Slow load time

Any ideas why the Sansa Fuze + takes a long time to load? 5 hours for a full Charge?

Slow load time means that the usb port is off a small amount of power. If you are using a desktop pc, use a usb port back as the front are usually of low power. If you use a laptop, then plug the laptop power supply before you start to charge the player. For faster loading, use a usb adapter which is rated at 1 amp output (1 000 my). Most usb adapters only put my well of about 500.

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    My site load times have slowed considerably since Muse last updated. Checked in Safari, Firefox and Chrome - ideas? Site is - thanks

    You have a backup of your files? You can return to your previous version and see if you can reproduce this problem?

    How to find and install a previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015 | Adobe Customer Care Team

  • Muse CC 2015 - slow loading times. How loading deferred?

    Slow website loading:

    Draco and the Zodiac - Musica - Discografia - Galeria

    I have on gzip, compress all the images on tinyjpg. But a lot of time to load images fixed

    I'm doing something wrong?

    Don t know if half of the part of the footer Web site can help you.

    I read on a lazy loading but muse of adobe, I don't know how to do it. Is there a manual way?

    A lot of content on your index page is noticed which is the size of the page without media size 5 MB.

    you need to optimize the page and content for quick loading page.

    Thank you


  • Strange Lag issues on Windows vista 32-bit as well as game slow load time

    OK, this is really starting to annoy me, and I would be very grateful if anyone can solve this problem for me. Well since I had my HP Pavilion Vista 32-Bit seems "randomly Lag" occasionally. For example, I'd be right on the web, and then all the computer slows down as the office. Windows and the programs seem to start to take longer to open. I reccently got a video card Nvidia GTS 250 for the game but still lags. But the strangest thing is that this problem occurs randomly. The problem seems to stop and then "randomly comes back" to happen to my PC. So far, my solution is to leave the computer alone or just leave it turned off. But the other day I left 3 days straight and did not help a bit. It was a month ago, but it was very strange. Now, he seems to be doing more often. (I do not add or download new programs recently)
    It really bothers me, and I stopped buying games for my cause of PC that I rarely have the opportunity to play their cause of this problem. I know I did not describe my great problem but can someone help me please?

    Since this doesn't seem to be a specific game question here are things that you can try.

    Clean boot

    Disk error checking

    Get rid of malware

    Windows Memory Diagnostic

    System File Checker 
    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • BlackBerry smartphones, need help on the slow loading time

    I hope someone can help me with a problem with my Storm.

    I have a lot of lag when opening a number of apps on my Storm. For example, the opening to the top of the music, the screen will freeze for about a minute before finally moving to the correct screen.

    I tried to remove a larger file (a movie) and it has no positive effect on this problem.

    Anyone have any suggestions to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    You have several icons that you can click on when you are on the homepage of the storm.  The only icons that I have now showing are:

    SMS and MMS

    Voice dialing





    Instant Messaging

    I moved all the other stuff in my Applications or Setup file.  All you have to do is highlight the icon, then click on the butten beside the Green talk button.  You can just click on move to a folder and then it will ask you with what folder to put it in.  Once you bring it about 8 icons, remove the battery and reinstall it.  That will reset everything and you will free up some memory.

  • Microsoft Edge and IE slow loading of pages and unresponsive.

    Original title: Microsoft Edge and IE

    I give up trying to use Bing, Microsoft Edge and IE on my HP laptop.  They are therefore extremely slow loading pages and unresponsive.  I have to type in the search bar repeatedly until I have data entered.  When I try to go up and down the page it has no answer for a long time.  When I perform bing searches I get results that are not useful.  I became totally frustrated, try to use your products.   I don't have these problems using Google and Chrome.  You have an idea why I'm not able to use your products?

    I've turned off sticky keys and filter keys.  I hope that ends my problem.

    Thank you for your help.

    I think my computer was somehow set up for users with disabilities with the settings in Control Panel to sticky keys and keys on filters.  Now, they are disabled.

  • Improve load times

    I use LR 6.5 on a PC with these stats:

    -OS = Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    -Processor = Intel Core i7 4500U 1.80 GHz

    -RAM = 8.00 GB Single - Channel DDR3 @ 798 MHz

    -Storage = 1862 GB Western Digital WD my Passport USB Device (SUB (SATA) 0827

    I use a laptop now instead of my old office and the loading time is very slow.  Is the speed of loading photo (in the Panel of a development library) led by the hardware I use or is there something I can do in LR that accelerate?  I really hope that I can speed up since I was 4 000 pictures to review on my last trip.

    Thanks for your help.


    If you have enabled the graphics acceleration, turn the power off (preferences-> Performance tab-> clear the check box)

    Opening a file to develop speed is mainly driven by the CPU. By today's standards, your processor is pretty slow. You would probably get a faster processor

  • very slow loading

    Hi, I have a very slow loading in my site. Here is the link:


    Please, any advice on how to can improve load time?

    Thank you


    I recommend that you only contact QooQee for questions about this page runs. 90% of the code for this page comes from a QooQee widget that you use. Only the outer shell of the page, it's that anything generated by Adobe Muse.

  • Adobe built Muse Web sites is now very slow loading. Everyone knows this problem recently... especially with GoDaddy?

    Community of Muse,

    I've been using Muse for about 3 years now and I never had a load of site Web of Adobe Muse built slower than 3 seconds. Exactly these past two weeks, some of these sites have begun to load into the second beach of 8,9 and 10. Nothing has changed. The coding changed significantly with the last update of Muse? I did some research, talked to technical support and have concluded that there are things that can make the hosting service, and there are things that designers can do to help the pages load faster. A lot of what we do Treaty the htaccess file. Someone there - recent experience - experience with this same problem loading websites much slower than before?

