Satellite P300D-13 has (PSPDCE) - downgrade to Windows XP SP2 from Prof. - pilot

Hello, first of all, I come from Germany and I hope you understand my problem...

I bought last week it really useful for computer laptop Satellite P300D-13 (PSPDCE) and have now a few huge problems...

I have download all the drivers of P300D Series for Windows XP and also installed the display driver.
My problem is that the sound is not as good as on Vista. He did not get the right sound for me... Is this a driver problem? But I can listen to the sound...

Another problem is that Windows XP found SM Bus controller, but cannot find a driver for it.

I know it was a big mistake not to burn a DVD of VISTA recovery but I have all the files for recovery on a separate disk DVD. If I have the Toshiba recovery software can I make a DVD of recovery with the old files of Vista on Windows XP? If all goes well, there is a solution...

I don't like Vista, it's like a very expansive toy for me. So I decided to install Windows XP Prof. SP2...

I hope someone can help me...


Regarding the noise I suggest you to check the website of conexant for some newer drivers, maybe they could improve the 'sound quality' of your audio output.

The SM-Bus is part of the ATI chipset and install it that you only have to google for "ATI SMBus" that returns thousands of links to driver ATI SM - Bus.
With the recovery it s not so easy because the file structure on the recovery partition is not similar to the image of final recovery on the recovery CD.

I suggest to make a picture of your XP, recover your machine with the recovery of HARD drive, burning media, and then copy the picture from your previous installation of XP on the C: drive. I know it sounds a bit like much work but it s worth. :)

Welcome them

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  • Satellite P300D-130 - activate the AHCI on Windows XP mode


    I recently bought this laptop and replace Vista by XP to get performance for games.
    I've been reading about SATA (AHCI mode) and WinXP and for the installation, I put the Bios on the compatibility.
    But now I want to install the AHCI drivers but its almost impossible. So please help me!

    My computer:
    Toshiba Satellite P300D-130 (PSPDCE)
    Chipset: AMD 780G
    hard drive: TOSHIBA MK3252GSX
    Southbridge: ATI SB700
    I found a tutorial to install the drivers:
    [] (in french) that they use the driver intel, very simple, with intel, why not with amd?

    But the big problem is to find the driver: in this forum, I see some post reported the drivers are in the display driver in a folder SBDrv name, but it does not work!

    So I did some research on google, ati and amd Web site and I found some drivers and has tested them without any result: still the same message when I try to update the drivers: "the specified location contains no information about your hardware."

    Here's a screenshot of my hardware:

    Thanks (and sorry for my bad English)

    On AMD laptops such as yours, you should display driver.
    The display driver contains the SATA driver to a Windows XP installation on a functional level. The driver, you can also find on the Toshiba site:

    If you downloaded the driver you have two options: you can copy the driver on an external floppy drive and load it after booting from the CD with F6 or you build your own installation with nLite disk: []
    I did good experiences with nLite. It s a nice and easy to use tool.

  • Satellite Pro L300 - problem for Installation of Windows XP SP2

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-164 without BONES. When I tired to a software install Windows XP Professional genuine, it gives a message "Setup did not find units of hard disk installed in your computer".

    Repeated trial gives the same message. BIOS showing the hard drive. Can someone help me to set up Windows XP?
    Thanks in advance


    Start-up of facilities you have to load the SATA driver. I think that your laptop has a Chipset Mobile Intel® GL960 Express with code CrestlineGM + ICH8-M name.

    When WXP facilities charge ICH8 SATA driver. You can find it under

    Please visit
    There is an interesting discussion about the installation of Windows XP Sp2 home edition.

  • Re: Satellite P300D-10U: Toshiba Power Sawer on Win XP SP2 installation

    Please help with installing the Toshiba Power Sawer on Windows XP SP2
    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite P300D.

    Installed all the drivers of Windows XP on the site, including the Toshiba driver for AMD processors.
    Then, install the Toshiba Power Sawer and not what is happening, only about 50% CPU load.
    In what may be the reason that it is necessary to install Toshiba Power Sawer?


    I'm a bit confused of m?
    You have problems with the installation of energy-saving, or the performance of the processor?

    Notes; You can change the method of control of the CPU and the speed of the CPU processing in basic configuration of the energy saver!
    This affect and change the performance of the processor.

  • Satellite 1605cds: RAM has not reported in Windows 2000


    I have a 2nd hand Toshiba Satellite 1605cds/4.3 (amd k6-2 450 mhz basic system).
    It has 32 MB of ram on board and a dimm slot - so put in a memory of 128 MB.

    But I read this Web page:

    where it says it can be improved with a 256 MB memory module!

