Satellite Pro C650 - upgrade Windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit

Ive bought a Satellite Pro C650 with Pentium duo core and 8 GB ram. I did the initial start upward according to the instructions, but the PC work as 32-bit and I do not have access to the total ram.
Obviously, I need to upgrade to a 64-bit system to take advantage of all the ram. Ive done the checks of system and it indicates that the PC is capable of running the 64-bit. The more I read more confused I get.

Should I upgrade from Home Premium to something else?
Do I lose all settings, etc. on the PC?
In truth, Ive got no idea what to do from here.


Hi kymbo

The first welcome on this forum and I am glad you are here and you want to ask what may be the best solution for you before you begin the search for a solution on your own.

At has first of all tell us please what C650 you exactly (C650-xxx).

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  • Satellite Pro L450-17R - Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit?


    The HDU packed according to me, that he had Windows 7 installed on it that I don't know if it's 32-bit or 64-bit, the Microsoft sticker has the product key, but the rest of the details is worn down. I'll order a Toshiba Recovery DVD but I don't know if installing the normal OS on this model is 64 or 32 bit OS?

    Otherwise, someone knows how to check the version of the OS to the MS product key

    Hey Buddy,

    According to the specifications of the laptop comes with Windows 7 64 bit * preinstalled * and the 32-bit version on * extra DVD *.

    The current version of Windows, you can check if you right click on my computer. In the new window, you can see the current version of Windows 7.

    If you order a DVD of recovery, I think you'll get 64 bit only because 32 bits, you're already on DVD.

  • Satellite Pro A200 and Windows XP 64-bit possible?

    I am the owner of this laptop & I wonder if it is compatible with Windows XP 64-bit.

    I work with 3dsmax which does not work on Vista (32 or 64 bit).
    Y at - it problems with the drivers & where I can find drivers for 64-bit Windows XP?
    See you soon

    Toshiba does not 64-bit drivers for Windows XP.

    So you must search on external Web sites for the drivers but I could only you n t get all the drivers. To be honest if you don t use 4 GB of RAM or more in this laptop Windows XP are the best choice.

    Here are some examples where you can search for drivers:

  • Satellite A300D-15B - upgrading Windows 7 32-bit to 64-bit?

    I added an extra 4 GB of memory to my Satellite A300D-15B (PSAKCE). When I try to run the 64-bit Windows 7 update, it will fail with a blue screen.

    Is it possible to update this model for 64-bit Windows 7?

    I could not find the driver for Win 7 64 bit on the page of the Toshiba driver, but Vista 64-bit drivers should be consistent, at least most of them.

    > When I try to run the 64-bit windows update 7 it will fail with a blue screen

    To be honest, I never did upgrade of Windows that I always prefer a clean install.

  • Upgrade CPU on Satellite Pro C650-10Z


    I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor in the Satellite Pro C650 10Z for better performance in games. Is it possible to change the processor of this laptop?
    And if it is possible, will require computer support the AMD Phenom II X 4 840?


    Hey Buddy,

    > I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor
    This not s official in charge, and if you do that, you lose the warranty. In your case I wouldn t this becaue she s too risky. In the worst case you damage something and then you have to buy a new laptop.

    > for better performance in games
    Game performance is mainly based on graphics card and no CPU, but updated graphics card is also not possible on laptop. On laptops there is no easy CPU or updates of graphics as on desktop computers.

    > it will support the AMD Phenom II X 4 840
    Just for your information: the Phenom II X 4 840 is a desktop processor and not for laptops. ;)

  • Satellite Pro C650 - cannot start Windows more

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C650 11Z model under Windows 7 Home Premium. I'm not very savvy computer. I can use my computer to perform tasks and use the software, but I m not very got when it comes to computer and tinkering under the hood, somehow.

    I was using the laptop yesterday evening to watch a You Tube playlist and was downloading a PDF 29MB file in the background. I have done this kind of thing before and never encountered any problems.

    When the download finished (I use Google Chrome) I clicked the button at the bottom left of the screen to open the download. You Tube then frozen.

    I could see the little green circle spinning around like loading upward download, but nothing was happening. Then Google Chrome no longer according to the bar at the top of the window.

