See photos remotely on NSLU2

I NSLU2 and configured through dynamic dns service, so anyone can see the pictures in one of my disks in any pc by accessing this disk via a browser. It's photos are displayed by name, in the form of files, and the browser we need to click on each one individually to see the respective picture. Now the question: is it possible to be able to see the photos as if you were on the internal network, i.e. showing them for exam ple as his miniature inside a folder, like Explorer? For example, is it a kind of application that can be installed on the disk, allowing a remote user to view them as a group of images (not one)?


Finally, I found a way! Answer is therefore looking for a solution to this kind of problem can someone help.

In Windows, from any remote computer: open a new folder, in the address bar (if it is not visible you can fix that with the menu options), write to ftp://name.server.ext , substituting your own settings (I have a server - dyndns - dynamic dns because in this case mny IP is variable). you are prompted to enter a user name and a password, so before you will need to define an action for this purpose) and that's all, you can see photos as if you were in the local network.

Mac, start "Finder", then on the writing of address bar ftp://username[email protected] and you're the same way (you can also use this syntax on windows address bar new folder).

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    # Remote disc is a feature that allows you to use the CD drive from another computer.

    It is always in the Finder, and when Setup a disc in another computer it will appear.

    It is perfectly normal.  No one has access to your computer.

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    Click Edit > Preferences

    Go to the interface tab and check the font size: it should be automatic.

    Press enter

    Restart the Lightroom

    Thank you

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    Thank you


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    It's just guidelines, they will not be displayed in your final product. (Well... unless you have checked 'Include the Guides' export as PDF.) Mode "Preview" allows you to hide their view.

    You can ignore safely, for what you design. Just pretend they aren't there. If you find objects are snapping to guides (which is one of their main functions), disable "align to guides".

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    There is a setting (a check box) on the settings screen of Photos from iPod in iTunes, for include photos full resolution.  IF this parameter is enabled WHEN sync you photos to iPod, iTunes makes a copy of the image file on the iPod photo original.  These photo image files can be retrieved using your computer's file manager, allowing the use of the disk on the iPod and search in the folder of Photos .

    If this setting is not enabled, iTunes optimizes pictures to adapt small screen of the iPod (and minimize storage used on iPod) during synchronization.  Photo data are stored in a special database (not as a separate image files).  You cannot use a file manager to access the separate image files.  You need to get your photos from the original files (on your computer) that you sync to the iPod, or a backup.

    There may be some third-party utilities that can extract pictures from the iPod.  However, these photos are probably low resolution compared to the original images, because iTunes convert and sync for display on the small screen of the iPod.

  • I couldn't not see photos stored in iCloud. How to display?

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    First of all, make sure settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud library = 'On '.

    So let your iPhone stay in a Wi - Fi connection box and connect it to a power source to receive photos.

  • iMovie can't see photos optimised and stored in iCloud


    Apparently if you chose "Optimize Mac storage" in the preferences of Photos, and you use iCloud library, then apps like iMovie and Final Cut Pro will not see your photos at all. Sometimes you can see some pictures at random, unless some reason OS mechanism optimization flying over, but you will have trouble to get your recent photos.

    The only way to import necessary photos is to export (file-> export) in Photos app.

    At this point I don't know if cela a feature or bug, but I'm sure it's less easy to use and I can hardly find a reason to do so.

    Maybe I'm missing something?

    Can someone please confirm this?

    Kind regards


    It's not a bug, but how it works.  To use one of the photos in another application or project in Photos full size version must be downloaded beforehand.

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    Looks like the generation of thumbnails has been turned off - you can check it as follows.

    Click on the Start Menu, type folder options and press ENTER.

    In the Folder Options window, select the view tab.

    If the vertical entrance "always see the icons, never thumbnails" are checked, click the box to Remove the tick, then click apply and then click Ok to save this change.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • get prior to see photo

    When I was using Xp, I had some files that I have encrypted, I then installed windows 7 on another hard disk, but the disk with Xp was no longer recognized, so I had to reformat the hard drive. I then corrected information on the disc using recuva, but since I was encriped the pictures I want, I can't see because I did not leave then, how do I get permission to see my photos again, I have all the files of this OS so if it's one of those I can get access to I will be I do not know which. Or is their a program I can use that will bypass just security?

    Scarlet salvation,

    1. what application did you use to encrypt the files?

