screen saver; have a screen saver password photos. As he passes, the screen goes black and stays black. What can I do?

have a screen saver password photos.  As he passes, the screen goes black and stays black.  What can I do?


have a screen saver password photos.  As he passes, the screen goes black and stays black.  What can I do?

I don't know what is causing this problem but would be
suspicious, it is related to a corrupted or obsolete
video driver.

Might be interesting to try to reduce your graphics
Hardware acceleration instructions
in the following article.

How to put in back of graphics hardware acceleration
(scroll down to: "If you are using Windows 2000 or XP")

If they improve the question, you should look for the
site Web of MFG. your video card
a updated driver Win XP compatible video. Or...
If your computer is a laptop... Search support
site of the manufacturer of your computer.

If you do not know the make and model of your
Video adapter, see the documentation that
supplied with the computer.

Also you can find info on your video by driver
go to Device Manager: you can launch
By clicking Device Manager on... Start/run and
type or copy / paste:
And then press ENTER.

Expand "Graphics cards" and right click
the name of your graphics... then
choose... Properties / tab pilot... FYI.

You should find the make and model of your
adapter display as well as the version of the driver.

If the driver on the Web site is no longer
current than you run...
Download and install it. In addition, installation
instructions that should be followed closely
should be available on the support site.

Once installed the new video driver... you
can restore your full acceleration.

Good luck...

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    Hello CaffNutt,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

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  • Satellite 3000 - X 4: screen goes black after start


    I have a laptop of s3000 - x 4 satellite.

    swiched top upward start then the screen goes black, I can just do the display to see loading, windows
    This happens even if I can get it to boot in safe mode, or when I enter setup.
    If I'm lucky, I have a minute of commissioning until the display changes. and as soon as I restart, I'm square.

    can anyone help? If it is a component, it is easy to find and replace?
    see you soon



    Have you tried to connect the external display?
    If this is not the case, try it. Also check out the switching between display devices with the FN + F5 key combination
    If this does not help, I would pick up the laptop with the Toshiba Recovery CD supplied. Also try to improve the shape of the Tosh site graphics driver.

    But if it won't work and you can't see anything on the screen so I guess there must be something wrong with the hardware. In this case only the ASP in your country is able to help you.

  • Screen goes black

    I have a HP Pavilion computer g6. After signing in, it will host then the entire screen goes black. Can someone please help and tell me what to do? Really appreciate all the answers, thank you

    Hi shineyhawkz

    Thanks for the quick response from you. Yes I use windows 8 and I looked at the link you pasted, but I can't find the Windows Explorer in the process tab. Is there anything else I can do?

  • At the beginning; After the Windows Logo at the start, the screen goes black and a POWER SAVE MODE comes up. I must stop button. I can run the computer as I am now in Mode safe mode with networking.

    When I turn on the computer of gateway, the machine starts and the initial window logo starts and runs for about five seconds.  Then the screen goes black instead of blue and stays black for about 10 seconds.  A 'Power SAVE MODE' appears.  The machine is dead to all orders.  I have to stop by pressing the off button.  I can turn back and the F10 key to get in Mode safe mode with networking.

    I tried to reinstall Windows XP original but it would erase my files.  I tried to restore the last good configuration also knowledge.  That did not work.

    The change came after a Windsows update.  I have McAfee security and I asked Windows but could not use due ot a conflict. -C' is all this bad start.  Clues?  I use Negear.  No change when I hooked directly either.

    Botton line, I can run in SafeMode with networking; but it is slow and I can't make alll I have to do.  What does not load Windows?

  • HP 2000 laptop screen goes black after entering the password

    After I enter password screen goes black

    Ok. I'm in the menu boot options. I have Manager ser of the OS startup. ERIC file boot. It says press F10 for BIOS Setup options, ESC to get out. What should I do?

  • My screen goes black, but is still on. My computer shuts down everything he does and I have to restart so that it become operational.

    I said the video card is corrupted or is overheating.
    The screen goes black randomly. Sometimes 2 minutes playing or until hours later. Sometimes it will not.

    Connect the computer to another monitor. If the problems are gone, replace the original monitor. If the problems persist, then you have hardware problems on your computer. You can troubleshoot the hardware yourself:

    This includes exchanging the video card for a well-known work.

