Satellite Pro M30 - cannot burn CD/DVDs


Since I got my machine, I was not able to burn CDs or DVDs either. I get a 'power calibration error' that normally I guess means the disc broke. But, because it is a whole new drive (less then a month) and it can read all CD and DVD I throw at it, I doubt that it's a hardware problem. After a few minutes of Googling, I came across a thread made by other people encounter the same problem with this same drive (Mat * a UJ - 820 s), but no good solution (at least none that worked for me).

Here is a log from Nero ( (also tried older versions)). I hope this is of some use, because this is getting very frustrating... Thank you.

Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: -.
Ahead WinASPI: file 'C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver =, size = 160016 bytes, created 28/07/2004 16:51:12
Nero version:
Recorder: Version: 1.00 - HA 1 YOUR 0 -
Adapter driver: HA 1
Drive buffer: 2048kB
Bus type: default (0)-> ATAPI, detected: ATAPI
CD-ROM: Version: 1.00 - HA 1 YOUR 0 -
Adapter driver: HA 1

= Scsi-device-map =.
DiskPeripheral: IC25N060ATMR04-0 atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: on
CdRomPeripheral: MAST * A DVD-RAM UJ-820 s atapi Port 1 ID 0 DMA: on
CdRomPeripheral: Generic DVD-ROM 1.0 d347prt Port 2 ID 0 DMA: Off

= CDRom-Device-map =.
CARPET * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s D: CDRom0
Generic DVD-ROM E: CDRom1

AutoRun: 1
Excluded drive IDs:
WriteBufferSize: 74448896 (0) byte
ShowDrvBufStat: 0
Physical memory: 510 MB (523184 KB)
Free physical memory: 228MB (233560kB)
Memory in use: 55%
QUERIES PFiles: 0x0
Static write speed table: 0
Use consultation: 1
Global Bus type: default (0)
Control supported media: disabled (0)

14:02:51 #1 text 0 file Isodoc.cpp, line 6165
ISO document burn settings
Determine maximum speed: FALSE
Simulate: FALSE
Write: TRUE
Finalize the CD: FAKE
Multisession: TRUE
Multisession type: Start multisession
Burning mode: TAO
Mode : 1
ISO level: 1 (Max. of 11 = 8 + 3 char)
Character set: ISO 9660
Joliet: TRUE
Allow pathdepth more than 8 directories: TRUE
Allow more than 255 characters in path: TRUE
Write ISO9660; 1 file extensions: TRUE

14:02:51 text 0 file Burncd.cpp, line 2832 #2
Protection against the imbedding of buffer enabled

14:02:51 #3 text 0 file Reader.cpp, line 127
Player running

14:02:51 #4 text 0 file Writer.cpp, line 122
Writer MATT * A DVD-RAM UJ-820 s running

14:02:51 #5 ISO9660GEN-11 file geniso.cpp, line 3286
First address writeable = 0 (0x00000000)

14:02:51 #6 text 0 file Burncd.cpp, line 3117
Turn on Track-at-once, using CD-R/RW media

14:02:51 #7 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, line 256
Last possible write address on media: 359845 (79:59.70)
Last address to be written: 51106 (11:23.31)

14:02:51 #8 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, line 268
Write in overburning mode: No. (enabled: CD)

14:02:51 #9 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, line 2309
Recorder: MAST * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s;
CDR code: 00 97 26 66; Entry YSOS of: CMC Magnetics Corporation
ATIP data:
Special Info [hex] 1: D0 00 98, 1 a 2: 61 42 (LI 97:26.66), 3: 4F 3 b 47 (LO 79:59.71)
Additional info [hex] 01:00 00 00 (invalid), 2: 00 00 00 (invalid), 3: 00 00 00 (invalid)

14:02:51 #10 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, line 430
> Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities:

14:02:51 Text 0 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 844 #11
CIS (after recorder preparation)
2 indices, index0 (150) not provided
#0 + 51107 (51107) original disc POS = #51107 / 11:21.32
relocatable, pos to drive for the cache-write implementation not required / not required, no patch infos
-> TRM_DATA_MODE1, 2048, config 0, wanted index0 0 blocks, length 51105 blocks [MAST * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s]