    I tried CTRL + ALT + DEL, but the workload Manager wouldn t. The only thing I could do was turn off the laptop and running again, as it had frozen him completely. When I turned on it again, I had the Windows error recovery menu as shown in the following image.

    The problem is that none of these options does nothing. If you choose the recommended option (for example Startup Repair) it comes up with the gray bar saying Windows loads the files and then will just a black screen. By selecting Start Windows normally gets you to the swirling colorful circles that make up the logo Windows and he said: start Windows but still once, it does nothing but just stick to that.

    A friend told me that a BIOS reset * may help. However, I don't know how to get the BIOS on the laptop. He called Insyde H20 installed and I don't see the option to access the BIOS.

    Someone at - it ideas as to what could have wrong and how can I fix? I don't have a recovery disc as my laptop was bought for me by a charity. The warranty has expired now so that I can contact t their support line.

    To be honest I don't think BIOS has nothing to do with it. Start your laptop and press F8 several times to display the advanced startup options. You will find the option to start the operating system in safe mode.
    If please test and let us know what happen when you try to do.

  • Satellite Pro C650, boots OK, after Windows starts to the top of the screen becomes white


    I have a Satellite Pro C650.
    It starts very well.
    I see Windows commissioning - after start-up - the screen goes completely white.

    Has anyone seen this?

    Am geussing there could be a loose view link - but I have the screen displays the start-up and initial windows startup sequence.

    Kind regards


    I put t think that your display is faulty.
    What happens if you access the BIOS at the beginning?
    To access the BIOS F2 press and turn the device on/off.

    Access the BIOS and let it run for a few minutes and check if the display starts at White.

    In addition its recommended to connect an external monitor and generate the display 2. If the 2nd screen is not OK, then the graphics chip could be the troublemaker.

  • Re: upgrade Ram on Satellite Pro C650

    Hi all

    I bought a new Satellite Pro c650

    It has 2 GB of ram (ddr3 1066)

    If I had to update my ram me, if it will void my warranty?

    Also... Toshiba site says it is expandable to 8 GB. If I install a 4 GB (to go with my current 2 GB) that would be nice?

    Thanks in advance

    Upgrade of RAM would not affect the warranty, although you would be upgrading the RAM yourself.

  • Satellite Pro C650 - problem of disk - need new

    Satellite Pro C650 model number: PSC09A-01V021

    SMART Disk reported an unspecified problem of HARD drive & recommend the backup (done) & HARD drive replacement.
    It runs so slow, that it is unusable. Warranty has expired, I would like to replace the HARD drive myself.

    The failed drive is a Toshiba 320gig MK3265gsxn.
    I'm looking at a WD 500 G 16 M, 7200 RPM SATA 2.5 inch Scorpio WD5000BPKX as a replacement/upgrade.

    I guess that the new drive will be detected / Setup by the BIOS but I don't know if the recovery disks will work with this Western Dig, expansion & faster by car. Can someone advise please?

    Drive recovery questions.
    When I made the recovery discs using Toshiba Recovery Media Creator proposed programme marking the first discs of rare as Recovery Disk 1, 2 and so on. I guess that these disks are my backup of user data. Yes/No?

    The last disc was called Windows Recovery 64-bit environment. This is the factory default backup & must be installed first?
    Is it transfer the recovery Partition and install Windows on the new drive?

    Thank you


    Now when you need to swap the HARD drive I recommend exchanging it with SSD. It costs a little more but believe me laptop s performance will be much better. I ve made the m even and I so happy.
    Laptop starts faster and much better work.

    Disk recovery image is the original recovery image back-up and has nothing to do with your own settings.
    When you install portable aura of factory again and it will be the same situation when you started your laptop for the first time.
    In my opinion, avoid any problem created using drives with new HARD drive. In general there is no limitation and you can use different hard drives.

    In any case, think about SSD.

  • Satellite Pro C650 - Audio keeps cutting

    Hi guys,.

    I searched high and low for the answer to this question and its driving me crazy. I really hope you guys can help out me!

