    Follow these steps to do the same thing:

    (a) right click on the "speaker" icon located on the bottom right corner the screen of the taskbar.

    (b) click on sounds, click on the recording tab.

    (c) click Microphone, and then click Properties. (Note to make sure that this work appears under Microphone. If the job does not appear, click on Microphoneand then click set as default.)


    Method 2:

    Check if dictation is enabled or not.

    See the following links for the same:

    Turn on dictation for all programs

    Troubleshoot speech recognition

    I hope that helps!

    If the problem persists, or you need help on Windows please keep us informed.

    We will be happy to help you!

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    Signature of the problem: Problem event name: PnPDriverNotFound Architecture: x 64

    This seems to be a problem that's happened, but after searching for hours, I can't find a quick solution.  Any help?


    Please do as I suggested in the answer above is probably the solution.

    You can also do this after the above.

    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Then, run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next boot, then apply OK your way out, then restart.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    Then lets refresh the USB stack

    Control Panel - right CLICK on EVERYTHING - Serial USB controllers - Device Manager and UNINSTALL
    all except the category itself - REBOOT - it refreshes the drive and battery USB

    This KB shows XP how to and the method of Vista is identical


    If necessary try these two:

    Tips for solving problems of USB devices - and a Mr Fixit

    Hardware devices not detected or not working - Mr. Fixit

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    Update Firefox 23.0 which published yesterday afternoon.

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    Stand by. Are you using the original image of recovery Toshiba (operating system) or you have installed your version?

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    Hi Shlomi,
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    Treats quick closing:

    The card is formatted in FAT32 with the same sector size in storage aboard the player (32 768 bytes).

    A 64 GB card format works even without any problem.

    I tried to update the media in MTP and MSC mode; the problem is the same in both.

    There is ample space for MTABLE. SYS - I have not yet loaded all the music on the Clip + itself.

    Rockbox plays the card without problem, but the sound quality is horrible (at least on this player; I'm sure that other versions sound best), and its interface is a headache.  No thanks.

    HM.  Looks like to run CHKDSK /F on the map the problem resolved!

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