14:02:51 #12 text 0 file ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, line 1047
Prepare recorder [MAST * a DVD-RAM UJ-820 s] for write in TAO
DAO infos:
TOCType: 0x00; Closed disc, session not obsessed
Tracks 1 to 1:
1: TRM_DATA_MODE1, 2048/0 x 00, FilePos 0 307200 104974336, ISRC ""
Introduction DAO:
__Start_ | ___Track_ | _Idx_ | _RecDep_ | _CtrlAdr_
-150 | Lead-in | 0 | 0x00 | 0x41
-150 | 1. 0 | 0x00 | 0x41
0 | 1. 1. 0x00 | 0x41
51107 | Lead-out | 1. 0x00 | 0x41

14:02:51 text 0 file ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, line 1096 #13
Removed 2 blocks from end of track 1. Length: 51107-> 51105.

14:02:52 #14 phase 24 file dlgbrnst.cpp, line 1853
Caching of files started

14:02:52 #15 text 0 file Burncd.cpp, line 4003
Cache writing successful.

14:02:52 #16 phase 25 file dlgbrnst.cpp, line 1853
Caching of files completed

14:02:52 #17 phase 36 file dlgbrnst.cpp, line 1853
Burn process started at 16 x (2 400 KB/s)

14:02:52 #18 text 0 file ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, line 2497
Check position of the point disk 0 (relocatable, disc pos, no patch, orig to #0 info): write to #0

14:02:52 #19 text 0 file Mmc.cpp, line 20673
Set BUFE: Protection against embedding of stamp-> ON

14:03:11 #20 SCSI-1106 file Cdrdrv.cpp, line 1432
SCSI Exec, HA 1, YOU 0, LUN 0, buffer 0x03D90000
Status: 0x04 (0x01, SCSI_ERR)
HA-status 0x00 (0x00, OK)
TA - status 0 x 02 (0x01, SCSI_TASTATUS_CHKCOND)
Detect Code: 0 x 73
Meaning of Qual: 0x03
CDB data: 0x2A 0x00 0x00 0x00 0 x 01 0xE0 0x00 0x00 0x20 0x00 0x00 0x00
Sense data: 0xF1 00 x 0 0 x 03 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0x6A 0x0A
0x00 0x00 0 x 15 11 0 x 0 x 73 0x03

14:03:11 #21 CDR-1106 file Writer.cpp, line 311
Power calibration error

14:03:11 #22 text 0 file ThreadedTransfer.cpp, line 229
all writers idle, stopping conversion

14:03:12 #23 text 0 file ThreadedTransfer.cpp, line 223
conversion idle, stopping reader

14:03:12 #24 CDR - 201 file WriterStatus.cpp, line 200
Invalid write state

14:03:12 #25 TRANSFER file-18 WriterStatus.cpp, line 200
Could not perform PlageFin

14:03:12 #26 text 0 file Mmc.cpp, line 15477
start closing a Session

14:03:12 #27 SCSI-1106 file Cdrdrv.cpp, line 1178
SCSI Exec, HA 1, YOU 0, LUN 0
Status: 0x04 (0x01, SCSI_ERR)
HA-status 0x00 (0x00, OK)
TA - status 0 x 02 (0x01, SCSI_TASTATUS_CHKCOND)
Detect Code: 0 x 73
Meaning of Qual: 0x03
CDB data: 0x5B 0x01 0x02 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00
Sense data: 0 x 70 0x00 0x03 0x00 0x00 0x00 0 x 00 0x0A
0x00 0x00 0 x 15 11 0 x 0 x 73 0x03

14:03:12 #28 CDR-1106 file WriterStatus.cpp, line 249
Power calibration error

14:03:12 #29 TRANSFER file-19 WriterStatus.cpp, line 249
Could not perform fixation

14:03:12 #30 text 0 file WriterStatus.cpp, line 258
falling back to disc fixation

14:03:12 #31 Text 0 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1711
Set remaining time: 0:00,000 (0ms)-> OK