    On tests of hardware failures often alleged swapping parts by parts checked. If you can not do the test yourself and/or are uncomfortable opening your computer, take the machine to a professional computer repair shop (not your local equivalent of BigComputerStore/GeekSquad). If possible, have all your data backed up before taking the machine into a shop.
    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • I have a dell inspiron 1525, the screen goes black every few minutes. I have to close the lid and open it to make the screen come back. any ideas?

    Screen goes black every few minutes. have to close and open cover return the screen.


    1. on what application is the problem occur?
    2. the hard drive spin when your screen goes black?

    I suggest that you follow these steps and check if the problem persists.

    Step 1:

    I suggest that you update your display drivers and check if the problem persists. ' t-work correctly

    Step 2:

    Step 3:
    If your computer works fine in safe mode, then there must be a third party software that is causing the problem to occur, this is why I suggest you put your computer in a clean boot state.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: Put your computer in normal mode (step 7).
  • my screen goes black when my laptop is in sleep mode and I have to move my mouse to get the sandbox screen

    My screen goes black and I have to move my mouse to return to the screen. It becomes a big problem when I watch a movie and the screen turns black during the good parts. How can I stop these interruptions?


    It seems that the computer will sleep when it is inactive. I suggest you to change the settings on the computer's power options and check. Refer to the below links to change the settings of the sleep and other power options.


    I hope this helps.

  • HP ProBook s 4540: the screen goes black after the mode "Eve"


    My computer works fine but there is a problem, when I do not use it for a few hours or maybe an hour my screen goes black and it is nothing to do, but closed and then turn it back on.

    I have disabled all parameters almostly, screenshots here:



    I don't know what to do, I think it goes to sleep after a certain time and then he don't wake up, I need to remove the battery and then turn again, he started arrive about 2 days ago when I updated my radeon HD7650 to 15.11.1 Crimson video card driver or sth.


    Try disabling the startup of Windows 10 hybrid - you can do the following.

    Open settings and select System.  Select food and sleep, and then click additional power settings - in the next window, click on "Choose what the power button" in the left pane.

    In the next window, click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" (close), then Remove the check mark from the box against 'Turn on a quick start (recommended) '.  Click on the button Save the settings, close all open windows, and then restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite L405D-11V - freezes and the screen goes black when you watch the video

    OK, so I have the Toshiba Satellite L405D-11V, I had a breakdown, basically, the computer freezes at any time and the screen would go black, with the fan and lights still ongoing, this could be at the start, or a few hours using the laptop, so I decided to ring Toshiba technology support and they arranged for my laptop to collect and be expelled for repairs.

    I was able to track repairs online via the tracking service and was able to see what they were doing to my laptop, he said that they have ordered a part, it was underway and the repairs are completed.

    However, I got the laptop back today, I turn it on, all right, I start using the cell phone that everything is fine, so I decide to watch a video on youtube, and it freezes again, so I turned off now pressed the power button, hoping he wasn't that a large, I turn back to and load the video once again it freezes and the screen goes black again, after that whenever I am watching a video or a game, it causes the computer to crash and freeze as before the repairs. So there is always a mistake, but I'm not sure what to do

    Its still under warranty, I bought the laptop from the Comet, but I really don't want to send the laptop for repairs again and find it comes back with the same fault, is it interesting sending distributed, maybe see if the comet will replace the laptop as its still less than a year to buy the laptop, or it'll just be useful to save all the hassle and buy a new laptop? If this fault happened to someone else, I could use you some help, and if someone could shed some light regarding what could be bad?

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    You changed something on the configuration after you got your notebook back from repair? You update a driver, or something else?
    What operating system you use on your L405D satellite?

    To be honest it is really hard to say why it happens because technicians test to check if your laptop is running correctly.

    In my opinion you should try to update the display driver. Maybe it's the origin of the problem of s
    If this isn't the case, I recommend installing Windows from Toshiba Recovery disk to restore to factory settings. These parameters are pre-tested by Toshiba and should work.

