Satellite L850 - 17 k - black screen with blue dots

Satellite L850 - 17 k black screen with blue dots see photo
It is THE video card, can't find it.

See photos


If you see the same on internal and external display LCD, I presume that the video card is faulty.

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  • Screen is frozen with a black screen with blue windows logo on it.

    Original title: problem of Windows 8

    I just bought windows 8 and is now downloaded and installed. But it seems that my pic froze or something because for about 2 hours now it is stuck on a black screen with blue windows logo on it. After research, I found a video and in this screen in a minute or two! Anyone know anything about this? I need ASAP thank you!

  • Satellite X 205-SLi3 - black screen with the mobile mouse at startup

    I have a computer laptop X 205 - Sli 3 satellite, which is a little more than a month and running windows Vista. (let me know if the exact specifications make a difference)

    Yesterday morning my laptop was working fine, I arrested him at home because I need to take to work with me to get some files there. However, when I tried to turn it back on all I got was a black screen with cursor mouse mobile white dead center. I saw other posts with similar problems, but no solutions.

    Loads everything up as normal at the beginning: I get the Toshiba load screen (this allows me to make changes to the boot from there with F2, F8, F12 or, but none seems to have no effect) and I get the little green loading bar of Microsoft just before the screen blinks a few times and then turns black except for the white mouse. The touchpad, Capslock and scroll lock keys * are * admissible, but the function keys and Ctrl + Alt + Delete to do * not * work. There is no way to stop the laptop at this point without maintaining the power button.

    I tried to start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, only to get exactly the same result after Windows loading bar. (only a lower resolution on this beautiful Virgin high-def screen mouse cursor). I activated the boot record, nothing, I tried to start with the "last known good configuration", nothing.

    I tried windows repair options: repair system, System Restore (it * was * a windows update just before restore point in my laptop screwed up and I m wondering if that has something to do with it because it was the first time the computer was turned off since the auto update installed... but get an older restore point does not help) , as well as the windows memory diagnostic tool. Everything is displayed normally but still black screen after the loading bar Microsoft...

    I also tried the debug mode, and directory services restore mode just for the heck of it - each time the black screen of death.

    I even put in the Toshiba recovery disc and put my laptop to boot from the CD rather than the HD (it gives me the same options by pressing F8 and go to repair are starting only I didn't have to put my admin password)

    The only thing I can think that I n t done is format my whole hard drive, I know that this is not always a solution, and I prefer to keep all my school and work files if possible. Fortunately I am able to get into the command prompt BACK and some of the most important things am copy on a USB key, but I'll still probably lose all my programs and larger files.

    Someone had a similar problem?
    If so, what was the solution?
    I would call all technical support, but I won't have time until after the new year to spend on the phone and I have a feeling that their solution will be to format and use the recovery disc.

    Man, such an expensive machine and then all this work of wouldn because of some software sh... So, if you have backed up your most important files, then, I would _recommend_ you to recover your machine. Won´t solve you anything just trying to find the error, believe me, you'll go nuts.

    Just put the recovery in the drive and start the process of "delete-all-my-programs-but-protect-my-nerves-and-make-everything-OK".

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L350 - D 215 black screen with blinking cursor

    Satellite L350-D 215 black with cursor flashing screen - it worked fine said he had to restart and that's what happened, I can't in windows allows any single me in bios and Boot Manager.

    I am looking for help to solve this problem. I don't know what went wrong, my warranty runs out on December 26, 2010 so if I can't fix it myself can I have return to toshiba to fix. I'm at a loss as to how to solve this problem, I have no disk for laptop recovery.

    I tried the fix when you remove the battery and press the power button to 30 seconds doesn't not work, also tried leaving a few hours without battery and tried plugging in to power same, toshiba screen and only boot in the bios etc usually let HDD boot in windows only in black screen and blinking cursor.

    Any help much appreciated. I saw the restoration of disks for £9.95 on a Web site for the machine so don't know what to do... totally empty.


    I agree with Akuma.
    Blinking cursor means that the Windows OS can not be loaded / booted up.
    You need to reinstall new OS.

    If you have a Microsoft windows CD you can use this disk to reinstall the operating system. The necessary drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba page.
    Otherwise, you would need order a recovery disc Toshiba from here:

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  • Satellite L40-17 t - black screen with error message

    Hi friends,

    I have Toshiba Satellite L40-17 t with windows vista 32 bit home premium. A few days ago just after my update of Windows.Black emerged with the following screen;

    ! ! 0xc01001d! ! 37241 / 90758 (\Registry\Machine\COMPONENTS\DerivedData...)

