Smartphones blackBerry address book search now does not have older contacts contacts in 8310

Hi from a new Subscriber and thanks for any help!  A month ago my Curve 8310, v. (Platform provider O2, stopped and be able to search and find Contacts unless I had added after this date.  These recent Contacts have not been folded in the original address book, but are all in a new and alphabetized list at the end of the original Contacts list.  There is only some categories not assigned, no synchronization of network, and the content is not protected.  The Contacts are in the phone, not on the SIM card.

Before that, I could type in the address book or phone the first 2-3 letters of the name of a person and need me to contact - now he says that he has none of these people.  So I have to scroll the full address book to get to whomever I want, and then I can call/SMS etc.

Any ideas would be very appreciated!  Thank you.


First, do a reboot simple: with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

This sets your addressbook?

If this is not the case, let me ask you if you have added an email address Gmail in the month, at the beginning of this strange behavior?

You can look at the Options > status > press the Meny > database sizes.

Scroll to the bottom for addressbook, you see more than one list?

What do you see?

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    Hello jhurford,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Looks like you may have a problem with the database of service book. Try to clear your service book database, and then return Service directories and test again.

    How to clear data from the BlackBerry Smartphone user

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    I hope this helps. Nice day.

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    Welcome to the community

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    OK cool

    Problem fixed, yay

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    Suggestions please.

    Thank you

    Linkslover wrote:

    When I try to dial in my phone's address book do not dial.  Instead, I went to the phone log.  I tried make a purge and reload with companion link (I use ACT), but it did not help.

    Suggestions please.

    Thank you

    Hi Linkslover;

    I start with a battery pull while the phone is running and restart. In addition, what type of phone do you have?

    The application of the Act on your help, does install anything on the phone, make a link to the law? (Sorry, I'm not familiar with the law other than PC demand and it is a piece of great management of contacts of the software)

    When you dial from your address book, are you menu'ing the phone number to call?


  • Smartphones blackBerry - address book sync error

    A few weeks ago, I posted an error from my 9700.  When it's new, I had no problem sending my old 9000 info to it.  I have even to synchronize several times.  then something happened, don't know what it was, but now every time I have edit a contact on the 9700, or add a new one for it and then try to sync, I get a message from incorrect data.  someone suggested to delete the address book of the unit or recharge it from a backup, that works well as long as u don't change or add something new.  so now I have to remember what changes I did my 9700 and manually their shot of punch in my future, instead of being able to sync.   any ideas... anyone?  Thank you!

    Try this, I did some of my friends and it worked.

    Start the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

    GoTo synchronization, sync and then select address book.

    Then click on advanced.

    Goto field mapping.

    Disable the photo of the field mapping.

    Once your done, you should be able to sync your contacts.

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    Yes, you can downgrade to an older version if you want.

    1 remove the newer operating system of your PC by going to control panel > Add/Remove programs. (If you never physically installed the OS on your PC, go to step 2.)

    2. next, download and install the earlier version of the operating system. Operating system blackBerry downloads

    3. install the older operating system to the computer by running (double click) the downloaded file.
    4. go into c:\program files Research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml."
    5. plug in the BB and double-click on "Loader.exe." It is located in the same place as the above vendor.xml file.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry ID password reset email does not contain a link to reset the password!

    I'm having the same issue that this guy had in this forum (which appears not to be a solution?):

    Basically, I'm trying to reset my password for my Blackberry Curve Blackberry. I receive a password reset email when I ask, but the email does not contain a link to reset my password. ALL of the email is the following:

    "This email has been automatically generated. Please do not respond to this e-mail.

    If you have not previously indicated that you wish to receive emails from Research In Motion Limited or its affiliates about exclusive offers and updates on BlackBerry products and services and you want to do, please click here.

    Research In Motion Limited, 295 Phillip Street, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3W8

    © 2012 research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and other trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered or used in the United States and the countries of the world. »

    Does anyone know what is the problem? It is not my web browser which distort the enamel - I tried to retrieve the email from Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

    It is very strange indeed... with only 2 causes possible I think.

    (1) your e-mail (on your PC) application blocking the link provided in the email... a lot of apps email will do that and sometimes you have to replace them. If you have another interface to use (for example, webmail interface, GMail and Outlook), then try the other and see if that helps. According to the messaging environment (for example, private corporate e-mail system), it is also possible that some bridge along the trail is stripping on the necessary link for safety.

    (2) the installation of e-mail to reset is actually broken, and enamel does not contain what it is supposed to. If this is the case, then it requires a formal attention to the RIM. The only way to achieve this is for you to contact the Association and to degenerate the RIM of your case.

    Good luck!

  • Transfer the 8830 Smartphones blackBerry address book

    The sudden option address book transfer has stopped working... When you look at the address book transfer option is disabled and there is a small lock next to the word off. I don't know why this happened I can't find anything that shows how to unlock and put this last to enabled. Everything worked fine until noon today. I am a new BB user and have no idea of what I did. One has had this problem or can help.

    Small red lock icon means normally it's a policy restricting what it is you are trying to do.

    This blackberry is connected to your Blackberry Enterprise Server companys? This is whence the it policy.

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    I have a BB 8330 (VZW).  Try to synchronize the address book with Notes by using Destop Manager 4.5.  It shows that wireless synchronization is enabled for the address book.  How do I turn it off?

    Understand that when I go to the address, Options, there is no wireless sync setting.

    I get ' sort by ', 'Confirm deletion', ' allow duplicate names: and 'Number of entries'.»  That's all.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


    You're missing my point.  Only options wasn't there.

    I ended up wiping the device.  Re-Sync and it worked as it should in the first instance. The option for the default AddressBook has been after the wipe.

  • Smartphones blackBerry address book unsynchronise

    How to unsynchronise my address book? I put my personal contacts on the phone, but they now appear in the googlemail account used by me and my colleagues.


    Go to Contacts > Menu > Options > General Options then him bad E-mail account and Turn off wireless sync.

  • Smartphones blackBerry address book format

    I had a Moto Q phone and was able to make my list of with the name of the company address book (Outlook) then the name of clients is possible on the backberry?


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    in address book, go to the OPTIONS-VIEW (s) - SORT BY select corporate.

    If you need more help please ask.

    If this answers your question, please adjust the thread using the green check mark in the post that answered your question,

    Thank you

    If you need more information, please ask!

    If this isn't the case, please adjust the position using the kudo boot options.

    Just check the post who have had your answer!

    Thank you

  • Smartphones blackBerry on BIS mail filter does not work...

    set up a filter to not transfer to the device, but it does not filter... any suggestions?

    Filter field contains i.e not before [email protected]

    but I have the [email protected]

    Thank you!!

    Yay for me, I guess... Here's what fixed him... try to stop [email protected] with dit filter but had a filter that says to pass [email protected] to the device... when I deleted the filter doyle, this has also stopped the rondoyle be passed... hope I have not confused everyone... always think that doyle and rondoyle should be treated with their own separate filters but apparently not!

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