Satellite Pro L40-15 a - Sound Driver default after installing Windows XP

Satellite Pro L40-15 has

Just installed XP Professional 32, merged with drivers installation disk. Everything works bar the sound. When you run the Realtek driver, downloaded from the Toshiba site, runs almost to the end gives error install Realtek HD Audio Driver failure!


Hi sail_free,

Please use the forum search before starting a question. You can find a great number of discussions such as this one:

He therefore remove the audio driver, install Service Pack 3, and then reinstall the audio driver.

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    I have a new Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 - 17F with all the updates of Windows Vista (Home) applied. This includes those optional (for example driver updates)

    I came to be used for the first time (outside the application of windows update) and play a movie. The player (not the controls, just the player) window flashing continuously, even on the menu screens. It almost seems that the film was shot with an old film camera and is played on a projector.

    I have not really looked at it properly yet, but I wonder if this is a common problem...

    Someone at - he had the same thing? What about a solution?

    See you soon

    Not easy to say that this could be what software do you use?
    Have you tried different players? If this is not the case, check this box!

    Have you noticed this problem only play DVDs using the DVD player?

  • Satellite Pro U400-15I - wheel of sound not working after installing Windows 7

    The wheel of sound on my Satellite Pro U400 - 15l does nothing after the clean install of Windows 7 to XP pro.
    I used the recommended software update tool downloaded from Toshiba. The VolumeIndicator.exe process is running and the sound works OK - but not under the control of the wheel! The Toshiba power control is not here, but this isn't a problem.

    Any suggestion is welcome.
    Bob Sheppard


    Have you tried to update the audio driver of your laptop? You can check from Toshiba Web site for an update: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    You may notice any yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager?

  • Satellite Pro A200: Card reader does not work after installing XP


    I deleted Windows Vista from my Satellite Pro A200 for XP Home.
    I'm much happier with the machine now, but I am unable to get any response from the card reader. There is no mention in the manual supplied with the machine.
    I cannot find any reference to it in the Control Panel hardware Manager and nothing changes here in it when I insert a SD memory card.

    I had no cause to try the drive before removing Vista, so I don't know if it never worked... Although I guess he did.
    A search of a pilot running in the download section had no success, and this forum has no direct answers.

    Does anyone have an idea what I have to do to make this work?

    Mintin Popa.


    I put t see serious reasons why your card reader shouldn't run with installed Windows XP t/function.
    What you need is the right driver.

    The Toshiba driver page provides all the drivers Win XP and there is also an XP driver for the multi card reader.

    You need a Texas Instruments Flash Media Driver. He is a driver for your bridge Media Slot.
    This slot allows you to insert an SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture cards.

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro U200: MS Office Documents open slowly after installing BT stack


    As I installed the toshiba bluetooth stack (on my Satellite Pro U200) last week, MS Office documents are very slow to open when I choose them by double-clicking from windows Explorer. If I first start Office then use "Open" to open the document, the document opens very quickly.

    The problem disappears as soon as I uninstall the Bluetooth stack.

    This issue is documented on the website and can apparently be solved using the instead microsoft bluetooth stack.

    However, I don't seem to be able to install this driver on my laptop.

    Is there a solution from Toshiba?

    See you soon,.


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    I met the same problem. The problem disappeared after the installation of the previous version of v4.88 Nokia Suite.

  • Can satellite A300d-16W - I use HARD drive recovery after installing Win XP?

    I formatted my PC and installed XP. Can I reinstall Vista using HARD drive recovery?

    > I formatted my PC and install XP

    No, you cannot use the recovery HARD drive after installing Win XP because looks like you have formatted the HARD drive and the HARD disk partition has been erased.

    So you need to use the Toshiba Recovery disk that I hope, you created before you formatted the HARD drive.


  • Satellite Pro L300 (PSLB9A - 02L 001) - remove Vista and install Windows XP

    I'm waiting for delivery of a L300. I also bought XP I want to install XP as soon as I get the L300. The laptop comes with Vista installed which I never liked.

    I intended to create a Vista recovery disc just to make sure before you start the conversion.
    I was going to do the installation of XP reformat the disk and partition of the HD.
    I was also going to download all of the drivers XP for my model on the Toshiba site, the installation then the XP installation had finished.

    Is there anything I should be aware of, or have missed?


    I think you are right but before doing something I will give you a few words of advice:

    Before you do something on your laptop or begin to install Windows XP, you must create the Toshiba in Windows Vista recovery disk. I know that you n t like Vista but with these discs every time you can restore your laptop factory settings. Independent that you have installed on your laptop. You must start only to drive recovery and follow the instructions on the screen. The factory settings will be restored in a few minutes and you should not install additional drivers. The disc already contains all the drivers and tools of Toshiba and so you can save a lot of time! Also if you have problems with your laptop you can test with the settings to determine if it s a software or hardware problem. As you can see it of very useful and easy the recovery disc.

    According to installing XP you need a disc of Microsoft. You must format the HARD drive and you can then create the partitions you want. In your case, I'd a partition for the system and one for your data. The point is that if you need to reinstall Windows XP at a certain point you should not back up the data first because they are already stored on the second partition and to reinstall Windows XP, you need to format only the first partition. Of course, you can do what you want, but then I install Windows on my notebooks.

    Finally and above all drivers that you find on the Australian site of Toshiba, that of right. I think that it shouldn't be a problem to install it so just download all the and the tools of Toshiba. After that, the XP installation is complete and you can do what you want.
    In addition, if you have installed all the drivers and tools for XP you can make an image of your installation. For example with Acronis True Image. Therefore, you can restore your installation of XP every time and I think it can help you save time. I have good experiences with Acronis and I do a picture of my too custom installations.

