Slow to open the first time after startup apps

Slow to open the first time after startup apps

How about, the second time, that is, close and reopen?

Also download and run Etrecheck.  Copy and paste the results in your response. Etrecheck is a diagnostic tool that has been developed by one of the most respected users here (and recommended by Apple's Support personnel) of the CSA to provide a snapshot of the system and help identify the most obvious culprits that can adversely affect the performance of a Mac.

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  • Firefox is really slow to open the first tab, after that I can open as many tabs as I want to instantly. Why won't the first tab open instantly?

    Tried to reinstall firefox, no anti-virus program, updating, actually I have no program, no plugins, no extension. Firefox has added to the windows firewall that is allowed to pass from the list (which I never did with my vista machine) computer brand new i5 quad core 3.6 khz with windows 8.1 all drivers are up to date. He did take 2 weeks to get 8.1 windows finally installed without locking up and having to reinstall for the 15th time by disabling all Microsoft built in spyware. She was semi stable for 2 days now. When I install kaspersky AV, it adds another couple minutes to launch firefox.

    I was really excited about my new suppose to be faster computer but my 10 year old Q6600 2.4khz with vista is way faster and easier to use.  I know I can't be the only one in the world to have this problem.  I've been all over the internet and I see all the problems people are having with windows 8.1. I've got invitation to upgrade to windows 10 but that just locks up the computer again.  Someone, anyone please HELP!

    Solved it myself I think. The computer crashed again, so I took it back to return or repair. It turns out that the motherboard Asus has had an intermittent short circuit. Now, firefox opens perhaps a fraction of a second faster than my vista machine. Beautiful, I touch wood. Thanks to Fred for the answer to my problem. Good luck to all and good hike!

  • Firefox crashes while loading images for the first time after windows starts upward

    every time I log on windows, Open firefox and load an image or a site with content firefox flash stops responding for 2 or 3 seconds and then returns to normal after that and everything is fine... it happens only when I open firefox for the first time after starting windows to the top...
    thing I tried
    Start windows and Open firefox in safe mode (does'nt fix the problem)

    updated 13 solved the problem...!

  • upgrade to windows 10, cannot open itunes, it opened the first time, and imported all my songs, but does not open a second time, get the error that the path is not correct and file not found

    upgrade to windows 10, cannot open itunes, it opened the first time, and imported all my songs, but does not open a second time, get the error that the path is not correct and file not found

    Try to repair the security permissions for iTunes for Windows and the empty/corrupted after upgrade/crash iTunes library.


  • (Redirected) Dell audio drivers will not load when the system is turned on for the first time after his stop.

    Dell audio drivers will not load when the system is turned on for the first time after adoption of Windows 10. I have to reboot every time. So what I'm doing puts the system into sleep. in this way, I don't need to stop and restart the system. It is Dell Inspiron N5559. Audio drivers are installed and up-to-date. Equipment works correctly.

    Hi akilesh.sharma18,

    Please repost this in the Audio forum from the laptop to help.

  • get the error "no sequence valid is not found for the set of patches" msg trying to launch Acrobat XI for the first time after installing - suggestions?

    get the error "no sequence valid is not found for the set of patches" msg trying to launch Acrobat XI for the first time after installing - suggestions?  Using Windows XP.

    Hi James,

    Let me know if the problem persists.

    Kind regards


  • the date of the first time, I install app

    I need the date of the first time I have install agame, very important to me

    The problem happened when my brother remove my apple mistakenly ID so I re register once again with the same old apple ID but the game does not connect with game Center and was told that (the game is attached to the different game Center account than you are logged)

    I wrote to the support of game and I asked them to change the email on the game, but they asked me to tell them the date of the first time I have install the game and play with him. can - what someone knows the way to know this date

    How I can got to this date, I have this game for 3 years and I don't want to lose my progress if some damage that happened to my iPhone

    Please help me

    I used iphone 4

    Best regards


    Sign in to your iTunes and make appear the purchase history, follow the steps mentioned in this article:

    See your purchase history in iTunes on Mac or PC store
    Find which apps, songs, movies, TV shows or books you bought from the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store.

