Satellite P20 S203: How can I use the wireless network card?

first - sorry for my English. I have toshiba P20 S203 (I know - old hardware).
I read a few descriptions on this computer and I know that the model probably have wifi. I see on the left side of my laptop, but don't see it Win Xp Pro Sp2.
How to turn on and connect to my lan wirreless?

again sorry for my English...


As mentioned the laptop has no installed wireless network card, but you can improve with one compatible.
The minPCI card has two cables; Brown and white.
Usually the white cable be connected to the hand and Brown to the

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  • Satellite A100-529: How can I enable the wireless network adapter

    Hi all!

    I'm new here, but I want to know how can I activate the wireless network device. On my Toshiba Satellite A100-529 keyboard is a Fn key that must be pressed with the F8 key to turn on the wireless network device. I did, but it does not work.

    What can I do to turn on my wireless device?
    Thank you!

    You are right. The FN + F8 key combination should be used to switch to the WLan card.

    But look, man. Have you checked if your laptop supports wireless network card?
    I think it does not support the minPCI wireless network card and the card does not exist!

    That's why the WLan card cannot be activated :) you know ;)

  • Can not use the wireless network card after the upgrade to Windows XP Home SP3 on Satellite Pro 4600 edition


    This is my setup
    Computer: Satellite Pro 4600 model ps460e 02hyt en
    Operating system: Windows XP SP3
    Mini pci wireless lan card: pa3070u - 1mpc mpci3a-20

    My problem:
    The operating system has been improved in win 98se to windows XP SP3.
    The mini pci wireless lan card does not work I try to download the right drivers but I have a big problem all driver downloads does not work. I don't know the physical name of the Council.
    Where can I find a solution for the update of these drivers? Is it possible that the mini pci wireless lan card does not work with windows XP SP3?

    Please I wait your help

    Thank you

    [email protected]

    I imagine that it will be compatible with SP2 well. You can test it please and post the result?

  • When I try to send and receive e-mail using Windows Mail, it wants to use a made up connection. How can I use the wireless connection?

    Windpws Mail & Wi - Fi

    I just installed a TalkTalk wireless router which seems to have installed correctly. However when I try to send and receive e-mail using Windows Mail, she wants to use a made up connection. How can I use the wireless connection? Thank you very much, Dianthus MJ.

    Go to tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | Connection and check or change the connection properties.  You will need to remove the account and then add it again, but try first and also check tools | Options | Connections.


  • Satellite P20 S203 - where can I get the cover external big screen?

    Hi all

    Anyone know where to find an outer cover of the big screen Satellite P20 S203?

    I broke it because I disassembled all the pc some time ago, and as I can see now that I took out the black cover around the screen. I forgot to screw the 2 screws on the hinges that make it able to open and close. It is only broken on one of the screens, hinges, so the pc is still usable, with appropriate caution, I can still open and close, but sooner or later, I think that the other will be too broke, opening and closing of the screen all the time, so I have to replace it
    Hope someone can help me.
    Good bye


    I'm not sure what cover you mean exactly, but you can get all the spare parts to an authorized service provider. On the Toshiba page, you can find a list of them.

    You must only contact them by phone, for example. Explain the situation and maybe they can send you a new cover.

    Welcome them

  • Portege 7220: Can I use the wireless network?

    Hello, I think to buy a Portege 7220 but need to know if it is possible to connect wireless to my office. I know how to configure the desktop computer, but I'm not yet sure on laptops. Do I need a pcmcia card? or something like that?
    Thanks in advance for any response.

    Hi, Sandra

    You are right. If you want to use the WLAN you PCMCIA WLAN card. You can buy it in every store of PC.

  • How can I remove the wireless network settings and the Working Group?

    I used the Setup Wizard to establish them, and now I want to remove them completely.  I use Windows XP SP3.

    Hi 13emily,

    Try the step below to remove the connection to the computer's wireless network.

    (a) click Start, click Control Panel, and then click network connections.

    (b) right click on wireless network connection and then click Remove.

    To remove a network component

    When you set up a network, Windows automatically creates a workgroup and gives it a name. As we cannot delete a task force but if you rename the working group which will remove access to other computers.

    To rename a computer

  • Satellite A100-785: router restarts automatically when the wireless network card is on

    Once, I turn my adapter wireless for my laptop 'ON' and it starts to connect to my router 3com officeconnect wireless.
    I found that my router restarts automatically.
    This happens each and every time I turn on my laptop with the wireless adapter ON.