    I have it plugged in and it correctly sees 288 MB (32 MB onboard 256 MB on housing) in the bios.
    When I boot from the partition of Windows 98 Second edition, it shows the 288 amount of ram.

    .. .but when I boot on the partition of Windows 2000 Professional, it displays a blue screen saying that the bios is not an improved ACPI bios. It says that I have to push the F7 key during the installation of Windows 2000 to disable ACPI and install HAL.

    But if I remove the 256 MB slot, Windows 2000 starts correctly without any problem.

    I tried to reinstall Windows 2000 by pushing the F7 key during installation, but then Windows 2000 shows that the 32 MB of ram.

    So, what can I do to run Windows 2000 and 256 MB module?
    The bios is the last that can be downloaded on the web page of toshiba.

    Thanks to all and sorry for my English.


    According to your description W2k said to update the layer HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). In Windows 2000, there are several ways to solve the problems associated with the material (HAL, Hardware Abstraction Layer) Abstraction layer that may occur due to bad detection, an obsolete or non compliant Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) or incorrectly installed computer type or manually.

    For more information, please see this Microsoft support site:

    But as I know Toshiba supports the 128 MB only on this unit and if you want to use more ram you can do at your own risk!

  • Satellite L450D - 11H - can I downgrade to Windows XP?

    Hi guys

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D - 11 H with the following specifications

    -AMD Sempron Processor TR-42
    -DVD - RW SuperMulti drive (Double Layer)
    -1024 MB DDR RAM (800 MHz)
    -15.6 "screen (1366 x 768) TruBrite high brightness

    I was wondering if there is anyway to downgrade my current Windows 7 to Windows XP...

    Thank you guys


    I checked the website and Toshiba Satellite L450D, it only shows the drivers for Windows 7.

    Of course, you can install Windows XP, but in this case you need to collect the drivers on external Web sites because Toshiba provides only Windows 7 drivers.
    To find the drivers for Windows XP you should ask Google, perhaps you can find some drivers that they will work.

    But I m wondering you want to downgrade to XP. In my opinion windows 7 works quite well and I m pleased to new OS from Microsoft.

  • Satellite A50 PSA50E has no drivers for Windows 7

    I have Satellite A50 PSA50E and I want to put win 7. I tried but without success, some drivers (network,...) don't work, but windows work ok! On the site of pilots I got all the drivers needed to solve problems.
    Because I bought this laptop and I also bought win 7 I hope that there are also drivers for it.
    Please send me link to download driver so I can enjoy with my computer toshiba laptop, or will not be a good story with computers laptop toshiba


    Sorry, mate, but a50 is the old laptop that same places in * archives * o the Toshiba driver page. I couldn't even find drivers for Vista. I don't know if win 7 drivers are available for your model at all. But you can go to see by device id Device Manager or supplier and do a search in Google.

  • Flash Cards (FN) do not work on my Satellite P300D-14 has


    I'm having a P300D 14A.

    After the start of the hibernation mode, I can't use the FN key to get the menu. Some of the keys are working without the menu, but not all.
    After a restart of power is ok until I use mode Hibernate once more.
    IM using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

    Can someone help me?
    I'm using value-added package 1.40

    Try to restart the cards flash Start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities > restart Flash cards.
    After doing this key several times to see if the flash cards will be shown once again.

  • Satellite P300D - h - 13 (PSPDCE) - cannot use full 8 GB of RAM


    Originally on my laptop's RAM 2x2gb. Given that the fromToshiba of the said sheet max of 8 GB (8192 MB) of RAM (DDR2) is possible, I bought 2 x 4 GB (800 MHz, CL6, DDR2, SoDimm - specifications are the same as the original ones). After installation I tried to start the computer, so it is passed the POST and BIOS see all 8192 MB and when it starts to boot the operating system it just go in to reset. I can stop it with button / stop. The installed operating system is Windows 7 64 bit. I also tried with Linux and had the same problem. I tried with only one set of 4GB (but two of them), but still no luck. New memmory is correct because I tested it on another computer and it works without any problem. So there must be a computer problem. I have the latest BIOS 3.30. I called toshiba and they said it should work with any producer's memory as long as they are DDR2 SoDimm.

    No idea what can be wrong or todo?

    Kind regards

    Hey Buddy,

    If Windows doesn't start with new RAM modules, this could mean that the RAM modules are faulty or not compatible with the laptop itself. All the modules of memory compatible with all laptops. What brand of memory is?

    In your case I would try it with pre-tested Toshiba memory modules. You can buy these modules to a service allowed in your country. I searched a bit using Google and the part number for 4 GB of DDR2-800 is PA3670U-1M4G.

