Solved: Webservice Playbook call does not work

I developed an application Webworks, loosely based on the thread "how I would call a Webservice" and it works very well in the development environment, great in a Blackberry Torch, which is great in the playbook Simulator, but does not work when it is deployed Live from a playbook.  The compilation seems fine.  Find the looks to deploy, the bar is signed without error.  Life should be good!

The web service is sitting on a server in-house, available on our company intranet, but not the internet.  We use BES.  When I fill the Playbook, I can use the browser open to see the webservice.  The torch, which I'm thrilled to the can run the application very well.  When I run the application on the playbook, however, I get nothing.

Y at - it an option of setting or configuration I need to use to make this work?  I think that if it works in the Simulator, and if I can get to the site via the browser open, I'd be OK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: Stipid programmer thing... I had to adjust the white list.  For some reason, the Simulator did not care, but the real instrument don't!

Yes, adding the item fixed the problem.

It is a web service that is hosted on an internal server.  The server IP address is 10.x.x.x, so it is not reachable from the internet.  We do not currently have VPN.  I did some checking, and it seems that it is able to reach the server via WiFi.  I had assumed that he was using the bridge.

It is unfortunate that the WiFi is the only option, because as soon as I leave the building, I have more access to my internal data stores.  It is good to hear that it's something that you're talking, but dissappointing is not available yet.

Thank you.

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    Kind regards

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    Boost the development of your applications with the example code below:

    It is Flash Builder project. Import in Flash Builder. If you do not have flash builder - it's a zip file.

    Software Development Kit also have project simple HelloWorld which can be created from Flash Builder (or found in the section directory of examples)

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    Hello world

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    any idea? If I missed something?

    Thanks for any help!

    Is that what you gave your app permission to access the internet?

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    It's abit frustrating to read Skype/Microsoft does not very serious service.

    This problem will be resolved, or must we begin to use the other services?


    Dear Elaine,

    I have finanlly managed to get a conversation with the assistance service. It was still not available, but I got lucky.

    And they found the problem; I got in the App on one of my Macs 'private' privacy setting This is why di call forwarding does not work. So I changed it to open and now it works.

    Thanks for your help and advice; I am happy that this solved in the end.

    See you soon


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