    I use the Satellite A100-785 PPPoE ISP with WPA/AES encryption enabled on the new MS Vista platform.
    All drivers updated to the latest versions, and the wireless signal is Excellent.

    Any suggestions that could be the reason or any recommendation to begin to investigate the matter?
    Everything will be highly appreciated. Thank you

    Once again; Your WLan router restarts (reboots) when you turn on the WLan on the A100 Satellite Map. Am I wrong?

    Well, it's strange, but to be honest I n t see a problem with the laptop but with the router. I would recommend controlled again the unique WLan router configuration.

    Good bye

  • Cable connection part for good - once I started using the wireless NETWORK card!


    I went although all people in support on this issue, but now I have no other choice than to ask all you people here!

    That is the problem. I have two computers with multiple network cards. One is a laptop computer with wireless Draft-N support and 10/100/1000 NIC onboard. The other is a desktop computer with an ASUS Wifi b/g edge and also dual GigE ports nVidia graphics card.

    Whenever I try to use network wired for internet or local network even cards use, it died on me. It is impossible to obtain an IP address from the router to use and is unable to communicate with anyone at all. Not even with my local network or even directly to the router ( If I turn on the wireless card, it connects and everything is groovy (except that I lost my GigE connection to my local network, which is most important!).

    I havegone through the standard fare of cyclic power to the router and cable modem, reboot of my machines, etc. all the normal things, we are required to do.

    After some hassles with the support of Linksys to get them to send me a new WRT330N, I finally received a new WRT310N and it shows exactly the same problem! Wireless connections work fine, but as soon as I disable the WiFi and wired go, Windows XP gives me nothing else than a message "limited or no connectivity" and let me out of the network.

    This leads me to think it's some sort of network problem due to multiple MACs on the same host name. Does anyone know how to get around this problem?

    Thank you!

    Disable the firewall on the computer and then also try to connect the computer to the modem and check if the computer is able to connect.

  • Is satellite C660 - 11 H - possible to change the wireless network card?

    Hi guys,.

    I'm looking to change the card Wifi on my C660 11 H since a Realtek 8188CE for a Realtek RTL8187B, for reasons that cannot be discussed on this forum. I was just wondering if the new card will be compatible, if I understand his also a Bluetooth card? I know that in the past, this is a case of grooving of the card and connecting the antennas.

    Finally, can anyone provide me the model number of the integrated Realtek WAN adapter? In system information, he simply says Wan Adapter PCI-E FE?

    Thanks for your help / Ryan


    To be honest, it would be interesting to know why you want to change the WLAN card. You are not satisfied, or what are the reasons for this?

    In the forum, there are some discussions on the WLAN on Satellite C660 questions but this could be solved with latest Realtek driver and turning off energy saving as you can in large number of discussions:

  • How to upgrade the wireless network card in Windows Vista


    Please how can I update the wireless network card?

    Thanks for the help


    I suggest you try the steps from the following link to update the wireless network card drivers.

    a. right click on the Start button and click on Device Manager.
    b. display all devices on one.
    c. right-click on the WLAN driver and click on Update.

    Display us the results, once you try the steps above.

  • I bought an iphone 4 on ebay but it's locked, icloud so I am not able to use it, and the previous owner is available to remove the device from their account: How can I use the appliance?

    I bought an iphone 4 on ebay but it's locked, icloud so I am not able to use it, and the previous owner is available to remove the device from their account: How can I use the appliance?

    You can not. Try to return the unit and get your money back. There is absolutely no way for you to unlock the device,

  • I got an iphone 4 to a friend in the Canada. I want to use it here in the Philippines as a regular iPad reserved for wifi, how can I use it without sim card? It does not pass the activation page. Help please?

    I got an iphone 4 to a friend in the Canada. I want to use it here in the Philippines as a regular iPad reserved for wifi, how can I use it without sim card? It does not pass the activation page. Help please?

    You can activate it without a SIM card. If it is locked, it takes a SIM card by the carrier, for it is locked. The SIM card should not be linked to an active line of service, but it must be present to activate it.

  • How can I use the speed dial on my Motorola W490?

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    The result, I received the screen is "unauthorized."

    Pls help. THX.


    Can you tell us what steps you took to set your speed dial and use it?

    W490 User Guide

    On page 61, you can find information about adding dial numbers to speed up and 62 mentions how you dial. For example if you have saved your Uncle Paul as Dáil speed 3, you simply hold the button 3 to call this contact.


    Support Forums Manager

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    I have attached here an example of doing the same thing using local variables and shift registers. Take a peek inside. Shift register is always a better option than local variables.

    Kind regards


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