Serial number of modules (programmatic conversion)

Hi all

I am the serial number of modules of reading in my NI EtherCAT 9144 chassis by programming using the shared variable property node. The value obtained in my program is completely different from this serial number on the module. For example that I'm reading the serial number of the module NI9234, serial number that I got from the program was 25182428 the series but real present on the module number is 18040DC. Could you please see this and let me know what problem I'm facing? or y at - it all conversions that I do.  Here is the picture of my code.

Thanks in advance

A watch in decimal, the other is hexadecimal.

Change the display format for your digital indicator.

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    Is it possible to read the serial number of a USB-8476 module in LabVIEW. I am building a system that will use 10 of these modules in a single system and I want to be able to verify this LINX = serial No.: ABC. I'm afraid that a 'user' will disconnect and the plug-in a USB module causing the FLAX number to change.

    Hi graveux,

    The with the attribute set to "Serial number" should do the trick (use the desired USB interface and port number 1 as inputs).


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    Remind you that serial number is from a previous PC that we replace. Please contact me with assistance.

    Hi drichmond,

    Could you please post a screenshot of the screen when you enter the serial number?

    Would it not be possible to send the serial number via private message?

    Here is a link to 'How to send private message'?- How can I send a private Message

    Please follow the steps given in this link -error: "serial number is not valid for this product". Adobe Creative Suite .

    Let us know the results.

    Thank you!


  • Lightroom 6 PC does not recognize the serial number and has disabled the module development

    I bought Lightroom 6 at Amazon and initially installed without problem. Recently, he started saying that my trial is about to expire. I had uninstalled the trial before installing the original. Now it's saying my trial has expired and has disabled the develop module.

    I tried to get my serial number, but it has no effect and does not give error messages.

    I tried to uninstall. I tried to re - download the app on Amazon. Nothing works. I get just this screen:

    dev module error.png

    It is not necessary to uninstall the trial version before installing the "full" version, because there is no difference in the programs. It is virtually the same program. Enter a valid serial just cancel the limitations of the trial. Your installation seems to act as creative cloud installation. My recommendation would be for you to uninstall completely, including the creative application manager if it is still installed. Download the latest update from the following Web site, and then install it. Use this serial number to see if it will activate.

    Update of Lightroom

  • Develop the module does not but I entered a serial number

    I bought Lightroom as a stand-alone product, and he enrolled in my online account from adobe.

    But now when I try to use it, I get the following in the develop module error message:

    Develop module is disabled.

    Please renew your membership to reactivate the develop module.

    Now what?

    You have installed and are still using the creative cloud under license Lightroom. It can not be activated with a serial number. You must have an account creative cloud and a package, and it's all activated with your Adobe ID and password. It will be necessary to uninstall Lightroom and install the stand-alone version appropriate licensed.

    Adobe - Lightroom: For Windows: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1

    Adobe - Lightroom: For Macintosh: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1

    The links are for the last update of Lightroom 5. After installation, when the screen of the trial lorsque l' ecran de le proces apparait appears choose the option allowing you to indicate that you have a serial number. You will be guided through the process of entering the number. After installing, you will be able to open the catalog you used, and all the work you've done will still be in place.

  • How can I access dynamically FP2200 serial number of my deployed RT application

    I'm looking for a way to get the serial number of a target FP of the application that is deployed on it. I want to use this number in my database for the database can identify the FP in a unique way that is guaranteed to not change. A RT application needs to know the serial number, so it can be used in queries.

    I would also like to find a way to dynamically read the name assigned to the module.

    I don't see a way to access the serial number or the name in labview but I don't know that it must be stored somewhere, since it can be seen in the M & A Explorer.

    Hi kgolden.  Try the GET target information (IP) .vi.  In my installation (8.5.1), it is under 7.x, libraries user, System RT replication functions, so my

    guess is that it comes from the replication of system libraries, which have a lot of other nice stuff.


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    How about this:

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    I worked on it. Attached simple solution.

    It is possible using the driver of VISA?

  • Read the serial number of the PXI 8130


    Anyone know how to read the serial number of an SMU-8130 chassis controller programmatically? Read the serial number of a 1075 chassis will work also.

    Is it still possible?

    Thank you very much


    My apologies, as this thread is expanded to LabVIEW, I was assuming that the main language was LabVIEW. Currently, it is not a condition C library that reproduced the personality of the Configuration of the system. My understanding is that this feature is in the works, but not yet implemented.

