Satellite P100-PSPA3A-05S00P - how to use the remote control & infrared

Satellite P100-PSPA3A-05S00P.

Do not know if I have deleted the drivers or need drivers for remote control and infrared.
I'm not sure how to activate the infrared but I got this cable look like an infrared receiver, but you don't know where it's going.

I used the remote when I bought the laptop from 1st but it was a few years ago...


I think that infrared doesn t need to be activated. It s must already be enabled.
But the remote control can be used within Windows Media Center.
I think this will work because my friend of mouse remote control with Windows Media Center as well and it worked well.

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    I used Toshiba A100 PSAARA, but now I can not use the remote control to operate all things?

    Thank you!

    If the remote control suddenly stopped working trying to restore the operating system to an earlier time using System Restore tool.
    If this does not help please let us know.

  • SOLUTION - How to use the remote on the Satellite X 200 with Win7 64 bit

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    Thanks for the link.

    It will be fine if some owner of Satellite X 200 can confirm.

  • Satellite P750 114 - how to start using the remote control


    Does anyone know how to start to use the remote that came with my makeup P750 114.
    When I press on simple volume keys + / doesn't seem to work.
    I have the batteries in it but do not know if I have to activate something on the laptop itself to start using the feature.


    A remote control that is included with some models allows you to perofom certain functions.
    Using the remote control, you can
    -Navigate and control the media center window
    -Check the video or live tv display
    -Place the computer in and out of fashion "Eve".

    There is a button on the remote control.
    It begins or ends the OS. The functions of this button as your computer's power button. By default, the "sleep mode" is equivalent to powering down of the State of your laptop. to change this click Start-> Control Panel-> system and security-> power options.
    You will find options; do nothing, sleep, hibernate, shut down.

    Hope this helps

  • using the remote control of the DVD does not select the correct buttons?

    Hey Ya'll,

    Project is almost complete, but I ran into one, which I think is a very simple problem...

    On my main menu, I have a total of 5 buttons on 2 rows.

    Line 1 to 2 buttons and Row 2 has 3 buttons.

    The links are correct, because they work fine in preview mode, using the mouse, but also view the version on the pc using Cyberlink DVD Viewer, once again, using the mouse to select the button.

    The problem is when you use the remote control, either on the copy engraved in the DVD player, or in preview mode, if I use the directional buttons of remote controls, that he does not want to go to the buttons I suppose it must

    (Top row left to right, then down row from left to right)

    On each of the properties of the buttons Panel, I chose the right (I guess) option number (just below name) for each button... IE top left set the right value top of page 1, 2, bottom left 3, the middle value 4 downstairs and down to the right the value 5.

    Type is set to Normal, the button name and Synch text is checked (although the No button is real, each is just a Word text, in photoshop, when I did originally the menu..)

    Also the low middle button never gets selected with the remote control of the DVD... Preview, using the buttons on the remote control, he finally gets selected, but it takes a bit of comes and goes, and the highlighted button is rarely what you would expect, since direction button your pushing.

    #1 button (top left) is set to the default button, which I want, but do not know how I set that, unless it's because it was the first button, I myself made/converted to the button)

    Here, any help would be greatly appreciated... that should finish this project!


    Cowboy Bob,

    No, what you did with the binder is actually linking these buttons to the assets.

    It shows a Menu with several buttons, icon manually road buttons depressed. Once you choose manually the buttons of road, they can change exactly what will make the remote control.

    As said, when you create a Menu, buttons start at # 1 and progress upward. Each Layer Set button plus up in the Layers Palette. This is the routing of the buttons Auto gets its information and it usually works. However, if you move the buttons around, removes some, etc., the en can get confused, manually their routing is the best way to go.

    Good luck and we hope this helps,


  • How to stop the remote control to the setting

    How to stop the remote control to the setting

    Disable the settings > general > accessibility > voiceover.

  • How to recharge the remote control for Apple TV 4

    How to recharge the remote control for Apple TV 4

    Recharge your Siri or Apple TV Remote - Support Apple Remote

  • Using the remote control in parallel and touch screen.


    Cisco TelePresence SX20 with firmware TC7.1.4.908e4a9 and has been synchronized with the touch screen. Can I use remote control when the touch screen is activated. Now the remote control is locked.

    Thank you to.


    N ° when a codec is associated with a touch controller, it is not possible to use the remote control.

    You question No. 677 in link below

    BR Oleksandr

  • SX20: Definition of system using the remote control password


    Cisco SX20 Quick Set: TC6.1

    I usually know the system password is set using CLI Web.

    But I would like to know if it is possible to set the system password using the remote control.

    If so, can you guide me.

    Thanks in advance


    the remote control you can set the menu password, system password is not remotely possible.

    You can also set using cli commnad.

    xcommand SystemUnit AdminPassword Set Password: xxxxxx


    Kind regards


  • Error step 7, creation of WebCenter, and schemas content using the remote control

    Hi all

    I have the installation of the portal WebCenter using JSK, but the failure of the process when it tries to create patterns using the remote, it shows "Time out when connecting to the database. The current values expires 30 seconds. "UCR-6090: jump main operation: validation stage of connection failure.

    This is the content of install_setup.log

    Thu Aug 14 10:12:32 CLT 2014: END STEP 6 22: Configurion of the database Instance

    Thu Aug 14 10:12:32 CLT 2014: START STEP 7 22: creation of the WebCenter and patterns content using the remote control. Estimated time is 1 minute. Please wait..


    Installation of patterns Begin spaces

    Please enter the password(User:sys) of the database:

    Processing of command line...

