Shockwave and vista

I recently bought a laptop with vista pre installed microsoft and to play games that I need to install adobe shockwave player what I did only to find out that vista has not started it and now I want to know how microsoft canjustify the fact that some of their games using shockwave player when it is not supported by windows vista and when you try to contact their Helpline they will charge you 46 books to give you help is on top of the price of the laptop and vista license fee, that I discovered that adobe Director and shockwave 11.5 can be compatible and you can download a trial of this version from the adobe site this that I strongly suggest people and spare yourself the 46 pounds me im going back to xp when I figure out how on the laptop as so far vista has blocked all attempts


Cut too, Hi

Thanks for posting.

Flash is considered to be a product of the third-party software and is supported by the manufacturer.
However, if you want to display the error message or explain what happens when you try to use it, we usually try some troubleshooting here operations.

I recommend that you check to make sure that you have the latest drivers for your video card by visiting the manufacturer's Web site.
I also suggest you temporarily disable your anti-virus software during the installation of the Flash software.

Impatience back on your part.

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    I want to share my problem to get some tips. I got a laptop Satellite M100-222 Windows XP and Vista capable, then I got an upgrade to Vista and it works with few problems that do not recognize some programs.

    That's why I have some needs and need your help and support and they are as follows:
    1 - is possible to reformat using the upgrade of Vista, or need to reformat with XP first and then update with Vista.
    2 - I tried several times to start the CD, DVD (product recovery) to reformat the laptop. However it is said (operating system not found).

    Kindly enlighten me.

    With regard to the point;

    (* 1) * If you ONLY upgrade Vista CD, then it s necessary to start the first restore XP CD, and then upgrade to Vista.

    (* 2) * usually start from the CD/DVD recovery must format the HARD drive and need to install the new image of Toshiba. Please check if you have started since the right recovery CD! Don't mix it with the Express Media Player recovery CD!

  • Official release of the drivers XP and Vista for Satellite Pro P100 - 465 PSPAEE

    When will it be available for XP and Vista for the PSPAEE drivers? Currently there are drivers for the PSPA4E, some of whom work, others do not, no operating system. Yes the laptop is preinstalled with the Vista Upgrade and pilots work, but two of the pilot applications are blocked by Defender (NDSTRay / ConfigFree and VolControl). I couldn't get no option to allow to these (not yet classified MS so they are locked) told me to disable Defender technical support!
    I tried a clean install of my own version of Vista business and had problems of drivers with that as well.

    I would like to run XP until Vista is, shall we say, more effective I would use drivers specifically for her, so time would be very useful.

    I would also like to know why there is a where a finger scanner could go under the 0 on the keypad, and a blocked stop lower PCMCIA port (PCI-E?) when any of these are available as an upgrade option? I missed these upgrade options or is it a case of recycled from another model, they exist? If the latter then it is quite cheap for a new machine :)


    We have all the users here can suggest only it seems that Vista and XP drivers are already available for Satellite Pro P100 PSPA4E
    So in my opinion the next drivers for the next series should follow in the near future

    I don t see it differently as to wait

    Of course, you can test different drivers from different series as Sat P100.
    Many laptop models use the same devices and therefore different unique pilots could be compatible

  • Compatibility of Norton Internet Security and Vista Home Premium

    I have a new laptop with pre-installed A200 Vista and Norton Internet Security.
    I can't use the send/receive button to send Windows messages.
    I spent the time considerble in the forum MS to fix this problem without success. I am told that Norton is not compatible with Vista - even if Toshiba pakage this sooftware together.
    I deleted Norton and in fact the Windows Mail Send7Receive button start working. BUT then after about an hour it has stopped working again! I have re-installed Norton but the problem is still there! I can send E-mail of Mail when I exit and restart the station.

    Can help for this problem - can it be to the ISP? I use port 587 SSL

    Post edited by: tuition


    I studied a little more on Norton and Vista compatibility issues and the Symantec Norton Internet Security is certainly compatible with Vista!