    If you still have the problem, you must contact the technicians again. I mean you could track the online repair and according to your assignment, everything worked well during repair, so in my opinion he should t be a problem to contact guys exactly.
    Explain your very detailed problem. I think that everything can be clarified then. :)

  • My screen goes black and the start menu does not load after start up logo and the only thing on the screen I see is my mouse pointer

    My screen goes black and the start menu does not load after start up logo and the only thing on the screen I see is my mouse pointer


    You can access Mode safe? Repeatedly press F8 as you start? If yes you can try Control Panel - device
    Manager - graphics card - Double click on - driver tab - click on UPDATE driver - then right click
    on devices and UNINSTALL - REBOOT.

    Another method to try to get to the desktop (try in normal Windows Mode without failure)
    CTRL + ALT + DELETE and on the tab process EXPLORER.exe and COMPLETE the PROCESS on this subject - then
    on the Applications tab - lower right - new task - type in EXPLORER.exe. Safe mode is reached
    by tapping F8 as you start several times.

    First check this thread in case it is simple and if not to come back to this thread.

    Black screen problems are extremely difficult to repair and all patch is usually on a base hit or miss.
    That there is no information on a black screen as it is on a blue screen just adds to the
    Difficulty. Often using a restore point or Startup Repair will have no effect. You can try a
    Google to see the proposed repairs, whom some have worked however these cover a wide
    field efforts.

    Here's a video of one of them.

    Here's another fix

    You have a Vista disk? You can try restoring the system to it. If you do not have your system disks
    manufacturer will sell them at low prices. Or try in safe mode if you can get there.

    How to make a Vista system restore

    You can create a recovery disc or use someone even version (to do the system restore there only to)
    being bootable).

    How to create a Vista recovery disk


    These require the correct Vista discs since you can not start safe mode.

    Try the Startup Repair tool-

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or with a Vista disk

    Try recovery options Startup Repair

    How to do a startup repair


    Here are a few Google searches where many have found different solutions:

    Vista black screen - check that a 1st

    Vista black screen Solution

    Vista black screen Fix


    If necessary and you can access all ordinary Windows.

    You can try an In-Place Upgrade (hopefully save programs and data) or a repair installation (if all goes well
    saves the data, and you need to reinstall the programs). Be sure to do a good backup or three.

    You can use another DVD that are not protected but you will need to copy you have the product key.

    On-site upgrade

    If nothing works, you can make a repair facility that must save the data but you will need to
    Reinstall the programs. This also requires correct Vista disks especially for OEM versions. You will be
    need to know your product Code.

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or a Vista DVD

    How to perform a repair for Vista Installation


    Another method that works sometimes: at the command prompt, type of Vista startup disk:
    (type in a single line or copy / paste a line at a time and then press enter - type no parenthesis)
    or "BOLD"



    CD c:\Windows\System32\winevt (there is a space between cd and C :)

    Ren LogsOLD Logs (there are spaces between ren and newspapers and Logsold)

    RESTART Windows

    I hope this helps.

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • While watching Netflix my screen goes black after a few minutes

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.
    While watching Netflix, my screen goes black after a few minutes. It's something new. How can I increase the time before that happens, or eliminate entirely?
    Thank you for your help.
    Byron Johnston

    Hi Byron,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community Forums.

    According to the description, it seems that you are facing problems while watching Netflix your screen becomes dark. I'll be happy to help you with this problem.

    (1) how you try to access Netflix?

    (2) you use Internet Explorer to access the Web from Netflix site?

    (3) you receive an error message?

    (4) is the issue limited to a Web site or with other sites as well?

    (5) have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    Method 1: I suggest to turn off the screen saver and check if that helps.

    Enable or disable the screen saver

    Method 2: If the problem persists, I suggest you to contact Netflix support for assistance.

    I hope it helps. If you have any questions about Windows in the future, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

  • Windows 7 doesn't recognize as input joystick, so constantly, the screen goes black

    Unlike Windows XP (not sure on Vista), Windows 7 does not recognize he entered occurs when I use my controller. For this reason, my screen goes black every few minutes, as he would if I left the computer entirely. How can I get Windows to recognize the controller as input device, in the way that my keyboard and mouse?

    I am aware that I can just turn off the screen saver, or remember to touch the mouse every few minutes. But workaround solutions, not solutions.

    I just want to clarify the step 2 for everyone because he left me scrathing my head for a minute. Ignore the real joystick listed in Device Manager and expand Interface devices. In this list, you should see HID-compliant game controller. Make a right click Select properties, then continue to step 3.

    hope that this clears up any confusion as if I had.

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