Satellite M30X-129: card SD2 BT does not work

I can't get my SD2 BT working on my satellite M30X-129, I get Bluetooth is not ready when trying to make a connection, I'm not sure if it's to do with the SD card drivers or... any ideas please


As far as I know there should be a CD that was shipped with this card.
There you should find the drivers for this card. If the drivers on the CD don t work then try to update with the latest version.
For this, you can check this site:

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  • Satellite M30X-165: new HARD drive does not work

    Hi, I want to replace the old hard drive, HITACHI 80 GB in my Satellite M30X 165. I bought SEAGATE Momentus 5400.3 120GB but it seems that it may not be recognized by the BIOS. Anyone know what to do or what types of discs can be used in this notebook? Thanks for help.


    Sometimes a bios update has solved many issues about installing new hardware.

    BUT Please note: the Bios has a limitation of size of HARD drive support. Not all sizes are supported. I guess that the 120 GB are too big and therefore you can not use it!

    You must switch to a smaller size. Check with a 80 or 100 GB HARD drive

    See you soon

  • Satellite M30X S214: CD button control does not work

    I have a Satellite M30x S214 and I do not have the drivers for the CD-DVD button control.
    Please I need the drivers CD control button.

    someone help me?

    Have a look here:

    and reinstall the utility called Easy Button.


  • Satellite M70-129: # and symbol keyboard @ does not work


    My computer's built-in keyboard laptop symbol @ and # do not work.
    Laptop is new. I don't know why? No idea please.

    What do you mean with not working?
    Another sign will appear in the place the good sign?
    If Yes, then I guess you are using wrong keyboard layout language.
    In this case I recommend to check the settings in the regional control panel and language options languages details

    Here you can change the language of the keyboard layout

  • Satellite M30X: DVD/CD rom drive does not work

    I hope someone can help. The reader above will not now recognize any media inserted. He snores for awhile then stops. I cleaned the lens and cross also support and diagnostic tests and they cannot me more help.

    I also reinstalled the driver but no joy.
    This means a new DVD/cd drive is necessary?
    It is removable of the laptop and easily replaceable?
    Where I would get the part - M * a DVD ROM UJ-82OS?

    How much would it cost?

    Thank you all for your suggestions?


    This looks like a simple material defect
    So what is the solution? I do think that a replacement device

    I think that different readers are compatible with this laptop. So I can t give you and advice how much it costs but the best answer you'll get the Toshiba service partner in your country

    But the slim laptop drives are usually a little more expensive than shared drives for desktop computers

  • Card player AutoPlay does not work. My two computers are networked. How can I fix it for automatic playback works?

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    I suggest you to try the steps in the following Microsoft Help article and check if it works.

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    Hope the information is useful.

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  • I inserted the wireless network card, but it does not work on Satellite A30

    Hello please, be gentle, lol.

    I have a Satellite A30, no manuals, disks etc. of second hand.
    I had to buy a wireless card and installed it myself (error?).

    The card is an Intel P/N: PA3362U 1MPC.

    My is... have issue I installed it properly (see below), and can someone point me in the right direction for the correct driver?

    (Correct?) installation... .clipped perfectly in the slot in the compartment in the base of the laptop. Two sons rolled? one longer than the other?
    I plugged them as follows... more long wire to THE & shorter wire by HAND (on map)? Does this sound correct?
    How could I not if it works?

    The LED does not illuminate when the wifi switch is on?
    Is it normal when the driver not installed? FN + F8 has no effect? Again the ths is normal without driver installed?

    Thank you in advance, I'm completely stuck here... Matt


    The PA3362U 1MPC seems to be a network wireless Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG MiniPCI Type 3b card. I think it is s ok and should be compatible.

    The WLan driver should be found here:
    Take the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 driver.

    > I plugged these as follows... more long wire to THE & shorter wire by HAND (on map)? Does this sound correct?
    I put t know which wire is short or long, but the two sons are different in color.
    Should the white cable goes to the hand and Brown to the auxiliary voltage

    See also this thread:

    > How could I not if it works?
    Well, you will not be able to connect to the Wlan ;)

    > Is - this normal when the driver is not installed? FN + F8 has no effect? Again the ths is normal without driver installed?
    You should check if the other FN keys work correctly. If other n t FN keys work then Fn + F8 does not work too

    PS: you can activate the WLan also in Device Manager-> properties-> tab advanced Wlan card

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro M30 Win 7 - webcam does not work on msn messenger

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite Pro M30 Modell Nr.: PSM35E and just changed to Windows 7. But put him Nvidia card NVIDIA GeForceTM FX Go5200 Grafik 64 MB of RAM is not working properly.

    I could find a Vista driver and installed, have Aero + photos on the desktop, but my webcam does not work on msn messenger and this is the only way for me to see my family.

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks for your help


    I m a bit confused; you have some problems with the graphics card or with the webcam?