    I use GTMetrix go through these sites and I find a lot of questions that weren't always a problem in previous versions of Muse, at least, they did not affect the loading time.

    All tips, reviews, help and help advice!

    I have a site with over 300 pages and another with over 200 +, the majority is 20 to 30 pages, so I think I'll spend a lot of time in the htaccess files.

    Thank you

    You are a reseller from GoDaddy? You better get a hosting server, and it's pretty cheap too.

    In any case, yes they sometimes have problems, but they get it corrected quickly. Is this an ongoing problem?

    I use Muse with GoDaddy since the beginning of the Muse too.

    I can't speak for the specific problem you have with them.

    I hope that helps a little...

  • How can I speed up the load time of my site?


    How can I speed up the load time of my site hosted on BusinessCatalyst.

    Is there a way to compress?

    Any help much apprecated.

    Thank you


    The page/site seems to load very well at the moment.

    However if want to inspect what could slow down the loading of your page I recommend using 'firebug' and select the 'network' tab to follow every chronology file loading.  Then you can see which file takes more time to load to help make adjustments accordingly.

    Kind regards


  • Animated border and wordpress: loading time

    Hi lovely people of edge!

    I have a site for which I develop some interactive maps using edge. I have no idea how the code so most of my functions is limited to the deactivation of the elements to get things to do what I want. Very basic, I know, please don't laugh too much!

    It's a (custom) Wordpress site and I use the plugin suite of edge to get the edge on the site animations.

    My question is about the load time and the size of file for edge entertainment. My .oam files are approximately 1.5 to 2 MB. Is this great? Should I aim for smaller?

    This is a link to a page on the site:


    The animation of edge load she particularly slow for you? Doesn't load it at all? I would be interested in your comments!

    Thank you much in advance,

    Lisa in New Zealand.

    Hey, Lisa.

    The animation loaded for me very well, but look in the Net Panel in Firebug shows that a number of your SVG is more of 300K.  This seems quite expensive in a perspective of bandwidth, and the fact that you have a handful of these files which size adds up to 2MB fairly quickly.  Hope that helps,


  • Flash too slow loading Web page + Flash can not be seen by some...

    So I've recently started working with flash, and this is my first result (at

    The problem is that I added the flash header just by adding this code:

    <embed src="flashheaderurl/" width="1000" height="600" wmode="transparent" margin-top="0" >

    And I think that there's another way, a more professional one, to add it.

    Apart from that, the flash loads too slow, I guess because it's too big... is there anyway I can make it load faster?

    and it's not visible in some browsers, like you enter and it says: "you have to download this plug-in to view this image".... what can I do about that?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    DSL is slower than a cable connection, but it is still much faster than a remote access.  If I check the site you have linked, even if it does not immediately come upwards, it takes a few seconds for the Flash to load using a cable connection, and it seems to be due to the image that has the file in it.  If you can optimize this image before importing it into the Flash file, then you could see much better load times.  To optimize the image you want to first adjust its dimensions to what is actually in the Flash file, then run it through an optimization of processer (Photoshop may help here) such that you reduce the size of file and then import it into Flash.

  • Start-up/loading time

    Hi y ' All

    I was wondering if anyone else knows long loading times? Even after upgrading my machine from 512 KB memory to 2 GB of memory, I'm experiency periods white screens or console pop up indicating the time Frame starts. It seems to matter what file or type of file I load. The affected computer is a company pc, maintained by one of my colleagues and fully guaranteed, with the exception of some framemaker files. In any case, what I "m trying to ask is; is this normal this framework takes up to several minutes to load some files?

    In FM9, if your last workspace has the pods open (bottom), then FM must fill all cross-references, markers, variables, inlays, etc.. It takes a lot of time and resources. In a database editing work, where there could be thousands of variables and markers, this may be slow exrcutiatingly (minutes to tens of minutes).

    However, if you create a workspace that has no open pods and set this as a default, then FM light pretty quickly. If you have a lot of graphics, then move the document can be slow, so switch off the graphical view (esc v v), is the speed of things much up. When you get to where you want to be, Press esc v v to toggle the graphics on.

  • Slow loading of Firefox and web pages.

    I have Firefox Version 38.05 on Windows 7 and have refreshed, tried for a new cache.checked HTTP on the Add-ons and always have the same problems
    The statement above about slow loading on my Firefox appears on my desktop, but not on my Windows 7 laptop. I tried all the solutions advocated, and so far nothing works. There is a possibility that some other programs may be in conflict with Firefox? This problem has been ongoing for several months and my patience is wearing thin. Any suggestions, corrections or advice? Thank you

    Created a new profile and had the same problem, although I did not remove the original profile of news: today, I followed through and continued with the rest of the steps as indicated in the notice mentioned previously. Sorry, but it does not solve my problem.

    As a last resort, I uninstalled my antivirus McAfee and lo and here's all my slow misfortunes with my browser have disappeared. I install another antivirus (AVG) and all browsers seem to work as it should!

  • I can't open all the Web sites in firefox(version 25), its long loading time, help please

    I can't open all the Web sites in firefox(version 25), its long loading time, help please

    Hello, normally these problems are caused by a security/firewall software which does not recognize and therefore blocks the new versions of firefox: solve connection problems to websites after Firefox update

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