Satellite Pro A120 - PSAC1E Modem Driver WinXP

Hello everyone,

I have Satellite Pro A120 - PSAC1E and I'm looking to WinXP Driver Modem, can someone tell me where to get it?
I tried to download driver for this model on the site of Toshiba, but with no luck to find the modem driver that I have found to reset the drivers.

Thanks in advance.

Hi dude

The modem driver was published on the European driver Toshiba page.
I'm sure because I checked the pilot site and found all the necessary drivers for XP and the modem in the Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1 driver download area.

May I ask if you have installed the drivers of Toshiba in the right order?
It is very important.
Backgrounder statement instillation on the pilot website shows you how to install all the drivers.

Just a note; You can install the driver for the modem from Device Manager.
You must mark the unknown device (modem) and have point to the driver files that have been unpacked in the downloaded modem driver package.

Welcome them

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    I install win XP sp II in a Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E.
    I find all the drivers except Irda driver.
    How can I get?

    Thank you

    Are you 100% that this laptop supports an IrDA port?

    By the way; all laptops with an IrDA port use a common Microsoft Windows driver to run the IrDA port.
    Then you n don't need to install any 3rd irda drivers. The windows OS using a clean!

    But once again; the question is: is this laptop supports IrDA port? I think that this feuture is not available

  • Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E) - TV problem

    My laptop "Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E)" computer does not connect to any type of TV (digital or analog). I tried many different kind of connections to SCART-VGA to VGA-HDMI. I think something is wrong with the VGA output because apparently the Intel graphic card supports the TV/monitor output as the software driver suggests. However, I can't connect the laptop to an external monitor rather easily and without hassle.
    Someone there has the same problem and if so, do you have a solution to this problem (everything!).

    Thank you



    As far as I know NOT ALL Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E are equipped with the video output jack!
    I see you are using an external monitor connector!
    This port can ONLY be used with external display (screen) or a projector, but NOT with the TV!

    The TV can be connected to the s-video port that is not available!

  • Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E - where to find Vista drivers

    I have a Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E and reflection on a clean install of Vista Home premium as a result of an upgrade memory to 2 GB.
    Is it possible to get all the specific files of the machine on the toshiba site to complete the installation?

    Of course, I won't have the original files and notice that some of them are updated.

    You already posted this message here. Am I wrong? ;)
    Now, you use a different nickname ;)

    However, the Vista for Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E drivers are placed on the European driver Toshiba page.

    Download all of the drivers, tools, unzip the files and install it.

    That s all buddy and I don t know why it so hard to s?  :|

  • Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E: Cannot burn DVD-RAM


    I have a Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E, who owns a DVD player, I tried to write on a DVD RAM, and he says the copy is write protected, I checked help and it says to install the driver of DVD from tools and disk utilities, but I can't find the drive with the rest of the bits provided with the computer when I got it earlier.

    Is there anywhere I can download this driver?
    Thank you

    One question; What operating system do you use? Looking for XP or Vista drivers?
    The Toshiba driver page provides all the necessary drivers. There is a new update 5.20 - B70A DLA . CA? OS independent and Ca s? s a good idea to install it.
    This is the problem for writing or formatting DVD-RAM disk.

    PS; The DVD-RAM driver is also available but only for W2k
    The XP and W2k DVD-RAM driver is available by satellite Pro A120 PSAC0E

  • Lost audio on Satellite Pro A120-PSAC1E after downloading Windows updates


    I lost all sound on my laptop after downloading updates for Microsoft XP from the Windows Update site. I followed the instructions on solving the problems on my laptop and uninstalled Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio compatibility Driver.

    I found afterwards kb 935448 XP update that is supposed to solve the audio problem, but this did not work. Now I want to reinstall the audio compatibility driver to see if it will work now, but I can't find anywhere to download.

    Anyone know where I can find this driver?

    Thank you


    This issue has already been discussed here in the forum:

    As you say that the MS difficulty 935448 helped.

    You want to reinstall the audio driver and don t know where to find this driver?

    I visited the European Toshiba driver page and found the driver of his right.
    Simply choose your laptop download driver form. Satellite Pro-> Pro A120 PSAC1E-> Win XP

  • Satellite Pro A120-128 - HARD drive upgrade


    I'm seriously exhausted on HARD disk space and want to upgrade my HARD drive in my Satellite Pro A120 128. Is there a maximum size that I can update? This model takes SATA or IDE?
    Any suggestions on make & model disk HARD upgrade to?


