Satellite Pro L10 and Windows 7 drivers

Hi guys,.

I'm looking for a set of drivers for the laptop model above. I recently installed Win7, but I have no drivers for the machine at all.
XP drivers do not work.
If someone managed to install the drivers for this machine? I'm mainly interested in getting my wireless card working.

I look forward to your responses.

Thanks in advance for your responces

Satellite Pro L10 is old enough for laptop and I do not think that you will find all the Win7 drivers.
According to the Toshiba - - your laptop isn't supported Win7 and find the drivers won't be so easy.

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  • Satellite Pro 6000 and Windows Vista

    I bought a Satellite Pro 6000 and I want to put Windows Vista on it. I did an Upgrade Advisor and I was told that this graphics card will not work. Is this true?

    Thanks, Nick

    I'm afraid that's true. Satellite Pro 6000 is old enough for laptop and it will not supported in Vista. Install Windows XP Home edition and enjoy your life.

  • Satellite Pro A120 and WXP - need drivers for USB and SD slot

    Hi guys,.

    I have a Satellite PRO A120 PSAC1E XP, I need to find the drivers for the USB port and SD memory card port.
    After reinstalling the operating system won't work.

    For USB, you need to install driver chipset and SD card, you must install SD Secure module and later the two SD utilities.
    Please download the Instructions of facilities and install all the stuff following this order of installations.

    If you have, so nothing can be wrong.

  • Satellite Pro L300-PSLBDE (Windows 7 drivers & problems)


    I just installed Windows 7 on the laptop, when I checked the drivers download page I couldn't find Windows 7 drivers, although all other submodels in the L300 (PSLB9E-PSLBHE/PSLB1E) Branch have Windows 7 drivers listed for version 32 & 64, so what gives?

    I need especially the driver webcam, Windows 7 almost everything automatically identified except that I don't mind a pilot wireless network adapt (realtech) given that the Wireless does not work / connect anything I don't try, no idea why.

    I download the driver for the Cam for a different model and test on the lappy if it works so very well, and I hope someone can help me with the problem also wireless.


    I think that the Toshiba is under driver version. This means that every day more and more drivers are published
    Maybe you should just wait until the drivers would be released

    On the other hand, you can try some drivers released for other series from Toshiba that some unique drivers should work because the pieces of equipment are not really different

    PS: Here you can find the Wlan driver:

  • Satellite Pro L10 and Bt travel 2100

    Just bought new laptop L10 and have a BT Voyager home router. The laptop connects with Netgear and other connectors, but under no circumstances will connect with my BT Voyager 2100 to the House.

    Nobody knows the answer to this problem, and are they compatible?

    Thank you

    Hello Dudley

    You say that your device can connect to Netgear and other connectors, but not at Voyager BT.
    In this case I n t think that it s a malfunction of the notebook.
    In my opinion you should to check the settings of the BT Voyager (IP, Getway, etc.).
    Also, I guess that please contact the manufacturer of the BT Voyager for more detailed information.

    I found a cool site. Visit this link:

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L670 and windows XP

    I just bought a new laptop and windows xp installed. After the installation of other programs and then turn off the computer, it will turn back not again. A blue error message screen appears, but I can't read because it flashes and turns off the screen too fast. Sinks in a loop where Windows starts, a screen pops up that says that windows did not start and gives me several options such as "restart windows safely" or "restart windows using a previous configuration." No matter which option to choose, it is up to the Blue error message screen and then back to the screen telling me to select an option.

    I tried to reinstall Windows XP with original Toshiba drive. He has worked for three days and then the same problems occurred again. The last thing I did before I turned it off was to install a plug-in from Adobe. I installed it again this morning and I fear that this loop of error will happen again. I don't know why this is happening and I want to prevent it from happening again in the future.

    I also put t know why this happen, but let us first clarify some basic stuff.

    What model of laptop you have exactly (L670-xxx)?
    Do you have original Windows XP Home edition recovery disk with your laptop?
    You have changes to the SATA settings in the BIOS?