    In the short term, you can choose to compile the necessary features of LabVIEW in a DLL called by your project. Otherwise, the MAC address can still be used as a unique identifier, if that's what you need.

    See you soon,.

  • Lost serial number - I lost my serial number for the program tool Buzz more

    Please help I have a conversion program for my embroidary designs, but I lost my serial number, that the program is Buzz more tool can anyone help.

    Hi Debs,

    What follows is the tool specifically regarding lost serial number Buzz site:

    If this does not help, contact their support group (unfortunately, e-mail seems the only option) according to the following instructions:

    If it does not help and the software is still installed on your computer (and your computer works), it is possible Belarc Advisor will be able to get it back (it's just a chance - it does not work for all software installed but it's worth a try.)

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • Dell 8132f: Get of QSFP 40 G serial number

    Dear Dell support,

    Please let me know how to get the QSFP 40 G serial number I did plug into the switch and do like stack-port.

    Best regards


    I don't think there is a command to see the serial number. You will probably need to get out the module and look for a sticker with the serial number.

  • Reinstall Windows 7 after adding RAM does not work, if the serial number on the hard drive doesn't go to Microsoft?

    The serial number of the hard drive go to microsoft, I went to reintall my windows after it kept crashing, updated my hard drive, memory, ram.  I think because the serial number is different on the hard drive, it will not be installed.

    System becomes inadmissible has nothing to do with the product activation.

    The probable cause is faulty RAM or loose, make sure that the memory modules are firmly fixed and mounted in banks of memory on the motherboard.

  • This serial number is not for a product calling.  Please try another.

    It is an old NET, but I'll re - purpose it

    I am running the latest version of Win 10 (9.6.16)

    Have the full Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard and to register. It works very well.

    Try to install the upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection.

    We performed this facility in the past on two workstations without problem. One in-office and one at home. We do not use them simultaneously. I recently reformatted my computer at home and added an SSD. Still, CS3 installed fine, but having trouble with the upgrade.

    Enter the serial number upgrade produces this message "serial number you provided is valid, but calling it a product was not found on this computer.


    Another thread of the forum said that we should enter the key series for CS3 here. I have Adobe Standard CS3 Design and enter the key of CS3. I get this message. "Serial number is not for a product calling." Please try another. "


    What Miss me?

    Is it possible to register if I install as a trial first?

    Thank you

    Problem has been resolved by support cat.

    A code produced by the installation program challenge was given to a technician who then returned another code which allowed for the installation.

    The technician said:

    Because your CS3 serial number is Volume License serial number, that is the reason why you are not able to use it. So, on an exceptional basis, we can do this challenge code method. Volume license is the license key that can be used by several people, and at the office, school, etc. But your CS6 is the commercial version, which can be used by a single user.

    The process took about 5 minutes once the conversation has been started.

  • Why can't Adobe give me a serial number for PES?

    I have a copy of PSE12. It is one of the versions combined with Premiere elements.

    It has never been installed before.

    • I sent Adobe proof of purchase
    • I sent Adobe Student ID proof

    All this goes back and began July 16

    • on July 29 I followed what I have not heard anything
    • On 1 August, still no response, so I followed again
    • On 4 August, still no response, so I followed again
    • On 7 August, still no response, so I followed again
    • On 9 August, still no response, so I followed again

    But let's look at a few details...

    Adobe staff: We have escalated this case to our higher authority and senior level, they will answer you promptly so please don't worry about this

    Me: How long should I expect to wait however? I thought it was up to 72 hours and it approximates that.

    Adobe staff: you have to wait the 36-72 hours

    Adobe staff: I see that you have invested a lot of time and effort in order to solve this problem.  I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Adobe staff: I'm sure they'll get back to you as soon as.

    Me: Its been almost 72 hours since the last time I did contact.

    Adobe staff: I understand your situation that you're very frustrated on our part but we will certainly work on it we have increased the cases they will get ack.


    Adobe another staff member: I understood that you need help to activate your product, is that correct?

    Me: Yes I need the serial number.

    Me: Here's some of my last conversation with XXXXX

    Me: XXXX: I increased your case to our senior team, they will validate proof of eligibility and they will provide you with the serial key with in 48-72 hours.

