Send to shortcut - Missing Mail recipient

original title: send to shortcut

IE8 + Vista - Windows Explorer.

In the menu of the right click option send to displays a number of items, but 'recipient' is missing.
How can I restore it?



Hello 56vla,

This is the living part and the easy way to do it.

This should do it for you.

Thank you.
Uday $012

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    I found flatten java script, but making my useless button and flatten the entire document.

    I also found that the actions of document to check

    for (var i = 0; i < this.numFields; i ++) {}

    fieldName var = this.getNthFieldName (i);

    field var = this.getField (fieldName);

    If (field.value.length == 0)



    App.Alert ("Field" fieldName + "is required.) Please enter a value. »)



    but I do still need to flatten + send to an e-mail recipient. Is it possible to do all these steps with just one button? Or save the form as being "read" only.

    IM currently using Acrobat XI

    Invoke the var = new Array ("AFieldName... 1','AFieldName... 2", ".....");

    var cFieldName = «»

    var ok = true
    for (var i = 0; i)< afields.length;="" i++)="">

    cFieldName = this.getField (aFields [i])
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    If (ok == true) {}
    for (var i = 0; i)< this.numfields="" ;="" i++)="">
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    If (f == null) continue;
    f.ReadOnly = true

    cTo: "[email protected]."
    bassujetti: "your subject...". »,
    CMSG: "dear...". »

  • Send to mail recipient absent from Windows 7

    Upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit for Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  The option to send to the recipient of the message is missing the locations on the desktop.  I move and click with the right button to review the entire list.  I use Windows Live Mail.  I can send the document by attaching it in Windows Live Mail.  The option to right click and send to mail recipient was present for a few days after the upgrade.

    Thank you for your response.  I used the SHIFT key and right-click on the element I want to e-mail.  There are 20 places but no envelope.  I don't reinstall Windows Mail still no envelope.  Mircosoft Support created a shortcut on the desktop and added the envelope icon.

    Here are the steps on how to create the message recipient in the list sent to.

    > Click Start

    > Type in the search bar %appdata%\microsoft\windows\sendto

    > Right click on the space in the middle of the window

    > Click New

    > Click on text Document

    > Open the txt file in Notepad, then type "Mail" and save the file as "Mail Recipient.MAPIMail.

  • Have multiple e-mail accounts. How to make an account by default when you use send to mail recipient?

    We have several email accounts. How to make one of the accounts the default sender address when we send a document to the recipient of the message? Or how can I change the order of the Thunderbird email accounts that they appear?

    There is an extension that allows you to rearrange the order of the accounts in the easy folderpane. It is manually sort folders.

    To do a particular server out by default, go to account settings > mail outgoing (SMTP), select the one to be the default and click set as default.

  • How can I send and file by e-mail to an e-mail recipient?

    original title: a record of e-mail by e-mail to the recipient

    How can I send and file by e-mail to an e-mail recipient?

    You use Windows Mail? Create a folder on the desktop. Open the folder in WinMail and highlight all the message headers (Ctrl + A), and then drag them to the folder on the desktop. This ZIP file and attach it to an e-mail.

    Take note of the size of the zipped folder.

  • How to send a contact group to an e-mail recipient?

    How to send a contact group to an e-mail recipient?

    Hello TxGary,

    If you try to send the contact group created in Windows contacts, you first need to export the contact to another format.

    1. open Windows Contacts by clicking on the Start button, all programs, and then clicking Windows Contacts.

    2. in the toolbar, click on export and then click one of the following formats:

    CSV (Comma Separated Values). It is a format of generic file used to export or import information to and from databases or spreadsheets.

    vCard (folder of .vcf files). This format is used by many other programs. It is typically the best format to use when sharing contacts with someone who is using an earlier version of Windows or who uses another operating system.
    3. click Export, select a folder where you want to store your contacts in the new format, and then click OK.

    4. when a message appears telling you that the contacts export process is complete, click OK, and then click Close.

    Here is an article that will give you more information about this:

    Once you have exported the contact group, you can attach the file to an e-mail and send it to the recipient by e-mail.

    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Lost my icon to send new messages in mail (appears in the toolbar, but not active). Can not send a new message in the drop-down list box. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? I tried to use the toolbar Customize to drag an icon to the toolbar.

    Lost my icon to send new messages in mail (appears in the toolbar, but not active). Can not send a new message in the mailbox (impossible to select) drop.  I tried to use the toolbar Customize to drag an icon to the toolbar, but it doesn't work anymore. Using Mail 9.2 and OS X 10.11.2.  Any help is appreciated.