    Timeout connecting to the database. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

    UCR-6090: jump main operation: validation step connection failure

    And the rcu.log

    14-08-2014 10:14:38.925 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.RCUCommandLineParser::process: processing command line...

    14-08-2014 10:14:38.927 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.SilentRCUModel::performOperation: from validations...

    14-08-2014 10:14:38.934 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.common.dbutil.jdbc.JDBCEngine::connect: the connection to the database: user: sys, role: sysdba, connectString: (description = (address = (host = localhost.localdomain)(protocol=tcp) (port = 1521)) (connect_data = (service_name = ORCL) (server = dedicated)))

    14-08-2014 10:15:39.250 rcu ERROR: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator::isConnectionStepValidated: unable to connect to database: timeout when connecting to the database. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

    14-08-2014 10:15:39.250 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.common.dbutil.jdbc.JDBCEngine::connect: the connection to the database: user: sys, role: sysdba, connectString: (description = (address = (host = localhost.localdomain)(protocol=tcp) (port = 1521)) (connect_data = (sid = ORCL) (server = dedicated)))

    14-08-2014 10:16:39.192 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.common.util.SilentMessageHandler::writeToLog: timeout when connecting to the database. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

    14-08-2014 10:16:39.192 rcu ERROR: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator::isConnectionStepValidated: SQLFatalErrorException:

    oracle.sysman.assistants.common.dbutil.SQLFatalErrorException: timeout when connecting to the database. Current timeout value is 30 seconds.

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.common.dbutil.jdbc.JDBCEngine.connect(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator.connectDatabase(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator.connectDatabase(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.StepValidator.isConnectionStepValidated(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.SilentRCUModel.performOperation(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.RCUModel.startOperation(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.Rcu.execute(

    at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.Rcu.main(

    2014-08-14 10:16:39.193 rcu ERROR: oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.SilentRCUModel::performOperation: UCR-6090: operation hand jump: validation step connection failure

    2014-08-14 10:16:39.193 NOTIFICATION rcu: oracle.sysman.assistants.common.util.SilentMessageHandler::writeToLog: UCR-6090: operation hand jump: validation step connection failure

    Any suggestions?

    Best regards!


    (1) you see no error on the Setup screen? If Yes please download the screenshot?

    (2) the UCR is a failure because it is not able to connect to the database. Please make sure that you have entered the correct database details.

    Also, can you please try the following and check the box.

    Go to the location / / rcu/config /

    Take backup for the file, and then change the below




    and try again.



  • How to use the "Toshiba controls" with other players?


    I have a Satellite with Toshiba controls. How can I change so I can use the buttons for other media players and not only Windows Media Player?

    A dude sorry for the bad news, but I fear that it is not possible to use the Toshiba controls with another application as with WMP (CD) and WinDVD (DVD)
    I think that the utility was already programmed and designed to use only these two applications.

  • Installation of OBIEE without using the remote control.


    I installs le OBIEE et will use the Oracle database, but will not use the RCU. I wonder if I need of some pre -requisite to create the schema?

    Is there any documentation with installation create RCU schemas without?

    Thank you.


    Without the remote control will not work OBIEE 11g because the remote control allows you to install certain patterns in a database that are required by median Fusion as Oracle BI EE ware products. These schemas can be installed on any certified version of database such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or IBM DB2 database. There are patterns that are required by the main components of Oracle Fusion Middleware, although there are Oracle BI EE patterns requires, as the Planner, BI Publisher, for the new product of the scorecard.

    Note: You can install it without the remote, but we must approach below.

    SATYA RANKI OBIEE REDDY SOLUTIONS: How to install OBIEE 11 g without the remote

    Thank you

    Satya Reddy Ranki

  • Re: How to reconfigure the remote control for Qosmio F50?

    I have a Qosmio F50, which came with a standard remote control for applications like media library etc, how do I reconfigure the keys to do exactly what I want it to do?

    For example the button power on the remote control to completely stop the machine instead of standby

    Thank you

    Hello Dan

    Why do you think something like this is possible? What is this described in s operating manuals.
    If something like this can be done, it must be described in the manuals?

    In 10 years Toshiba has offered several different notebooks with the remote, but something like this was never possible and remote control buttons were always with defined function.
    You have some really cool ideas.

  • Satellite P100 - 221 PSPA6E: how to increase the RAM using SD or USB flash memory


    I want to spend my memory (2 GB) more than that using SD memory or USB memory.
    I have this happen? If yes how can I to do?

    My computer is:
    Toshiba Satellite P100-221 PSPA6E


    Post edited by: kanburnevzat


    What do you do?
    Using Vista Ready Boost?

    If Yes, please check this page from Microsoft on the Ready Boost feature:

    If you want to increase your RAM, then only the memory module larger RAM would be useful for you.

  • Satellite Pro C870-172: how to use the Fn keys by pressing the FN key

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro C870-172 and I found that the FN key is used by default.

    I mean that if I need to use the normal F1 or F2 key, I have to press "FN" + F1 or F2 etc... otherwise I get the function of toshiba. which would be fine, but in a lot of technical programs, I need to use the normal F1 F2... touch!

    is there a way to reverse the default system so that when I press the F1 key, I get the F1 function and when I press FN + F1, I get the toshiba service?

    Thank you


    Yes, go to the BIOS by pressing F2
    Now switch to the Advanced tab, and then open the System Configuration.
    Here you will see the option called: mode of the function (without pressing Fn first) key
    This option should be disabled.

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