    Do County does not completely run either TI stops a few times at 90758 28470. Also I can't retrieve through products and recovery of HARD drive recovery.

    Type help at the earliest.

    Kind regards


    > Also I am not able to recover through products and recovery of HARD drive recovery

    You do not have an image of disk recovery and hard drive missing? :(

    > ! 0xc01001d! 37241 / 90758 (\Registry\Machine\COMPONENTS\DerivedData...)

    According to this message, the registry is damaged. You will need to reinstall Windows or mount it using the Windows disk copy. If you do not, you can download and try Windows Vista Recovery Disc, it's free.

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  • C850 satellite will not start - black screen with mouse cursor while

    the screen while starting up is black with the cursor display white mouse - but won't start

    the computer is only 3 months with windows 8

    Please help me

    Thank you

    You mean underscore flashing/blinking in the upper left corner?
    It is above all an indicator of malfunction of the HARD drive.

    In your case, I recommend contacting the Toshiba authorised service provider because the laptop is 3 months old. In this case the warranty is still valid and you must have it repaired for free.

  • Satellite P100-374 has black screen with high temperatures


    I have a problem.
    My screen is black, but when I connect and external monitor I can watch my external monitor. Also, my GPU temperature is 120 ° c. I think it's verry high and not normal.

    Here is someone who knows what is the problem?

    Thank you


    PS (sorry for my bad English :$)

    Just a comment;
    As far as I know that it is not the GPU temperature sensors and so I m not 100% sure if your GPU temp value is right.
    Anyway, if you can see everything on the second monitor then it s certainly not a GPU problem!

  • Satellite Pro A200 - black screen with a blinking cursor


    I'm new to the forum and have a big problem.
    So, any help is welcome and appreciated.

    My Satellite Pro A200 turns black after the BIOS screen and a black screen with a blinking cursor.
    Also just as the screen goes black a beep can be heard which shows windows boot.

    I can access the toshiba Setup screen but not the installation of security mode.

    Kind regards


    Please go into the BIOS settings and check if the HARD drive is listed there.
    The blinking cursor is a typical sign of a malfunction of the HARD drive.
    Eventually the HARD drive is dead and you need to replace it and reinstall the operating system.

    Good luck

  • All black screen with a mouse that is visible on the Satellite

    I have a toshiba satellite laptop 2 years old, and it works pretty well so far (battery replaced in July).

    Yesterday, I was using it as usual, then close the lid and went for a shower.
    20 minutes later, I came back, it works again, and he went to a black screen with a visible mouse.
    However, none of the keys produce any response and the mouse not to slam.

    I tried several times it works and stop.
    Twice he went to a white screen with all the icons of bottom bar of size reduced and grouped in the upper corner, as well as a few photos, that I had just downloaded.

    A few forums I saw answer other users have suggested using the vista disk to restart, but I'm on study abroad for a year in the United States and thus didn't drive.
    In addition, these users reported a collision until it happened.

    I'll keep on at the current time to turn off in the hope that it will come back to life after a stop appropriate through loss of power.

    I would be really grateful for any suggestions you can give me, thank you.


    I put t know which model of laptop you have, but the first thing that you should try the new installation of the OS.
    You don t have any installation disc that's pity
    However, you can try to start Notepad using a Windows live CD.
    This system is called BartPE or WinPE
    Google for it

    This don t systems must be installed on the HARD drive, it works like a linux live cd you boot using such a disc and a few sec later you get access to the HARD disk

    I think it is good idea to check if the laptop is ok

  • Satellite L550 - black screen with mobile cursor on startup

    Hello world

    I have a Win7 of Toshiba Satellite Pro l550-17u with a startup problem, black screen with a cursor, but not going beyond.

    Tried to reset the default values on initial F2 menu configuration
    Tried to boot in safe mode and the safe mode with networking
    I tried Repair computer option
    Tried the restore advanced user
    Tried to load the recovery disk
    Tried to boot the laptop directly from the disc
    Tried to remove the battery, but made no difference

    When I get the white screen with the cursor, I tried a few things mentioned.
    Ctrl + alt + delete to get the Task Manager, but nothing.
    Pushin' Win + R to open the Run dialog box, but it does not work.
    Click on SHIFT 5 times quickly to get ticky key opened to get to the Control Panel, but it did not work for me.

    Last night did not turn on my laptop turned off but when opened I received a message that my system has recovered from a serious error, you click on close and then it turned off my laptop had this problem since.

    Next step i think I can reinstall the memory but don't really want to start taking it to bits.

    I also have a large amount of data I really want out of the hard drive. any suggestions?