    I assume you mean on external webcam connected to the USB port? Right?
    What happens if you connect the webcam to the laptop? Can win 7 recognize the device? Have you installed additional drivers for this webcam?
    Most of the time it s necessary to do so because I think that it s not Plug & Play device.

  • Satellite L300 - 1-5 - the screen does not work

    Recently, I encountered a problem with my laptop, the screen does not work.
    I tested my inverter of the screen and my backlight lamp to see that if that was the problem, but they both worked perfectly, I then tried the entire screen with the parts and that worked too. (I tried in my friends Toshiba Satellite L300 - 217)

    Then I looked around online and got told to try to connect my laptop to an external monitor, so I did and the screen didn't work there either. So now I'm stuck, I have tried everything even made sure all connections aren't loose etc but it still does not.

    Anyone know what the problem with my laptop?

    Thank you, Tom

    Hey Buddy,

    > connect my laptop to an external monitor, so I did and the screen didn't work there either.
    This means that the internal monitor is ok and the reason must be the graphics card or card mother herself.

    I guess for now, you get only a screen empty and nothing happens on your laptop?

    In this case, you should contact the closest service provider authorized in your country. Just get in touch with the guys and ask for help. They can check the cell phone and fix it! ;)

  • Satellite A200-1FL (PSAE6) - FN key does not work on Windows 7

    I have just installed Windows 7 on my laptop and I can't do touchpad Fn key works. I tried to install the drivers from the Synaptics touchpad, but it does not work.

    What can I do?

    Hi navarone_1,

    This means that the work of FN keys and you can t use the pad touch, right?

    Well, in this case I think that the touchpad is disabled with FN + F9 key combination and therefore, you must install the Toshiba tools to activate the FN keys.

    You can find all the drivers and tools for your laptop on the Toshiba official European page: > support & downloads > download drivers

    You need Support Flash Cards of value added and utility package. These two tools should be released for Windows 7. For Windows 7 32 bit, you can find package of added value but Flash cards Support utility you must download it from another laptop, e. g. Satellite P500. It should work on your model too.

    Last but not less than first installation package of added value and Flash then cards support utility.

  • Satellite A350-13 a - function keys does not work

    I have the Satellite A350-13. I installed Windows 7 for 2 weeks.

    The function keys does not work although I have installed the Toshiba value added package, which is responsible for the activation of the function keys.

    What the solution to this problem?

    > Function keys does not work although I have installed the toshiba value added package, which is responsible for the activation of the function keys

    Next to the VAP (value added package) you need to install the Flash Utility card support!
    Card Flash utility support controls the keys FN and not the VAP! But VAP is also needed.

    Good bye

  • Satellite X 200-219 - the touchpad does not work as it should

    Hi all

    I recently bought a 2nd hand Toshiba Satellite x 200-219. Had some problems with it that I have overcome now, except one... The touchpad does not work as it should. I think that the cable has been damaged at some point.

    So I'm wondering if I should use the same ribbon cable to connect the keyboard to the motherboard or can I get one of a different model of PC Toshiba laptop?

    I tried searching on the net for advice but have resulted in nothing so thought I would try the forums.

    Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    I think you can use the items to the satellite X 205 series since this seems to be the same series as X 200:
    Found some related parts the touchpad:
    Satellite X 205 / X 200 touchpad Board with cable: reference number: K000047950
    Satellite part number for the TOUCH PAD FFC X 205 / X 200: K000047980

    But why you n t come into contact with a Toshiba authorized service provider in your country and order the part necessary and compatible?

  • Satellite Pro R50 - brightness control F3 does not work


    I have a R50 Pro Satellite - bought just 1 month ago.

    Suddenly the order of function F3 to control light intensity has stopped working.

    The brightness can down with F2 function but F3 does not work

    F3 in the software and the operating system back to research, but do not work by pulling the brightness setting.

    So I'm stuck with my brightness down as low as it goes.

    I downloaded the latest driver for the feature key and installed, so it isn't that.

    Anyone got any help they can give?

    See you soon

    As a temporary solution, you can change the brightness in the power settings.
    I really don't understand what the problem may be, but try to reinstall the utility system then Toshiba and Toshiba driver to feature key.

  • Satellite NB10T-A-101 - mouse pad does not work

    I have a touch screen for Toshiba Satellite NB10T-A-101, the touch screen works very well but I use mostly the mouse pad I find using the slider easier.

    But recently my guarded cursor freezing for a second or two and then to spend once again, but now the mouse pad seems not working with the left and right click buttons work but not the touchpad.

    I made sure the touchpad is enabled in the mouse settings, so I don't really know what to do now.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you


    Have Hmm you also checked the FN + F5 key combination?
    This would enable and disable the touchpad as well.

    But from my point of view, it would be possible that the touchpad module is malfunctioning.
    I m thinking about the hardware malfunction because the touchpad buttons work and just touch the touch work area module doesn't correctly.

    Usually, if the touchpad would be handicapped by any software, both; as well as the touch buttons does not work.

Maybe you are looking for