    If please enter the BIOS and set it to default settings. After doing this OS install again by using the original Windows XP Home edition if you guessed it with your laptop.

  • Satellite Pro L10 and Vista compatibility

    Hi all.

    Being a 3rd year computer science student I feel like I should be able to answer this myself, but since this is a laptop and not a desktop computer, I'm stumped.

    I'm looking to upgrade to Windows Vista when it launches and I ran the compatibility for her Wizard and its lifting to the top a major - the graphics card. Now, I know that it is not possible to switch from a graphics card on a computer laptop because its actually on the motherboard itself, but it says that my Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller has 64 MB of memory and requires 128 mb.

    So here's my question - is - a can move the memory associated / assigned to this card?

    In addition, he said that it must have the support of 32 bit / pixel which once again is not my card. An update of the driver would help or should I resign myself to the fact that Windows Vista won't be compatible with my laptop.

    Bravo guys,.



    The fact is that this card was delivered with a 64 MB shared memory graphics card.
    This is a maximum value of the memory that the card can manage.
    I wonder every day on the question about Windows Vista and compatibility issues. The fact is that Windows Vista is not official on the market.
    I'm sure that Toshiba will support the Vista in the future, but right now, there is no drivers Toshiba for this OS.

  • Satellite Pro L10 and WLAN connection

    One of my clients claims that the wireless connection is not displayed in fact at all and he now believes that there is no wireless connection.

    The L10 was problems with does not appear before wireless connection?

    And if so is it possible to fix it.

    Hi Graham

    It will be interesting to know what model of Satellite has your customer (L10 - xxx). It is possible that the device has no wireless network card onboard. Please check the underside of the laptop. Usually, there must be a small label WLAN.

    If the device has a wireless network card which should also be listed in the device under network adapters Manager.

    Good bye

  • Need to display for Satellite Pro M70 for Windows 2003 drivers

    I am a university student and I have a project to present next week. I picked up my laptop and divide the hard drive into 2 partitions. I installed Windows Server 2003 on the 2nd partition. I need to update the display drivers for the windows, I tried to get these drivers for XP but it didn't work.
    I need the VGA drivers, so I can make my presentation. What should I do?

    Thank you
    By Uncle Sam

    You mean that Windows Server 2003?
    This OS has been designed based on the XP and if I m wrong not XP drivers must run on Win Server 2003 operating system.
    Unfortunately, Toshiba didn't release all the drivers for Windows Server 2003 and to be honest I didn t see pilots Win Server 2003 special anywhere in the internet!

    This would confirm my assumption that drivers Win Server 2003 don t exist and XP drivers should be used.

  • Satellite L500-128 and Windows 7 drivers

    Windows 7 officially launched today and I was wondering if the drivers will be available for my laptop L500 anytime soon.
    The reason I ask is because I bought the Windows 7 Ultimate and want to implement on my laptop.

    I use Vista drivers but of course some bugs occur from time to time. Especially the value added Package Toshiva / support Flash Card Button gives me a hard time.
    It is not all the drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 since it's a new set of chips so I edited my own driver by rewriting the INI file in the driver folder. In my hardware ID configuration.

    But anyway, when I bought the laptop he had some kind of record with him stating that I can upgrade my laptop to Windows 7. Although some drivers are still available.

    I'm probably asking what is obvious, but y at - it a date for drivers to be available?

    I'm sorry if this post has answered elsewhere. I cannot find an answer.

    Thanks in advance.

    Your laptop model will be certainly supported for Win7 and I'm sure that drivers, tools and utilities will be available soon.
    I don't think anyone here can say with certainty when exactly but I think the next few days they should be available for download.

  • Satellite Pro A200 and Windows XP 64-bit possible?

    I am the owner of this laptop & I wonder if it is compatible with Windows XP 64-bit.