14:03:12 #32 phase 38 file dlgbrnst.cpp, line 1853
Burn process failed at 16 x (2 400 KB/s)

Existing drivers:
File ' Drivers\PXHELP20. SYS: Ver = 2.02.62a, size = 20016 bytes, created 28/10/2003 11:02 (Prassi/Veritas driver for win 2 K)
File 'Drivers\atapi.sys': Ver = 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803 - 2158), size = 95360 bytes, created 03/08/2004 21:59:44 (driver for rec)

Registry keys:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\AllocateCDROMs: 0 (Security Option)


Here's how I just fixed my misfortunes:

In short: go to controller - device manager and select IDE ATA/ATAPI: try to change only "PIO" mode instead of "Ultra DMA Mode" on the IDE channel that uses your DVD player, namely the secondary IDE channel (since 1 is probably your drive). It should say "Location 1" on the tab where the reader is NOT zero.

Ultra-DMA is obviously more recent and faster and better, but I think that it infiltrates the specified performance of the PIO-mode. It took me about 10 minutes to write about 3 gigs.

(1) uninstall manually each device driver that seemed even remotely connected to the "Mat * one" or "DVD" or "CD" INCLUDING "Standard dual channel PCI IDE Controller" and "secondary IDE channel".

(2) to ensure a hard reboot (power off)

(3) Windows to automatically detect any material it appears after reboot begins

(4) one of these elements has been the "secondary IDE channel"... or in any case... go to Panel of-> system-> hardware: secondary IDE channel.
b change of "Ultra DMA mode" "PIO" mode only

(5) go to control panel-> hardware-> device-> IDE ATA controllers Manager / ATAPI-> secondary IDE channel: Transfer Mode = "PIO only" to ensure that this relocation, you just live kept this adjustment, otherwise set it as such and again, DO NOT change your "location 0" define, show your secondary ide channel tab should say "location 1". "

(5) - hard reboot again

(6) the system should come in and automatically detect your CD-ROM / DVD-ROM / Optical Drive / DVD - RAM drive both at the next reboot.

It should then work.

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    The IO device error occurs if the drive has a problem with the disc or the configuration of your system (mainly a problem of disc).
    Peut-t DVD player play all DVD or just DVD serious?
    What burning software did you use?
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    Good bye

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    Have you seen yellow errors such as exclamation points in Device Manager?
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    But what USB device doesn't work? As far as I know if this external device needs more energy than the 500mA so it is possible that the operating system can not recognize this device.
    In this case you need an external power supply for this part or you try to use the USB hub.

    Good bye

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    The real player is Toshiba DVD - ROM SD-R6112.

    Thank you


    As far as I know this unit has DVD +-R/RW (DualDrive) and in my opinion the best solution is to swap it with the same. On this way, you will be sure that everything works correctly.

    Unfortunately, there is no public document on the hardware upgrade and just Toshiba service partners can tell you more about it.

    Good bye

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    could you describe the difference between the original USB cable and the USB extension cable?

    The laptop and the printer works correctly with the original USB cable, but it seems that the extension USB cable is an inexpensive which does not fulfill the technical specifications and the laptop has a problem with this issue.

    To solve the problem in my opinion you could do an update of the BIOS, look if for your printer is a new driver available and reinstall the USB drivers.

    Also, you could test whether USB, the same problem occurs with other cables.

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    Satellite Pro M30 laptop belongs to the series of PSM35E.
    I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and found the BIOS.

    You must choose * ARCHIVE-> Satellite Pro archive-> Satellite Pro M-> Satellite Pro M30-> BIOS *.

    You will find the necessary BIOS

    Good bye

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    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 with a Nvidia GeForce FX graphics controller. ([Image of the motherboard |])

    My problem is when I turn on the PC and wait a few seconds red and white vertical stripes begins to appear on the LCD and it cannot go after the BIOS password screen. I can type the BIOS password but when I hit OK or button that ENTER the laptop freezes. ([See image 2 |])

    In very rare occasions where the laptop was turned off for a long time, I listen to him on and he could overcome the BIOS password screen but freezes after a while: ([see Image 3 |])

    I plugged it to an external monitor and nothing has changed.
    I removed the inverter (responsible for the lightning of the LCD screen) and the problem is still there.

