Smartphones blackBerry Desktop Manager software/Media does not

Hello everyone

I noticed that when I install 4.7 Desktop software on my 32 bit Vista computer when it reboot takes forever to load up on the desktop.

I timed it actually from the first second I saw 'loading' or the 'Vista progress bar"to point type me my password til time I first start see things load on my desk

3 minutes +.

If I go into services.msc and disable the following:


Roxio upnp renderer 9
Roxio 9 upnp Server
LiveShare p2p Server 9
Roxio 9 hard driver watcher

And restart the computer, the system takes much less time to load up.

So, if I had to re activate these and try to load the media within the Desktop Software Manager it acutally does not load.

Am I missing something? Is there another service that I need to start?

It works very well after a new installation, but if I disable these features, restart and then re enable it doesn't load at all.

So I'm curious what is the work around? BlackBerry told one install and re install but seriously who takes a long time and is a concern.

Here's another puzzle for you game.

I know that I have photos and videos in my media (8gig) card I can see right now on my cell phone if I wanted to, it's there.

However when I plug in my desktop PC I can not find them

USB automatically a 'portable' under my computer called Blackberry 9530, if I double click on it, it gives me 2 options: Media Card or memory of the device. If I click on Media Card is the only music folder which is ok, but where are the photos?  It is not in any way I can them through the photos using the built in mass media; less I can't find here; That's why I thought I'd use Desktop Manager 4.7 and the media option but because of computer load time slow, I disabled stuff and it does not load on re that allows him.

Theres so my dilemma; all inisghts would be much appreciated; Thank you

OK cool

Problem fixed, yay

When you uncheck these items...

Roxio upnp renderer 9
Roxio 9 upnp Server
LiveShare p2p Server 9
Roxio 9 hard driver watcher

After activation, make sure that you also "InstallDriver Table Manager (Macrovision Corp)" checked, which will load Roxio

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