    The Send button will not be activated unless the message can be sent. Are you sure that you have entered a recipient and the account is online?

    The connection doctor (window menu) displays errors.

  • Cannot right click programs to send the shortcut on the desktop

    I want to create a shortcut on my desktop for some programs listed in the start menu.  When I right click on the screen flashes but I don't get the box that will let me send the shortcut for the program on the desktop.

    Right click Menu missing in XP

  • the missing message recipient

    How to get back (recipient) when I right click on a file, then send to mail recipient is absent, I tried to put shell: sendto in stsrt area, but nothing happens.

    OK, try one more:

    Copy the recipient of the message file C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo to your Sendto folder and try again.
    Once you copied from C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo, you can get in your own Sendto folder quickly by simply typing in shell: sendto in the Start search box is followed by the return key. Once your reach, Paste the copied file by right clicking on a blank space in the folder. Good luck.

  • Option send unable difficulty missing blackBerry Smartphones


    I have a BB 9000 and have recently taken abroad where I have a separate account of SIM and BB with a local network provider.  Everything works perfectly since I changed the SIM card to the local supplier (BBM, receive e-mail messages, Facebook notifications etc.).  Recently, however I was able to send emails if you reply to an existing message.  If I compose a new email send option is missing.  If I save as draft, I lose all the data in the field "to".  After reading the forums, I deleted the service books, made a battery pull, re-entered the host routing table and returned the service books (on the page of my local provider network).  I'm still in the same position, according to which the send option is missing when I compose a new email, but it is not missing if I choose to reply to an email.

    All advice welcome!


    I found a solution... but this is clearly a bug.  Ironically, General options for opening e-mail and replace 'Display recent contacts when writing e-mail', 'no', makes exactly the opposite!  AutoSuggest restarts and especially the send option reappears mysteriously.  All credit to:

    Completely perplexed.

  • Send &amp; track to an email recipient, SPACEBAR in the topic and the content fields does not.

    After the last update Acrobat, when using send & track to an e-mail recipient, I am unable to use the SPACEBAR in the subject and the content fields. Acrobat is also unstable, having fallen a few times during editing documents, specifically trying to save these changes.

    I restarted my computer desk Win7 twice and it seems to make little difference.

    Hi Mark,

    Today we released a hotfix that resolves this problem on space/line jump does not work in the transmission and the railway. If you're not already updated to the latest patch, simply open Acrobat and visit help > check for updates to apply this hotfix.

    More details about this release and bug fixes is available here:

    Please give it a try and let us know.

    Thank you


  • After that update cannot send or receive e-mails - no connection.

    Since the last update, one cannot send or receive e-mails. It's showing that Mozilla thunderbird connects, but it just freezes. When I close the window of thunderbird, it closes, but not the program itself, since I can only restart if I restart the computer. I uninstalled and reinstalled thunderbird, but no luck. E-mails operate very well through webbrowser. I use windows 7 sp 1.
    YPUR assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    After reinstall Thunderbird, have you used the old profile or new profile.

    Check with your IMAP/POP3, SMTP settings and the PORT.

    Make sure that your firewall/Antivirus blocking is not Thunderbird.

  • WINDOWS hotmail, (outlook) collapsed openning messages or emails, I can not yet send a new e-mail. What should I do

    I opened the hotmail page and sign in. All messages and new messages appear as usual. When I click on any email my small twrill windows clock starts and never opens anything. Same thing if I click on the sending of new e-mail messages.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > Firefox uses the subject: Access Protocol built on: pages that you open through the bar of addresses as you open webpages.)

  • Why I am having trouble sending the windows live mail?

    I get an error message when I try to send a windows live mail. It lets me know that I have to adjust my settings. I'm a novice here, and I don't want to try something that I don't know how to fix later. CABN help you?

    Sorry, this isn't a problem of Firefox support.

    Try using Windows Live support.

  • Mac Mail can send but cannot receive mail.

    I have been in contact with my technical support of Verizon.  There is no problem to an end, but my Mac Mail account can send but not receive mail.  What happened three times during the month.  Each time than previous, Verizon has found a problem locally, for their purpose and in a few hours, it has been corrected.

    This time the problem was upstream at the highest tech people.  They told me that there must be a problem of registration with Mac Mail and I need to contact Apple.

    I tried physician connection without success.

    If someone knows a solution, I'll start here before you contact apple support.

    Mary Lou

    I've never had a problem with Verizon email on my Mac. In your case, Verizon has already said that they have been twice at fault. I'm guessing that this time is not different.

    I suggest you contact Apple support if Verizon has completed its investigation.

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