    I work with 3dsmax which does not work on Vista (32 or 64 bit).
    Y at - it problems with the drivers & where I can find drivers for 64-bit Windows XP?
    See you soon

    Toshiba does not 64-bit drivers for Windows XP.

    So you must search on external Web sites for the drivers but I could only you n t get all the drivers. To be honest if you don t use 4 GB of RAM or more in this laptop Windows XP are the best choice.

    Here are some examples where you can search for drivers:

  • WLan signal is poor and often loses connection - Satellite Pro L10

    I have a Satellite Pro L10 and a home network, where I used two Belkin and Netgear Routers ADSL Wireless.
    My L10 always reports very low signal and often loses the signal unless I'm VERY close to the router.
    I have three laptops and a desktop at home and they all have very high or excellent signal.

    I changed my router and even installed a Netgear wireless card in the L10 (in case there is a problem with the Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG, but he pointed out again and again a weak signal.

    Someone else had this problem?


    Try please install the latest driver designed by Intel. You can find it on

    Good luck!

  • Cannot burn CDs on Satellite Pro L10

    I have a Satellite Pro L10 and impossible to copy data files to DVD/CD player. I go through the process by using the Editorial Assistant and it appears to download the files, but finishes with a screen that says "cannot complete the CD Writing Wizard" and ejects the CD. The CD is empty, but the displayed size went from 720 mB to 647 mB of free space and total size.

    This was not always the case, because it worked when I first got the L10. The L10 has Windows XP

    Any ideas please?


    Are you trying to burn the files using clean combustion of Windows?

    Hmmm I put t like this feature of Microsoft. I use a 3rd party software to burn data and files on CD or DVD.
    It s Nero burning ROM.
    This tool is really nice and I have not noticed problems using this software.
    You should also test this tool and I'm sure that you will be very satisfied.

    But back to the error message that appeared during the burning process;
    After a lengthy investigation on Microsoft pages, I found very useful knowledge base article Microsoft and information;

    The error messageError: cannot complete the wizard of CD writing ofmay occur if the IMAPI CD Burner service is shut down. To resolve this problem, make sure that the service is running and that it has not been arrested. By default, the service is set to manual. Start the IMAPI CD Burner service and then test it by writing on a CD - R or a CD - RW. If the service is running, you may need to set the service to automatic if it does not start in manual mode.

    To set the service to automatic, follow these steps:
    1. click on start, run, type services.msc /s in the Open box, and then click OK.
    2. double-click on IMAPI CD - Burning COM Service.
    3. under the service status, click Start.
    4. try to write data to a CD.

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro L10: where can I get a better graphics card


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L10 and I was wondering if and where can I get a better graphics card for it?

    Thank you very much

    Sorry Michael, but it has nothing to do because the graphics card can not be upgraded. Unfortunately the L10's small budget machine, and because of this, there is no better card inside.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L10: BIOS passwords again


    Tonight one of my friends brought me his Satellite Pro L10 and asked me to remove the user password, cose she dislikes grasp every time... OK, it's very simple! -I said. I went to the BIOS with the same password, found the supervisor password option and turn off the power. I could not enter the user password option and left him, thinking I'll fix this later... Well...

    Can you imagine how I was surprised when the system says - password invalid! More... I tried to go back to the BIOS, but system asked me a password... but I deleted "Supervisor password" well, I typed the old one and it does not again!

    Ok. Of course, later, I found the manual for this Satellite Pro L10, I know that it might be preferable to use the Toshiba Console and Toshiba HWSetup could be.

    Tell me, please, supervisor password had priority, and now she has to remember his user password?
    Or there is something else?

    Thank you!

    Post edited by: dimy4

    I studied a bit on the Toshiba knowledge site (it s very useful and interesting) and found this knowledge base article:

    Satellite L10 - setting the BIOS and supervisor passwords

    Check it out. Maybe it helps.

    Additional, as I know if is not the BIOS password, you cannot delete it by yourself. Only the service guys are able to remove unknown BIOS password.

Maybe you are looking for

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