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C650 01301J laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. I try and listen to the music through spotify or simply using my music in Windows Media Player library.

    However after a while the sound cuts. It is not muted in the mixer and the song continues to play as if nothing has changed, except that I can't hear anything.

    This problem is corrected when I disable and re-enable or increase the volume upwards or downwards using the fn keys.
    When I first start the music it take 5 minutes or more before that happens, but once it starts it stops every 10 seconds or more. It becomes extremely annoying and I am convinced that there must be a solution.

    My audio driver is Conexant SmartAudio HD version CX20671. I tried to remove it and put it back, download an updated old and updated driver. He told me that it's the most recent driver, but its still not solved the problem.

    This happened to someone else? Is there another driver I could try, or maybe a program that is the cause?

    I would appreciate your help in what its driving me crazy not being able to listen to any form of music without it cutting up every 10 seconds...

    Have you noticed this strange question on the first day of use, or later?

    It is not easy to say what the problem is, but I think that it is somehow a software related issue.
    You know what, try reinstalling additional Toshiba package and test it again. I put t know if this will fix it but it is worth trying.

    Please post comments.

  • Satellite Pro C650: USB flash memory starts to load then crashes


    I have my new Satellite Pro C650 laptop for about 2 weeks and there is already a problem with it.
    When I insert a flash drive into a usb drive, it starts to load, but as soon as it loads it crashes as if I disconnected, and then start loading again again and again until I have unplug it really.

    The flash disk works fine on other computers, so it shouldn't be the problem.
    Device Manager indicates that my drivers are ok.
    Is not only the USB flash drive mouse works fine when I plug in usb...

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?
    If so, thanks in advance


    Strange in your case I recommend you test another USB key into the Satellite laptop. I know you have tested this stick in other laptops, but it would be interesting to know how the other USB key would be instrumented C650.

    I recommend in addition updated the operating system Windows and the BIOS to the latest status.
    In addition, you should go to Device Manager and delete the list of devices USB controllers. Then restart the device and wait for windows has installed again all the USB controllers.

  • Satellite Pro 4600 unable to use 128-bit encryption

    I have a Satellite Pro 4600 running Windows XP SP1 with the card WiFi PA0307U-1MPC. Installed all the latest drivers listed for the 4600. I can connect to networks using 64-bit encryption, but can not enter the 128-bit encryption. Is it possible to use 128-bit encryption?


    As far as I know that this unit is about 4 years old and at that time, it was impossible to use encryption 128-bit with this wireless network card and can be no change.

    Good bye

  • No Sound/Volume in Satellite Pro C650

    I have satellite pro c650 and suddenly there is no sound I can hear. I tried external speakers, but there is no sound at all.

    The operating system is Windows XP and I couldn't see the volume control. I went to control panel > sound and audio devices > volume, but everything is gray.

    Could someone please help.

    What is with the sound card?
    Can you please check in Device Manager and report it here?

  • Games on Satellite Pro C650

    Hey guys, im the proud owner of a recent acquisition Satellite Pro C650 and im trying to play games on it. I just tried to play Starcraft (original) and the game has come in weird colors, colours all reversed and such.
    The same thing has happened to any other game I tried to play. It was old games, so I don't understand why my computer can not handle. Just understand, there is no crash or anything, just weird colors.

    I don't know what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Hi epicfail,.

    Generally weird colors are caused by the display driver in most cases... I had the same problem and update the display driver worked in my case.
    Have you already tried?

    On the Toshiba page, you can check if there is a more recent display driver:

    What operating system you have?
    If you have Windows 7, you can try the compatibility mode for Windows XP. Some games more former don t work on Vista/Windows 7.

  • Satellite Pro C650: Need drivers Win XP


    I am looking for a drivers audio xp for toshiba satellite pro c650-10J computer laptop.
    I found on the toshiba support site only Conexant drivers that are not good.

    Someone knows, where can I find different drivers?


    Conexant audio driver on the European driver of Toshiba page is good.
    You must choose this driver v

    But note; It is very important that you should install SP3 BEFORE install you the audio driver.

    There are some other threads in this forum about it, and the driver is ok.

Maybe you are looking for

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