    Always to blame the graphics chip from NVIDIA.
    I read here that it is not possible to replace them because they are soldered to the motherboard. But I want to, where can I get a laptop NVIDIA graphics chip. They sell somewhere?
    I have a friend who works in an electronics manufacturing company (SAGEM) and told me that they have the tools needed to replace any piece on any Board of Directors.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hello, my friend

    I agree with you. It must be a faulty graphics card. I put t believe you can buy a graphics chip separately but you can buy mainboard used laptop on eBay. In my view, Exchange Board is no problem for you.

  • Screen jumping and overheating issues on my Satellite Pro M30

    Hey everybody!

    I have a Satellite Pro M30, the screen seems to wobble a bit, probably due to a loose hinge. Can you please help me with this problem?
    In addition, my laptop seems to overheat, how do I clean the dust to stop overheating?

    Thank you

    Hi mate!
    For the screen issue. As it is a hardware thing, I suggest that contact you a local ASP. Of course, you can try by yourself to this problem, but I can say from my own, fitting the screen isn't the easy thing to do on your own, if you have no experience in that.

    To clean your laptop from dust, you can use compressed air jet. Also make sure the cooling modules are not blocked by objects on your table, because if you've blocked, warm air ponds and cannot be updated.

  • Satellite Pro M30: Mast * a uj-820 s no longer works

    Satellite Pro M30: my dvd does not work. Everything seems fine with the hardware and drivers (already resettled) but even if the unit appears to access the media, in my pc or else I do not see the files. They register in administrator.

    Can we do with drag and drop in purchase of pc? Also plugged in external dvd who worked here and works in other computers and same problem! PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!
    At least a clue?

    Hi Malva,

    Your DVD drive is visible in Device Manager? If so you can try to run the option "Troubleshooting" from there.

    It must also propose in your BIOS. Make sure to do.

    Finally, you can try to remove the device from your laptop and then restart. The system must detect the drive and reinstall it.


  • Satellite Pro M30 and eSATA

    Hi all

    I recently bought the external drive western digital mybook premium ARE. This disc has an eSATA (external SATA) port.

    The problem is that my satellite pro m30 (model #: psm35e0021jar) is not the external SATA port. I found an ADDONICS (eSATA, ExpressCard 34) and another similar product from SIIG (eSATA II Express Card).

    The question is:

    1.) these products going to be compatible with my fairly old laptop?
    2.) is the hard drive of my laptop SATA technology is or what?
    (3.) what brand of motherboard used in my laptop?

    Thanks in advance and I cannot wait for the answers.


    1.) these 3 products of third parties are not known to me, but as you know the Satellite Pro M30 does not support a SATA interface and if you want to upgrade the HARD drive, you will need to use the HARD disk with interface IDE (ATA-5) increased.
    (2.) No, as indicated above the laptop supports the IDE and not SATA
    (3.) the Satellite Pro M30 using motherboards Toshiba ;)

    A hint; If you have a SATA HDD, you can use it as a external HARD drive. This HARD disk can be connected via external USB sata controller.

  • Keyboard unresponsive - Satellite Pro M30


    I recently bought a Satellite Pro M30. The keyboard responds more fully. When I turn on the laptop and when it ask me to login credentials I'm simply not able to enter, nothing happens when the buttons are pressed.

    I have re-installed the unit using the CD of restoration but no luck. Interestingly, when I put the laptop in sleep mode, and when she returns to the normal mode, the keys work for a few seconds. If I kill the explorer.exe and launch a new, key works also for a while.

    Because the keys work when the computer comes out of standby, the keyboard is not completely dead/failure. My OS is XP Pro SP2.

    Help, please.

    Thanks in advance,

    Sanjay Kay


    The best way to check the functionality of the device is to preinstall the original recovery CD or DVD unit. As I see you have already done this.

    If the problem persists, I suppose that there is a hardware problem. I put t know if the unit is new or used one, but you should contact the customer Service of your country partner and explain the situation. Guaranteed valid will cover all costs if some of the material is defective and should be replaced.

    Good bye

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