    Also, I found a document very useful Toshiba on this subject:
    Check this box:

    Windows Mail won't send or receive emails

    It seems that the update of the Software Desktop SMS Installer version will help to address this problem.

  • I would like to install XP and Vista on a Tecra A9


    I want to install XP with Vista - have created a separate disk/volume & must go into the BIOS to cd XP will boot from there it starts & begins to implement loading files & then comes up with the message that it does not recognize the hard drives.

    Someone can advise please & is there a reason THAT XP & Vista should not be set on this laptop (Tecra A9).

    Best regards PM


    Please do not hesitate to use the two OS on this notebook ;)

    I put t see difficulty do. You must first install the XP on the laptop.
    Then create a second partition on the HARD drive. On this score, you will be able to install Vista.

    The Vista Setup program will create a boot manager so that you can choose between the two OS (XP and Vista) at startup.

    Just try this. If something does not work please post again ;)


  • LaserJet 4 L and Vista do not play well together

    I have my LaserJet 4 L hooked up to a Vista desktop via a parallel to USB adapter, using a USB port.  It works very well for a while.  Then, it will not work.  When it fails, the printer info box shows the file in mode 'impression', but it never reaches the printer. And when I try to cancel printing, it can take five minutes to remove.  If I remove and reinstall the printer, it works for awhile - and then the same thing happens. Sometimes rebooting makes the printer works for a while, but not always.  I use Vista 4 L driver. (HP is not posting a 4L Vista driver on their site - they just will tell you to use the one in Vista.) I manually installed the printer and also leave Vista recognize and install it. I get the same results (bad) anyway.

    I begin to suspect the parallel to USB adapter.  (Believe it or not, its documentation is partly in Chinese, and I bought in the USA).  At this point, I could buy another - or I guess I could buy a card for my computer's parallel port.

    (I know this is an old printer, but it worked flawlessly for 15 years, and I don't like junk food it.)

    Any suggestions to solve this?

    Thank you


    I don't got no answer on that.  But I managed to solve this problem.  So, just in case, someone else has this problem:

    It was indeed my parallel to USB adapter.  I bought a new parallel cable USB (a cables unlimited, Micro Center brand). The package called for it is Vista compatible and that it supported a long list of old printers HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Panasonic.  It works perfectly. First of all, I just connected the cable to the computer. Vista recognized and loaded a driver.  Then I plugged the other end into the printer and Vista has recognized the printer and loaded the driver for this.

    Be aware that most of the parallel to USB adapters don't pretend to be Vista compatible - and probably are not.


  • Satellite A300-1IA - FN CrashFree does not pop up on XP and Vista

    I have an A300-1ia, and since a week, most of the function FN keys no longer works.

    The utility has no popup more under XP and Vista.

    I have a multiboot system and the problem did apear a week ago.

    I think it has to do with some windows update.


    If you are using Win XP then I recommend reinstalling the common Module.
    If you are using Vista reinstall the VAP (added Vista package).

    Welcome them

  • Information about Shockwave and Adobe Acrobat subscription wanted

    Separated from this thread.

    What is Shockwave for?  Is Adobe Acrobat subscription at $89 or $90 worth having to convert files to PDF format?  What is the only software that does this?  There must be an Open Source software which can do this, isn't there?

    Uhm - shockwave and PDF - related only by the parent company, really.

    "Shockwave Player is the web standard for powerful multimedia playback. The Shockwave Player allows you to view interactive web content like games, presentations to business, entertainment, and advertisements from your web browser. The Shockwave Playerdisplays web content created with Adobe Director. »

    Read your other post for more information on the stuff PDF (why this post has divided?) ...

  • XP and Vista games are played on Windows 7

    Original title: cd

    Is windows7 compatiable with windows, xp, and vista games

    Virtually all of the new and old. Find the name of the game here: for a definitive answer.