  • HIDData.exe has stopped working in Windows Vista SP2

    I am running Windows Vista w/SP2 on a Compaq CQ70 w/an Intel T3200 2.0 ghz processor. I recently installed a USB Bluetooth device. I get the error "HIDData.exe stopped working" reported before with a USB Bluetooth mouse. Every avenue, I used to try to find a solution show KB941600 cumulative update installation. However, when I started to install the update, I learned that it is applied to a different operating system than the one on my computer. I guess that's because it applies to Windows Vista without SP2 installed. Is there a way to solve this problem for the updated Vista version?

    Hi IXOYE4Us,

    This error may occur due to the old version of the HP Quick Launch Button software. If you have installed a HP Quick Launch toolbar, then you can try to disable the toolbar HP Quick launch at startup or uninstall it and check.

    You can try to perform a clean boot and try disabling the HP Quick launch at startup toolbar.

    For more information about execution of boot, you can consult the following link:

    You can also view the following link to uninstall a program:

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • recently upgraded to windows xp sp2 from sp1, now computer hangs at startup upward?

    Someone has no solution to the freezing at the start up

    If you have been running XP SP1 and everything just recently installed SP2, then I would be shocked to learn that your computer had not been infested with malware.  XP SP2 has not been supported for some time now and there has been no updates released for XP SP1 or XP SP2.  Without SP3 installed, your computer is a duck sitting for malware.

    I suggest that get rid you your computer of malicious software to reformat and reinstall Windows XP.  Then, immediately, before all else, install all the essential and important updates, including Service Packs.

    Be sure to only install a good antivirus before you venture out to surf the internet.

  • Satellite P300D - is there a VAP for x 64 Windows available?

    Y at - it a x 64 VAP for Windows Vista or Windows 7, which will focus on a Satellite P300D?
    I find basically all x 64 drivers from other sites, but I can't get my FN key to work without the VAP and the x 86 one will not be installed.

    Thank you.

    For anyone interested:

    [ = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 152 & selProduct = 778 & selSho rtMod = null & language = all & selOS = 27 & selType = all & yearu pload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = a llMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = al l & selectedLanguage = all & type = all & page = 7 & ID = 66647 & OS ID = 27 & driverLanguage = 13]

    Hey mate,

    It seems that no 64 bit package of added value for Satellite P300D and Windows 7 is available at this time.
    Maybe it will be released in the coming days or weeks

    But what you can do is to try the value-added package for Vista x 64. The link that you posted shows VAP 64 bit and you should try this. Maybe it will work

    In addition, you can give us feedback on this subject. I am interested in.

  • No wireless on Satellite A300 afrer downgrade to Windows XP Home edition

    No wireless on Satellite A300 (PSAG0A-02009) after downgrading to Windows XP Home with the CD provided to Toshiba.
    We have the wireless switch, but we cannot find the driver for the wireless.

    > We have the wireless switch, but we cannot find the driver for the wireless.
    Hey Buddy, if the WLAN card is not preinstalled why you go WIFI on / off? May not work at all.

    So let us first do you have installed driver for wireless network card or not. What is the status in Device Manager?

  • Satellite P300D-h-13 - Impossible to activate the TV-out


    I have the Satellite P300D-h-13 pspdce, OS win 7 64 bit and latest display drivers.
    I've been running an extended desktop to my TV with Vista without problem.

    Now that I've upgraded to Windows 7. My graphics card is unable to detect even a TV, even when I do a forced hardware detection.
    I connect with an s-video cable.

    Any suggestions?


    I visited the European driver of Toshiba page and found a BIOS specially for Win 7 64 bit.
    In fact it s a version 3.30.
    I recommend the update to this BIOS!

    Finally, you need to update the display driver.
    Usually, you should be able to get on TV by using the FN + F5 key combination.

    FN keys will not work if you install the VAP (value added package)

  • Satellite P300D: Win XP problem display & webcam driver

    Just bought the P300D Satellite with amd and active almost managed to XP operating system.
    Fortunatelly Toshiba provides enough drivers XP but the series driver and webcam driver ATI does not work.

    The ATI installer does not recognize the hardware and the driver for the webcam is not found.

    All advice that I was wrong?


    The Toshiba driver page seems offers XP drivers for four different sets of Satellite P300D!
    Have you chosen the series laptop right from the driver download form?

    What version of operating system XP do you have installed?
    From my own experience, you need a XP with SP2.

    Don t install SP3 before you install not XP drivers on the laptop.
    Even if the driver XP Toshiba have been installed on your laptop I would test the laptop without SP3 installed due to some compatibility problems.

    Good bye

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