    Any help or suggestions much appreciated


    To be honest, for me it looks like a Windows problem. Maybe something messed with the registry and Windows can start t more

    I think that you must restore windows recovery disk Toshiba you wrote that you have tried to load the restore disc but what happened after that? Can start the installation of recovery? If so, you should do this.

    Backup, you can do if you buy an external HARD drive enclosure. Remove the HARD drive and install in the case of HARD drive. Now you can connect to another computer.

  • Satellite A660 boots up to the black screen with blinking cursor not upper left

    My new Satellite A660-10W sometimes (not always), when turned on, boots up to a black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left. If I stop by pressing the power button, it stops immediately. I then wait a few seconds and press the power button again and then it usually starts very well.

    Could it be updated during this process and I'll be more patient (usually wait a few minutes) before shutting down when this happens?

    Usually something like that shouldn't happen. Satellite A660 is no different from all the other models and OS must be loaded shortly after Toshiba welcome screen appears.
    Do you use your laptop with factory settings or you have changed something?

  • Satellite A100-906 - black screen with a cursor

    Hi all

    There is a problem with my Satellite A100-906:

    After having lit - Toshiba page appears - that the loading Windows XP page - more than a black screen with a cursor (the touchpad moveable)... and nothing more.

    That's what I tried without success:

    Detach the battery for over an hour
    Start the computer with battery detached
    Change the default BIOS settings
    Start in Safe Mode - the same black screen with 'safe mode' legends in the 4 corners of the screen.

    Please help with this.


    According to your message, the screen of the laptop BIOS is visible and also the Windows screen.
    I think that it s not a hardware problem but a software problem.
    Maybe your operating system is confusing until you think about using the Toshiba Recovery disk and to restore the system?
    I mean you already tried the passage without danger and she didn't so in my opinion, the next step should be the new installation of the OS
    Check it out!

  • Unresponsive, black screen with mobile mouse, Odd blue lines during startup (Vista 32)

    First a little background seems to be in order.

    At first my problems seemed associated GPU. Play games would often result in freezes after explosive and muzzle flash effects. The entire computer freezes, pixel green and pink lined the edges of most objects. The only solution was to turn it off and restart it manually.

    The problem persisted in programs like the use of the internet for non flash based sites average.

    In Device Manager, I noticed a few red flags on my graphics card and problems with my drivers (I've updated my drivers recently, but after the initial problems) but I couldn't find a way to remedy the situation.

    Now start is messed up. The loading with green bars screen has shifted but evenly spaced blue lines on the entire screen. It takes a lot of time on this screen before the end. After that, it becomes a blank black screen with only my mouse visible and usable.

    All I can do is to move, clicking does nothing.

    Startup Repair seems to be corrupted on my computer from a previous problem, because it no longer works and a few start up via F8 options I tried show no effect.

    Safe mode shows no difference.

    I'm sure if the GPU is a part of the problem, but I have a nVidia 9800 GT.

    -Thanks in advance.

    By using the Vista recovery disc did fix my computer.

    After some trial and error, with execution of the various options for disk based, I finally got a restore point for work and now my computer is working again (I am actually posting about it right now!)

    I couldn't get startup repair to make no progress, nor could the repair options do much.

    But I was able to restore for some time in mid-August and I hope I can keep this race.

    I still have the blue lines when you start upward, but they appear not anywhere after that. I think that the root of my problem lies in my graphics card because my computer does not show that any evidence that I'm using a (cannot run games) and the device manager says that the device has been disabled due to a problem (code 43).

    But I'll leave a thread in the hardware forum where it belongs.

    Thank you all for your help, it is appreciated.

  • Black screen with a blue glow on screen 55 "

    I'm having a problem with the 55 '' LCD Cisco monitors where they randomly have a black screen with a blue glow at the bottom (hanging vertically).  Their power off, then bring him back the photo.  The DMP continues to play their content, and they are not connected by RS232, so I don't know that it is not orders this way.  We have two side by side, and it is never both at the same time.  It is one or the other, and they seem to alternate.  Last week from the other two, who are in another building and in separate rooms in one room on the other hand, started having this problem also, but they have been in service for a few months more.  Last week, it was one, which is just in front of the person to me, and this morning it was the other.  The oldest of them is just less than a year in the service.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi Michael,

    I know a couple of back issues of customer with 55 '' screens goes black after a while. Best option is that you open a service request in the TAC of revision of the exact firmware running on LCD screens and see if they match a known problem that can be corrected - since I do not believe that there is a patch available in general release.

    Best regards


  • C50D satellite - black screen with code series

    I just changed on my computer and it came with a black screen with a series of code

    series of code?
    What is the text that you see?
    If you google code, you can find the solution.

Maybe you are looking for

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