    Normally it should not be a problem to use a HARD drive this lager s like 137 GB because as much as I know there is no limit of capacity on SATA interface.
    But as said Akuma, test it before buying this drive.

    However, an IDE HDD does not fit in this notebook

  • Satellite Pro A120 - Second hard drive on secondary IDE channel


    I have a Satellite Pro A120 xp sp3.
    I tried so it can recognize a 2nd hard drive on the secondary ide channel, but it will not. CD player has been removed and replaced by one of them, the with the pata to sata interface.

    [ ts_id = 245]

    The second hard drive is a 500 GB seagate sata drive. Drive is spinning and powered but not appearing is not in the Manager of management or storage device.

    In the Bio (uptodate), it shows me it but won't let me change it.

    The readers of e/s
    Built on the disk HARD = serial ATA port 0
    CD rom = secondary ide (170H - IRQ 15)

    For me, the material is able to support two HARD drives that you remove the cd player, but it seems that the bio is me locking out the deselection of CD-ROM on the second IDE channel.
    Please could someone point me in the right direction to solve this problem.

    Thank you


    I read this story carefully and to be honest I m not sure if a second HDD (instead of the STRANGE) can be used

    My knowledge the IDE second controller does support all the ODD (CD/dvd drive) due to different master/slave/c-salt settings.
    I think it's the same case, why the second HDD is not recognized correctly

  • Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1A-073004) replacement battery

    I have a 3-4 year old Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 (model PSAC1A-073004) who needs a new battery as the current within 10 minutes of the available battery.

    The current battery in the laptop's manufacturer PA3285U-3BAS a Toshiba 6 cells Li-ion primary battery.

    However, after contacting several local Australian retailers, they tell me that Toshiba has discontinued this particular part number.

    Are you able to advise me if this is indeed the case?

    If so, could you suggest the number of part of an appropriate substitute for the main battery?

    Thank you.


    I don't know the situation in Australia, but I can't imagine Toshiba ceased production of this battery.
    Put this number in Google and you will find many shops online in the world where you can order this battery.

  • Installation problems after upgrade the HDD on Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E)


    I've recently updated my Satellite Pro A120 with more memory and a larger hard drive. The memory I installed is 2 x 1 GB Module (DDR2-667) and the product number of the hard drive is MK2035GSS.

    My computer recognizes both of these upgradges, but since their installation I was able to install all applications (for example Norton Security etc) on my laptop - they seem to spend 1/2 to 3/4 of the way in which the installation process and then just quit smoking and become insensitive or an error message appears. I even tried to put the product recovery disc to try and erase everything and start over but even that does not load in entirely. Any ideas of what could be the cause? Also, I get messages of constant error on the screen and it blue screens and restarts frequently.

    If anyone has any ideas on what could be the cause, I would be extremely grateful for any help!

    Thank you very much


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    just a question, than to the manufacturer that are the memory modules? And similar modules? Or do you have that you have installed other modules later.
    We can exclude the HARD drive because it doesn´t HARD drive installed. they do not cause bluescreens or similar. In very rare cases, the disk HARD COULD cause errors, but then the pladder or BSOD´s must be REALLY damaged and in your case, the HARD drive is brand new.

    It might be, that memory modules are not compatible with your machine. To avoid these incompatibility issues, you must use the modules of well-known such as kingston and toshiba brands. (I'd rather kingston, they work like a charm in my A100 Sat :))

    Would appreciate comments on your part.

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E-03Y010EN) boot from CD/DVD to install Win7

    Looks like this ain t going to go quietly.

    Problem 1
    I get this error message when I set the BIOS to boot from the CD/DVD then the HARD drive and install Win7

    Windows did not start because the file
    \System32\hal.dll is not installed or is corrupt please reinstall

    I ve discovered that l n nor Win7 or Vista use it, so I m assuming it is a blocking when I upgraded to Win7 Ultimate to XP Pro?

    Problem 2
    I get the error message when I set the BIOS to boot from the HARD drive and the CD/DVD

    Windows has a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer

    This error can be caused by disconnecting a device of removable storage, such as a USB external drive while the device is still in use, either by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or a CD-ROM that fails. Make sure that all removable storage is properly connected, and then restart your computer.