  • For the first time using BMP - app ever built, plugin file error constant

    Hello - I am trying to build for the first time and many plugins are errors. I am commenting them one at a time from the XML config and one of the culprits is the plugin file that I need to use. The other is the network plugin which also gives errors. The State errors that are not compatible with CLI 6.3.0

    I know it's the plugin developer to make compatible - y at - it something somewhere that indicates which versions of the plugins are compatible with versions of BMP? How can I find out what previous version of BMP is compatible with anything?

    Also, and this might be relevant to the question - when I look at the BMP to see what are the versions that I build for, I see that apparently I'm targeting iOS4.2?

    In my XML I'm deploying to iOS 9 but does not change the value of GBP v 4.2

    < preference name = "deployment target" value = "9.0" / >

    DRM for suggestions!


    These plugins are all using the deprecated point rating. You must use:


    Can I ask where you got to go to? I want to assure you that the resource is updated to the correct format.

  • all characters replaced by square with two zeros on the top and a number below, works ok when uninstall it, reload and start the first time, after that the problem reappears. sometimes works first time to reboot. IE and Chrome ok, light running. v 7, wind

    Set up of fonts etc seems to be ok, still had problems with plug-ins disabled

    Try to set the pref gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.use_gdi_table_loading false on the topic: config page.

    To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

    • Use the filter at the top bar of the on: page config to more easily spot a preference.
    • Preferences that have changed also show "BOLD" (user set).
    • Preferences can be reset to the default value using the context menu if they are set of users
    • Preferences can be changed via the context menu: Edit (string or integer) or toggle (Boolean)
  • My system hangs during startup "for the first time" after running the system recovery.

    HP G62 - 227 CL

    Win 7 (64 bit)

    No error message, in itself; just a screen frozen on reboot.

    Months, my computer has suddenly started glitching on me.  I stopped and tried a reboot.  The system froze on start with flying colors.  System recovery tried several times but must have made a mistake because he wouldn't.  Resolved to buy a new hard drive and reinstall from the recovery disks.  Delayed unnecessarily until today, months later.

    Before you buy a new hard drive, has decided to relaunch the system recovery.  It worked!  I tried the option that has deleted everything and restored to the software and factory settings.  Everything seemed to work like a charm: hard drive reformatted, reinstalled software, the system prompted me to reboot.  Yes, I did.  Windows started to boot, "Preparting your computer for first use of Setup" appears... and freezes.  For hours.  Hard drive led is off.

    BTW, made sure the button Wi - Fi was on what I read on the problems of recovery if it was turned off when the program is run.

    Restarted.  Press F11.  A ran maintenance and checked the hard disk for errors.  There are errors.  Unfortunately, the default setting of CHKDSK does not repair them.   A opted for a command line.  RAND CHKDSK again with option '/ f/r' seen in other posts.  Here I am too ignorant to get the program to run properly, I guess.  I ran CHKDSK on the two player X and C.  No error found... sort of.  I know they exist because the system will not start.  (Yes, I tried again.)  Return to the command prompt, I tried to run CHKDSK on the drive C again.  This time I got a message that I must first dismount (remove?) the reader.  As I don't know what that means, I opted for the 'no' and have decided to post this help message.

    So.  Suggestions on what do I do then?  More specifically: How do CHKDSK to fix the errors it found?  I think the message was: "errors in $130 of the sector...". "It shows this message two times at the end of 62%.  Freezes for a long time.  Gets will still only slow down to a crawl again around 70%, but no longer.  Then returns to the start of system recovery screen.

    System recovery ran again for the pleasure.  Again, seemed to work like a charm.  Unfortunately, the laptop again sits frozen at "Preparing... for first use" screen again.  It heats more turns.  The audible fan works now plans higher... If none of this helps.  I am stopping and waiting for your advice.

    Thank you!