  • I have Windows xp and Vista on the same computer, my fligth Simulator is on xp. How do I play for vista or I need to install Island all on vista

    I have Windows xp and Vista on the same computer, my fligth Simulator is on xp. How do I play for vista or I need to install Island all on vista

    Hi, CPC,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers Community!
    You must install Flight simulator on vista as well as Windows Xp and vista are two different operating systems.
    You log in to vista, you may not use any of the XP application and vice versa.
    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Azeez Nadeem
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  • Why some games and other programs need to be "run as Administrator" mode in 7RC which worked fine in normal mode on 7 beta and vista?

    Why some games and other programs must be run in Admin mode in 7RC which worked fine in normal mode on 7 beta and vista?

    An example of this is the game Guild Wars ( I had problems with this with random programs.

    Run as administrator may be required for some games and programs because they have a permission structure different in Vista in Windows 7 (Windows 7 and Vista are different in how to manage certain permissions).

    I suggest test you installation of the game in the program by clicking on the Setup file by clicking on "Run as administrator".

    This will sometimes solve this kind of situation because it installed the program in a State of high permission.

    This output from test and let us know your results Rami
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Where can I find driver v4.01 VTC USB drivers for XP and Vista OS. EXE, so I can download it to my computer so it recognizes a well-read reader

    I have some difficulty for my computer to recognize my drive letters and Googling this problem someone said that it downloaded the drivers USB Driver VTC v4.01 for XP and Vista OS installer. EXE, but I can not find this driver anywhere.

    I have the reader of letters connected with a USB to my pc, but it does not recognize.

    In any case, you can offer a help would be great.

    Thank you

    Hi WB,.

    You use reader Iconix applied?

    If so, check with them for the pilot.

  • Windows XP and Vista does support Multi processors


    Could someone tell me if material motherboards today multiprocessor support Windows XP and the same for Windows Vista?  If yes would someone also indicate which version of Windows XP and Vista no it support and even for 32/64-bit options? I read that you need Windows Vista Ultimate Edition to run on the hardware of today? Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance


    If the material is supported on a given operating system is determined by the manufacturer equipment.  If they support a given operating system, then you are good to go.  If they do not, things will be less a lot rougher.

    However, as a general rule, the professional level of the Windows operating systems support multiple processors if that is your only concern.  I hope you understand the difference between multiple processors and multiple cores.  :-)

    Answers to your, "you must have Windows Vista Ultimate Edition to run on the hardware of today?  Is this correct? "query is, 'no, No '.

    For Windows Vista (I want to jump, if I thought to upgrade):

    In regard to the 64-bit or 32 - bit - still once it comes down to the support of manufacturer of material for a given operating system * and * the said OS architecture.

    It of for homework, isn't it?

  • I have XP Home and Vista Home premium desktop computers. I can't print using a limited account and I can't share printer

    I have XP Home and Vista Home premium which are interconnected desktop computers. they have only two accounts.

    I am not able to get ashare a printer, or and I can print if I type something from the administrator account on the computer connected directly to the printer, I can't print using the account of this same computer - only on behalf of the administrator.

    I can't print at all using the Vista computer.  Is to show that they are networked - is do not know maybe it's that the XP needs a NETWORK map?

    I have two accounts, one is an administrator on a computer and the other is one Director on the other.  Help, please.

    There is a router.


    Follow these methods and check if that helps:

    Method 1:


    Make sure discovery network and printer sharing are on by following the steps in the article:


    Select the file and printer sharing

    Method 2:

    You can also download from this link and check if it help you.

    Troubleshooting File and Printer Sharing in Microsoft Windows XP

  • Sharable desktop to any number (say up to 50) of users in Windows XP and Vista when all are connected to a wireless ad-hoc network? Or is there a limit on the number of users that can be shared? ___Thanks

    Need to have this configuration in a classroom environment.

    I don't know what you mean when you ask a desktop or sharing users.

    A network computer can share files and printers with other computers, but there are limits that might make it unusable for you.  Windows XP and Vista allow 5 or 10 concurrent connections by other computers, depending on the version.

    You need an operating system of Windows Server or Linux server to allow for more concurrent connections to shared files and printers.

    I also fear that an ad - hoc network does not work well with 50 computers.

Maybe you are looking for

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