    I hope this was helpful for you and if you have any other questions, please let us know.
    Have fun with your new notebook from Toshiba! :)

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L40 - an external CD drive working?


    More than a year there is the frustration of not being able to work in Vista, I installed XP. I got advice from a friend on how to use Vista now, but for some reason any, my CD player does not work, it will not read the discs I try to use (CD, DVD, etc.). I considered buying an external CD drive and restart the computer from the one with the vista disc, would this work?

    Also, if there is a simpler and cheaper solution, I would like to know :)


    As far as I know it of not possible to boot from an external CD drive. Only you can boot from the internal CD/DVD drive.

    You said the reader of CD/DVD won t play any disc. You have to boot from a floppy boot or you had this problem only on Windows?
    If you have problems only with Windows, you should try to remove the upper and lower filter. Use Google to find a workaround.

    In addition, a new CD/DVD drive, you can get an ASP or eBay. ;)

  • CD/DVD on Satellite U500 drive failed after installing Windows 10

    My CARPET * drive dvd DVD - RAM UJ862AS failed after W10.

    I told myself I need Toshiba ' * 86 device ACPI Compliant added logic and general use "BEFORE I can install the driver for the DVD drive.
    I tried Microsoft idea to remove the pilot of regedit and restart the laptop that should logically result in reinstalling the driver... with no luck.

    I'm about to give up the laptop but am wondering if anyone can help me?

    I am extremely reluctant to lose a lot of money on several unnecessary drivers (generally unreliable) providers!

    U500 is old piece of hardware and not supported for Win10, right?

    In any case, what is the status in Device Manager? Is ODD listed here or you just entered with device "unknown"?

  • Satellite Pro P300 - PSPCDA-01L00D - DVD not found after upgrade Windows 7

    After a new installation of Windows 7 Home Premium, and then download the required drivers from the Toshiba support site there are problems with the DVD drive in my laptop.

    I downloaded the app Toshiba DVD Player, which auto detects what version you need. After the application is running, I get the message "no installation Toshiba DVD could be found! You can only update a version already installed. »

    How can I get the DVD player to be recognized, if the application will be installed. Currently the DVD player will not play DVD - that will be a problem for my daughter who use the laptop.

    The driver Windows 7 page mentions too, updates will be available via Toshiba Service Station, but does provide no link. A search in the Web from Toshiba site fails to locate, where can I get this utility of?

    What you have found on the Toshiba download page, it's just the update and not full version.

    If you want to have really good player install VLC player. It's free and you can find Googling autour. This reader reads all video formats and I use it for a long time.

    It reads the DVD without any problem.

    Test it. If you n t it you can delete any it system.

  • Satellite L500 - FN + F6/F7 does not work after installing Windows 7 SP1

    After installation of SP1 on Windows 7 64 bit does not work the screen brightness setting! 1.4.1 for Windows 7 64-bit installation Toshiba value added Package not help!

    Need help!

    Hey Buddy,

    > Installation of Toshiba Value Added Package 1.4.1 for Windows 7 64-bit no help!
    You have also all-new version of the Flash Cards Support utility? This tool is also necasary for the FN key function and can be downloaded on the Toshiba page too.

    Check this box!

  • Question about hard drive storage on Satellite Pro L40

    I have a Satellite Pro L40. Memory hard drive seems to be divided into two (about 35 GB each) under Vista C and e of data.
    Vista C is almost full. How can I use/access the E-data memory?

    Hi Bart

    Please don't get me wrong, but your question is really strange. I mean after reading your post, I'm really interested in your PC knowledge and how long you use your laptop.

    You want to know is basic stuff and must be learned first when you start using computers.
    When you have the time to try to get some book on WXP or Vista and all know about operating systems and how to use them.

    Open Windows Explorer, and you will have direct access to the second partition. You can move files from C to D, or save all data directly on the D partition.

    Google a bit. You can find many Web pages on basic stuff to the use of operating system.

  • Satellite Pro L40 - sound after installing Windows XP SP3 driver


    I bought the Satellite Pro L40 about 6 months ago and the speed of the laptop is too slow with windows Vista. So I decided to install an old copy of windows XP that I had purchased earlier. I updated the windows SP3 installation before installing the drivers.

    Now, all the drivers have been installed correctly except the audio driver. I downloaded the XP version of the driver on the toshiba site, but it did not work. So I though that maybe the vista version would work, so I downloaded that. But that no longer works.

    Can someone suggest a solution where I can get the audio driver to work? Preferably without having to get the reinstalled windows again.

    Please help me...!

    Thank you


    Try to reinstall the driver for sound card for XP; Just go here-> [fo Realtek card its Driver XP |]

    Hope this helps :)

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  • Satellite Pro L40 PSL43E - need drivers for sound card for XP

    Bought the PSL43E model Toshiba Satellite Pro L40, configured with Vista. Our Application does not work on Vista, had to downgrade to XP Pro. Impossible to find suitable Sound Driver for XP Pro. Any suggestions?


    I think that the laptop must support the audio chip high-definition Intel HDA (Azalia) ADI AD1986A.

    Check Intel page for the compatible driver or you would use the audio driver for the * series Satellite L40 PSL40E * or * series Equium L40 PSL41E *.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L40-17b: bus/video audio high def Win XP driver controllers

    Hi, ;)

    Please look at this:

    I don't know which one (s) installation (XP):
    Satellite Pro L40-17 b

    Can you help me?

    Friend Sonaya

    Have you installed driver modem?

Maybe you are looking for