Should what kind of RAM I use for A50 101?

What type of ram can I use for A50 101



Check out this site. You will find compatible memory modules:


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  • Should what kind of RAM I buy for the desktop Gateway E-2000?

    I've updated the pc to 2G of RAM, but it did not, the frozen screen.

    The memory was low density pc 2100 266 mhz

    Then I tried a high density kit 128 x 64, the 400 mhz, 2 G kit, & it would not connect to Windows, no input signal, said repeatedly.

    When I replaced the original sticks, he returned to normal, these statistics were at 400 mhz to 1, & 333 mhz on the other.

    Should I try a (64 x 8) low density 400 mhz kit? I see Samsung carries it, same number of spindles for a Dell, would be - it also work in a bridge?

    Upgrades from computer memory for Gateway E-2000 series/ desktop PC

  • I want to build a pc for better video editing with the soft first Adobe pro and Adobe after effect. Should what kind of material I buy for it. If you suggest me pls.

    I want to build a pc for better video editing with the soft first Adobe pro and Adobe after effect. Should what kind of material I buy for it. If you suggest me pls. my budget is about $2500

    You will have problems in the construction of a 99 X system for this budget. You need 32 GB of ram if you do that will be a large part of the cost with DDR4 right now. If you have a room on the X 99 budget would certainly be the way forward. The 5960 X is the best processor out right now but $1100 will probably push your budget. The 5930 K would still work and a much better price for your budget. I suggest: 970GTX with this budget as well. Forget the Xeon V3. They are out of your budget and not worth the price with this budget in mind. You can get a system much better with the I7 Haswell E chips.



  • Should what type of Module I use for Satellite Pro A100


    I have a Satellite Pro A100 (PSAASE-00G004GR) with + 1 GB of SAMSUNG DDR2 - 533 + already installed (+ 1 GB 2Rx8 PC2-4200 s-444-12-e3 +).

    Now I want to upgrade the memory to 2 GB of RAM, adding an additional 1 GB of RAM, the problem is:

    * In the manual, it says that I have to stick to the following numbers of the module in case of upgrade of RAM which is for 1 GB: PA3411U-1M1G

    In some other sections of the manual, it was mentioned I can use PC2-4200 or PC2-5300 on that laptop, not to mention no module number.

    If {color: #ff0000} + _should I stick with this module number (1 GB PA3411U-1M1G) _ + {color} or simply choose any type PC2-4200 or PC2-5300 RAM available in the market?

    Looking for additional help, THANKS ;)


    I recognize that the manual irritates statements. The true, it is that you can install any module market PC4200. So, you can also use the original Toshiba modules that are known to work in this machine.

    Feel free to enter any market module, but I suggest you use kingston or corsair modules to ensure performance and full compatibility.


  • Should what form of VMware I use for my new server?

    Hi all

    I'll make the leap to Windows 2008 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server I did some recent tests and there really is a dramatic improvement in the response from the server web time when hosting on a Linux server.

    This server will be a guest o/s unique dedicated to OTRS and SugarCRM CE accommodation for 10-20 agents/users (more than 5 clients OTRS at any time). Not a huge demand but still enough to run a little slugish under our old current windows server.

    The new production server will be:

    Dell Poweredge R300

    Quad Core Xeon L5410 (2.33 GHZ)

    8 GB RAM

    My question is: Baring in mind this server will be for a single guest, what form of VMware should I launch? I imagined that I would use Workstation 9 running on Ubuntu desktop and the prompt to be Ubuntu Server. But a person once I suggested that I use ESX/ESXi, even if I don't use a VM on it as it is easier to backup or migrate to another. material

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    The free version is the exact same software as the paid version is - when you apply the free license it will Crown just the functionality of the ESXi host and if you decide to take a paid for the license, that you can simply apply the license and characteristics will be open.

    That said, you can still remotely manage your hosts and virtual machines, it is running, take snapshots and backup virtual machines with the free version

  • Should what the canvas size I use for my project of e-Learning 8 Captivate?

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    The maximum size of my e-learning project is 740 x 555, so that it can adapt to the size of the LMS. E-Learning has a Table of contents and the skin Editor, but of cause I want to use as much fabric as possible.

    It's been a while since I worked with Captivate and has a fragile memory of the published version adds a few pixels. Is it still OK for 8 Captivate?

    Canvas size what do I use to make e-Learning made the LMS, but always include the Publisher of skin and OCD?



    Are you talking about a normal or sensitive project? Is the table of contents separate or overlay? If it is separate, it will add 250px width if you change the width of the table of contents that is now possible. Ditto for the playback bar: is that overlay or not? If this isn't overlay, the number of pixels added to the height depends on the chosen playback bar. You can check its height by looking at the width of the bottom border in the skin Editor. This lower border fits the selected playback bar.

  • Should what the Accessibar version I use for Firefox 5?

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    Is there an Accessibar version that can be used with Mozilla Firefox 5?

    I just checked, and the answer is no request by the developers of add-on which when they will release a version updated and taken in charge for the newer versions of Firefox.

  • What kind of RAM I need for my Satellite A135-S4527?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527. It came with 1 GB of RAM (DDR2 SDRAM). I would like to upgrade to 2... I was wondering if anyone knows what type/brand of RAM is installed at the factory, and if it is installed as 2 x 512 or 1 x 1024.

    Thank you.

    The specification of your laptop model is unknown to me, but if you want to upgrade RAM check it please this page of Kingston.

    Good bye

  • What kind of RAM I should buy to Satellite M30 - 344?