    My apologies for the delay to return to you.  Believe you that computer gremlins have not hit my very stable desktop which has been fine for years with sudden instability driver?  McAfee thanks for this most recent update!

    In any case, after several diagnoses and find the hard drive has failed in each of them, I decided to install a new copy of Windows 7 as a test while I wait for my upcoming recovery disks in the mail.  I did it by removing all partitions on the drive and do a fresh install.  Here again, everything seemed to go well until that (apparently) a certain area of the drive was used to save/installation of the files.  Even after CHKDSK runs several times (each time he repaired several defective sectors but stalled after only 10% of the disk) the system will become unstable - the last number being a blank screen after logging on to Windows.  So, all in all, epic fail on the side of the hard drive.  The new drive is installed and waiting for my recovery disks.

    Thanks for all your suggestions.  They have been a great help with information, but not with the results because of the training.


  • Why the 'Back' button often fails for the first time after moving to a new page to work?

    During further testing, I can repeat this bug every time: it happens when I clicked on a page background (focus it and allow scrolling arrow key). After having done this, clicking on the back button does not work as expected: don't not visually get "push the button" and the browser does not return to the previous page. Instead, everything on the menu (help, all file) becomes grey as if Firefox just lost focus.

    It almost seems like Firefox 7 has a 'smart' function to prevent accidental 'Back' presses, but if so, it does not work!

    Please let me know if you need more information about this bug.


    The default value of the pref Network.http.Max - connections has been increased from 30 up to 256 in versions of Firefox 6 +.

    Try to decrease the value of the pref Network.http.Max - connections 256-30 such as used in versions of Firefox 3.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • PDF does not open the first time in Internet Explorer

    Dear all,

    We have an internal application running and PDFs published in portal.

    We have the policy when users logged in it will be open IE automatically with the application.

    When you click on the PDF it does not open, but when we close and reopen IE it opens PDF files correctly.

    We check with lan connected desktop and it works very well here and we are facing this problem with laptops.

    The desktop computer is 32 bit win 7.

    Laptops have Wi - Fi and having the OS 64 bit windows 7 ENT SP1 adobe version 10.

    Please help and my email is [email removed by host address]

    Question: You load the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer on first launch?  If you are then it's your problem.  Plugin PDF is not 64-bit capable, so the solution would be to launch the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer.

  • Error 150:30 when you try to use an application for the first time after installation

    I have CS 5.5, but need to temporarily install the suite CS4, but when I try to use it after installing a pop-up windows is displayed with the message "Error 150:30" and ask me to restart my computer before using it. I'm sure that there is only one computer using my serial number, but when I try to proof on a second computer it tells me that the serial number is enabled in both computers already.


    Error 150:30 refers to licensing. You must contact customer service and verify the number of activation of your software. If it's good, then you can follow these steps as appropriate for your operating system: for MAC OS for OS WIN

    I hope this helps.

  • members of the team get tiralversion when they connect the first time, after nog activation trial period is possible, they showed in the team, with good ID but adobe refuses to acknowledge the affiliation. Adobe support is the worst ever seen, some Indian

    How I can activate


    I apologize for the frustrating experience.

    Don't you see State of the team member of the license as 'Active' on the admin console?

    Please visit:

    Kind regards


  • Download-install creative cloud for the first time. Many apps cannot be installed.

    Said a patch has failed. When I went to update the update failed, and I can't complete installation of applications. What should do?

    Paris - I had finally everything was installed on my own. I uninstalled all my old Creative Suite programs and restarted my computer. Then, I disabled my firewall, spam and scan functions in my software McCafee. After that, I was able to download all the applications successfully. I don't know if this helps, but good luck.

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    Hi all Is this ok to remove the apps downloaded after I install them?  As a general rule, I download/save then install from there.  After installation I'm never sure if I can / should I delete the download. These downloads files / begin to occupy a l

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    I am new here and am so lost with this phone.  BB 8100 Pearl.  I contacted several times to my service provider of cell phone on my problems with e-mail; no resolution other than to send me a new phone.  Problem not resolved...  I still do not receiv