    Me: I learned more than 6 days ago and still haven't heard.

    Adobe another staff member: I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Adobe another staff member: , But don't worry this time, you will get the serial key with in 48-72 hours.

    Adobe another staff member: Please give me the serial number.

    Me: ??? What you mean?? You're not supposed to give me the serial number?

    Adobe another official :: Please give me the serial number you used.

    Me: I've never had one, this is why I plead for a

    Adobe another official: No worries, I will help you in this matter.

    Adobe another official: I ask you to give me your e-mail ID.

    Me: I do not have

    Adobe another staff member: No worries, I checked your previous case and found that your file has been forwarded to our senior team but new serial number was provided to you because your secondary email address was required, but as you say that you have no matter what alternative email address so I have to climb this new case for our senior team.

    Adobe another staff member: Should be more than 48 to 72 hours.

    Me: You are the first person to ever ask the secondary e-mail address.

    Me: Whenever I have contact support they always say that it will take 48-72 hours, but he never gets sorted.

    Adobe another official: I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Adobe another official: perfectly, I understand your concern, but I asked for the identification of another email because you might have used this id to buy the product.

    This continues for a bit and then...

    Adobe another staff member: I'll have to escalate this matter again so that we can provide you with a new serial number.

    Me: What happened to the last climbing? It ceases to be ecsalated, but nothing is done about it

    Me: For example THAT XXX degenerated and I have never heard of anyone

    Adobe another official: I understand your concern, but what I can do

    Me: What happened to the last climbing well? Why I never heard back

    Adobe another staff member: If you'll check we sent an e-mail to you about the same thing.

    Me: Yes and that's what he said, "we have not heard from you in awhile on this matter and we would like to know how things go. If your problem is still not resolved, please let us know so that we can help you further. »

    Me: This is the reason why I am contacting you because XXXX said I would have the serial code within 48-72 hours.

    Adobe another staff member: I have this degenerate again so that we can provide you with a new serial number.

    Me: , but what happened to the last climbing?

    Adobe another staff member: I would like to inform you that in the previous case, the agent forgot to ask your secondary email address.

    Staff member a different Adobe:: Is there anything else I can help?

    Me: Not at this stage. Just to double check, you say I have the serial number in the 72 h?

    Adobe another official: Yes, you are right.

    Still no serial number... and several sessions later contact...

    Me: , I continue to do what you're asking and Dungeon of people telling me to wait. I did what you ask and said I have, but no one ever gives me the code. why they say I get the serial number, but nobody never sends?

    Adobe another official : I understand his taking time, but our concern is not only to solve this question but also fixing the root cause of the problem, so that in the future you don't face any kind of questions yet once because we respect you and respect your time.

    Me: so what is the root cause of the problem? are why some members of the staff of adobe cat tells me one thing and then other employees tell me something different?

    Adobe another official: This is what works on our level 2 and they will be able to answer revisit you this case.

    Me: When can I expect to hear from them, I've never heard of them. I get just the people who want us to wait. I waited long enough

    And here we are... Im still waiting. Email only I get Adobe is the one that says address can not receive messages. I have explained this to them but on the cat that they insist, I respond to e-mail. I repeat can not because it's a non-answer address.

    So may I have fact all asked of me all I want is a serial number for a product that I own. why is it also a difficult process and why the staff give me different information each time that I contact you?

    I had dealt with the cat, a few times since the foregoing and kept work around the race. I even used the section complaints from the Adobe site and no has not heard back in the allotted time.

    I went back to discuss today because I was f & * ked out at this stage...

    Finally got a support chat staff member who was willing to take responsibility and actually done something about this.

  • Old serial number does not work with new Lightroom

    I bought 4 Lr in October 2012. I recently bought a new computer and downloaded Lr5 but my serial number won't work now. I was told in a conversation, I have licensed cs4 and it won't work with Lr 5. What I have to buy another serial number or I can just pass?

    Serial numbers are specific to a version of Lightroom. A serial number Lightroom 4 does not work with Lightroom 5. Adobe sells no more than 5 of Lightroom. If this is the version that you think you want then it would be necessary for you to find a retailer like Amazon or B & H Photo, etc. You can buy an upgrade to Lightroom 6. But be aware that Lightroom 6 is 64-bit only. You mentioned that you were trying to upgrade to Lightroom 5. To accomplish what you expect? What are your expectations?

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