    2. what security software is installed?

    3. What is the accurate and complete error message you get while trying to access these files?

    Encryption is a way to strengthen the security of a message or file by scrambling the contents so that it can be read only by someone who has the right encryption key to decode it.

    If you try to open an encrypted file and you get a message access denied, your encryption key may be damaged or missing. To recover encrypted files, you must have a backup of your encryption key, or, if you are on a domain, your system administrator must have a certificate of recovery.

    Only the user who encrypts a file can recover data that has been encrypted, unless the user specifies a recovery agent before they encrypted the files. To make sure that you can decrypt files in the future, you should always export your certificate and private key and keep them in a safe place.

    Permissions are rules associated with objects on a computer or network, such as files and folders. Permissions determine whether you can access an object and what you can do with him. For example, you might have access to a document in a shared folder on a network. And even if you can read the document, you are not authorized to make changes. System administrators and people with accounts of administrator on computers can assign permissions to individual users or groups.

    You can read these articles and check if that helps.

    What are the permissions? :

    What to know before applying permissions to a file or a folder:

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    Additional information.

    What is EFS (ENCRYPTING File System)? :

    Let us know if you need assistance with any windows problem. We will be happy to help you.

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    I wonder if I could see pictures on my Tablet (galaxy Tab one) memory card transfer form?

    I made several times using Sony Playmemories but y at - it other way just read from a memory card and view my photos (raw format)...

    Thank you for reading

    I better leave you guys to know how to solve my problems.

    I use Sony a77 2.

    I used Playmemories to connect to my camera from the tablet with WIFI in the hotel room.

    I can transfer all my photos Tablet for file JEPG (shooting raw) so that I could share with family and friends immediately.

    Thank you

  • Lightroom can't see photos of source when you try to import

    6 of Lightroom on Apple - updates all day.

    In import dialogue Lightroom "see" the new photos of source, either on the hard drive, an external hard drive or camera card. Disks are ok and photos are visible in the folder outside of lightroom structure and are visible to other programs such as picasa, so doesn't seem to be a problem for apple. Problem appeared about 2 weeks ago. Have you tried updates etc but the problem persists. Please help, thanks, Pat Russell

    ~ Assani

  • LR import does not see 'photo' in iMAC photo folder

    called Apple Care they said it's a problem of LR...

    see if response #5 in this thread helps: Re: import photos to lightroom apple app

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    As seen in the pictures, the two lines are intertwined with each other. The line with the difference that it is created by the boole. I guess this creates glitch somehow. Anyone know this fight? Thank you.

    Well, once more Element3D turns out to be an amazing plugin! I just turned on "normal car" in Element3D and it fixed everything nicely.

    For anyone reading this with the same question and you do not Element3D, I advise you to buy it ( It is a gesture of challenge is worth and allows integration of C4D - AE very fast and smooth (to put it briefly).

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    If my portable hard drive is full.  I bought a drive external western digital passport.  I created a folder on it and moved some pictures from the hard drive of the laptop on the external hard drive.  I did all this from Lightroom.

    But now Lightroom does not have the external hard drive folder in the library.

    If I try to add the folder using the + sign it will open the folder in the import window, but all is greyed out and say 'it's a duplicate of one already in the catalog

    Looks like the pictures are here, but it can't connect to them somehow.

    I also tried to take a new picture and won't see import in the folder.  It will then load this file in the library, but with only this new photo and any of those who are on the record.

    Would appreciate any suggestions.  I'm new to Lightroom def so there is a chance that it's user error what am I missing?

    Hi foodphotographer,

    You need to move the Images in the Lightroom Catalog, before the images has been saved on the internal drive now they are all on the external hard drive. for this purpose, you must update the location of the image in the Lightroom folder as well.

    See link: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Locate missing photos

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

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    I'm syncing of photos by an iphone6 + (latest iOS) to my macbook pro 15 "laptop running El Capitan.

    I have two separate accounts. The second account uses a photo library with a different title (for storage

    different types of photos). New pictures taken on my iPhone are appearing in the second library which is

    No personal photos. How to stop this automatic downloading to library 2. It isn't even the same title

    and is located in another account.

    Thanks in advance...


    Library #2, which I assume has a different ID to Apple that the ID that is used for library #1, you can stop upload on iCloud by disabling the iCloud photo library.

Maybe you are looking for

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