    I want to upgrade the ram in my satellite m30-344. Should what kind of ram I buy? I don't know, but I think that the "PA3312U - 2M 51-512 MB memory pc2700 sodimm (333 mhz)' is the right? is it at?

    Thanks in advance

    s. haug

    Hi Steffen,

    The part number I found for a 512 MB module for your laptop is PA3312U - 1 M 51


  • I have a windows xp with 512 ram what kind of ram should I get for him and how?

    So what kind of ram should I buy for my computer and would be a good amount to get 1 GB?

    Go and use the Crucial memory Advisor and after enter the configuration of your computer/card mother, you will be informed of its true potential and provided with a variety of possible solutions.

    For questions of compatibility and upgrading memory, you may get more information than the Crucial memory Advisor. I always start there when considering an upgrade of memory.

  • Satellite 1400-503: what kind of RAM should I use?

    It is pre-installed with 256 MB of RAM (I think) and I would like to enhance it with additional 256 MB in the free location. What kind of RAM I need? the preinstalled is a samsung with the inscriptions on it: Korea 0228 pc133s-333-542-81 L7A M46453254CT


    I want to clarify that you can upgrade the memory to 1024 MB.
    As far as I know Toshiba recommend using these memory modules:
    PC133 512 MB (PA3108U - 1 M 51)
    PC133 256 MB (PA3086U - 1 M 25)
    PC133 128 MB (PA3085U - 1 M 12)

    But as you mentioned the laptop supports modules SODIMM 144 pin PC133 .
    In this case, you use modules with these properties.
    But I prefer the modules Kingston or Toshiba. You know that no names module performance is not very good.

  • What kind of RAM for SLEEKBOOK 6?

    I have SLEEKBOOK 6 1126ea
    with A6 processor and 4 GB of ram.
    (plug here)

    I want to upgrade memory RAM buying HP PartSurfer.

    Here are the types of memory RAM which offers HP PartSurfer If anyone can tell me this type should I choose?

    Here is the list:

    Cache memory

    Memory DDR
    DDR2 memory
    DDR3 memory
    PC desktop memory
    Flash memory
    Support memory cards
    SDRAM memory
    Secure Digital (SD) memory cards

    And just in case the right type of memory DDR3 here is the list of options:

    HP 2 GB (1x2Go) DDR3-1333 MHz ECC DIMM

    HP 4 GB DDR3-1333 MHz ECC DIMM (1x4Go)

    HP 4 GB (1x4Go) DDR3-1333 MHz ECC Registered DIMM

    HP 4 GB PC3 - 12800 (DDR3 1600 MHz) SODIMM

    HP 4 GB PC3 - 10600 (DDR3 1333 MHz) SODIMM

    HP 4 GB PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333 MHz) SODIMM

    HP 4 GB (1x4Go) DDR3-1600 MHz ECC RAM

    HP 4 GB (1x4Go) DDR3-1600 MHz ECC Registered RAM

    HP 4GB DDR3 - 1333 Non - ECC UDIMM

    HP 6 GB (3x2Go) DDR3-1333 MHz ECC UDIMM

    HP 8 GB PC3 - 12800 (DDR3 1600 MHz) SODIMM

    HP 8 GB PC3 - 10600 (DDR3 1333 MHz) SODIMM

    HP 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3-1333 MHz ECC Registered DIMM

    HP 4 GB (1x4Go) DDR3-1333 MHz ECC DIMM Z210


    Csomeone tell me what kind of RAM I need to buy? (for my 8 GB ram config, preferably in config 4x2Go)

    P.S - INCLUDING TELL ME enter the serial number or product number in the HP PartSurfer so it can suggest parts! BECAUSE DO NOT RECOGNIZE MY MODEL website anywhere!

    Thank you


    The following link leads to a very reliable vendor:

    You can buy from them, or use the information (including the price) to buy elsewhere.

    Kind regards.

  • I have an older model hp dx5150 mt, I want to know exactly what kind of ram I need, I got 4 slots for ram?

    I just want to know exactly what kind of ram will be my hp dx5150 desktop will manage and take, as I know its ddr and that this model will have up to 4gigs of ram, what I don't know is, is he pc2100, pc2700, pc3200, etc... etc... Please help

    Use the scan memory automated by Crucial. Just click HERE. Download and run the file. A Web page opens in your scanning system. It then displays the results to the type of ram you need and how your system supports. Looks like you can handle up to 4 GB but, run the scan. A 64-bit operating system would probably increase the limit of 4 GB. For example, you might want Windows 7 Pro x 64.

  • Should what kind of PC laptop I buy if I intend using the latest version of Photoshop?

    Should what kind of PC laptop I buy if I intend using the latest version of Photoshop?  I can't afford a Mac.  Thank you


    You can go through the bottom of the article for the technical specifications required for Photoshop CC2014:

    Kind regards


  • Should what kind of navigation menu bar I do for my website

    My site is to start a giant tree that I created in Illustrator and I want to spread over the entire tree navigation an idea I had was a tag like the kind they used to attach to your luggage with string made of paper, I really don't want the words just sitting in the tree either, it looks too boring. I tried to make the larger leaves, but I don't like this idea either it seems irrelevant. Should what kind of Menu bar I do for the site?

    design decisions, like beauty, is your call.  but, if you like the idea of leaves and a navigation system that is not particularly easy to use, create a few leaves in your tree that stand out any.  they may not be big and certainly not large enough to display their text.  but the passage of the mouse, they could expand and see their text.

Maybe you are looking for