    FILE: \boot\BCD
    STATUS: Oxc00000e9
    An unexpected i/o error has occurred

    Did I miss something in the installation of this new HARD drive?
    Anyone has any ideas what's wrong?

    Should I think about cloning the HARD drive to the new HARD drive and then just stick the new HARD drive in the computer?
    I have a copy of XXClone who claims he will do this and make sure the new drive is bootable so is it worth it?

    Thank you

    Installation of Win7 on an A120 can be difficult.

    Have you updated the BIOS?

    What is the size of the HARD drive?

  • Satellite Pro U400 - 13G: Modem driver installation failed


    I tried to install the drivers for my modem provided by toshiba, but after the execution of the installation utility installation said installation faild.

    I also tried to use drivers provided by, as well as Windows Update, the same result.

    None of the drivers I have tried works, IV ' e even tried to look up the ID of material on google, same result.

    Anyone got any suggestions?


    Try to install the drivers manually in the Device Manager > update driver. Maybe it works.
    Download and install the latest driver for your laptop from the Web from Toshiba website.

    The hardware ID, you can see on this site:

    If doesn't work, you should try to update the BIOS. Search on the Toshiba site for an update.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A120 (PSAC1E-03Y010EN) no access to the BIOS

    Hi all

    I upgraded my OS from XP - Pro to Win7 Ultimate 2010 March, no problem everything works OK. Now that I need more space, I want to upgrade the hard disk of 40 GB to 320 GB.

    I can not access the bios to change the boot system (boot from DVD, for example), I can access the initial screen of the 4 menu at the start of the laptop but any icon highlight (disks, CD/DVD/etc), the laptop starts just Win7. I tried to use F12, DELETE, F2, etc.; all of them get the Select where I want to go, but as I said earlier, when I select one, the laptop starts just in Win7 from the hard drive.

    My manual tells me to use the Toshiba HWSETUP to access the boot system, but its does not work on Win7 (90% CD-ROM of the tools do not work on/with Win7).

    I downloaded the new drivers Win7 for Bios and other different pieces, some have installed and others have not. More (including the BIOS updated) claim that I am running a not recognized OS so used to install! How the Win7 is an unrecognized OS?

    So my questions are;
    1. How can I access the BIOS to set the boot system to boot from the CD/DVD then the local disk?
    2. is there a fix for this problem? (Looking through the forum, this is not a rare.)
    3. can I never boot/BIOS systems working properly?

    See you soon


    > 1. How to access the BIOS to set the boot system to boot from the CD/DVD then the local drive?

    Usually, you can access Bios by pressing f2/f12 at startup, but you've already tried... Try the following:

    * Key esc (BIOS Toshiba) method *.
    Press and hold the ESCAPE key.
    Turn on the laptop.
    Press the F1 key when prompted.
    The first page of the BIOS Setup screen appears.
    If you have a utility called Toshiba hardware configuration (site in a windows environment) where you can choose the cd/DVD-ROM boot priority boot option

  • Audio lost after upgrade to Vista on a Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E


    I just upgraded to vista and I lost my audio. I tried all the latest orders, still no luck. The pc says the driver is installed and the device works correctly, but I can't hear anything. Volume is 100% also.

    Any ideas?

    Well, first of all how someone should provide advice, if you n t write anything on the name cell phone you! ???
    Then please provide more details on your laptop!

    I noticed the same problem on the satellite U200. After upgrading from XP to Vista there is no sound, but the audio driver has been correctly installed and audio chipset has also been recognized correctly.

    After a long investigation, I found a solution here in the forum.
    First, it was important to increase the volume to the maximum with XP installed. Together sound controls must also be set to max.
    Be sure to use the RIGHT driver sound after the new installation of Vista.
    Not all drivers are working!

  • Drivers XP for Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E

    Hi, I have downgradeded my laptop to WIN XP Pro and am mising some drivers?

    They are for the network controller and under other devices a device 'unknown '.
    I visited the support site and downloaded all the drivers, but these always come upwards with a question mark?

    Any help would be appreciated.



    If a yellow exclamation point appears under network LAN cards or WLan driver is missing.

    But it's not easy to say what drivers are missing.
    Generally, if you follow the order of installation since the document of instructions for installation so you should get all features working.

    Have you installed the drivers as mentioned in the installation instruction txt file?

    Do it!

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